Baseball: Burroughs cancels remainder of the season amid turmoil; Pasadena and Arcadia earn forfeit wins.

The Burroughs High School administration has canceled the remainder of the baseball season, according to the Burbank Leader newspaper. In the report, a baseball player who spoke on condition of anonymity said the disciplinary action stemmed from an incident a few weeks ago where a large number of players were served alcohol by a Burroughs assistant coach. The player declined to name the assistant coach.

The school released a statement Tuesday that during a trip to Arizona, “an adult coach purchased beer and made it available to students while in their hotel rooms. Eleven team members admitted to drinking beer during this incident. Seven team members admitted to being aware of the beer but not participating in the drinking.”

The newspaper reported that other Pacific League baseball coaches and administrators got word from Burroughs about the cancelation. Pasadena coach Mike Parisi confirmed the news. Burroughs was scheduled to visit Arcadia on Friday. Instead, the Apaches will earn a forfeit win on their schedule. Arcadia beat Burroughs 4-2 in the first meeting on March 22. Pasadena, which lost the first meeting, 3-1, was scheduled to play host to Burroughs on April 29.

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  • WhiteMamba

    Dear Burroughs,

    It is a shame that something like this would happen. I truly feel bad for the seniors on that team. But on the other hand, that coaching staff are not good people. You can just tell by attending a game. What is it with the Burbank schools? At Burbank we got coaches fighting opposing players in football, and at Burroughs we got Coaches drinking with their players in a hotel room. Keep it classy Burbankians. Unbelievable. They deserve what they got. Way to be a role models coaches. Keep up the hard work.

  • Alex Trebek

    I just hope when the even happened that the coach either thought to himself or said to the kid “This Buds for you”!

  • Anonymous

    J.R. Schwer is a good person. He knew nothing of the situation. He’ll be back in the Pacific League in 2 years or less. Precedent has already been set. Just look at PHS.

  • WhiteMamba


    I am so sick of you deleting my comments.. I am entitled to my opinion on these blogs. Who are you to delete my comments? Grow up and let people debate on these blogs.. the earth doesn’t revolve around you and your beliefs.. Stop deleting peoples comments.. Thats not your job.

  • Morgan

    I am in total agreement with WhiteMamba on the deletion of posts. Why have a sounding board if you’re going to censor our comments? Every comment I’ve made concerning the PHS coach is factual. Miguel, you should not let your ignorance concerning this particular coach overtake your job. You have deleted many comments concerning him that have appeared for a few minutes and then they’re gone. Either run a blog or don’t…time to grow up.

  • WhiteMamba

    At least some one agrees with me.. I mean we are all adults and the fact of the matter is that we come on here to express our opinions. don’t think Miguel’s ego will allow him to leave up countering beliefs. Grow up and do your job the right way. Let people express their feeling on the topic at hand..