Baseball Rankings: Arcadia’s KJ Edson doing his job, but a little more run support would make things easier.

Compiled by Miguel A. Melendez

1. Arcadia (14-3)
Big win over Crescenta Valley

2. La Salle (11-6)
6-3 in Del Rey League

3. Alhambra (12-3)
Easy street from here on out

4. Pasadena (12-5-1)
Bulldogs back in action

5. Pasadena Poly (11-2-1)
Big win over Monrovia

6. Monrovia (8-8-1)
Visits Temple City on Friday

7. Temple City (10-6)
Winner of last two

8. St. Francis (8-10)
Bell Gardens, La Salle next

9. Flintridge Prep (9-5)

Home-and-home vs. Poly

10. Duarte (7-7)
Lost twice to La Puente

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  • brokenarrow

    last time I checked, all you need is one more run than the other guy so a lack of run production is moot as long as they pitch and play catch… you may want to come out to a few more games pal

  • Miguel Melendez

    You obviously missed the point. Thanks for the invite, though.

  • brokenarrow

    …and you obviously missed the game(s). “Well played Melendez”.

  • I guess I am a hater

    Please then, explain your point Miguel….at the end of the day, whether you win by one or twenty, a win is a WIN….not to take anything away from what KJ has done, a lot of innings pitched and battled when called upon…job well done kid. BTW, how many Arcadia games you made Miguel?

  • bigfatfan

    Clueless Arrow: Miguels point is well taken, a bit of run support would make Edson’s pitching job much easier. he makes one mistake on the mound, Apaches lose.

  • I guess I am a hater

    @ bigfatfan…think Broken was making point of how win is a win; Arcadia has been a strong defensive team and good defense is hard to come by….but again…fortunate enough for Arcadia that they were not tested against Burbank’s bats; the Apaches need to get the offensive machine rolling…

  • brokenarrow

    @ wo-“fat”,
    worry about your silly RHL camp while Arcadia addresses production and still plays defense and pitches their azzez off…everyone knows good pitch and d beat hitters… except you and boy “wonder”

    @ hater- we gotta keep things straight for the whanks brother!

  • baseballfan

    Miguel I feel that your comment is very warranted, Arcadia has excellent pitching and thats what keeps them winning ball games. Defense is solid but the bats need to produce more runs to help out their pitchers. 1 run leaves no room for the pitchers or the defense to make a mistake. @ Brokenarrow you must watch these games with your eyes closed and only see the W. The pitching is too good to have this many close games. If the bats dont come alive they wont make it far in CIF. Arcadia can do it but they need to get it together.

  • Interested Observer

    Miguels comments concerning the lack of run production at AHS are well taken and obvious to anyone except the few myopic homers within the Arcadia baseball community. The painful reality is that Arcadia will remain a second rate program that loses in the first round of CIF to another leagues third place finisher. The cause? Simple. The lack of competent coaching. Arcadia has talent, but Lemas ignores talent and ability and plays his favorites who have never produced. Look at the batting averages for his starters. He also teaches and encourages little ball that results in low scoring games. Thank goodness for a wealth of quality arms that come through the system every year. Also thank goodness that Lemas doesnt teach pitching – -and for a week schedule. And yes, KJ is awesome.