Softball Rankings: Keppel making noise in Almont Lg.

Compiled by Keith Lair

1. La Caada (12-3)
Beat San Marino, Temple City

2. Duarte (14-1)
Hasn’t lost since opener

3. Keppel (10-5)
6-4 win over Alhambra

4. San Marino (9-5)

Time to step up

5. Flintridge Prep (7-2)
5-0 in competitive league

6. Monrovia (11-7-1)
Plays La Caada today

7. Maranatha (8-5-1)
In Las Vegas tournament

8. Ramona Convent (8-4)
Two big games this week

9. Temple City (9-8)
Four consecutive losses

10. Alhambra (8-8)
In four-way tie for league lead

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  • PrepFTW

    What happened with this blog? This used to be a lively place, with opinions, personal rankings, people posting scores; now nobody is interested in softball anymore? Where’s chky?