Baseball: Two games, San Gabriel Valley vs. San Fernando Valley in KG Sports Training Foundation Underclassman All-Star Game, Saturday at Northview.

Above: David Hubinger (St. Francis) tags out Bonita’s Robert Mier in last year’s game.

The fourth annual KG Sports Training Foundation Underclassman All-Star Game will have a twist this season. There will be two games this time with blue and grey teams from the San Gabriel Valley taking on blue and grey teams from the San Fernando Valley. The game is Saturday at Northview High. The SGV Blue will take on the SFV Grey at noon followed by the SGV Grey vs. the SFV Blue, slated to begin at approximately 3:30 p.m. The game will try to raise two $500 scholarships to give out that day. Admission will be $10 for adults and $7.50 for kids. Below I’ve posted the San Gabriel Valley rosters.

Brian Esquival, St. Francis
Sylvestre Sanchez, Montebello
Logan Beerman, Pasadena Poly
Jonah Campbell, Pasadena Poly
Gary Acuna, Alhambra
Juan Crespo, Alhambra
Jeff Bain, San Marino
Joe Wills, Covina
Nick Hynes, Covina
Angel Acosta, Gabrielino
Tei Vanderford, St. francis
Jeff Garavaglia, St. Francis
Anders Schraer, St. Francis
Dylan Trimarchi, South Pasadena
Erik Trask, Arcadia
Brendan Campbell, Arcadia
Elliot Surrey, Crescenta Valley
Kyle Murray, Crescenta Valley
Cole Currey, Crescenta Valley
Troy Mulcahey, Crescenta Valley
Josh Marrs, Maranatha
David McAlister, Maranatha
John Soteropolous, Loyola
Chad Powers, Loyola
David Sanchez, Cathedral
Josh Ibarra, Cathedral
Julian Perez, Cathedral
Chris Flores, Cathedral
Jonah Jarrard, Temple City
Calvin Copping, Temple City
Corey Copping, Temple City

John Knott, Bonita
Brendan Jauregui, Arroyo
Eddie Gutierrez, Baldwin Park
Justin Garza, Bonita
Thomas Castro, Bonita
Nolan Henley, Bonita
Oscar Montenegro, Charter Oak
Kevin Hides, Damien
Daniel Sandoval, Duarte
Ross Johnston, Duarte
Richard Bradford, Duarte
Aymen Nurledeen, Duarte
Dylan Goodwin, Diamond Ranch
Nick Vasquez, El Rancho
Victor Garcia, El Rancho
Ramond Sedillo, La Puente
Ethan Etchecaren, La Puente
Giovanni Morales, Los Altos
Joe Munoz, Los Altos
Steven Chamberos, Los Altos
Kevin Shue, Monrovia
Nick chico, Northview
Niko Castaneda, Northview
Shawn Kennedy, San Dimas
Giovanni Rivera, Sierra Vista
DJ Larios, West Covina
Michael Nijera, West Covina
Caleb Romo, Walnut
Jacob Chonski, Walnut

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  • kiko garcia

    Were trying to raise at least a $1000 to go towards the games M.V.P.’s . The award is given based off a bio that all kids were given to explain why they deserve the award. we take into consideration there G.P.A., all academic achievements , community service, any baseball awards, and an essay on why they deserve the award. 110 high schools were notified of the game, in return submitted there nominations to the coaches of the All-Star Teams, in which the team was chosen.

  • I Guess I am a Hater

    Congrats to all selected…

    On a contradictory note, without being completely negative…where’s ALL the talent? No offense Kiko, but your name stamped on this and there’s a lot better out there. (Not speaking for the Grey team).

  • What??

    Kiko: What is up with these teams? At least 30 of the top 40 underclassmen in the area arent listed. League MVPs and 1st team selections are left off. Some of these players werent even starters. Did any research go into these picks? You can call it a fundraiser or something (a boondoggle comes to mind), but you should not refer to it as an All-Star game that is misleading. And since you have chosen to charge $7 – $10 for this shindig and promote it on blogs and in the papers, it is particularly unfair to the dozens of players that deserved the recognition.

  • just a thought…

    @ What??? Maybe that little thing called a GPA took out “your” talent. It happens here, and it sure will happen when they go to get those college scholarships. When are all those rabid baseball dads going to learn that talent alone will not longer cut it. the grades have to be there, too. Congrats to all these named players. Obviously you are talented, and have more to yourself that just that!

  • What??

    Dear Just a thought.
    I would be all for an academic all-star team, but this isn’t it, nor does it claim to be. Most of the boys I am thinking of that were left off this list are actually great students also, so don’t try to spin this team into something it isn’t. I’m glad Kiko added the little blog post that the kids are being allowed to write an essay to lobby for an award, and that one of the factors is GPA (along with many others). But this event is promoted as a baseball all-star team and that is the way it is and will be perceived. If you are honest, and if Kiko chooses to respond, you will both agree that it isn’t an true underclassmen All-Star team (either based on baseball performance or academics).

  • kiko garcia

    WE AS ORGANIZERS CAN ONLY SUBMIT NAMES OF PLAYERS THAT THE COACHES NOMINATE. Some kids may be knuckle-heads on or off the field, we have to trust and respect the coaches decision and move on. If a player, in other peoples eyes, is a better student or a better baseball player then someone else thinks, unfortunately our hands are tied. Its up to all coaches to promote or nominate there players. every year is the same story, this kid or that kid should be on it, were never going to please all. Of the kids who are nominated we can only try to make it the best for them, thats our goal. its about the kids…..always will be. (fyi…some kids names were not even listed because of the fact that we knew that they had other obligations, so instead of taking up a roster spot we gave the spot to someone else)

  • Proud Parent

    Will the boys be contacted soon, by your organization, or the coach? My son is listed (we had no idea until someone else saw the article and called!), but we don’t know what he should be doing.
    Thanks for having this venue – sounds like a great game and opportunity to play more ball with locals!

  • kiko garcia

    To all parents, coaches, and kids who read this and have been selected to be on the team, but have not heard anything from there coaches about the game.
    The SGV Grey will have a meet and greet on wed June 15th @ On-Deck in burbank, 7675 San Fernando Blvd. at 7p.m. The SGV Blue will meet at same place on Friday night at 7p.m. Bring your baseball stuff to take batting practice after meeting. Game is saturday June 18th, be at Northview H.S. 1hr1/2 Before game time. SGV Blue play at noon, SGV Grey play at 3:30
    any other questions please call Kiko 818-620-7569

  • Jackboy

    Kiko Garcia,
    This is an amazing little event you have here, my son is on one of the teams and his coach is the manager of the team, this is the first time weve heard of the date and time of the game and now you want the kids to write an Essay for an Academic Scholarship? Good intension, but late notice! Our coach still hasnt told us about the game and we see him almost every day during summer ball.
    Just a suggestion, COMMUNICATE!!! And instead of an Essay, just have the players bring their report card with GPA.
    To be quite honest, Im a little disappointed the way this whole thing is being handled this year and it doesnt sound like Im alone here.

  • BaseballMom

    OMG!! There’s no cryingin’ baseball!! Please close this blog. Baseball fans go watch the game. Haters stay home! Thank you for putting this event on the map!!! There is plenty of baseball for everyone.

  • Wants to Know

    Miguel…where’s the Pacific All League Selections for Baseball 2011??

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