Private summer lessons from CIF champion Nick Bueno

Nick Bueno the quarterback. Nick Bueno the shortstop. And now, Nick Bueno the entrepreneur. Bueno will give private lessons for 1-3 players at a time ages 7-15. Bueno is arguably the most heralded quarterback in Monrovia football history, leading the Wildcats to their first CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division championship. It was the school’s first CIF title in nine previous attempts. Bueno earned Star-News Player of the Year honors this past season after passing for 1,828 yards and rushing for 1,513 yards. He also earned Rio Hondo League MVP honors as well as CIF Mid-Valley Division Player of the Year honors.


Quarterbacks:Throwing fundamentals, accuracy, drop backs, reading defenses, footwork, etc.

Running backs:Footwork, QB exchange, ball handling, pass blocking, etc.

Receiver:Catching fundamentals, receiver routes, run blocking, etc.

Speed and Agility:Drills and conditioning exercises to increase speed and agility.


Individual lesson: $15 per person (3 lessons pre-paid and scheduled for $40)
Group of three: $12 per person (3 lessons pre-paid and scheduled for $32)

For more information, call 626-826-1066 or e-mail Nick Bueno at

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  • bigfatfan

    OMG ! now miguel is hosting Bueno’s advertising. will it ever stop, the M-town lovefest…

  • Red Leader

    Way to go Bueno. Good luck in your venture.

  • Apache Joe

    Where is Bueno going to continue his athletic career?

  • mhs

    I believe it’s Cal Lutheran for both baseball and football

  • Are You Kidding Me:

    I simply cannot believe that the Pasadena Star News allows their Prep Sports Editor to advertise in their blog. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Why isn’t Bueno paying for advertisment space like all the others. I am someone who advertises in this paper but no more……Miguel’s man crush continues, it’s outragous behavior and someone at this paper should stop it.

  • NCAA said:

    What does taking $$$ do for this kid’s amatuer status? Someone better check with the NCAA before he takes a dime!

  • anonymous

    he’s a good athlete, but didn’t really have an impressive arm….who would waste their money on this?

  • Red Leader

    anonymous, he threw for 23 tds, 3 of them in the championship game. I think that’s pretty impressive.

  • mhs-tmz

    Buenos is playing ball at Cal Lutheran, which is Div. 3.
    D3 does not have athletic scholarships, so he is can have a job.

  • 81

    LOL, shouldn’t his coach be the one offering lessons? What a f-ing joke and the fact that you guys advertise it is even sadder.

  • Customer

    Bueno has given my son 2 lessons so far. He had many great drills and kept my son working hard the entire hour both times. After only two lessons, my son is already showing improvement in his technique. He’s also pretty sore. Bueno’s business is picking up because he actually knows what he’s doing. Think about it- He has been playing since he was 6. He was a team leader. He understands the game on both sides. Why wouldn’t he be able to coach the younger kids well? I am impressed. My son is lovin it. That’s all that counts.

  • Realist

    Ill bet that Red Leader and Miguel both attend this camp to flirt with Bueno. Hey Miguel, HE GRADUATED! Stop writing articles about him. Its like you went to Monrovia. I can tell by the way that every other article has something to do with Monrovia. Do your job the right way. Its not that difficult.

  • Red Leader

    Really Realist? Well let me ask you this. Are you applying to attend Washington so you can continue washing Lagace’s jock strap?

    Congratulations to Lagace.

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