BREAKING NEWS: Monrovia’s Randy Medina steps down after 11 seasons at the helm, entire staff joins him.

Randy Medina, who spent 11 seasons as Monrovia High School’s softball coach and led them to four consecutive Rio Hondo League titles from 2003 to 2006 and the semifinals of the CIF-Southern Section Division 5 playoffs in 2007, has stepped down along with his entire staff.

Medina said internal issues with a select few parents proved too much to handle, prompting him to resign two weeks after the regular season ended.

“I left the program better than the way I found it 11 years ago,” Medina said. “Maybe somebody else can take it further than what I had projected on my mind. My staff felt the same way. They were very disappointed in how the parents perceived the program. So we stepped down as a group. We thought Monrovia would be able to find a staff that was better suited for their parents.”

Medina, who has coached for 23 years, said a summer program was nonexistent before his arrival, starting a program and running one ever since 2001. Medina said “to my knowledge there’s no program right now.”

Before Medina, Monrovia had not won a game in three years and a league game in nearly a decade. The junior varsity program for the first time in school history brought home a Rio Hondo League title after going 20-1.

Still, it wasn’t enough, Medina said.

“The JV program had tremendous season, going 20-1,” he said. “Yet, still JV parents weren’t happy because they didn’t like this or didn’t like that. It was like, ‘Are you serious?’ We had one of the greatest season and kids are happy and kids can lift their heads up, and that was not good enough.”

Medina acknowledge that most, if not all, coaches deal with off-field issues. But Medina said “it was this season” when the problems started and that “it hasn’t been the last two or three years or anything like that.”

“Every coach has parents that are not happy, whose expectations are not met by you as a coach,” Medina continued. “At times they’re willing to let you know and you tell them where you’re coming from as a coach and where the program you think is going and where an individual lies as part of the team, and usually parents get on and move forward, or they don’t.

“My big problem was I had three parents who were not happy. They would talk about the program behind my back in adverse conditions. I think that hurt me the most. They were willing to talk about me, about my players and about my staff, sort of behind the team’s back. And that bothered me. It bothered me that my staff was being talked about as ineffective. That’s what hurt.

Medina’s staff included two JV coaches and two varsity assistants, including Dave Hart, who has been on board for a decade. Medina, the athletic director at Monrovia’s Clifton Middle School, served as an assistant for three seasons when Hart coached the varsity program.

“That really bothered me the most that they felt my staff was ineffective,” Medina said. “When saying that they’re talking about a 72-year-old gentleman who coached for 30 years and has intense love for the game. I got a teacher that’s been teaching and coaching for over 20 years, and a varsity coached that helped the JV program.”

Medina said his approach to coaching high school softball clashed with some.

“Our expectations was we wanted to do well in league and go as far as we can in CIF,” he said. “To an extent I like the extra intensity that goes into travel ball, and I’m all for that. But the players, most of them play travel ball year round with intense schedules with four or five games in a weekend. High school is to be with your friends. It’s a different mindset. It just came down to where it felt that they being the parents weren’t happy and things got back to me. It’s a small town. A lot of parents were on my side and they said people are saying this about you.”

Medina said he’ll take a year off from coaching and could be back in the softball scene a year from now. For now, Medina will take a break after an exhaustive process that led to his resignation.

“It was not an easy process,” he said. “It was hard. There was a of just “sit down” with myself and other coached I talked to that weren’t involved with Monrovia, that I’ve known over the years and talked about a lot of things. My administration didn’t ask me to resign, it was nothing like that. I just felt that maybe right now it was best to step down.”

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  • paul

    Theeres that bad word again “PARENTS”

  • Monrovia Parent

    Good riddance. Now we can finally get a good coach that will do what we ask. One that is considerate.

  • Carmen

    Monrovia Parent? Are you for real!?

    “Now we can finally get a good coach that will do what we ask.” ??? The coach runs the team not the PARENTS!!!!
    If you want to run the softball program from the bleachers….then you apply for the job!

  • Really???

    Parents have a right to comment but they do not run the team, and what is the excuse for the parents now? The guy’s JV program just went 20-1 at a school that is not a powerhouse in softball… OH, but people in the stands know better, where were they in 2001 when the program was garbage? OH!, so lets force a guy out of a job in order to suffice your needs which will end in 4 years when your kid graduates… Congrats Monrovia parents you guys are officially the most myopic parents in the 626…

  • JV Parent

    As a JV parent we had a terrific season and NO PARENTS complained about the coaching in fact Coach Hart was a terrific coach and the JV parents were shocked that he stepped down prior to Medina. The Varisity level was where ALL the problems were!!! So Medina needs to get his facts straight. If he had problems with Varisity leave it there and don’t drag the JV parents & players into this.

    JV Rio League Champs!!!!

  • Mtown

    I just read this on Robledo’s blog ….

    I enjoyed covering Medina in MTown while I was at the Star News, he always came across as a knowledgeable coach with a genuine passion for what he was doing. He wanted to win as much as anyone, that was clear, and was a great example of what a high school coach should be. That’s not enough for some parents, particularly travel ball parents who feel more entitled, but I wish Medina would have stayed on and not allowed the distractions to get under his skin. We deal with it in the newspaper business too, specialization has made experts out of everyone, and the experts love telling you why certain coaches aren’t qualified, why so-and-so is better than so-and-so, and so on. Most parents are great, but the experts can be nauseating. My feeling is, the experts aren’t going anywhere, so just deal with it rather than allow them to chase you off, which is why I wish Medina would have stayed on. Here’s an idea for all the experts, you want to speak and make your opinions known? Any expert out there who has trouble with a coach and wants to debate or discuss the reasons on camera with me, I’m all in. I would love to see what you have to say when the spotlight’s on you.

  • WOW!!!!

    Are you kidding me??? Let’s really get the facts straight how about the 1 out of 3 parents complaining go back to your own district since your falsifying information to even go to MHS then maybe all the problems will go away kinda strange that in 11 years no complaints have been made until three parents (and you know who you are) threw their 2cents in yet it was the out of district parent that started all this behind the coaches & players back to begin with.. How about ousting the parent instead of the coach???? or better yet just have another tryout and put those 3 on JV problem solved. This is HS don’t like it get off the field!!!
    Come back Medina!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice Job

    Nice job Omar, way to step up as this years a-hole parent by picking on a volunteer who puts endless hours of time with your kid so you can sit back on your dumb ass and complain all season. Go back to Azusa (where you live). Or, “Silence Village Idiot”

  • Mr.McCarthy

    I dont think it was just Omar who started this down fall, you can put my name
    In the mix as well (Edward McCarthy) AKA ELISE Father . If you think for one second
    Medina was doing a good job you must be one of the parents who was paying him to play their Daughter, So you are going to have to go with Him. Or your someone who hes paying to write
    On this blog. Fact is Medina lived on the girls who played outside of High School
    Softball if he didnt he wouldnt have gotten as far as he did all those year .
    Name one girl who made a big impact on the team who did not have travel
    Ball experience. Fact is that High School softball is ran by girls how play travel.
    If you dont have those girls you dont have a team, and if you dont have a team then you need to practice and we all know medina did not know how to do that. Thats is why hes out.
    Thanks for your service.
    So when you want to talk about Omar, Me or the other person (but it was way more than 3)
    just tells me you were ok with the way thing were going and that
    tells me you dont know Shit. He was good for you. You dream little
    I dream Big. Ellis

    P.S How in the hell did he get to coach the all star game $$$. Thats for a Good Coach
    Like Ken Carlson at Bonita or KC Mathew at La Canada

  • outsider

    to the parents that had issues with what appears to be over playing time; Were the other girls better than the ones who didn’t play? Were you at practice e very day to see how everyone performed? Maybe because the other girls played travel ball showed that they were more dedicated and actually better players.

    Let’s face it no coach at the high school level gets rich from coaching.

  • MTown Ex

    Mr. McCarthy I wish you had been around in 2006 and 2007. MHS should have had CIF rings those years but for Medina allowing a parent coach “Ben _____” to take over the team Enough Said! It is really disingenuous of Medina to blame any parent for his stepping down this year when he did nothing but kiss butt and play favorites for YEARS! Medina never seriously evaluated players ability nor did the right thing for them as a team. I watched on the sidelines as Hart and Co. padded scores and lied to the media about players; Medina and Hart prompted those special few at the cost of the heart of the team. MHS under Coach Medina has NEVER been about team; I hope in the future with a new coach and new direction this changes.

  • FredJ

    Mtown, I covered the 2006 and 07 teams and the only reason they didn’t win championships is because the players didn’t execute in the big games. Again, not the coaches fault, sometimes players don’t make big plays when they need to make big plays. Coaches get too much credit for winning, and take too much of the blame for losing .. When all is said and done, it’s really about the players.

    As for Mr. McCarthy’s comments, I hope he applies for the job and spends the countless and thankless hours that Mr. Medina put in.

    Remember this parents, someone always has to sit the bench.

  • Mr.McCarthy

    I will apply an to set the record straight “I’ll do it for free” because, I am a TRUE wildcat and love my school thats why my kids go there. In like medina my practice won’t be over in an HOUR and to MTown I was there all those years when we blew games, Elise was a witness because I took her with me to show her how proud I was of my school and where I wanted her to play in years to come. That’s called preparing for your child’s future (not paying for them to be on a team with no skills), because in high school you have to try out for the time and be picked money doesn’t/shouldn’t pay for a spot. The only thing I can give to medina is that he did spend a lot of his own money for the teams equipment and other miscellaneous things. But for every good thing there is a bad one that I can tell you about.

  • Mr. McCarthy response

    Sir, first you have no chance of taking over, the administration would be nuts to allow a complaining parent who takes their complaints to a blog to publicly embarrass a coach to become the next head coach. You see, the first thing you look for is integrity, and your comments show no integrity whatsoever. Second, whoever takes over won’t win anything without a great pitcher, which is what Medina had in 2006 and ’07 when he was winning. Unless there is some incoming freshman nobody knows about, Monrovia will continue to hover around .500 no matter who is in charge, something you will learn next year when you’re complaining about the next coach. Your daughter is a great player, but the lesson you’re teaching here isn’t a good one.

  • Mr.McCarthy

    Well the belted earl has spoken. I didn’t bring this fight to the blog you did. you wanted somebody to fill sorry for you, well I feel sorry for the girls. An as far as integrity I have enough to tell everyone who I am. The FACT is Temple city & La Canada can all say they that have girls at the next level. what the hell can we say Medina did for our girls except for In & Out at practices. My wish it that all the girls not just mine to get to COLLEGE and not play PATTY CAKE PATTY CAKE BAKERS MAN in the field instead learning the game which is what should be going on. Taking up valuable practice time with his foolishness, so integrity can go out the window when it comes to me caring for the girls futures. Ask medina if that was his goal and the fact is my child played every game an had the most at bat in the league so I’m not caring about my daughter she’ll get to where she needs to be. its the other girls who have talent that he hasn’t tapped into they need that push a coach should give them. not pushing food or money in there pockets.

  • Monrovia Parent

    Elices dad Mr. Mcarthy should be our next head coach. He is wonderfully nice to the girls but knows the game backwards. All the parents are hoping he takes the position.

  • SaintsR4real

    Mr. McCarthy,

    Sounds like you have an agenda and are realizing you have litle or no control over it. Every parent/ coach wants the best for these kids. The problem is, is when the parents bring ALL their agendas to the field and the coach is forced to hear it.

    I suggest you and other parents that are not happy, do your homework on high school coaches and place them there. This is high school sports,for christ sakes, a very wide variety of talent.

  • Mr.McCarthy

    Your very right. I do have an agenda college, for all those who want to play an for all those girl who love to play, an if that not your agenda then I sure dont want my kid around you. So go coach Rec. This is High School, We compete . The fact that you say this is High school sports for Christ sakes tell me you know nothing , because the last I checked you have to go to high school an then COLLEGE, Sponge Bob smarty pants.

  • Mr Mcarthy???

    Wow, I’m assuming you did not attend college based on your “grammer” skills. (Let’s see if you get it.) I can see why it is of importance to you.

    Out of curiousity teh goal should be for them to get into college. Wouldn’t then your goal be to push them academically versus sports? How many people get college athletic schloarships let alone softball?

  • Anonymous

    Wow! MTown Ex, you remember! Medina had no success until the “Fab Five” came to MHS! They won because of their natural athletic ability NOT his coaching skills. He was a poor excuse for a “coach!” AND There have been numerous complaints to administration and the athletic director over the years……..words that fell on deaf ears because of the money Medina invested in the “Program,” from his own pocket AND his friendship with many administrators. His reign has finally ended!!! He is a foul mouthed, condescending, self righteous, know-nothing “coach” who should have gone away long ago! He had his favorites (usually those who could pay for equiptment) and did not look to JV for bringing players up to varsity. He had chosen his freshmen who would remain on varsity for their entire tenure at MHS. Most of those remanded to JV would stay there without opportunity to try out for Varsity. Under Meding there was no right of passage going from JV to Varsity. Yes, there are girls who deserved the varsity position BUT for others ,it shouldn’t have hinged on dollars or nepotism! A man with his own agenda, he never cared about the girls self esteem if they weren’t making him look good. He did not care about the well being of the team. How demoralizing to know your coach is spending time preparing middle school girls for varsity! Why not prep your JV team for varsity!? HMMMMMMMMMMM….. He is not going to be missed by the people who have character and care about the girls well being! A fresh start at long last!!!!!

  • Mr.McCarthy

    I’ll take a grammers test ,you take a drug test and will see who passes. (I got a lota mo.) and that’s not bad grammer that’s Mr. T Rocky 3

  • 81

    You actually fell for it. It’s grammar not grammer. You are exactly what the girls need in a coach.