Football: Ellis McCarthy unplugged. Sing the Alma Mater!

It’s no secret “Big Bad” Ellis McCarthy will be the most coveted recruit in the entire San Gabriel Valley, so with that in mind I’ll post videos and tidbits about McCarthy any time I run into them. Here’s a video courtesy of MaxPreps.

Image for MaxPreps Video.

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  • Observantcat

    Great Post Miguel…. This kid has the ability to really represent the area in a really big way. Personality is just a plus.

  • bigfatfan

    Bueno is gone, but now we have McCarthy. the Miguel/Monrovia lovefest continues.

  • General Turgidson

    Another prime example of a kid playing in the wrong division. Is the kid great? yes. Would he be great in the pac 5? yes. Would he toss around other pac 5 lineman like he does in his highlight vid? no.

    Many of the really “insane” highlight vids you see floating around on youtube or the web are like this. When a kid is tossing others around like rag dolls with one hand – we need to look closer. Most of the lineman he is playing against obviously have absolutely no grasp of a proper pass set. legs straight as poles, hands 100 ft. wide, head and back forward, squared feet – its horrible. And i dont count playful shoves as double or triple teams either. And the kid he just blows by at the combine, i think its the first play of the highlight video, he actually drops the WRONG FOOT BACK. you couldn’t block that DL in florida with no arms or legs if you open the wrong way.

    Any pac 5 scholarship player will do this against the teams monrovia plays. Take the 6-5 servite DE, the fresno state kid from mater dei, etc. Put him up against 6-5 320lb max tuerk from Santa Margarita, coached by Marty Spalding… well… lets just say it wont be as easy.

    Kid is going to be good. But don’t start picking his “mom’s house” just yet.

    Miguel… you need to watch more quallity football to keep your aim right. NO GOOD SOLDIER.

  • Observantcat

    My friend General Turgidson, did you get the memo?… you need to take a look at the videos that were taken at all of the combines that this young man has attended he makes those 320 pound offensive linemen look that same as the ones in the Mid-Valley. As a matter of fact most of the Pac-5 lineman didn’t even make it to several of these combines to compete with a guy of McCarthys stature. That is why he is rated the #4 Defensive lineman In the Country not in California, The Country The little guys from De la Salle were tossing those beach boys from Servite around in the state finals games so you are going to have to come up with something better than this to be heard on these blogs. Dont believe me watch the video. De la Salle’s guys were only averaging 6’1 200 lbs vs. Servite averaging 64 270 lbs they proved that the Pac 5 is no better than most of the little teams up north.

  • Apache Joe


    Definitely agree with you here. McCarthy is a major talent not seen in the SGV in a decade. He will play on Sundays, I’m even more sure of this then I was with Lance Mitchell of Muir (3 year starter at OSU). Barring injury, I see no reason why this kid won’t dominate at the collegiate level.


    You may not respect the overall collective talent of the SGV, but there are major individual talents here and you ought to recognize that and respect it with you look at the collegiate output in the area and he is one of those few.

    I disagree wholeheartedly with your assessment.