Football: Pasadena coach Randy Horton talks about scheduling Alemany in opener, among other things.

I had a non-football related story I was working on Monday afternoon at Pasadena High School. Upon my arrival I saw a good crowd there, watching PHS football practice. Regardless of wins and losses, football (practice or otherwise) is an event at both Muir and PHS. That was the case Monday as the team prepared for their final week of practice before dead period and returning Aug. 8. Pasadena coach Randy Horton said discipline was lacking, and it was the difference between winning and losing. Horton, a former strength and conditioning coach at UCLA, put a strong emphasis on weight training. He said most kids couldn’t bench press more than 180 pounds when he got there. He says everybody on the team can now bench press at least 260 pounds. He’s raving a lot about junior quarterback Brandon Cox, the former Temple City QB before transferring to Pasadena. Horton said Cox can power clean 230 pounds, and that his training has paid dividends in the form of fielding strong interest from Pac-12 schools, including Washington, Utah, UCLA and USC. From the few minutes I caught at practice, Pasadena definitely looks more disciplined and practice was structured. Is this the year Pasadena finally beats Muir? The Bulldogs were one win away from making the playoffs last year. It’ll be interesting to see how Pasadena fares out. It’s time for Pasadena football to get back on the map.

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  • FootballGuy

    I thought you had to have a three week dead period.

  • i wonder

    I guess PHS can start calling students from other schools now ! We hear what’s being done…CIF

  • Laurence Todd

    Pasadena’s problem has never been strength or conditioning….the bulldog’s weakness, as demonstrated in the Turkey Tussle last year, is their mental toughness and lack of ability to adjust to their opponents. Pasadena didn’t have a leader on the field last year to help them in that regard.

    I said it before, but a lot can be learned from watching films. Smarter football “playing” will be Pasadena key to a playoff birth.

    Laurence Todd

  • Fella

    Here we go again worrying about beating Muir when thats the last game of the season. The puppies should be worring about beating Alemany and there others opponets so they can have some confidence when they played Muir and not tuck there tail like the previous years. Go Stangs c/o 94


    Congrats to former PHS Wide Receiver ARMON BINNS on entering the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars (Unrestricted free agent)

  • Alex_Trebek

    Dear, Miggy
    Still waiting for the SM article you said you would have up last friday…..

  • Laurence Todd

    Congratulations, Mr. Binns. Mission accomplished.

    Good luck!!

    Laurence Todd

  • Laurence Todd

    ….and we can’t forget Zack Williams another former Pasadenean who was also drafted – Carolina Panthers.

    Pasadena struck gold!

    Go, Pasadena.

    Laurence Todd

  • Reality Check

    ok, if anyone believes that a high school team, has not one guy benching under 260, than you are an idiot…. that would mean their wide outs, kickers, QB, and corners all bench 260…unheard of! not even Dr. Vladamir Zatsiorsky could get all PHS football players to bench 260…. keep living in dream land… Go to Mater Dei, Servite, Loyola, Centennial, De La Salle, they have guys benching under 260 and they win…. See what happens when unqualified guys think they are strength coaches, they produce lies that make themselves look good but in reality its all BS

  • Anonymous

    LOL horton why would you lie and say everybody on your team can bench press at “LEAST” 260 pounds LOL he had to be joking…..

  • Fan of Football

    With all due respect Pasadena Alemany and Cathedral are going to Kill the Bulldogs. Alemany is very strong and Cathedral has Rebuild with many skill players and one of the best QB’s in the State Haden reddig.

  • casual observer

    Coach Horton is more than qualified as a conditioning coach. check the article, he worked at UCLA. I think he is stretching the truth a bit but I also believe that this will be a physically strong team with some surprises.

    Actually if anything, he has no business being a head coach. They will not win much, but gosh, will they look good during warmups!

  • interesting

    he was actually there for a year or so as a speed consultant, and when the new strength and conditioning staff came in, he was not retained because he doesnt have a degree nor a CSCS, which is the gold standard of strength professionals..