Star-News prep blog not going anywhere

After further consideration, the Star-News blog will not merge with the Tribune blog. There is no other blog like it in Pasadena, nor is there a quicker source for prep news in Pasadena and the surrounding areas. The Tribune and Star-News blogs complement each other well, and will continue dominating high school sports in the San Gabriel Valley with the continued efforts from Miguel Melendez, Aram Tolegian, Keith Lair, Steve Ramirez and myself.

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  • Pantherpride

    That’s good news, I didn’t want to see the Star-News blog go.

  • Pat Sajak

    “and will continue dominating high school sports in the San Gabriel Valley” – I can’t believe you just wrote that…… wow… REALLY? HAHA you don’t dominate in any coverage

  • Bob Anon

    Good news, now you’ll have to cover Rio Hondo League teams (evil laugh)

  • 4Bagger

    Glad to hear it. Keep spreading the good word about Pasadena schools and their athletes.

  • FredJ

    There is no real competition Mr. Sajak, just a few weeklies and some online start-ups. Come fall this blog will be as active as ever.

  • Amat Bully

    if you let me headline the star news ill get the blogs jumping off the hedges….

  • Pat Sajak

    I’m not talking about competition Fred, I’m just wondering how you can claim to be dominating when your paper is lack luster at best. You rarely write up articles and when you do they are the most bias and homered towards the teams you guys have crushes on…

  • FredJ

    We’re like anyone else, we cover the most successful teams and the ones with the biggest readership. You call us lackluster, but with our daily papers and blogs, nobody covers the SGV as thorough as we do. Is anyone else producing a magazine with a team page for every team in their coverage area? Papers have downsized everywhere, not just with us. With the staff we have, the days of trying to cover everyone equally are gone, not just with our paper, but papers across the board. It’s a business more than ever. Shouldn’t someone named Pat Sajak know something about ratings and catering to your audience?

  • Pat Sajak

    You still did not make a reply to my statement that you write bias articles….. an I can even give you an example…. When I was coaching with a former coach and you called him up in his office, you asked him “how do you think you’re going to do this year” (I was in his office when you called” He told you I expect to win games”…. and your response was “Coach don’t you think your being a little to optimistic?” So tell me what gives you the right to ask a question then fire back with that answer and claim you are an unbiased writer…..

  • Pat Sajak,

    Or should I say “Alex Trebek” … whatever name you’re using now. That is the WORST example you could use to back up your complaint of Fred being bias. Asking a coach if he’s being too optimistic makes Fred bias? How does that make him bias? BIAS TOWARD WHAT? Man, you have no clue what you’re talking about. That’s a totally valid follow-up question and I bet what followed from the coach was a damn good quote, thus making Fred’s question that much better.

    Don’t just complain to complain. And don’t make accusations then back them up with a HORRIBLE example that doesn’t even describe what you’re original accusation is.

  • Losers

    “when I WAS coaching” … “former coach”… I guess you guys WERE too optimistic!