How do you like La Salle’s new logo? Let them know.

When Anthony Harris was hired as La Salle’s new athletic director, his mission was to transform La Salle into a prominent program, saying “there’s a lot of competition out there now. Maranatha, Alemany, they have a lot of kids from Pasadena. I would like La Salle to be a household name.”

The new logo is the start to a wave of changes to come ahead.

“Absolutely,” Harris said when reached by phone early this afternoon. “What we’re trying to do is create a college prep athletic environment that matches our college prep academic environment. In a college prep school, in my opinion, we are preparing kids to graduate from college, not to go to college. On the athletic side, we are preparing guys to be college athletes. If they’re lucky enough to continue into the next level, then hopefully we would have done our job so they’re prepared.”

Also, say goodbye to La Salle’s old “LS” logo (below).

La Salle will use a new “LS” logo (below) in sports but will keep the old logo for academics.

La Salle also has a new school website complete with photos, schedules, rosters — all things that any fan and even a local reporter would want from a school website. To tell you the truth, it really does look like a college sports website, which is the look and feel Harris was going for. And if you follow La Salle’s Twitter account, you can get score updates and final game statistics.

As far as feedback regarding the new logo?

“They love it,” Harris said. “It’s intimidating. Kids feel pride and really motivates kids. We painted our weight room, our offices, slogans. We’re really trying to step it up a notch. That’s what i was hired for and that’s what we’re doing.”

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  • Nice!!!

    I like it! Now maybe La Salle can put some decent apparel items with the new logo so that alums will actually want to wear it.

  • Now…

    Doesn’t really matter how you shine the turd…it’s still a turd. La Salle will always be La Sad. 0-10 last year…0-10 this year. No wonder Pasadena kids are going to Maranatha or Alemany, they like winning.

  • ls

    since you mention Maranatha, why don’t you tell me the records between La Salle and Maranatha in football over the past 10 years. Better yet tell me the records in basketball as well.

    That’s what I thought!

    I wonder if Marantha is going to change their school logo and colors again to match La Salle since they can’t seem to do anything but copy LS.

  • Rip Snorter

    Amat Lancers are the real issue.

    LS needs a new mascot.

    How about the Lancets? (medical magnet school.)

  • LS

    ripsnorter, seems to me that Amat copied La Salle considering the LS was founded a good year before Amat.