Question: Should Monrovia be worried about Covina?

Aram Tolegian, AKA Chemical AT, ambushed Covina’s practice earlier today. In his “Practice Ambush!!!!”, Aram gets a closer look at Covina’s behemoth defensive linemen. You can hear him in the video ask if Monrovia should be worried. I don’t know that I would go that far, but you can see what Aram’s talking about in the 3:13 mark, and those guys do look huge.

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    I think you should show up to Glendale high school and see how a real football program is run! Glen-DAY-LE

  • BigCat

    The only teams that you have to worry about are the teams that you don’t worry about beforehand.

  • VVL

    Let’s be real honest here, take out all of Aram’s crap talk he really has no clue what he is talking about. Covina on the D side of the ball plays a very high risk 3-5 defense. No program against the lesser tallented teams in the division. The reason why they play this defense is no size/talent up front. So they use their speed to their advantage on the defensive size of the ball. Only problem is when that speed isn’t an advantage like with Monrovia.

    Now on the offensive side of the ball Covina uses that speed with the receivers to take advantage of the slower and weaker teams in the division. Notice that Covina self destructived when they meet up with Whittier Christian whom was a very similar team to them but not even close to a Monrovia.

    In summary last season this Covina team 18 points scored the other way doesn’t go 6-0 in league but goes 3-3 in league and doesn’t even make the playoffs.

    Monrovia is bigger and faster than Covina that is why if and a real big if these two teams ever meet up in the playoffs it would even be a game.

    My call Covina will end up third in league out in first or second round. League title will be decided in week 10 San Dimas vs. Pomona.