Football: Alhambra coach Lou Torres says this year’s team reminds him of the mid-1990’s Moors team that went undefeated. He explains why in this video.

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  • OleTime

    I have no idea what the coach was actually saying because the whole time all I could focus on was the fact that there was a US flag on the ground behind him and nobody seemed to care. In fact, several people just walked right over it! Whats wrong with you guys?! Don’t you know that as Americans it is disrespectful to let the flag touch the ground? Our flag is a symbol of this great country and should be regarded with respect, not casually thrown on the ground and walked over. Sorry for that rant but some people just dont get it.

  • SGV West

    @ Ole Time,their is nothing wrong with anyone at Alhambra. That’s a bag carrier for an “easy up” tent, not a FLAG !!!!! We have more sense than that…