Football: Bosco Tech’s coaching staff incorporates more than 50, dynamic, metabolic and neurological drills into its repertoire this season. Oh, you fancy, huh?!


By Keith Lair, Staff Writer

ROSEMEAD – It’s a cross between a family reunion picnic and organized chaos.

Some Bosco Tech football players carry teammates on their back. Others hop 100 yards down the home sideline. More run laps around the track.

The drills are something new to the Tigers this season.

“We wanted to try to do away from the condition that gets them tired,” coach Chris Shockley said. “We wanted to do more sports-specific things, to get them ready to play football. We start by putting them in situations they’re going to be in on the football field. The movements are more football-specific.”

Shockley, in his 13th year with the program, said the coaches picked up on the football-related drills while attending various clinics and seminars.

“It makes it more scary,” senior wide receiver C.J. Alvarez said of the new drills. “You don’t ever know what you’re going to be working on. It’s tiring, but it gets in the work. Hopefully it will help us out on the field.”

Coaches have more than 50 dynamic, metabolic and neurological drills, all football-related, that they can throw at the players at any time during practice. They can plan out a certain drill, but then they can take the initiative to change the plan to another drill at a moment’s notice.

“We switch it up every session,” Shockley said. “We think it has kept it fresh for them, because it’s a new drill. It has kind of kept them on their toes because they don’t know what to expect.

“We’re getting more out of these guys. They’re working on mastering the drill. When it’s the same drill for three days, they know how to do it and you don’t get as much out of them. They’ve responded really well.”


A surprise has developed with the drills’ implementation: teamwork.

“We realized that on any team, people are just tired,” senior linebacker Adam Uballez said. “We’re trying to build camaraderie, so we go help them out. If someone is struggling, you have to be there and help them.”

“We’re all working together,” running back Johnathan Silvas said. “It’s not sprinting and seeing who’s the first one to finish. We all have to work together to get to the next session.”

On Monday, the first day of two-a-day practices, the team had to do one drill, called “up and down,” perfectly 50 consecutive times.

“I told them they came together as a team and accomplished it,” Shockley said. “That’s what they have to do together in a game. When you face adversity, it’s not one guy that is going to bring it out of you, it’s all of us coming together as a team. They were throwing positive vibes out there.”

The drills have added new dimensions to the team.

“It’s a lot more tiring than they were before, but you know it helps you,” senior linebacker William Yoshida said. “Last year it would not show up in the games, but now you can see it coming in. I know it’s going to help us in the fourth quarter.”

Silvas said it’s adding speed to each player.

“We need a lot of this explosion,” he said. “This will make us quicker.”

Before the team begins the drills, they do neurological and metabolic warm-up drills, which will carry over into pregame warm-ups. That includes 20-yard jogs followed by stretching exercises, running through tires, using restraints and ladders and doing high-kick jogs.

“They’re giving us everything they’ve got,” Shockley said. “They’ve really taken ownership early of this team.”

Uballez said the seniors want it that way.

“It’s something that the seniors wanted to do,” he said. “During the season, we need to pick things up, especially when someone goes down. We have starters that have been playing here for three years, but that’s not enough. You need your team to have a common goal, and that’s everyone to be ready to play.”

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  • Fan of Football

    Poor Bosco Tech why are they waisting their time year after year. There are better Pop-Warner programs than Bosco tech football.

  • Tech Support

    Yes, it’s a total waste of time to play a sport you love in your teen years. As opposed to the great use of time you have as an adult to get on a message board and use that to make fun of kids playing sports. Please teach us more about how to use time wisely.

  • Bosco Tech ’07

    Oh man….it looks like the 50 year old Cathedral fan is wasting his time trying to put down our school again….buddy, you might try spending some time brushing up on your spelling skills (waisting?) rather than be on here. Sorry, CHS didn’t do anything for ya….can’t say it wasn’t to be expected.

  • BigMLover

    I love the parochial trash talk…

  • Bosco Tech 74

    We have heart that’s why we play football every year and we try our best we play as brothers and don’t let no body put us down.

  • smallcitymc

    My son attended Bosco Tech so I can tell you a few things about the school. Here’s a little story that pretty much sums up the character of the school.

    Two days prior to my son’s graduation, two seniors got into a fight. The principal reviewed the facts and after some thought, called the boys and their parents into his office and told them that attending the school was an honor given to those that live up to the standards set by the school. With that said, the principal promptly gave the boys their diplomas and told them to never step foot on the campus again. They never “walked” their graduation.

    No, you won’t find many D-I prospects here, but then again, pumping out D-I prospects is not the purpose of the school. Ask any student or alum and they will tell you it’s a very challenging school. They don’t accept just anyone who applies and if that sounds elitist, so be it.

    My son was challenged at this school because you were expected to live up to a certain standard. Bosco Tech is about character and academics first and that’s not jibberish just for the sake of saying it.

    If they never win a championship so be it. Football is a just a by product. They do it for fun and try to be competitive. Bosco Tech will ALWAYS be about character and academics first.

  • BigMLover


    You speak as if character and academics are excluded from winning football traditions. That, simply, is not factual.

    Penn State
    Boise State
    Fresno State

    Just a sample of schools that have strong, winning football traditions that have NEVER had sanctions from the NCAA.

    Fact is, Bosco Tech chooses not to emphasize athletics. And if students glean determination, sacrifice, team-building, goal setting, perseverance, discipline, etc. from playing and WINNING football games, then the students there are getting an incomplete education.

  • DBT dad

    Fully agree with smallcitymc. To attend and be part of Bosco Tech is something special. These are not boys they are young men and they are treated as young men. Coach Shockley is in his 13th season and although he may not have a CIF championship under his belt, that isn’t his primary goal. You talk to him and his goal is to creat good young men as a team. Ask the players they are a brotherhood and the ones that can’t deal dont stay at Bosco Tech. As coach Shockley says the teams primary responsibilities are: Family, God, Work(school) then football.

    OH yeah, the new owner of the Atlanta Hawks is a Bosco Tech Graduate. He received his base education, character, foundation, and work ethic from one of the best schools in Southern California.

    Good luck to the men of Bosco Tech, have a great year.

  • smallcitymc

    BigMLover…??? Perhaps something was lost in translation.

  • Tech Suport

    Big M Lover,

    I really have no idea what you’re trying to say. But I would like to point out that within the last decade Fresno State, Michigan, and Boise State have all been hit with some form of NCAA sanctions. So I’m not even sure you know what you’re trying to say.

  • Phantom Alum

    To Bosco tech 07 keep Cathedral out of this. The Phantoms already beat Bosco in Every Sport, and the Academics are just as good as Bosco Tech’s. You guys are living in the past with that 5 year program Crap. Our Enrollment is up to 760 Young men. Bosco’s enrollment is under 500. If you Techman wan to come down to Reality, than call Cathedral for a game. Go to Phantom and check out Our History,The Greatest Alumni Association, and tradition. In Our History Cathedral has sent 7 players to the NFL. How many has Bosco tech sent? .

  • Tech Support

    To: Phantom Alum
    Re: Academics

    Last I checked proper use of capital letters, proper pluralization of words, and logic are parts of academia. So I would at least proofread before sending something talking about how the academics at Cathedral are at the level of Bosco Tech. Nobody here said Bosco had a great football team. In fact I think the point of most people here was to say that the Tech is not a great football program on the level of the real good teams like Amat, Loyola, and Servite. Or even the level of teams that lose by 40 to Amat like Cathedral did. So I’m not sure what sending seven of your former players to the NFL is supposed to prove since nobody was arguing the point.

    The point was, and always will be, the kids love football and work hard at it. Sometimes is translates to wins and sometimes it doesn’t. We don’t get the biggest and fastest guys, we don’t recruit players, and academics always comes first at the Tech. But they gain from the experience and for people to come on here and bash them for it shows that while people might have graduated from their respective high schools they continue to act like they are still going there with their mentality. But if you hang your hats still on the fact that your old school is “really good at football” it says less about Bosco Tech and more about you. And as a hint, it’s not saying good things.

  • Amat Parent

    I find it incredible that adults come onto blogs, such as this one, and they bash on the young men. To all the Bosco parents and alumni, don’t let these morons get to you.

    I have three very close friends, whose boys go to Bosco. All three play football. These boys are great kids, of high character. Whether they go to Bosco, or any other school, it is us parents that shape the direction of our children. The schools we choose to send our kids to play a large role, but my opinion is that we parents are the primary guide. So be real people when you choose to bash on the young men we read about in these blogs. Let’s keep it fun, competative, but realize who we are commenting on….It’s not about you, but rather the boys.

    By the way, we will crush Cathedral again this year when they visit us at Amat in week 5…stay tuned.

  • Phantom Alum

    To Amat Parent,what the hell you talking about. Cathedral beats Amat in Every Boys Sport except football. The Phantoms will be alot Stronger this season. Amat got us young last year when we lost alot of senior’s from the Previous CIF Semi-Final team. Our Baseball Team lost to Amat by 1 run 8-7 a few week’s ago. Nobody is bashing anyone but the Bosco Idiot 07 bringing Cathedral into this.

  • Amat Parent

    First, sorry Bosco for bringing our two cents into your blog. But Phantom Alum, get real. I will say that as an institution I have respect for Cathedral. The truth is I almost sent my boy there two years ago. I also have a couple good friends whose boys are track and field studs there now.

    But seriously, the Phantoms can’t carry our jocks, and although they have a very good track and field team, they couldn’t beat us in any other sport this year, or any year.

    Let’s chat again September 30th, after we whoop your Phantom butts…….by at least three touchdowns.

    I promise Bosco, this is my last comment on your blog. Good Luck Bosco in the coming football season.

  • Just sayin’

    Phantom Alum – so you beat Amat in every sport besides football. Even Amat’ sorry @$$ basketball team swept Cathedral last year. Cathedral isn’t even god enough to be in the same league in baseball – so they keep them in the crappy Camino Real. Certainly not wrestling. So what you meant to say was Cathedral wins in…soccer! Yeah…that’s your sport. LOL!

  • Trojan Man

    While Coaching @ South El Monte in 96′ we played them @ Santa Fe in a passing league game. I was IMPRESSED with the commitment these kids gave & with the plans the coach @ the time was putting into play !