• Ellis #1 fan

    Did you hear that Haters!! #1 recruit in the State of CA # 6th in the Nation but #2 in his position in the nation…how can you hate on that Thats my boy keep up the hard work Ellis

  • bigfatfan

    congrats to Ellis. Nice to hear he said South Pas QB Conor Bednarski was the toughest QB he faced last season?

  • Observantcat

    Ditto bigfatfan. I felt the same about Conor as being the best QB in the entire area, but because of how things turned out in the RHL non of the better players were getting their just due. Conor presented a much better arm than the kid from Glendora and had he been blessed to have another great receiver, SP would have stunned a lot of the top teams in the Mid Valley. I thought McCarthy handled himself pretty good for such a big time recruit, but you know when the season starts he will unleash all of his God given talents on some poor unsuspecting OL and he has the soldiers to help back him up again this season.

  • 6power

    I have to agree on Bednarski’s toughness – going back to soph year when SP had zero run game and CB was getting killed in the pocket again and again. He was a skinny kid back then and grew into a bigger body by senior year.
    Looking forward to seeing what SP puts on the field this year.

  • bigfatfan

    Ellis did a very good job in the interview, especially with all the grilling from Miguel and others that he divulge his top 5 list or schools. SP will have to find a way to double or triple team him this year, ha ha. Conor Bednarski is at Fullerton College this season working hard to win the starting QB job. Fullerton is ranked No. 19 in the country for JCs.

  • anon

    OCat, you meant Bednarski was the 2nd best QB in the area, right? Tou didn’t forget about your own quarterback, who’s opening alot of eyes at Cal Lu.

  • roger

    Ellis, have a great and healthy senior season. You are about to reap the benefits of all your hard work. First with a college education and second in my opinion a pro career. I hope both are in northern Cal, Cal and the Niners. With you playing next to Tiny at Cal I don’t think anyone would be running the ball inside.
    Stay healthy and take time to enjoy your senior season. You only get to do it once.

    all the best and GO BEARS