CIF-SS: Monrovia, Maranatha Nos. 1 and 2 in Mid-Valley.

1. Monrovia (Rio Hondo) 00
2. Maranatha (Olympic) 10
3. Village Christian (Olympic) 10
4. Arroyo (Mission Valley) 10
5. Covina (Valle Vista) 01
6. San Dimas (Valle Vista) 01
7. Whittier Christian (Olympic) 01
8. Bell Gardens (Almont) 00
9. Azusa (Montview) 00
10. Montebello (Almont) 10

1. West Covina (Hacienda) 10
2. Bonita (Hacienda) 10
3. Mayfair (Suburban) 10
4. Arcadia (Pacific) 00
5. Muir (Pacific) 10
6. La Serna (Del Rio) 10
7. Santa Fe (Del Rio) 01
8. Diamond Ranch (Hacienda) 01
9. Walnut (Hacienda) 01
10. Burbank (Pacific) 10

1. Chaminade (Mission) 00
2. St. Paul (Mission) 10
3. Arroyo Grande (PAC7) 01
4. Dominguez (San Gabriel Valley) 01
5. Serra (Mission) 01
6. St. Joseph/Santa Maria (PAC7) 00
7. Atascadero (PAC7) 10
8. St. Francis (Mission) 00
9. Culver City (Ocean) 00
10. Oxnard (Pacific View) 00

1. Lompoc (Los Padres) 10
2. South Torrance (Pioneer) 00
3. Santa Ynez (Los Padres) 00
4. Cabrillo/Lompoc (Los Padres) 10
5. Carpinteria (TriValley) 00
6. Bishop Montgomery (Del Rey) 10
7. North Torrance (Pioneer) 10
8. Templeton (Los Padres) 10
9. Nordhoff (TriValley) 01
10. La Salle (Del Rey) 01

1. Bishop Union (High Desert) 00
2. Desert Christian/L. (Desert Mountain) 10
3. Salesian (Santa Fe) 10
4. Boron (Desert Mountain) 01
5. Rio Hondo Prep (Prep) 01
6. Vasquez (Desert Mountain) 01
7. Chadwick (Prep) 00
8. Desert (High Desert) 10
9. Pasadena Poly (Prep) 10
10. Mojave (Desert Mountain) 10

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  • Desert Rat

    Can we just have Rovia and Natha now! I want to see the Minutemen live up to their name against a real football team….not the Big Bear “Bears.”

  • Tom S

    Maranatha has their hands full with this weeks game against LaSalle and then next week against Azusa which will really tell where they are at

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Smart coaches pay zero attention to these polls. It’s hard to understand how Covina drops so far after a tough loss to a good team. Maranatha did what they had to do. Agree, we’ll know who they are in a few weeks

  • CO Alum

    It’s funny how the Mid Valley stacks up. Not one team on that list could give our #10 team a game.

    The real teams of the SGV are not in the Mid Valley.

    Go Chargers !

  • Poor charter oak

    Co alum don’t speak too fast. If monrovia scores more than, 17 pts against Glendora, then CO is going to look really overrated. Which they are. And you know what that means #1 in the sgv encompassing. Besides, this years charter oak team is small;.lol and will get pounded in the inland. I would be worried about Roosevelt…you lose that game…you going to be number 10 in the SGV encompassing 25. Did you really need to come on a midvalley thread and diss lol, Poor charter oak…

  • 6power

    CO Alum,

    There is always somebody bigger and badder and ready to come to town and kick your ass. Real football people know this and refrain from classless statements such as yours. Is Charter Oak a flawless program….hardly. Elitism on your part needs to be earned and you have a ways to go. Why not enjoy your programs’ success with some style – rather than seek to criticize other area teams as being sub par and beneath the mighty CO?
    If you must fling mud and stink up the house, keep it localized, like within your own living room. The season is early and too much good football lies ahead.