• Observantcat

    Alright Fred, you asked for it but this time it’s going to be sweet and to the point.
    First and foremost go grab Miguel some cough medicine and maybe he will let you off the hook for lunch. But Miguel pretty much summed up my theory as to how this game will play out.

    Sure we lost in the early season to last year to a mediocre Glendora team, Primarily because Monrovia did not know who their starters were going to be and whether Bueno would try and become a passing QB. This year is going to be a whole different story with DeShawn playing in the backfield along with Bias and G5. If Glendora tries to play the 5 yards and a cloud of dust they better not have to punt because our special teams will eat them alive. As far as using the Charter Oak comparisons, Monrovia has way more skill players on the depth charts than does Charter Oaks. Defensively Monrovia has a great LB crew along with faster defensive ends than last season as well as a slew of quick Db’s that can help stack the box if need be. The fact that it is Monrovia’s first game will give way to a little apprehension but 5 minutes into the game I think the Cats swagger will come on strong and overwhelm Glendora. We just have to many playmakers to settle for a boring and mediocre display of talent. The QB question will be answered on game day where I believe that G5 will get the nod. Sure we dont have our 3 year starter at that position, but if teams couldn’t stop him they are going to have twice the job stopping Ramirez & Bias. Aram, so far you and I haven’t disagreed to much this season. Last year you just kept putting Monrovia at # 6 from the beginning till practically the end of the season on your all encompassing to teams.

  • Observantcat,

    Just a few things…

    1. The Glendora team that you guys lost to last year was not ‘mediocre…’ I was there covering the game for the Trib and Star-News… Glendora was the better team w/o a sadow of a doubt. Speaking w/ Maddox after the game, he acknowledged that Glendora was one of the best teams in the Valley at the time.. An injury to Chad Jeffries at the beginning of Baseline League play completely dismantled what had been a very promising season.

    2. I agree with you. My thoughts are that Monrovia is capable of winning big in this one. Glendora is a program in transition for the first time in awhile.

    3. Lastly, Monrovia needs to win these types of games. This game is a ‘statement’ game for them. They would make a bigger statement by losing the game than they would by winning. They should win. I believe Coach Maddox will have them prepared. In last year’s game, Bueno couldn’t get anything going through the air. This year, Monrovia will probably struggle through the air again, but De’Shawn Ramirez is as explosive as they come. Glendora’s run-game should struggle because I think Monrovia’s front seven is more suited for their style than Charter Oak’s was.

    4. All in all, it should be a fun game! Excited to see what’s in store on Thursday night.

  • New York

    You get it. Beating a bottom Baseline team does not make the statement that Monrovia is playing at our potential. Monrovia beat Etiwanda prior to even winning an RHL title in 1996. Then the 1998 team handed D2 Diamond Bar its only loss in two seasons. However, losing to Glendora would make the wrong statement. That said, I expect around a 7-14 point Monrovia victory because this is the first game of the season and, unfortunately, Monrovia’s offenses typically don’t start the season on fire. AND, Glendora seems like they can control some clock to limit Monrovia’s possessions. Of course, someone like Ellis McCarthy has the ability to set the tone very early by creating fumbles that potentially get returned for 6. So it really could be a route. We’ll see. First game for either QB, big target on our back, I’m sure Glendora’s O-Line is getting tired of reading about McCarthy, etc.

    Glendora’s WingT is an offense that Maddox is intimately family with.

  • Mike

    Guys in a way you both are right. That’s what makes this game exciting and keeps you guys busy.
    I wanted to re-enforce how deep Monrovia is. I hope for an exciting tussel from both sides. But I believe Monrovia has an edge.
    The receiving corps is stacked, The running game is stacked, Good luck going through the line… I am looking for some interceptions on Thursday. I am hoping to see some guys we don’t normally see in the blogs mentioned.