• Apache Joe

    Arcadia beat St. Francis in 2007 with Kevan Walker (Oregon St. signee), Todd Golper (UCLA signee) and Troy Ahmaz, Donnie Fields, and Lars Guillermo being all-area selections that year.

    Arcadia held St. Francis to 0 points in the final 3 quarters of play with the score amounting to 17-6 in Arcadia’s favor.

    Just for the record Aram and Miguel.

  • Well …what a game!! Guess you guys underestimated the heart of St. Francis – and although you think they’re in a downward slope…those Seniors really came through! Ryan Mac was amazing! De Los Santos ran for tons of yards. Tyler Marona on the line is underestimated…Talianko played both ways and held Lagacy on D. These guys played when it counted! Not to mention the O Line with Kristian G and Zach G!

  • Y’all underestimated the heart of the St. Francis Sr’s!

    Talianko playing both ways for yards and to stop LAgacy
    Mac Aleenan Amazing D and on O couldn’t be stopped
    Kristion G and Zach G on the line
    Tyler Marona completely underestimated and a force to be reckoned with
    De Los Santos carried the ball for amazing yardage
    Hess – great catches!
    And on and on….Yes, they’ll have to fight in the mIssion League but they’re scrappy!

  • James Richardson

    Miguel shows no love for St. Francis. He’s wrong very often. Great game.