Rancho Cucamonga invades the blog, calls out Muir.

Granted, it was just one comment, so not quite the invasion. But they’re reading, and at least one fan has some strong words for the boys on Lincoln Avenue.

This pic is ludacris. Muir doesn’t have a chance in hell against Rancho Cucamonga high school.This game will be a blow out just like the other two schools the cougs have played. Muir has so called division 1 talent so when the defense from rancho shuts them down what does that mean for their defensive players. Guess they will be recruited by pac 12 as well. Muir will need to go get trumphet from pcc and bring bac the mcculloughs hell even teh great Coach Crutchfield couldn’t dig them out of this butt whoppin. BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL…
September 12, 2011 9:51 PM

Bulletin board material, indeed.

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  • Stangs03

    Hey Mig,

    Allow me to address this clown… I say clown with the utmost respect, cause the comment was very amusing. My stomach still hurts. This in all honesty sounds like a former Pasadena resident who wasnt allowed to go to one of our powerhouse highschools. Or maybe some over zealous band geek that knows a few things about Muir, and Pasadena sports history. This rant isnt even credible SON!!! Please provide some more valid evidence that Rancho has talent. Stangs talent is well documented, Rancho…. Ehhh Not so much! But its cute, somebody from the boondocks speaking up for their team. Come Friday, my Stangs will be ready! We Stay READY, aint gotta GET READY!! For my Stang Alum, lets get out there and support our young Stangs, the game on friday was good, need more alum!

  • ???

    the stangs have talent, lots of it, but they are gonna get pounded this week. rancho has blown out both of there opponents and haven’t allowed a point either. the school is way bigger and has way more players and much better coaching. if your an alum then you really know how bad coach howard really is. if they can ever get a real coach they would be awesome.

  • fel

    yeah this clown is from pasadena you can tell. theres always going to be folks from your own city to hate first. Rancho has a good program i lived out that way so i no. But let me tell out being a stang we dont back down from any school thats why people from other cities no us and hate us at the same time. We made the term swagger.I was at the muir game last friday . we have a lot of playmakers. If muir can aviod stupid mistakes it will be a good game. So all the alumni from the 80’S and 90’s show up to the support n that blue and gold on friday. I will be there n my 94 sweater to represent. stangs 4 life.

  • I know exactly who the “Rancho Fan” is – I won’t give “his” name but you’d be surprised to know exactly who he is. RF is confident his team can win – he knows the history of Muir’s athletic program (and PHS) because he competed against them personally, so his recounts of the past is his way of giving props to MUIR (he’s still a little in denial), and unfortunately, a display of his false belief that things have changed in Pasadena.

    “G” we still have the McCullough speed, the Brownfield (and Crutchfield)inspiration so tell your boys at the RC (and yes, I can admit, Rancho is stacked this year with some true “athletes”)to be ready because them Mustang’s run fast….but you already know that.

    Laurence Todd

  • Coug Fan #2


  • Coug Fan #2

    This will be short and quick.MUIR IS TO DAM small.One of their best players is a freshman,going both ways are you kidding me.Freshman play with freshman or midgets in jaaf.Ranchos starters have not played more than a half in each game.The line is an average of 6’2 300 on both lines.This is a pure miss match. The coach wont have anything to do with this.Ranchos secondary is actually faster than all the Muir players this year so RC 49- Muir 0

  • Rancho Dad

    The purple people eaters are coming to Muir high school and destroy them.This is like scrimmaging our JV.Before i go any further i would like to commend you guys for having a blog for the high schools.Maybe you should call CLAY FOWLER and give him some tips.We don’t even get mentioned in our own city newspaper.i understand that the Seymour kid is being recruited by everyone and that the rb is going to Washington,great job.I hope that those schools are there to see us bury muir then maybe the LA TIMES will recognize we are for real.We will match Muir speed for speed and our lines will crush those little kids that Muir has playing out there.MEMO to CLAY FOWLER at Rancho they call our defense crispy creams.Because all we do is give out Doghnuts.I’m out COUGARS RULE.

  • Rancho can’t win the inland, so they pick on Muir…

    Rancho still can’t beat Corona Cent, or Vista Murrieta, we will call clay and ask him that.

  • Rancho can’t win the inland, so they pick on Muir…

    Rancho still can’t beat Corona Cent, or Vista Murrieta, we will call clay and ask him that.

  • c.i.f champs

    Yea muir got some talent but way more there is no way in hell muir should have a freshman playing varsity we wentvto the muir game he didnt do anything that game. we stronger than muir better plays then muir we r going to out choach you guys. We got to much speed for yall.and i lineman to big for yall

  • Titan Sports Fan

    i’m curious if anybody from rancho will come on here if Muir pulls it out and offer them props or if they’ll sit bak and make excuses … best of luck to both teams


    Vista murrieta almost lost to Etiwanda high last week pay attention Corona lost to bonnie so what are you talking about son.We are undefeated player and we are not picking on Muir they are supposed to be the greatest competition this year we putting up goose eggs Son.Bring on the world Carson,PolY,servite and whoever else we will see them in the Home Depot anyway.And to answer your question if Muir beats Rancho ill run from Muir to the rose bowl naked.


    Yo Muir,

    We are bigger, stronger and faster than you all. We have the talent to beat Centenial and Murrieta this year. We will worry about them in the playoffs, for now we have Muir and when we walk on the field that noise you hear will be your chins hitting the bleachers saying I did not know we were playing a college team. HAHAHA!!!! Sorry, but you all belong in div 4 or 5 or whatever and we belong in Div 2 with the big boys. Good luck in the game and if you all beat us, I will come on here and eat my crow, But that will never happen. Rancho 42 Muir 0!!!!!!!

  • New York

    One of Rancho’s best ever D-Tackles came from Pasadena. In fact, he led Rancho to a victory over Corona Centennial back in ’97 with a bone crushing hit on Centennial’s huge Tongan running back.

    Coach Fotia built that program well. Terrific offseason program. Then Nick QB’d Rancho to their first CIF title in ’99.

    Alto Loma was really good then as well. That was before Los Osos diluted enrollments.

  • Rancho can’t win the inland, so they pick on Muir…

    Muir is the underdog, but they won’t be a easy out, they won’t quit.They are going to be alot tougher than Great oak, and Silvarado. As for the home depot center, don’t worry about that, you will be there, but not on the field. You will be watching someone else play. Here are the projections for State..well you are not on the radar yet son!


  • Rancho can’t win the inland, so they pick on Muir…

    Muir is the underdog, but they won’t be a easy out, they won’t quit.They are going to be alot tougher than Great oak, and Silvarado. As for the home depot center, don’t worry about that, you will be there, but not on the field. You will be watching someone else play. Here are the projections for State..well you are not on the radar yet son!


  • David meet Goliath

    This is a real David and Goliath game. RC has over 3000 kids and over 120 in the whole football program. Muir is hovering around 1000 kids with about 60 kids in the whole football program. This game should and will be a blowout and Muir’s line and depth will hurt them. On film Seymour, Owens, Talifero are studs, and I can see why they have offers. That frosh kid is good but too little, and your backers are fast and nice-sized. But those linemen are very small compared to ours, and you have no quality backups on your front 7 to compete with us. I do remember when the SGV teams were good back in the day, its to bad things have changed. The IE and OC dominate HS football these days, and some schools in the NW. Good luck Muir, you’ll need it. I can’t wait to hear those drums though! Those guys are awesome!

  • Voice of the VOICELESS

    Wow is this the way to spark of the sales for the papers…. Rancho is way out of your area, and you have no way of proving that the person who posted it is related to Racho….. I guess Numbers are that down…. Give me a break! 3 things for the record…. 1. I am an SGV coach, 2. I’ll take Rancho to win, 3. As USUALLY I am not suprised starnews/tribune makes an article like this to one of there homer teams to help sell papers. ~ VOICE OF THE VOICELESS

  • Voice of the VOICELESS,

    Selling papers? What papers? THIS IS A BLOG. Miguel posted something on his blog, so how are you tying in the hard copy of the newspaper and its sales with this? Man, if you’re really a coach, which I doubt, I hope your players aren’t as soft as you, getting offended by this.


  • Jmhs 1 and 22

    1 and 22 are GODS.. Nuff said

  • Anonymous

    yeah you guys are right you are Bigger and Stronger but Faster idk track speed and football speed is two different kind of speeds. in football all you need is 40yards of good burst i would love to see one player from Rancho run down Seymour or Owens. if Seymour was at Rancho he’ll def make the 4×100 team easily he only runs a 10.7 last year as a junior with a 4.46 40 speed. But i do expect Rancho to win only due to size and coaching schemes, athletic wise well them d1 boys speak for themselves. But believe me that freshman yall woofing on try him i guarantee you that he’ll make you think twice about going at him. just wait in the next 2 years he’ll be ranked and scouted more than any Rancho player in the history of Rancho football. And this year Rancho players would be sitting at home or in the army saying they played against him before. its a luxury for Rancho to be playing against such a team with so much history behind them from track to football and basketball. this year enrollment of 1026 students is slightly lower than last year but with the 30+ on the football team they will never back down or lay down. RANCHO IS GOING TO HAVE TO EARN THAT VICTORY BELIEVE ME.


  • Jmhs 1 and 22

    All I kno is.. rancho’s whole team, coaching staff, even there better get there ankles taped before the game… Because 22’s juke move on madden is 99

  • chuck

    its funny how Rancho is talking so tough when a lot of the kids out that way are from pasadena…they know what the stangs are about and have to pump themselves up by talking…good game stangs…represent!

  • views

    after the game and muir lights up the scoreboard your gonna feel so stupid for posting this smh. If your cougs get burned by muir then i guess your players dont deserve any looks at all and by the way if they do get looks its only gonna be when ranchos on tairen kevon and josh’j highlight tapes YOU ARE THE NEXT SAN GABRIEL NOTHING BUT HIGHLIGHTS


    Hey Anonymous,

    Last I checked Rancho has 6 players in the NFL right now, so before you run your mouth do a little homework.
    We have 1 player from Pasadena that is it, so another lesson in doing your homework.

    Football speed is more important than track speed, and is totally different. IT is the first 10 yards that makes or breaks a play. You do have 1 and 22 who are very good players and on our team with our line would be out of this world. No line, tuff night….

    We are not worried how great you little freshmen will be in 2 years, Now is all that matters. I will be surprised if you all score more than 1 TD, if any at all…

    RANCHO 42 Muir 0…

  • Anonymous

    Dude the whole “909” inland or whatever area code you use is loaded with parents that grew up in pasadena and moved to the rancho, fontana, upland and corona area if their parents hadn’t of moved out of pasadena then they still would be pasadena kids. just ask the players on your team where they parents went to school at i guarantee you that most of them will say a school from pasadena

  • New York

    Simply saying that the SGV is down and the Inland is up in footbally is very lazy. Don’t overlook the demise of Fontana and IKE, two teams Muir has taken on when all three were at different levels than today.

    Rancho will likely pound Muir a bit if they decide to keep things simple and let their lineman go to work. If Rancho dances around and tries to get fancy, then Muir has a much better shot.

    With that said, there is really no need for Rancho to come on here and pound their chests. Be grateful that housing in the SGV became very expensive and families decided to move east, thereby enriching your football talents. Admittedly, you all have done a great job with your schools as well.

    Not to knock Rancho, you all certainly do a great job of developing talent starting at Pop Warner. Mike Hangca is the man!

  • Philly B.

    Like Aram, Im no stang fan, Just from the pasadena area. I support the Mustangs, but know if they ever come on down to colorado blvd. Im rooting for my cats. Anyways, about Rancho….Im sure they have a good team, probably great team. But to talk about you blowing out the first two opponents of the season isnt saying much…Silverado and great oak???????? Muir like alot of time can win the big game but shoot themselves in the foot for whatever reason. Dont know if its mental or coaching or a combo of both. And with all those penalties muir is committing it just might end up biting them in the butt again against Rancho. But I think Rancho Fans have lit a fire they dont want lit. When the stangs are running on all cylinders playing smart football in all aspects of the game, they could give anyone problems, because they do have talent and depth. But ALL RANCHO FANS should be quiet talking bout “we havent let an opponent score on them” when you played no name high schools.

  • ???

    Why does everyone forget about MLB Denzel Talifero. That kid’s a stud!


  • Big Hawk

    All right i have stood by and watched you guys talk about are kids from Rancho for 2 days.Enough is enough,now i have to respond. I am not from Pasadena never been from Pasadena nor is my wife from Pasadena so my son that plays for Rancho is not from Pasadena either so stop it with that stupid stuff saying are kids or their parents are from PASADENA.Now back to the game let me start off by saying good luck to all of the kids involved from both teams and may no one from either side suffer any significant injury in the game.I have had the chance to go on Rivals and watch video from the Muir kids and 2 of the are very impressive.I also know little derrick personally and i know the bloodline that he comes from so that speaks for itself.But for you stang fans to come on here and question are speed is idiotic.Check the sophmore rankings on dyestat in the 110 highs and the 300 hurdles from last year.You dont make it to division 1 finals without speed.Muir has a great history all the way back to coach turner, however i truly feel the coaches at Rancho have been and are building something very impressive.They don’t have to come and defend themselves just look at the number of kids going to college.You see thats what this is all about getting your Muir kids to college and our coaches getting our kids to college. When all is said and done i hope it is a good game because our boys have not been allowed to play in the second half of any game.This will be the third week in a row this will happen we have classy coaches that don’t believe in running up the score.But i hope they come on here and see you Muir fans talking nonsense and you might be the first 72 point victim.Thats all i have to say Rancho Defense rule…OH YEAH Swagggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Big seymore

    Well hold on big hawk thats non since seventy points wow your crazy u probably havent played a down of football in your life. The stangs are coming and we know who yo son is now and we coming for him asap. So he bet not back down cuz we coming his way the whole time. I just saw a picture of your son he is to skinny he cant handle usss this stang football you better recognize bro…… And muir made the word swag yall just stole it.

  • Jmhs 1 and 22

    1 and 22 are created players on the field… For them its like the game mode is on rookie…. hahaha SWAGGG!!

  • Big Hawk

    Team game son team game.Not just 1 and 22 they need 9 other people to compete or they will get walloped.They are going to get that anyway but worse without other 4

  • Anonymous

    Big Hawk:
    Dude just because you and your wife not from pasadena doesn’t mean the others aren’t. but thats irrelevant you say check out the dyestat for the 300 hurdles you should check it out yourself Muir had a 300 hurdler in state last year and he finished top 5 without a track coach. And dont try and come on here and play the innocent role read the headline an IGNORANT “RANCHO FAN INVADES THE BLOG” and then you say get kids to college man you better check Muir swagg out the boys and females is going to top D1’s and D1aa just ride down licoln and read the letter box in front of Muir it’ll read off names to you and where they signed. Rancho is a good program due to the housing price rise from the SGV mainly Pasadena, Monrovia and the Duarte area. Not taking forom original 909 babies but lets be real the 9 use to be a desert. the whole 72 point thing is something i wanna see and i can bet my house and cars that, that will not happen. Rancho better bring their “A” game the little dudes at Muir will come to play believe that.

    Oh and don’t brag about what might happen to Muir’s JV team today they are not a true JV squad they’re more like a sophfrost with only 9th and 10th graders no juniors like most teams and not so many sophmores either.

  • Stangs03

    Stangs, Stang Fans, Stang Suppporters, and *cough cough* Stang Wanna-be’s… No need to worry! This isnt the first time a school with the word Ranch has come on our blog talking big noise! As someboyd mentioned before, our discipline is what cost us the most of the time. Admittedly coaching could be a whole lot better, but well it is what it is for tomorrow. I believe the young fellas will play up this week, knowing that the boondock kids are coming to town. Should be a good game! I think Derrick Sr. would be a excellent coach at Muir btw… All of his Panther staff would be great!! The school knows it, the alumni know it… Thats a whole nother story though. Big Hawk, El Rancho Fan, and all the rest of IE people… Just understand that whoever we play, its always a rivalry! We have that “Swagger” from the drums to field, but better than that, we take pride in our young men on the gridiron! SO what i think you should do, is get your own little bloggie goin, and have you a lil IE party… you want no parts of the SGV!!!

  • Big Hawk

    Ok yall on here reppin SGV really serious.Lets not get it twisted if you cant afford to live in pasadena you dam sure cant afford to live in Rancho cuca dam monga player. You must be talking about fontana a huge difference you know like Carson and Compton close only in distance not price bro. Im glad you stang fans have so much passion for your squad. But the truth is already know yall dont have a chance tomorrow. Today you might have action becase we are only sending 45 real freshman not sophmores to play your 9th and 10th graders. Friday night we will unleash the terrior cougs and take over sgv. By the eay the kids name from Muir that ran the 300hurdles name is dae dae. Not my fault he doesnt have a coach i think thats a dam shame that the alumni from Muir would even stand for that. But he was also a good football player as well. What yall need to do is quit trippin on coach Howard and come support him in his efforts to better the program. Last think if the Daily Bulletin and Clay Fowler had a proper blog like this we would be on it but we dont so have to rain on yours lmao. Besides if the boondocc parents didnt come on here yall wouldnt have nothing to talk about. Huck aint at phs no more…


    Big Hawk,

    I really do not think Muir knows whats coming westbound 210 on Friday Night. They have not seen an opposing team like ours probably in a long time. All this desert and being from Pasadena, is idiotic. Everyone in Cali is from somewhere else. So you say every kid on Muir’s team and their families are only from Pasadena?? Who Cares. Does that mean anything, or are you already making excuses when you lose you can say well at least the team that beat us all came from Pasadena??? HAHAHA!!

    Saying your coming after a player every play, lets hope you do, that will make our defensive night very easy. Since you do not call the plays, that will never happen. Especially after they lose yards on the first three and have to punt.

    Good luck Friday night, should be a heck of a game. From our side of the stands.

  • Anonymous

    Dont nobody make excuses you dudes came on here with your chest pumped up because you blew out two TERRIBLE teams. Muir knows Rancho is strong every year they are which they should be when you have at least 3000+ students that attend your school it’ll be easy to find at least 10 outstanding players. Where as in pasadena you have about 6 high schools in the city alone and Alemany stealing all of pasadena talent but Muir stands strong no matter what and you’ll see come friday night.

    Big Hawk
    i see you know a little about the city what are you a secret admirer. Forget who is from where and were they come from when the lights turn on and Muir start exposing the Mighty Cougs as you put it please dont come with excuses, Like how you guys have every year when you lose to Vista or Corona but expect a good game if your team comes in there with the were going to run all over them attitude they will be popped in the mouth left wondering WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN.

  • Big Hawk

    Waww waww wawww. Excuses excuses excuses.Frankly, we could care less how many students you have. You didnt say that when the sultan was there or critchfield,obea moore,saladene,or when yall had two 4*100 relay teams go 40.0. Stop whining already game hasnt even started yet dam show some heart and i might make a phone call and tell the squad to take it easy on yall.

  • Big Hawk

    Man STOP CRYING….The game hasn’t even started and yall making excuses.Take it like a man and on saturday morning come on here and bow down to the mighty cougars.I will make you a deal if yall score 14 points i will come on here saturday and give yall props.If not since we don’t have a blog with the daily bulletin the Rancho fans will take over your blog.You will not be allowed to enter without our permission.How about that Muir alumni

  • Jmhs 1 and 22

    All hale 1 and 22…. All hale 1 and 22…. hahaha SWAGG!!!

  • Track-Homes-R-Us

    Big Hawk Im glad to see you know so much about Muir’s history. We’re honored. It’s funny though, I dont know sh** about Rancho Cucamonga. Except that Day Day and Uncle Elroy lived out there.

  • Big Hawk

    Now that was funny mr. Tracc homes toy r us man. But have no fear after we whoop that tale tonight yall might have to go get a RC tattoo on that ass

  • emmgeepee8

    I believe that the Mustangs are going to handle things tonight. Rancho’s only good school is UTI, I drive out there every morning, Monday thru Friday…&all I can say is that it’ll be very disappointing knowing that you guys hopped on a bus to come out to the Stang’s house and get smacked around if y’all don’t take it. May God bless both teams out on the field tonight.
    #Come hard or go home!

  • Big Hawk


  • Big Hawk

    Guess what i don’t want to see any stang stuff on my blog for the rest of the year.35-6 and the 6 was against the the second string with 4 minutes in the game.I told you them dam Boondocks kids were pretty good.Glsd to see UCLA AND ARIZONA ST AND USC coaches at the game maybe my son#4 got a look and possible scholarship by sticking #1 all game long #1 is a true beast that is for sure need a little more wildcat from him.You guys don’t comment unless i give you permission im out