Football: First Alemany, now Cathedral. PHS out of its mind playing the Big Dogs? Horton thinks otherwise.

The task was daunting even before Pasadena hit the field for practice this spring.

Bulldogs football coach Randy Horton scheduled two powerhouse programs for their first two games of the season. The season opener was against Alemany of Mission Hills, a team that was undefeated last year heading into the CIF-SS Pac-5 Division semifinals before losing to eventual two-time defending champion Servite, 28-21. On Friday, Pasadena (0-1) visits Cathedral of Los Angeles.

“We schedule them to get those guys ready for (Pacific) league,” Horton said. “I’ve always been taught that you have to play the best to be the best.”

Pasadena headed into the season opener battling uncertainty. But one thing Horton and the Bulldogs didn’t lack was confidence.

Alemany showed Pasadena who’s boss with a 55-0 drubbing, and despite what the score indicated Horton has his view of how things turned out.

“When we looked back on film a lot of it is just mistakes we made,” Horton said. “We gave away three touchdowns. We dropped a pass when it was only 7-0 and dropped an interception for a touchdown. We had chances out there, but we had blown coverages and missed assignments. We didn’t do a great job of coaching that night, so it’s not all the kids’ fault. I don’t think they’re 55 points better than us, but it is what it is. Alemany’s a good, disciplined team.”

Therein lies the Bulldogs’ problem.

“With my kids it’s all mental,” Horton said. “It’s not so much the physical part.”

Horton said Pasadena needed a bye last week after losing to Alemany and now prepares for another tough road game against the Phantoms (1-0). That the Bulldogs open the season in two tough environments could serve them well in the long run.

“It’s good because it builds character for our kids,” Horton said. “I want to see what our kids are made of. One thing the kids did was work hard (against Alemany) and they didn’t quit.”

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  • Amat Bully


  • Like I said before, PHS lacks leadership on the field (i.e. someone who inspires his teammates to play with and for him)…it can’t and won’t be done from the sideline (meaning Coach Horton). PHS’s class of 1977-79; 1984-86 was probably the best assembled “teams” because everyone that suited up to wear the red and white, played for each other…regardless of what Hamilton and “Griff” said on the sideline – they both knew that those 11 players on the field were lead by one or two and sometime 5 leaders on the field (offensively and defensively). The players on those teams refused to let their leaders down…even if they lost.

    Someone has to step up and assume that responsibility. Come on Bulldogs…..let’s get it done.

    Laurence Todd

  • hay carumba

    Amat Bully, I see you try to throw you silly comments in where you can. How bout just commenting on the game and the reason why the statement was made. I believe it is a two part answer in skill level and Pasadena kids leaving the area to go to both Alemany and Cathedral, and Pasadena giving them more reason to leave

  • Amat Bully

    hay carumba
    i think you should re-read it, its says nothing about the kids leaving to Alemany or Cathedral. I was just amazed that they referred to Cathedral as being a “BIG DOG”.

    and pasadena losing to those schools have nothing to do with them leaving the city, it has mostly to do with the schools not playing on a high level or the all time favorite “to get a better education”. “or i dont want my son growing up with those kids” when so far as long as they been living they went to school in pasadena and grew up with the same kids, until they reached high school. im not saying anything is wrong with getting a better education but if that is the parent main reason then why did most of them grow up in the PUSD instead of going to a jr. high somewhere else. I think since the Scott brothers first did it and then Malcolm Marable and of course the coaches showing up to the pop warner games a lot of the kids are sports motivated.(just my opinion).

    this is the topic in case you seen something different.
    Football: First Alemany, now Cathedral. PHS out of its mind playing the Big Dogs? Horton thinks otherwise.

  • Football Fan

    Cathedral is alot better than last year and should give Amat a better game this season. The Phantoms have probably the Best QB in Calif Haden Reddig. He is a year older and at 6’4 is off to a fast start. After a 49-14 Ass kicking last week Amat should not talk all that Crap. Good luck to Pasadena.