Football: OK, the people have spoken and it’s down to two choices. Santa Anita Bowl or In-N-Out Classic?

UPDATE: Got a phone call from a school board member from one of the participating schools. This person called In-N-Out and wondered if they’d be interested in partnering with this rivalry. Word from their GM is company policy is not to sponsor something that corporate hasn’t approved. Hey, at least someone got on this, and if nothing else let’s make this an unofficial title. And stick with this: The winner has bragging rights for In-N-Out that Friday night.

Observantcat came up with the Santa Anita Bowl because the schools are pretty much divided by the Santa Anita Race Track. Makes sense. I came up with the In-N-Out Classic, and if anyone can find a way to have the local In-N-Out make this happen then you’ve really got something going here. How’s this for now: Whichever team wins Friday night, it has bragging rights for In-N-Out for post-game celebration while the losing team is relegated to their nearest burger joint. My boy Todd Golper chimed in and thought that “as odd as the In-N-Out Classic sounds, it actually has meaning. I know that after games, typically you will find most kids meeting up at the In-N-Out on Santa Anita Ave. after games. Many times, Arcadia/Monrovia athletes would clash because it is a midpoint between both the HS’s and many of the kids from the schools know one another. It was a perception of who’s “turf” it was at In-N-out just three or four years ago after games and especially after my Junior and Senior seasons after beating Monrovia, we felt that the In-N-Out was ours. I’m sure Monrovia has felt the same for the last couple of years.”

Rock the vote.

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  • Kennedy Bryant

    In-N-Out Classic. Has a nice Dbl Dbl ring to it and whom ever loses will have to think TWICE about opening thier mouths about who is better MHS or AHS. In-N-Out is the way to go. MHS 41 AHS 8

  • anonny

    call it “Nightmare on Apache st” with Ellis McCarthy being like a freddy type and arcadias O line being the little victims lmao

  • football fan

    Wishing both team the best of luck ANIMAL STYLE!!!
    advantage Monrovia

  • realTALK

    should be a good game… not a blow out like bryant predicts but then again i guess all monrovia fans are the same with their bias opinions…

  • 6power

    For whatever reasons these two teams don’t like each other much, and this attitude is carried on by the supporters from each side.

    It is almost like a dog and cat relationship, where both animals live in the same house. They keep seeing each other pass by and tolerate it, saying little. Then one day out of nowhere the dog growls, the cat hiss’ and all hell breaks loose. Some serious fur flys. Just as quickly the fight breaks off and wounds are licked. Both have done a little damage to each other, but then it is over and done.

    Afterward people argue about who got the best of who and can’t wait to get another shot in 12 months or so. This is a great game on each team’s schedule and this year’s contest could be one of the best ever.

  • big game mtown

    I am not sure this game is going to that close…The Arcadia line will not be able to do much, meaning carr to lagace, will not happen much. We have a great corner who’s assignment will be to shut Lagace down. If monrovia can limit lagace from breaking kick offs, punts, or taking interceptions back for scores, Arcadia should have a tough time scoring again. Their running backs are very average. Monrovia and St francis are very different in the fact MonroviA has a lot more speed. If their players get a crease, it’s a track meet. I just don’t see how Arcadia is going to slow Monrovia down. Last year they saw bueno, this year it’s Ramirez, and he is going to have a huge night. Arcadia will try to keep the ball away from him, so they will be shanking punts and kick offs all night. I expect Mtown to have great field position the whole game….Monrovia 31 Arcadia 10.

  • New York

    In-N-Out Classic has a fun and positive implication. Santa Anita Bowl might be frowned upon because the track carries a certain connotation. If In-N-Out doesn’t work, then we can consider something with “Huntington Drive” because that is a main street running through both cities, and Monrovia is north of Huntington and Arcadia High is south of Huntington.

    In-N-Out is actually in Arcadia, but it is on Colorado Blvd…down the street from MHS. So that always makes the “turf war” fun and a bit ambiguous.

  • Amat Bully

    whats the record between these two teams i got 3-2 in favor of Monrovia but i could be wrong.

  • Drum roll please….

    Monrovia 1-0 #1 in Midvalley #1 team in west SGV and #3 encompassing SGV.

    Arcadia 0-1 #6 in Southeast #4 in the west SGV and #10 encompassing SGV

    Monrovia Standouts

    Arcadia Standouts

    Outlook: Monrovia is coming off a exhilarating come from behind victory vs Glendora in their home opener. Arcadia is coming of a last second loss vs St. Francis. Both teams need this win for different reasons. Monrovia is on a quest for 14-0. Arcadia does not want to loss to a lower Division school and start of the season 0-2. Arcadia is lucky to have this game at home. The Home field advantage will be huge in this game…or will it? Monrovia won it’s 1st CIF title on this field, they love playing there. The crowd is expected to large and loud. The atmosphere will be electric at the “In and Out Classic”! Monrovia wins this game because Arcadia’s line will not be able to handle the Monrovia lineman. In the end McCarthy will be too much up front. Both teams have dangerous return men in Ramirez for Monrovia and Lagace for Arcadia. Both Returning kicks for td’s in their opener. If it’s close special teams may decide the winner. It won’t be close though.

    Monrovia 31 Arcadia 14