Thursday Night Aftermath: Alhambra too strong for Temple City; Keppel earns first win to break 18-game losing streak; South Pasadena runs over Hoover, 39-6.

Keppel 13, Gabrielino 0 — Huge win for the Aztecs. Great to see them come away from a game winners. This should boost Keppel’s confidence for the upcoming games.

Alhambra 33, Temple City 13 — Moors prove to be too strong. This offense can be scary and I’m sure it hasn’t hit all cylinders. Alhambra’s finally a veteran team and could go far.

Rowland 20, Rosemead 19 — From the looks of it, a heartbreaking loss for the Panthers.

South Pasadena 39, Hoover 6 — South Pasadena rushed for 299 yards and raced to a 26-0 lead at the half. Good defense by the Tigers, too.

Rio Hondo Prep 48, Kilpatrick 0 — We knew this was going to happen. It’s about time the Kares play like their usual self and put up some points on the board.

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  • 6power

    TC’s O line worked hard against Arroyo last week and was a bright spot for the Rams. This week the Moors are bigger and more aggressive and the O line will be need another strong showing.
    It may take two more weeks for the Ram defense to come together, but eventually the group will jell and good things will happen

  • bigfatfan

    SP beats Hoover 39-6

  • Bronco5

    Any score from the TC game

  • why

    Why is hoover and Glendale still in the pacific? Why not drop them so the rest of the schools can have a 5 game preseason. Monrovia would love to take their spot.

  • TC Football

    The Alhambra- Temple City score was 33-13… Not 34-14.

  • Grim Reaper

    Why said….

    Why not! indeed!

    I think all the rest of the Rio Hondo League would support having Monrovia move to another league where they would have more competitive challenge.

  • 6power

    It was 12-7 half and a good contest. Two fumbled exchanges from center, an untimely clip, a couple pass interferences and the Rams slowly drifted into a second loss.
    Torres and his staff have done a good job with the Moors
    Gone are the endless rain of yellow flags, unsportsmanlike conduct calls and poor team discipline associated with AHS teams of recent. Wing T was run with good deception and featured #21 who outran anybody in green/gold. Moor QB #12 is a talented kid and his best play was a throw to the corner of the endzone, where a TC defender was could not prevent the TD, due to an incredibly accurate throw just over the inside shoulder of the receiver. Very nice.
    One bright spot was the Rams did record a couple sacks.

    TC drove the ball well, but after 70 yards on the ground, we decide to throw 2 passes, one ugly the other horrible. Thrown right to a Moor who was so shocked and surprised he dropped it. I kindly suggest to our coaches, it is OK to run 6 or even 8 straight run plays without a pass play – if the running game is working. CIF does not penalize for sticking to the ground and this strategy has value. It tells your lineman you have confidence in them and extends an even greater load of responsibility upon them. How will they respond? TC goes only as far the line will take them. We have no speed burner 2000 yard rusher, it is blue collar all the way