Friday Night Aftermath: Arcadia shows who’s boss, drops Monrovia out of No. 1 spot with 30-22 win; Rancho Cucamonga too big up front in 35-6 win over Muir; Maranatha thrashes Azusa; San Gabriel gets blown out.


Arcadia 30, Monrovia 22 — This isn’t an upset by any means, but it’s a huge win for the Apaches. This ought to get them fired up for the Pacific League opener next week at Muir. Arcadia trailed 22-20 with 2:25 left in the game. That’s when Taylor Lagace came to the rescue. He took a slant rout on fourth-and-6 from the Arcadia 45 and turned it into a 55-yard touchdown reception that proved to be the game winner. Arcadia led 20-6 at the half, so giving up leads seems to be an issue for the Apaches. Nevertheless, the In-N-Out Classic belongs to Arcadia. Double-double. Animal style.

Rancho Cucamonga 35, Muir 6 — Rancho Cucamonga was too strong up front and too big, too. Muir was held to 81 yards rushing in the first half and finished with a whopping 85 yards the entire game. Penalties again were an issue for the Mustangs, accumulating 13. Kevon Seymour and Tairen Owens were kept in check, except for two big plays for Seymour. He ran for 77 yards to the Rancho 9 but the Mustangs were stopped after a big loss on fourth and goal. Seymour also connected for a 53-yard touchdown pass from Josh Washington with 3:07 left in the game. Rancho Cucamonga’s Camryn White scored on runs of 11 and 5 and Tyan Washington added another from 2 yards. Quarterback Dimitri Morales connected on 8 of 14 passing for 133 yards including a 63-yard touchdown pass to Jermel Walker. Alani Latu also returned an interception 34 yards for a score for the Cougars.

Maranatha 47, Azusa 28 — Azusa jumped out early 14-7 after the first quarter. Andrew Elffers & Co. used a big strike to come back and overpowered the Aztecs’ secondary. Elffers connected with Darien McGee for three touchdowns for 60, 31 and 41 yards. Elffers then hit Clifton Martin twice for scores of 58 and 75 yards. Azusa’s Desmond Reed had 162 yards and three touchdowns on 13 carries and an 84-yard kickoff return in the losing effort.

St. Francis 35, Crescenta Valley 0 — Jared Lebowitz opened the game hitting his first six completions. He finished the night 11 for 19 passes for 175 yards and two touchdowns. The Golden Knights led 21-0 at the half. Lebowitz connected with Christian Hess on a 55-yard touchdown strike with six seconds left in the first quarter. Travis Talianko had four receptions for 51 yards and returned an interception 97 yards. The ball was tipped by linebacker Ryan MacALeenan.

San Marino 24, La Salle 0 — Kwame Do scored three touchdowns on runs of 4, 3 and 12. Matt Wofford connected on a 22-yard field goal as the Titans handed the Lancers their third consecutive defeat.

La Canada 16, Glendale 14 — Andy Painter had 87 yards on eight carries, including a 42-yard run that got the offense going for the Spartans. La Canada enjoyed success on the ground, rushing for 204 yards. The score was 6-6 at the half. La Canada’s Franklin Cervenca kicked a 22-yard field goal in the third quarter to go up 9-6. The Spartans came back with a 15-play, 86-yard drive, 14 of which were consecutive and on the ground, capped by a Painter 2-yard run to make it 16-6. Glendale came back with its own 80-yard run and converted the two-point conversion to pull within 16-14 with 1:52 left in the game. La Canada ran it down to 28 seconds and Grant Owens intercepted a Glendale pass to close the game for the Spartans.

San Dimas 59, San Gabriel 6
Pasadena Poly 34, Marshall 6
Bosco Tech 51, Gladstone 27
Cathedral 21, Pasadena 13

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  • New York

    So quiet…especially compared to last year’s pre-game. Good luck to the Apaches and Wildcats. May the best team win.

  • MonroVian

    Thats because everyone is flapping their gums on fb… True Story!

  • New York

    Send the link

  • stevo

    Trying to get some insight on san gabriel high. Anyone know what kind of offense and defense they run. Im going to the game this evening against s.d. and Im wondering what the saints will be up against. I did attend the j.v. game and got a taste of it but not sure how good the varsity is? N E one?

    thanks stevo

  • state championship? 14-0? LOL!


  • Bronco5

    When do you stop picking the Sallie’s to win. They are the new Blair.

  • Titan Fan

    San Marino 24 – La Salle 0

  • New York

    Congratulations Apaches. Good luck the rest of the way. ‘Cats don’t hang your heads. Arcadia is one of the better teams in the area. Learn from this and get better.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Sometimes in life your can just be flat wrong. Well tonight is one of those times in my life I WAS WRONG. Congrat to AHS. Taylor, Alex, Austin, young men that I know personally… JOB WELL DONE TONIGHT. Best of luck with the rest of your season.

  • techmen

    Hey, What’s the deal w/the Bosco-Gladstone score?
    Like Rodney Dangerfield.
    Bosco Tigers still gets no respect.



    You talked all that smack and that is all you could do?? YOu guys are nowhere near a Inland Division team.
    We dominated you in every area of the game. THere were so many pancakes out there I will not have to eat for a week..HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! The blog did not mention you scored on our second defense after we shut it down. We were sloppy on offense, because #80 was out with a slight pull otherwise we throw a 50 on you..

  • techmen

    In other words.
    You guys got the score wrong.
    Not sure what game you were at.
    Don Bosco Tech Tigers 51.
    Gladstone 27.

  • Realist

    WOW! What a huge win for the Apaches. All the talking Monrovia fans did makes this win even sweeter. Ellis did not do a single thing tonight. Very disappointing. Arcadia played far more physical the whole game. McKinley ran all over the Monrovia D. Even with Ellis in the middle. Monrovia looked real soft out there. Arcadia > Monrovia.. thats real talk.

    P.S. ObservantCat where you at????

  • Tom S

    Wow,Arcadia over Monrovia.
    Maranatha takes down Azusa
    Upstart Maranatha #1 Mid Valley

  • Where’s Observant

    Observant, I hope you temper your expectations from now on, Monrovia is what they’re, a solid D-11 team, not one of the best in the SGV, as seen tonight. Maybe you will finally learn it takes more than a couple skill guys to make a team, you need the whole package, which they do not have. I’d say they’re about sixth or seventh in the valley, behind arcadia, st. francis, muir, charter oak, west covina, amat, etc, etc…

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Observantkitty, Progresso, Monrovian, Mtown, and all other too hyped to know reality trash bloggers……WASUP!!??


  • Anonymous

    you guys were dominate but why lie Muir was knocking you guys out the game left and right and every time muir broke off a big play it was called back. And don’t forget to mention the double teaming on Seymour who still got loose on ya’ll and the Muir Oc dumb self dont let him just finish it off. But i must admit rancho is HUGE and them boys look like they really came back from college to play against Muir. Seymour though was better than everyone on the field HANDS DOWN. But Muir was actually the better team, muir was just out coached and size did play a part in the victory for Rancho. GOOD GAME COUGS BUT WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR 42-0 AND 50 WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN YOUR PASS GAME WENT SOUTH THAT LATE 63 YARDER IS WHAT GOT YOUR QB OVER THE CENTURY MARK.

  • Observantcat

    Arcadia deserved that win. The game was very sloppy on both sides and the team that had the ball at the end when it counted was Arcadia. Taylor Legace had his best game by far against Monrovia. Monrovia’s play calling was very suspect, especially trying to run our backs right up the middle. I do believe Monrovia will bounce back and take care of business from now on. Blake Heyworth proved to me to be the best choice at QB, His passes were smoother and his patience was more mature. I believe if we keep Blake as the starting QB and let Frazier focus on being the Linebacker he is we will do just fine. Great game. Arcadia fans you deserve this one, but we will be back next season to grab that double double with cheese and no onion.



    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 85 total yards rushing for the game dominating. One big run called back. We also had 10 penalties in the first half that killed our drives. Then two turnovers to start the second half and you still did nothing. We played a very sloppy game against a very sloppy team. Seymour good player, but not as good as all the hype… we were missing a key player on offense and it showed, we were sloppy on offense. To say your the better team, how funny is that!!!! Even if you had the best player on the field that makes 1 and Rancho 10, so 10 is closer to team, so We definately had the better team, son.. SCOREBOARD DID YOU SEE THE FINAL SCORE 35 TO 6 BUTT KICKING SON!!!

  • Kentera

    St. Francis beat Arcadia,
    Arcadia beat Monrovia,

    St. Francis is the #1 WSGV Team hands down!!!!!!

  • Monrovia Hammer

    I have a couple of comments on a few of “taboo” things regarding the game last night.

    1) I have re-confirmed that I loath 1/2 time shows. OMG. I will have to endure a lot this year. I can’t believe someone got paid to produce that………..

    2) The officiating was outrageous. Now before I am mis-understood… Let me go on…There were some great calls! One of the umpires was consistanly interrupting the flow of the game. I believe folks will know which one.

    As for the game itself. Arcadia did a vey adequate job. There were costly plays that just should not have unfolded the way they did. I hope my favorite team smells the cofee. It is shaping up to be an exciting season.

  • mtownclown

    it was a great game and everyone Knows even Arcadia that there were alottt of crappy NO CALLS ! its like the refs had on Arcadia jerseys smh O and yes Arcadia still had too triple team Ellis #18 the reason why he’s ranked the best in Ca is no one in Ca can play him man too man with that being said that kid is going places rather monrovia wins or loses ….soo you can hate if you want but at the end of the day your school or your team still CANT and WONT play McCarthy 1 ON 1…lol……………….and o yeah G5 at QB Blahhh!!! looked like damarcus russle out there Put blake in!!!!


    Who were Monrovia fans that were on Aram’s or Fred’s blog telling me that Monrovia wouldn’t lose to Arcadia? They were saying last year Monrovia routed them and Arcadia wouldn’t be able to hang this year also! Your next lose comes to South Hill!!!!

    Great win Arcadia!!!


  • All day

    Arcadia had far more penalties than monrovia. Can’t say the refs was on arcadia side. Arcadia was getting 7 yards on each carry on their so called good D Line with McCarthy. McCarthy had a lackluster game. I was not impressed at all. No need to double him which they did not do often. He even laid on the ground like he tore is ACL but was just cramping producing great DRAMA for the fans. He cramped up all game and looked out of game shape.

    My suggestion is you put G5 back at LB and FB on offense. He is not a QB. The other kid Heyworth who talks a lot is somewhat better but monrovia is still bad

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Help me understand here. So, Monrovia fans are complaining that the Refs did them wrong and that Arcadia is just mediocre and adequate. Typical Monrovia homers, always in denial. Why can’t you guys just say Arcadia is a very good team and BEAT a very good team. By you guys downplaying the Refs and Arcadia, you downplay yourselves! Get a clue and use some common sense. Oh, and now your hating on your all infamous QB, which you rated so high, whats with you idiots??

    You can’t win big games with 3 or 4 key players! And if Ellis was being tripled teamed, that makes for a 10 on 8 player game, make you guys look that much worse.

    Do yourselves a favor and stay off the blogs, especially FRed’s Blog, cause we don’t wanna hear it and your players deserve better.

  • Realist

    If you are a real M Town fan you are not on here making excuses about the refs. Unbelievable. The fact that Arcadia ran the ball right down the Cats throat tells me everything I need to know about Ellis. He is a huge guy with NO MOTOR. He quits on plays. Thats not going to get him very far in his football career. And Taylor showed everyone why hes the best receiver in the valley. No one can stop this kid. The bottom line is Arcadia is the better team. And of course Monrovia is going to start to win. They play in the RIO HONDO league. Thats like playing against the scout team.

    P.S. Good call Miguel.. you can sure pick em

  • Anonymous

    it would had been well over a hundred and you guys didnt play sloppy at all you had a couple of fumbles which you recovered and when you guys got the penalties you didnt even have a drive going it was after a loss of yards on a play and yall had a few personal fouls Muir helped yall out with their dumb penalties given you guys first downs after they stalled yall drive so be real. Muir was smacking you dudes the score really didnt indicate how the game went Seymour fumbled punt switched the momentum and against a team like Rancho you cant afford mishaps. And Muir Qb threw for over 100 yards that was just rushing yards do the math Seymour had 85 yards on 4 carries. But hey you guys won but one thing i know for sure is your starters played all the way until 4minutes left in the game all that talk about your starters not gone play the second half or your going to beat Muir by 72 points KILL IT yall won good coaching and big dudes but none of them were athletic, but like they say a team full of discipline average kids would beat an athletic un-discipline team any day. And thats what happen.

  • non pac league fan

    realist, are you serious about the rio hondo dig when the pacific league has been notoriously pathetic this century? pac league champs gets their butts handed to them in cif by teams that are 3rd or 4th place in league pretty routinely. all these teams in the sgv are terrible except monrovia last year. but even that doesnt mean anything this year.

    every year the teams here come and talk about winning a cif title like they just grow on trees. at least monrovia went out and actually did it last year.

  • realTALK

    NO BUENO-translation-NO GOOD!

    monrovia fans hyped about how good this team was or is and i just didnt see it last night. they were suppose to be the more physical team up front on the defense and offensive lines. DIDNT SEE THAT EITHER! ARCADIA RAN it right down the field on every drive. in fact the game should have been a blow out arcadia made to many mistakes. fumbles on the 1 yrd line. this might actually be a problem down the road for the apaches if they dont fix it.
    monrovia isnt the team their fans think they are. i didnt see the dominance like last yr or even the year before. YES they’ll win league cuz i mean their biggest contest in league is what, TEMPLE CITY!? really!?
    arcadia might have trouble with burroughs and muir but if they play mistake free football i dont know why they couldnt run the table. they should really be 2-0
    they’ve blown the leads in both games due to costly fumbles.

    i hate to say this but im glad arcadia beat they up physically and athletically cuz in all honesty i was SICK and TIRED of hearing the mtown fans run their mouths and praise the team like they were division 1 quality team.

    taylor lagace is the real deal kid is the best in the area.
    myles carr shut all his critics up with a 18-22 2TD night wow the monrovia fans said he couldnt do it and was overrated. looks like you were wrong and YOU guys were the overrated ones! good job myles car. what a performance! winning pass was a D1 pass (slant on a line with the game on the line! wow!)

  • mtownclown

    o well at the end of the day we accept that loss we didn’t play well the coaches didn’t listen too the crowd when everyone was screaming TAKE 5 OUT! PUT 12 IN! lol and yes ellis was doubled all night and was chop blocked all night and thats frustrating for him I’m sure but there were still a lot of plays were he was still in arcadias back field …but i ask that u please show some respect and dont try too take anything away from this kid i think a lot of people hate on him because of all the D1 attention he gets and if your that type of person too hate on a 17yo kid thats trying too go somewhere playing football your a low life that needs a better hobby …..

  • mtownclown

    McKinley is a great player btw He needs more credit for this game than he is getting

  • Realist

    Non Pac League Fan-

    Wow! I dont even know where to start. In the Pacific League you have Burbank, Burroughs, Arcadia, and Muir. Those team compete every year no matter what. Tell me one competitive team in the RHL. There are none. It is extremely weak and it has been since the 90’s and into the early 2000’s.


    Great post.. Its so true, Monrovia fans talk more than anyone else. They are always blabbering on about how great they are and how they shut down Taylor and how Myles is “overrated.” Its nice to see them quiet for once. I love it.

  • Kentera

    COM’N MAN!!!!!!


    Since many of you Morovia fans and especially Mtwn won’t dare go on Aram’s blog. Answer this , you still sure your ready for the ESGV’s best. I believe both CO and Amat have openings next season for a game . They will be expecting your call .Kiss that state bowl bid goodby.

  • 6power

    It is a little disheartening to see some of the loyal M-town folk, including O-Cat, talking about abandoning G-5 and pulling him way from the starting QB slot. This is a kid who was in the wings waiting only for Bueno’s graduation to step in and do his thing.
    This is a preleague game and in the grand scheme of things and true goal of M-town repeating as Mid Valley champion, means very little. Becoming a flawless, efficient QB requires actual game experience and no kid anywhere (including Bueno)ever stepped into the QB role without first making a few bad decisions, errant throws and worse. The kid needs to develop and play calling should reflect his comfort zones.
    I am sure Maddox has a better plan than switching QB’s in response to Monrovia’s loss.

    As far as the refereeing, at least this crew finished the game. Better than a couple years back, when they bailed at 28-28 leaving players, coaches and fans stunned and silent.

    Congratulations to Arcadia. Monrovia will be just fine and all those seeing this as some chance to find weakness in their game…go ahead and speak your peace and cast your doubt and insult. Mtown will not unravel under this, they remain the best team in the Mid Valley
    In fact, it may turn out this is a good loss for the Cats, if such a thing exists.

  • mtownclownlies

    mtownclownlies. Please back up your claim of chop blocks on Ellis with video. You can’t. It did not happen. Your a liar.

  • Football Fan

    Thanks for admitting your prediction was WAY off-base! Monrovia fought hard, Arcadia fought hard and it was Arcadia’s turn. Mason had a great game and Ford did too!! Walsh did too! Glad they are all still good friends off the field because that shows the character of these young players!

  • GrimReaper

    Hey Goldenarm

    Tell me what happened to the Temple City helmets?
    A Big TC replaced the best helmet in the league, the classic rams horns.

    Say it aint so Joe.

    It is a sad day.

  • New York

    Monrovia’s success has attracted a couple overly exhuberant bloggers as well as one or two whose lack of class and insight is on par with “Realist,” who embarasses true Apaches. Realist, you attack Monrovia more so than you support your own players. That is just wierd. You seem to be obsessed with Monrovia. You switched your boy-crush of Lagace last year into an obsession for nitpicking Monrovia players and making blanket statements about Monrovia.

    Arcadia is one of the better teams in the area, lead by a Senior QB and Senior WR/DB. It is nice that those two guys made the big play when they needed to on 4th and 6 with the game on the line. This loss stings Monrovia’s season, but it is good for our rivalry. Myles and Taylor now tasted victory against Monrovia.

    Amat is the only ESGV team who Monrovia is not ready to beat. Frankly, Amat dominates all the local schools when they play. It’s a program that never has an off-weak in competition…except when they play the other local schools. Arcadia and St Francis can play any of those other teams and do well. This is a strong year for Westside Football, at least for our top 3-4 teams.

    Lastly, this type of blowback is a big reason (at least for fans) that Monrovia needs to be in the Pacific League and the Southeast Division. That is because we could end up making corrections and finishing 13-1, yet there will still be doubt as to whether or not we are good relative to the other teams.

  • non pac league fan

    realist, “those team compete every year no matter what”. They compete for what every year? certainly not for CIF championships… they say that’s what they want to do…

  • Realist


    No, I don’t hate Monrovia. I hate their fans. All you people do is talk. You people talk like Monrovia is the best team in California. I had guys trying to tell me that Monrovia was going to be able to single cover Lagace. That would be like me saying “Arcadia is not going to double team Ellis.” I honestly believe that most Monrovia fans don’t know the game of football. I mean afterall, Arcadia LET you guys play a CIF championship game on OUR field. Now all you hear from M Town fans is how Salter Stadium is “their house.” Man get out of here. Next time we will just let you guys play at your division 14 field and see how that works out for you…. Stop talking trash and there will be no problem. Arcadia is a better TEAM. Thats a fact. Arcadia played about as sloppy of a game as they possibly could and they STILL won the game. I LOVE being able to come on these blogs and not have to read about how “great” Monrovia is. I think Miguel is crushed, his alma mater lost. Cheer up Miguel, they should be just fine in the RHL!!!

  • 6power


    maybe you should read before you write.

    Below are a couple folk classified as “Monrovia fans”, you know the ones you claim talk trash and you hate – following a tough loss here are their comments:
    Kennedy Bryant said:
    Sometimes in life your can just be flat wrong. Well tonight is one of those times in my life I WAS WRONG. Congrat to AHS. Taylor, Alex, Austin, young men that I know personally… JOB WELL DONE TONIGHT. Best of luck with the rest of your season.
    New York said:
    Congratulations Apaches. Good luck the rest of the way. ‘Cats don’t hang your heads. Arcadia is one of the better teams in the area. Learn from this and get better

    Consider this a schooling for you on how to respond and “take” a tough loss. Within these comments are no whining and no interlacing of negative comments which are a benchmark in your posts.

    Maybe acknowledging the effort of the Arcadia players, the fine job of game preparation by Coach D and staff…would be a good start. Instead you “compliment your player effort by calling their play “sloppy”. Just an idea, but it may be time to breathe in and enjoy the game of football. The game can piss you off, and when you are on top savor it, because it is a bitch to get back there again.



    You are about ready to talk logical football as much as your team played. First half we had 10 penalties for 115 yards, how can you say none were on drives??? The Refs stunk for both sides and did not let the boys play football. First two possesions of second half were turnovers we lost. One inside the 25 and the other at about the 40 yd line you did nothing with both of them, both 3 and outs. Good luck playing the small potatoes, because that is where you belong.

  • Mid valley fan

    New York, 6power,

    stfu, you guys should eat the crow while it’s still warm!
    Pussycats 14-1, really?? Your team hasn’t proved squat yet!

    Realist…….. Please continue!

  • New York

    Midwife with a midsize brain,
    I appreciate your confidence in Monrovia Football, but I don’t think we will play a 15th game this year. 13-1 is the best we can hope for at this point. The 14-1 you mention is an unrealistic finish for anyone other than a known upper division power. Once a lower level team incurs one loss they can forget about a 15th game. As far as crow, go back and find anything I posted that would suggest that. Also, Glendora’s victory over Colony now makes Monrovia and Arcadia look even better.

  • PHS

    Overshadowed by all this MTown Arcadia conversation is the Pasadena score vs Cathedral.

    Cathedral 21-Pasadena 13, nice rebound from a 55-0 slaughtering in season opener vs Alemany.

  • Realist


    I appreciate you’re concern. But you weren’t here in the pre-season when all the Monrovia fans were on here running their mouths. So please do not come at me foul. There is a reason behind my posts. This whole off season I’ve sat here on this blog and read about how great Monrovia was going to be. And Miguel is their number 1 fan. So it gets kind of old hearing about the overrated wildcats. It is just extremely frustrating coming on here week in and week out just to read about Monrovia. Arcadia shut all the critics up and I LOVE IT. It feels great knowing that Monrovia isn’t as “great” as all the M-Town fans think they are.

  • Bob Anon

    Also overshadowed in this Monrovia/Arcadia stuff is the two point road win at Glendale. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that it’s going to be a long season for LC.

    Another note: Because of the Burroughs stadium situation, PHS and Muir appear to get some more home games than normal. Hope they make use of them.

  • realTALK

    yeah im sorry i do have to agree with the realist just for the fact that it was getting really tired some hearing other monrovia fans not kennedy but OBSERVANT CAT and others. i can honestly say i am a pacific league fan and i do feel monrovia is a great team still but their fans honestly ruin it for the team. i wanna root for them but its hard with ignorant fans talk trash about stuff they dont know. im sure monrovia will still go deep if not win their division and league so i wish they the best luck. But for you fans who still think poorly of arcadia and the pacific THINK AGAIN… no other rio hondo league team is on the top 25 the pacific has 2 top ten teams. good win arcadia but dont stray from the goal. Muir is coming….. ha

  • Big Football Fanatic

    The main problem for Monrovia this year will be running the NEW “No Nick Offense” once they figure that out things should fall into place.

  • 6power


    Point taken about the preseason comments.

    Arcadia has the benefit of one of the best coaching staffs in the SG Valley. A good mix of youth and experience on the staff and motivators all.

  • Philly B.

    Realist, I’ll give you one thing you do keep it real. I think there is a big difference between showing support for your team and hyping them up to be something that they’re not or having shown…YET!!! I love my wildcats but I think I, NY, O-Cat show support for our team without dissing others, or making monrovia out to be the “Best Team in California” I think this loss is good for monrovia, just like last years loss to glendora was a good loss. Not a moral victory but a lost for the players to get it together and know they have to be focused in order to pull out the win.
    As far as ellis, stop hating on the kid. and as far as G5 goes, if he is better at linebacker and wants to play linebacker, let em, and let the other kid hayworth have a go at it. Its about the best chance to win the game, not entitlement because G5 waited for bueno to graduate. As far as who’s top team in the sgv. St. Francis, Arcadia, Muir, and then Monrovia. And no, monrovia isnt ready to take on the Charter Oaks, and Bishops quite yet….But that time is coming…and its coming sooner than you think. I cant stand the esgv fans, because they think our teams are soo inferior to theirs. That gap is closing in fast. Yeah We all know the rio hondo league is weak, but the pacific league is a respective 2nd weakest league. Arcadia goes one round in cif, Muir goes one round, two rounds if they’re lucky and get a good drawing, burbank and burroughs do well. but nothing to brag about in my opinion. Please any monrovia fans complaining about the refs is reason why they lost please be quiet, you make us look bad, but then again, I could see arcadia fans doing the same. Monrovia will be ready for San Dimas and ready for south hills AT HOME! things will be fixed for the cats. Maddox is a great coach. I cant wait till the day monrovia and t.c move to the pacific league. its time for a change!!

  • Realist

    Philly B-

    I know we don’t see eye to eye on alot of topics, but I respect you. I agree 100% with your post. Too bad not all Monrovia fans are like you.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Philly B. said,
    “I cant stand the esgv fans, because they think our teams are soo inferior to theirs” BUT
    “Yeah We all know the rio hondo league is weak
    2nd weakest league”.
    “Arcadia goes one round in cif, Muir goes one round, two rounds if they’re lucky and get a good drawing
    but nothing to brag about in my opinion”
    “Please any monrovia fans complaining about the refs is reason why they lost please be quiet, you make us look bad” THEN, “but then again, I could see arcadia fans doing the same.”
    Always coming back downplaying somebody else. Why can’t you just take ownership on your teams downfalls without bringing others down with you?


  • Observantcat

    Ok Realist. It’s funny how you use the name Observantcat in such a way that it rattles your nerve. But I am willing to bet that you will not find 1 negative comment from my posts about ANY team especially ARCADIA. You guys were extremely quiet this pre season and rightfully so. Last season and the season before all we kept hearing was how Monrovia couldn’t compete in the Almighty Pacific league, Bueno was too small to win a championship and so on and so on. Well this season Arcadia gets a good win now it’s like it starts all over again. This season is only 2 weeks in and there is a lot of football to play. Like myself and others have been saying we will just wait and see how far this team can go and hopefully things will go silent again in Dec. You and everyone else have a right to discuss the players and games that you choose to discuss on this blog, but by no means do I ever put any player down. So before you go into the Observantcat scenario, please go back and read my comments, and while you are at it read most of yours and you will see exactly what you are trying to say about others in your comments. Good Luck to Arcadia, I hope you do win the Southwest Div. and I hope that Monrovia wins it’s Div. No need to stress on this game it is a rivalry and it will remain that way as long as we schedule each other.

  • Observantcat

    6th power aka Goldenarm, I am not dissing G5 as the starting QB, I just feel that if we have a QB that can handle the job of distributing the ball to our skill guys then why not strengthen the teams chances of having that option. I dont care who plays QB but if you are struggling and the struggle becomes a bit daunting on your team then maybe we should go with another option. G5 is a great up and coming Linebacker who is being recruited for just that purpose. I think he is an incredible athlete who has tremendous potential at playing on the Defense and could be a great Back-up if need be. I believe the coaching staff is going through growing pains on the offensive side of the ball, sure G5 could go on and pass for 2500 yards this season but practice is everything. Monrovia will bounce back and probably live up to all the preseason hype once everyone comes together and lives up to their potential.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    blah, blah, blah and blah, blah, blah~~

    Monrovia fans……Sssshhhhhhhhhh…

    Can’t imagine you guys losing this week, wow!

    You did cancel your State Bowl game tickets right? Non-refundable? wow!!

    Let your boys play their game, seems they do better without the trash.

    Miguel, change your pick, Monrovia wil win the rest of the year!

  • Philly B.

    Mid Valley Hater..I mean fan

    The reason why that is, because I dont see last weeks lost to arcadia as THAT BIG of a downfall. And I wasnt downplaying other teams n fans, Im just going off facts and things that I have read. Stop hating and dissing because Im not dissing any other team…unless its T.C. Your are still the SAME OLE SAME OLE Hater hahaha. Your a joke…to me…. Quote me all day, because theres gonna be some good ones this season haha.

    Realist, Im glad we can see eye to eye and have mutual respect for each other even though we rep two different teams. Maybe you can shed some light to Mid Valley Fan hahaha.

  • Realist

    Mid Valley Fan-

    If your not on here to support your team please don’t post. No one likes when people come on here just to talk trash. Its not classy.

    Philly B-

    How bad is Ellis’ knee injury? Im hoping for the best for Monrovia this Friday against SD. Even without Ellis, im taking the Cats. Championship teams win big games with injuries. This is a good test for the Cats. Go get em Cats.

  • Mid Valley Fan


    Believe me, I’m just trying to stop the BS Monrovia fans bring onto these blogs, just like you.
    I figure, NO BS, NO PROBLEM!

    Miguel, congrats on your 60th post for this blog. Now thats the way you do it!