• progress

    Miguel, you are using reverse psychology…you pick san dimas, hoping Monrovia will win…Monrovia has played inconsistent this season. After winning your first title, you can lose focus, and forget the hunger you once had. After the loss to Arcadia, who was very hungry in that game, Monrovia is back to the starving team who everyone second guessed over the years. You will see a focused team, and I think Monrovia will come out guns blazing. Once MHS can get the QB situation resolved, you are going to see crazy scores….MHS 35, SDHS 14.

  • keja

    McCarthy is out most likely 2 weeks

  • Philly B.

    WOW! I am in shock Miguel. Fred, Im glad you had some guts and picked monrovia, and I agree with everything fred said. But now mccarthy who I heard was a non factor in arcadia, is out. IS fred and Miguel going to change their picks????? Hmmmmm