• Great discussion, fellas.

    Personally, I believe that the whole issue of transfers (athletically, that is) has out lived its time – well intended but, again, its time has come. We all have to acknowledge that high school athletics has evolved into it’s own persona over the years and many of the rules/regulation of the CIF are outdated and don’t reflect current times. Requiring families to prove economic hardships or familial strains to justify a transfer should not be something that any family should have to subject themselves to….just so their kids can “compete”…we’re not just playing anymore.

    On the other hand, I don’t believe that any student should (or feel they have to) transfer because another school has a better program, coaches, records, etc. Talent, even on a team that can’t/won’t win, will always prevail-ALWAYS…association or affiliation never got anyone into the NFL…well, maybe…but you get the picture. Rather, I’d like to see more principals and school officials viewing their athletic programs not just as “recreational” or “secondary” to their educational program, but vital to the student body as a whole. Whether we like it or not, public schools (largely, and private schools) are the modern day talent searches/auditions for sports. Some will make it, some won’t but it’s their avenue to display their talents to get to the next level.

    Our kids no longer want to just play…they want to compete and on the best level possible…let them. Where ever and for whomever.

    Laurence Todd