Friday Night Aftermath: Monrovia falls apart to San Dimas, 31-14; Pasadena earns first win, 21-14; Maranatha squeezes past Salesian, 38-35; Arcadia too much for Temple City, 37-21; St. Francis, Alhambra victorious, too; PrepXtra Live Postgame Rewind!


San Dimas 31, Monrovia 14 — Here’s all you need to know about the Wildcats in the first half: only one first down (courtesy of a San Dimas pass interference call), punted on four of their first five possessions and runs of 55 and 22 from DeShawn Ramirez because of penalties. San Dimas by contrast had eight first downs in the first half. Monrovia rushed for 22 yards as a team. Yup, AS A TEAM. Save for two big plays by Ramirez, the offense was nonexistent. San Dimas relied on Domonic Jollevet who ran circles around the Monrovia secondary. He rushed for 135 yards on 25 carries and scored on runs of 7, 22 and 2 yards. Monrovia needs to clean up the penalties. San Dimas took advantage of Monrovia’s mental breakdowns like a walk in the park. There was a lot of confusion out on the field, especially defensively when the Wildcats were caught off guard. Monrovia was already without Ellis McCarthy (knee) and Justin Jones (shoulder). It got worse Friday night. Levi Helm, a defensive end, left the game in the first half with a dislocated right shoulder. Not good. Want something to be happy about ‘Rovia fans? “The highlight for us to look at is the loser of this game the last two years has won the CIF championship,” Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox said. “We’re not going to keep playing like tonight all year. So we’ll get better.”

Arcadia 37, Temple City 21 — The Apaches put Temple City away in the first half, leading 37-0 at the half. At the end of the first quarter, Myles Carr had three touchdown passes and led 22-0. Carr finished 10 of 13 for 265 yards, all in the first half. The Apaches didn’t throw a single pass in the second half as Temple City put up three cosmetic touchdowns against the Apaches reserves.

Pasadena 21, La Salle 14 — La Salle opened first on an Israel Lacy 12-yard touchdown run. But the Bulldogs came back on the ensuing drive with an 8-play, 80-yard drive capped by a Cleo Bates 3-yard rush. Brandon Cox connected to Marcus Green for a 9-yard touchdown pass to give the Bulldogs a 14-7 lead. Cox then passed to Keith Law for a 24-yard touchdown pass to make it 21-7. Cox was 10 for 11 in the first half for 168 yards and two touchdowns. Kyle Lewis capped the Lancers’ scoring with a 12-yard touchdown run. There was a scary moment in the fourth quarter with 4:17 left. Jalen Gray converted a big third down, but had a helmet-to-helmet collision that required an ambulance. He was taken off a stretcher, but he moved his legs and raised his arms.

Rosemead 23, San Marino 14 — Matt Eddy had 213 yards on 23 carries and two touchdowns, including an 83-yard touchdown run. Kwame Do had a quite night with 110 yards on 22 carries and a touchdown.

Alhambra 28, L.A. Wilson 14 — Ezra Broadus rushed for 135 yards on 20 carries and scored on runs of 10 and 1 yards. Alhambra had a total 352 yards on the ground and 441 total yards. Quarterback Josh Mendoza had three interceptions in the game, but don’t let this performance fool you. Mendoza is a stud QB.

Maranatha 38, Salesian 35 — Juston Coats intercepted a Salesian pass with three seconds left to preserve the victory. Maranatha QB Andrew Elffers finished with 151 yards passing and passed for two touchdowns and also ran for one. Omar Younger had a big game. He rushed for 147 yards on 15 carries and scored on a 33 yard touchdown run. Darien McGee returned a kickoff for 99 yards.

Crescenta Valley 25, La Canada 14 — Tough night for the Spartans. Crescenta Valley took the opening kickoff for a 12-play, 80-yard drive and the Falcons finished with 514 yards of total offense; 336 on the ground and 176 through the air. Crescenta Valley led 21-0 at the half. La Canada was 7 of 23 passing for 120 yards. Like I said, tough night.

Rio Hondo Prep at Boron, ppd. (lightning) — This game was postponed because of lightning. Will be played Saturday night at 7:30 at Rio Hondo Prep


South Pasadena 49, Glendale 21 —
St. Francis 27, Venice 17
Sierra Vista 21, Keppel 14
Bosco Tech 49, Santiago 0
Baldwin Park 26, San Gabriel 22
Gabrielino 35, Contreras 14

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  • 6power

    Last seasons playoff game between these two teams was a Monrovia highlight film…and a breakout running performance by Christian Blanco. Henderson and Bueno were connecting and receivers were running free in the SD secondary. D Johnson and Cimarusti were making big plays on defense. Mason Bryant saved a TD, maybe 2 TD’s as the last man between goal line and a Saint ballcarrier.
    It will be tough for the Cats to put together a complete game like that this early in the season. Does Maddox have the M-town defense clicking 100%? This game should be a good yardstick on where the Monrovia defense is.

  • SDHomer

    As a San Dimas homer, I don’t feel that the saints will be able to handle the size and speed of Monrovia. Defensively I feel we’re soft and will be playing catch up all game. I feel that we will be relying on a defensive scheme rather than talent. Offensively I feel that our small O-Line will need to have the game of their season to even keep this game close! Kennedy, our QB, seems to be worried about making mistakes rather than making plays, He doesn’t seem to get into the flow of the game. Like Zernickow said, were not going to run for 466 yards this time around. So then how else are we going to do it!! Good Luck Saints!

  • SD Homer 2

    I’m gonna call your bluff, because you’re NOT a Saints fan at all. Can’t accuse you of being a Monrovia fan, but definitely an imposter.

    Just answer one question to check your integrity…. Dillon had a minor injury this week, what was it?????

    If you’re a real homer and you’re really posting as one, then you should know this answer.

  • SD Homer 2

    I’m gonna call your bluff, because you’re NOT a Saints fan at all. Can’t accuse you of being a Monrovia fan, but definitely an imposter.

    Just answer one question to check your integrity…. Dillon had a minor injury this week, what was it?????

    If you’re a real homer and you’re really posting as one, then you should know this answer.

  • Hoodini

    Smoke and Mirrors baby….Smoke and Mirrors.

  • SDHomer

    Shoulder!! I won’t tell you which one as to not give the opposition an advantage!!

  • SDHomer

    Shoulder!! I won’t tell you which one as to not give the opposition an advantage!!

  • SDHomer

    I’m pretty much a football purist. So I call it like I see it! I hope the Saints surprise me, That would be great for them as well as confidence booster going into league. It would definitely show an intangible I have not seen as of this season yet.

  • SP’11

    South pasadena wins 49-21 over Glendale

  • SDHomer

    Well, Well, Well. Man it feels good to be wrong! And believe it or not, we can still be better! As soon as the coaching staff can utilize all their players they have available on the sidelines we could be great! Congrats San Dimas!!

  • bosco tech dad

    Bosco Tech continued to roll, great job. Good to see the young men of Bosco Tech playing so hard.

  • Rancho Cucamonga beats the top rated in SGV— Upland kicks the hell out of Norco 54-27 Corona Cent wins big— Bishop Amat tied at half 7-7 to lowly at half—- to Damien (they end up winning 28-7 WAKE UP PEOPLE– Face the facts all you homers would get your a$$es handed to you if you played Rancho, Upland or Corona Cent. WAKE UP AND SMELL the COFFEE– Our last place teams would own ya’ll too LOL

  • 6power

    I know M-town fans are unhappy with play calling etc, QB etc – but for Monrovia it has to start with defense. Defense is Maddox’s strong suit and missing players are not the reason this defense is not stopping teams.
    Two consecutive losses should bring out all the Monrovia “I told you so” crowd and finger pointing may go off the chart.
    It is disapointing. It is also a fact M-town lost to two good teams. Now is the time for game film, weakness review and coaches sleeping 3 hours a night. Drills to get it together. Team leaders to keep the focus. It is not panic time and that won’t happen. December is a long way off and the Cats will get there. Congratulations to Coach Z for a solid victory.

  • 6power

    Last night was a reminder why Temple City should not be drafted into the Pacific League.
    Teams are averaging 40 points a game against the Rams thus far. Arcadia could have put up 80 on the Rams last night, easily. The Apaches will be well rested for the Stangs.
    My suggestion for TC is we don’t spend ANY time in practice on offense. We can run the ball and if we stop fumbling we can score. But, we can’t stop anybody on defense, anywhere or at anytime. If a team goes three and out on us, it is their own self destruction, not because of any pressure we supplied.
    San Marino has played it’s usual weaker schedule, but has only 23 points scored against them. TC has 118 points scored against us.
    Hopefully our turnaround starts this coming Friday.

  • New York

    I think the “I told you so’s” need to be thrown around amongst us Monrovia fans only, and certainly not at or toward any players and coaches.

    I think we fans took a lot of things for granted and simply focused on *potential* as if success just happens based on the eyeball test. Things have happened to throw kinks into the machine as well. Our offensive line lost their coach going into the Arcadia game. The big guys likely have not recovered, because he is not easily replaced during the week or during the game with adjustments. A couple key injuries hurt the team as well, but are not the determining factors.

    The reality is that if the offensive line is out of sink then the entire offense will be as well, especially with inexperienced QBs. Then, having our Offense punt a lot ends up leaving our defense on the field a long time to get worn down and frustrated. Throw penalties (discipline) into the mix and you create a one-sided game.

    The good news is that we do have a lot of potential to work with. As a fans, it is frustrating to acknowledge growing pains, but we need to realize that those players are probably frustrated and confused as well.

    San Dimas and Arcadia are good teams, and Monrovia needs to learn to play with a target on our backs against GOOD teams. Stay hungry and focused! Glendora is even a pretty good team. Monrovia is accustomed to league foes gearing up for us, but our pre-season is comprised of teams who are good AND are geared up for us as carryover from last year. Anyway, these past two weeks are a good reminder of how difficult it is to maintain success in sports and in life in general. Monrovia coaches and players (and even fans) should feel challenged to look inward and find out what we’re made of in order to fix what we can fix and get better.

  • Here kitty, kitty

    Observant and MTown lives talking smack before the season … Where are they now …

    Observantcat said:

    Fred please give up your argument. The bottom line is where are the scouts going this season?…. Thank you! you sound more like a fortune teller than a reporter. We know you love BA but take away a couple of players and what do you have? Workman, Sierra Vista, maybe even Duarte so enough with the super over the top hype. Give me the top 5 players on each of the teams that you think have the edge on Monrovia and I will give you 5 back to match. The way you talk about Rio you would think that he is a 5 star football player. He is a baseball player that plays football. I’m not going to become biased about the reporting but I will give Aram his props for not getting stuck on redundant. He has taken a more in depth look at these teams before blanketing who he feels is a lock at number 1. And when you say Amat would win 9 of 10 times that would be wishful thinking thats just telling everyone that the atheletes are just far more superior than those at Monrovia or any other San Gabriel valley school for that matter. NOT! nice try but Ill take the more athletic team all day long. You sure had high praise for the so-called small school Whittier when you thought they had a chance to knock off Monrovia in last years finals and to use the excuse that all of the teams in the Mid-Valley were just weak push overs is a joke. Every team that suits up comes to play and comes to win. Because Monrovia made it look easy doesn’t mean that those teams were not competitive, I suppose BA would have had just as easy a time? or maybe not! I dont get on these blogs to pick fights with honest fans from any team. I go straight to the instigator! You live in a glass house and until a large enough rock is thrown you dont have a story.

    mtown lives said:

    Fred, I am glad you brought up Numbers. Here are some exact ones. Bishop Amat vs Monrovia, Bishop leads the series 2-1(%67). However, Monrovia won the last meeting. Now if you were to make it 10 games the series would be 7-3(70%) in Favor of bishop. I will not argue that. Now, If you take away the Divisions and Schedule etc, and look at the talent on both teams this year; could this not be a season where Monrovia could beat Bishop?

  • bigfatfan

    next week’s Alhambra SP matchup should be a good one. from what i’ve seen in the scores the last few weeks, looks like SP could be the No. 2 team in Rio Hondo League. I guess the buzz is off of San Gabriel. time to move another team into the Star News top 10

  • 6power

    New York

    the absolute finest post I have read this year.

  • Kentera

    Nice win for St. Francis. Truly the top team, by far, in the area. They are only going to get better, overcoming being down on the road is huge. This is preparing them for their tough league, but should do fine and prep them for a deep run in the playoffs. Keep up the good team work.

  • Hal Lamaster

    I agree with you. It’s early, but I too think South Pasadena has the make-up to finish in second place in the Rio Hondo League. They have an athletic defense, a good running attack and a good kicker.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    Good win for mead last night. San Marino hung tough and fought till the end. Game of missed opportunities for both teams when it came down to it rosemead made more plays when it counted. IF theres a good loss to have this was it exposed a few areas we need to certainly work on. Our remaining schedule before league will be the barometer of where we are at. Number 2 spot for league is going to be a dog fight with no team establishing they are the front runner.

    Lets bounce back next week against a tough bell gardens team Titans

  • Bronco5

    Monrovia losing two games, oh no. That’s No Bueno

  • Kentera

    This blog is usually buzzing with activity after a friday night!!!! What’s up? Why so quiet? If you are going to talk when you win, you’ve to talk when you lose to be taken seriously!!!!

  • chuck

    the stangs didnt play and all the monrovia *&%$ suckers are loosers and have nothing to say, so you have a quiet blog

  • Mtown Wildcat is always on the MENU haha

    Did it rain Friday night vs SD? No. What happened? I think those arcadia boys cooked up some wildcats and ruined their season. Good luck v. South Hills. They are hungry for some Wildcat stew.

  • New York

    Hey Charles,
    Your logic is as *loose* as your spelling.
    I suppose not being part of the in-crowd causes you to throw barbs. Don’t worry. You’re special too.

  • Middy

    Maddox may be a good coach but good coaches surround themself with better coaches. The Monrovia coaching staff is week and they don’t have the talent they have had in the past as a team. Sure they have 1 guy but that doesn’t win championships. Maddox deserves to be critisized and was embarrassed on their home turf when they unvailed a CIF banner. The Saints just used that to fuel the fire.

  • Mtownclown

    great job sd ………but NO 18 no defense….still a great win i hope mtown and sd meet in c.i.f thats the old story soo im sure we will….

  • 6power


    You will see a Moor team with the most undersized O and D lines in some time. Usually Alhambra has a beast or two in the trenches, this year they are surprisingly small.
    #21 has good speed and runs well off tackle, they like to throw short stuff and do it well. Their QB#12 is an accurate passer and can toss it deep if need be.

    TC was up 7-6 at half then fell apart with a couple missed tackles and a secondary two steps behind Moor receivers. Should be a good challenge for the Tigers.

    The battle for #2 in the RHL might become really interesting if TC, SM or SP could sneak a win over Monrovia…something no one believed possible two weeks ago. Any given Thurs or Friday…….