CIF-SS: Alhambra, South Pasadena jump into Mid-Valley Division top 10; Maranatha still No. 1, Monrovia drops to No. 5; Arcadia is No. 2 in the Southeast Division.

Above: South Pasadena and Alhambra last year. The Moors prevailed, but this week’s meeting at Moor Field should be a closer contest.

1. Maranatha (Olympic) 40 Won Salesian 3835

2. Covina (Valle Vista) 31 Won Walnut 426
3. San Dimas (Valle Vista) 31 Won Monrovia 3114
4. Arroyo (Mission Valley) 31 Lost Hart 1742
5. Monrovia (Rio Hondo) 12 Lost San Dimas 1431
6. La Puente (Montview) 30 Won Wilson/H.H. 2813
7. Alhambra (Almont) 40 Won Wilson/L.A. (LAS) 2814
8. Village Christian (Olympic) 22 Lost Bishops School (SDS) 2049
9. Whittier Christian (Olympic) 22 Won St. Margaret’s 287
10. South Pasadena (Rio Hondo) 21 Won Glendale 4921
MY THOUGHTS: It’s too bad that the loser of the Alhambra-South Pasadena game will likely drop a few spots, and in South Pasadena could be dropped. That’s not fair to either team since they’re playing well and should remain in the top 10. Maranatha will stay at the top if it wins the rest of the way, that’s no secret so don’t even give me the whole “jinx” thing. We knew Monrovia would drop after losing to San Dimas. How much grace the Wildcats will get from voters remains to be seen.


1. West Covina (Hacienda) 31 Won Glendora 2019
2. Arcadia (Pacific) 21 Won Temple City 3721
3. Los Altos (Hacienda) 40 Won Ayala 2117
4. Bonita (Hacienda) 22 Won Marshall 5022
6. La Serna (Del Rio) 31 Lost La Mirada 031
7. Muir (Pacific) 21 Bye Bye Bye
8. Mayfair (Suburban) 22 Won Valley Christian/C. 3114
9. El Rancho (Del Rio) 31 Won Montebello 227
10. Whittier (Del Rio) 30 Won Roosevelt (LAS) 2720
MY THOUGHTS: Arcadia could run the table if it remains focused. How Muir drops one spot makes no sense to me.


1. St. Paul (Mission) 30 Won Garfield (LAS) 318
2. Chaminade (Mission) 21 Lost Alemany 1438
3. Arroyo Grande (PAC7) 31 Won Cabrillo/Lompoc 5621
4. Serra (Mission) 31 Won Banning (LAS) 277
5. St. Francis (Mission) 30 Won Venice (LAS) 2717
6. St. Joseph/Santa Maria (PAC7) 21 Won Mater Dei (SDS) 357
7. Culver City (Ocean) 30 Won Redondo Union 4023
8. Dominguez (San Gabriel Valley) 22 Won Jordan/Long Beach 258
9. Atascadero (PAC7) 31 Won Seaside (CCS) 497
10. Ventura (Channel) 40 Won Nordhoff 3520
MY THOUGHTS: St. Francis remains at No. 5, but check this out: three teams from the Mission League are ranked. Now that’s one tough league.


1. Desert Christian/L. (Desert Mountain) 40 Won Silver Valley 526
2. Bishop Union (High Desert) 21 Won Rim of the World 6219
3. Salesian (Santa Fe) 31 Lost Maranatha 3538
4. Rio Hondo Prep (Prep) 31 Won Boron 4038
5. Boron (Desert Mountain) 22 Lost Rio Hondo Prep 3840
6. Mojave (Desert Mountain) 30 Won Vasquez 460
7. Pasadena Poly (Prep) 30 Bye Bye Bye
8. St. Genevieve (Santa Fe) 40 Won Marshall/Pasadena 496
9. Kern Valley (High Desert) 30 Won Chadwick 4739
10. Desert (High Desert) 22 Won Antelope Valley 150
MY THOUGHTS: Rio Hondo Prep’s thrilling win over Boron last week causes a switch between the Kares and Boron, who drop to No. 5. As I’ve said before, Pasadena Poly won’t really be challenged until it meets rival Rio Hondo Prep in League play, consequently meaning the Panthers could have trouble gaining ground in the polls.


1. Lompoc (Los Padres) 40 Won Dos Pueblos 230
2. South Torrance (Pioneer) 21 Lost Palos Verdes 744
3. Centennial/Compton (Pioneer) 30 Bye Bye Bye
4. Carpinteria (TriValley) 20 Bye Bye Bye
5. St. Bernard (Del Rey) 40 Won Lawndale 3914
6. Cabrillo/Lompoc (Los Padres) 31 Lost Arroyo Grande 2156
7. Verbum Dei (Del Rey) 31 Won Blair 5414
8. Santa Ynez (Los Padres) 11 Bye Bye Bye
9. Templeton (Los Padres) 21 Bye Bye Bye
10. Fillmore (TriValley) 31 Won Frazier Mountain 5930
Other Bosco Tech (Del Rey) 40 Won Santiago/G.G. 490
MY THOUGHTS: Bosco Tech’s dominating win (and that’s putting it lightly) over Santiago should have been enough for the Tigers to slip into the top 10. Not so, say the pollsters, who keep Bosco Tech in the same spot as last week. Not buying it, but rest assure, if the Tigers continue to win in similar fashion they’ll be in the top 10 and playoff-bound.

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  • Desert Rat

    Natha to no.1 over San Dimas?????? WTF are you guys smoking down in Los Al!!!! Oh Billy…you and the boys got hosed.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    Why is SP getting so much love here. You beat up San Marino up for playing a weak schedule and all south pas has played thats remotely formidable is San Gabriel in which they lost to by 17. Beating hoover and glendale isnt worthy of hype. Just as beating Eagle Rock and a down La Salle team isnt a reason to hype up SM. SM’s loss to Rosemead shows there on the cusp of competing at a high level since the game wasnt locked up by Rosemead till the final minute. Basically only Rio Hondo league team deserving of being in the top 10 right now is Monrovia.

  • 6power

    Titan Sports Fan,

    You make some excellent points. Were it not for Mooney adding the Mead into SM’s schedule, the Titans would also be riding higher in early season polls right now. South Pas’s preleague schedule is leftover from Ed Smith’s reign and does the Tigers more harm than good and has for years. It is exceedingly the weakest schedule of all RHL teams. Look for the new coaching staff to quickly try and change this.
    Temple City is 0-3, but will soon benefit from playing against one of the area’s best passing teams (Arroyo)and even find steps toward improvement after a serious shellacking by Arcadia, who will go on to win the Pac league this year.
    If South Pas is for real, they should beat the Moors. TC had the Moors down 7-6 at half, then fell apart. Personally, I think good things lie ahead for So Pas. It is encouraging to see a better strength program in place for the Tigers, because for years they have been pushed around in the trenches.
    After all the negative happenings at SM last year, it is good to see the blue and white have come back ready to compete. It also is a reminder of how the game of football teaches kids about resilence, responsibility and rewards of hard work. Should make for some good Friday nights in the RHL this season.

  • 6power

    Desert Rat,

    how is the Clete looking this year?

  • Desert Rat

    Hey 6power…the lil Clete machine is looking good. The boys are coming off a huge 57-15 dismantling of Oak Park. We’re 3-1 and start league this Friday.

  • What

    South Torrance gets spanked by Palos Verdes 744
    Cabrillo/Lompoc (gets spanked by Arroyo Grande 2156
    and they stay in the top 10? Palos Verdes and Arroyo Grande must be great teams. GO Bosco! Keep up the good work boys, play hard, play smart. GO TIGERS!

  • bigfatfan

    Titan Fan, its CIF that’s giving SP the love, not Miguel. I’d prefer that SP stay under the radar screen, but for whatever reason, CIF has had them in their polls for the last few weeks. this is the first time they are actually ranked. I guess a punishing running attack will get you points in the polls. game this week against the Moors should tell if SP is for real.

  • B

    Look again at St. Francis. It’s not three teams from the Mission League that are ranked, it,s four of the top five teams that are from the Mission League. Put anyone else from the SGV in that league and they get CRUSHED.

  • GloucesterCoach

    As a SP fan you could always tell if a team was for real or not in 2 traditional Non-League games, San Gabriel and Alhambra. Glendale and Hoover have always been on our schedule, and I’m not really sure why. I’m glad we got rid of Sierra Vista, Bassett and Keppel, and have added Maranatha instead. It’s tough to say if South Pas should be ranked this high or not. I don’t really think they should because Titan Sports Fan is right. They lost to SG and have beaten the 2 basement dwellers of the Pacific. But everyone else is the RHL has a losing record, so who else are you going to put in there? The real test will be this week against Alhambra.

  • bigfatfan

    GloucesterCoach: I can tell you exactly why we have Hoover and Glendale on the schedule… the previous coaching regime and AD at SP liked the mix of weak teams on the preseason schedule. Unfortunately that did not help the SP teams get ready for Rio Hondo League play. Finally last year, we got rid of Kepple and replaced them for one year with Cathedral. but from what i’ve heard, the previous SP coach resisted that change. So this season we have Maranatha on the preseason schedule. Perhaps as we move forward, the new coach will look to make some additonal upgrades to the preseason schedule. Hoover is an obvious choice to replace on the schedule, a continual doormat, and playing them each year is a waste of time. Further, I’d contend that its not whether or not SP can beat Alhambra or Maranatha, but how well we play against them. they may beat us, but if we play competitive games against both teams, then I would say that SP is ready for the regular season!!

  • titan sports fan

    Agree with you there Bigcat a win is not necessary simply keeping the game within reach into the fourth should be a decent barometer of where your at considering TC and LC i believe both have played alhambra and could not pull out victories. As 6power said TC hung in there for half before the wheels fell off. TC and SM will have a common opponent in rosemead when TC plays them next week. SM had a chance to take a late lead in the 4th Quarter so by no means were they overwhelmed by rosemeadi so i will be interested to see how TC competes with them. Frankly its going to be a dog fight for #2 in RHL four teams that seem capable of pulling it out. Going to be a fun season!

  • Realist

    I hate to break it to all you Natha fans. But there is NO way that Maranatha is better than Monrovia. If Monrovia played Maranatha, M Town would win by double digits. Natha cant match up athletically. Elfers can’t beat M Town alone. San Dimas is also far better than Natha. Thats real talk. Anyone that knows anything about hs football will agree.

  • 6power

    bff, titan sports fan,

    TC’s real problem so far has been defense. This week we face South El Monte, a team which has gone from very good to horrible and now back to playing well again. If the Ram defense remains passive and porous as it has been – we may struggle to get a victory.

    Our running game is coming to life and all the kids need is the confidence to know we can move the football and win games. Ram QB Quintinilla is much improved from last year and is only a junior. As usual we lack team speed and have to look for advantages elsewhere, because we are not going to outrun anybody to the goal line. Our O line features a 6’5 center and the physically imposing Michael Basette at 6’3 and 320 at OT. Basette can squat a moderate sized home, with the family seated at the dinner table. He attended a couple off season camps and is playing the best football of his young life.

  • Bob Anon


    You know the Temple City defense will have magically fixed its problems once it is time for league.


    Western Division has 4 Mission league teams ranked.

    It will be a hell of a competition but I’m sure ST PAUL will come up with the league tittle. I’d love to have 2 mission league teams play for the CIF tittle that would be nice!

    -08 CIF Champ

  • Titan Sports Fan

    you mention your junior qb is TC generally a young team this year or decent mix of seniors and juniors….. SM is generally a pretty young team with a handful of stud seniors ….SM’s much talked about freshmen class who was waiting in the wings for mooney are now the junior class reason to believe great things are on SM’s horizon

  • 6power

    t sports fan

    plenty of seniors…some good athletes coming up, just raw – need good lower level coaching to prime for friday nights…

    I see Thomas Camarano remains on your varsity staff, good young coach…and also your JV crew is an ALL TC alum….wish we had some of these guys back to teach football, but things happen, no doubt the Titan program will be better cuz of these guys

    I think we will get our first win this Friday, but it won’t be easy….we will need it to prep for the Mead next week

  • titan sports fan

    Quite hopeful TC gets a “W” this week and get primed for a big game next week. The SM program does still have a bit of a TC flavor to it which is quite nice for our boys.