• Interesting…

    Every prep writer, here and at the Mid Valley, has Arcadia beating Muir. Only Calpreps has Muir winning, and by a score of 31-22. The Observers vs. The Computers. Let’s see who wins.

  • realTALK

    last year the cpu had arcadia losing at home huge vs muir and we all know that the roles were reversed. this year another huge game for the two and both teams look in tip top shape to take control of not only the pacific but the south east division. this will be a shootout in dena. cant wait to see this one, leaving work early just to be there on time to watch this match up. huge fan of both teams but i believe the edge is in…. arcadia’s favor.

    arcadia 34
    muir 22

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    can someone explain how beating a bueno-less monrovia is a big deal? mccarthy is a good DL but hes not getting the ball to light up the scoreboard. TC was an easy win. Rancho didnt beat Muir film shows a whole different story that game would of been really really different if muir took advantage of their stellar defense. all in all friday good luck to both teams and may they all come out safely but #MUIRTRAIN for the win