• Anonymous

    Awesome hit even though the guy still held on to the ball i think thats more impressive than the actual hit.

  • Peacetrain

    This hit was in game between Muir and Arcadia last year.

  • realTALK

    u must be a muir fan cuz anyone knows this hit was a legal and devastating hit. holding on to the ball was pure luck im not even sure the kid knew he did. that hit set the tone for the rest of the game! the kid lagace covered so much ground. other side of one hash to the other hash in a sec now thats impressive.

  • realTALK is WRONG

    Nothing about leading with your head at another players face mask running full speed is “legal.”
    This gets a $50,000 fine in the NFL and probably a suspension. Holding onto that ball is skill!
    FYI, I hope Arc and Muir go 0-10Q

  • Realist

    realtalk is wrong-

    What are you thinking? Watch the video and tell me where Lagaces helmet makes contact with Dai Dais helmet. There is no helmet to helmet contact. Therefore, it is 100% legal. Just because it was a HUGE hit doesn’t make it illegal. I have alot of respect for Muir and their fans, but come on. He got rocked, just admit it and move on.