• Coaches Corner.

    Dear Fred:
    All that propaganda does not bother us. I know you still remember the good ole days. Its like Vegas for coaches, whats read in the paper ,stays in the paper.
    You guys really are doing a great job, keep it up.
    Your welcome on our sidelines anytime, you now that.
    Miguel can sit in the press box though…j/k Migs. See you guys Friday night under the lights.

  • Mid Valley Fan


    How silly do you sound when you talk about all the talent Monrovia has?? McCarthy and Ramirez for a fact have not done squat as of yet this year. You keep drooling over the Cats and maybe one day they’ll step up to your DREAMS. I remember my first time in LALA LAND.
    Monrovia, this message is towards Aram, which he probably needs to stop drinking your kool-aid for a bit till you turn your tables.

  • Amat Bully

    Sad to say it but Monrovia will be 1-3 after friday game