Friday Night Aftermath: Arcadia pummels Muir, 42-7; Monrovia falls again; Maranatha blows past LC, 41-10; Alhambra suffers first loss in weird-score game, 6-5.


Arcadia 42, Muir 7 — Myles Carr completed 14 of 20 passes for 185 yards and touchdown passes to Robby Haines (2), Taylor Lagace and Brian Ponce. Sheldon McKinely left in the second quarter with an ankle injury. There was a scary moment prior to McKinley’s injury when Tairen Owens was knocked out after a tackle on Lagace. Owens appeared to lead with his head and suffered a stinger. He lay motionless for several minutes before her rolled over and eventually slowly walked off the field. Haines also recorded 2.5 sacks, applied relentless pressure on Muir’s Kevon Seymour and Josh Washington. Lagace returned a punt 72 yards and Seymour returned a kickoff 97 yards for the Mustangs’ lone score. Alex McElwee recorded an interception and recovered a Muir fumble, setting up two scoring drives. Muir finished with a meager 35 yards on the ground and no success through the air. Seymour started at quarterback but later gave way to Washington, who also found little to no rhythm.

South Hills 34, Monrovia 30— With Vincent Hernandez not able to go with an injured shoulder, Jamel Hart rushed for 155 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Huskies to a come-from-behind victory. Wildcats RB De’Shawn Ramirez had just four carries for -2 yards.

South Pasadena 6, Alhambra 5 — Bizarre, I know. At least the score makes it seem that way. The defense was superb for each team, as South Pasadena was limited to two field goals from Dominic Frescura. He kicked a 25-yard field goal with seven seconds left in the second quarter to tie the game 3-3. He squibbed the kickoff, hitting Alhambra before the Tigers recovered. With one second left on the clock, Frescura converted a 30-yard field goal to take a 6-3 lead heading into the half. South Pasadena mishandled a snap that went into the end zone to give the Moors a safety. Alhambra QB Josh Mendoza went 12 of 25 for 139 yards, but his final pass attempt went through the hands of Demeitrias Russell and into the hands of Bryan Bednarski to seal the win for the Tigers.

Maranatha 41, La Canada 10 — Maranatha’s Defense hdl La Canada to 22 first-half yards, giving up only 63 on the night. Andrew Elffers completed 16 of 21 passes for 217 yards and three touchdowns and Darien McGee caught two touchdowns, ran for another and returned a kickoff for 100 yards. Beast. Troy French also had three catches for 63 yards. La Canada’s Franklin Cervenka nailed a 36-yard field goal with 5:13 left in the third quarter for the Spartans first points. Kyle Herron’s 3-yard touchdown run with 8:30 left in the game capped the Spartans’ scoring.

Burroughs 49, Pasadena 34 — Zander Anding had a killer game with 27 carries for 312 yards and two touchdowns to lead Burroughs. He also returned a kickoff 99 yards for a score. The Indians were leading 28-13 at the half. Pasadena played well, but was playing catch-up the entire game. Brandon Cox carried the Bulldogs the entire game, completing 16 of 23 passes for 300 yards and three touchdowns. He also rushed for 113 yards and two touchdowns on 11 carries. Defense, however, didn’t play to par for the Bulldogs. Too many missed tackles and penalties.

South El Monte 41, Temple City 27 — South El Monte scored 27 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to overcome a 13-point deficit after the Rams scored 20 unanswered points in the third quarter. Temple City led 27-14 in the third quarter. Temple City’s Mikal Quintanilla passed for 300 yards and three touchdowns. Anthony Valencia was Quintanilla’s favorite targert with 13 catches for 241 yards and two touchdowns.

Rosemead 31, San Gabriel 21 — After a lackluster first-half for Matt Eddy, who had only 34 yards on 15 carries, he woke up and ended up with 35 carries for 183 yards and four touchdowns. San Gabriel’s Andy Guerrero and Alex Villalobos connected for two touchdowns and Guerrero threw for 192 yards. Villalobos recorded 145 yards catching. There were almost 40, COUNT THEM, 40 penalties in the game. Our Guillermo Tovar said he stopped counting after 35 penalties.

Bosco Tech 27, La Salle 24 — Bosco Tech mounted a comeback to beat the Lancers in the Del Rey League opener. La Salle squandered an early 14-0 lead in the first quarter.

St. Francis 35, West Ranch 0 — St. Francis was lights out. The defense limited West Ranch to just 44 yards on the ground and 64 total yards. West Ranch never passed midfield. Ouch.

Keppel 40, Fulton Prep 0 — Fulton Prep forfeited in the fourth quarter because of injuries and lack of players. Esequiel Jimenez had 22 carries for 186 yards and two touchdowns. Tyler Takashita completed 7 of 13 passes for 123 yards and two touchdowns and one on the ground. Nathan May and Julio Tinajero caught both touchdown passes. May also recorded an interception and the Keppel defense held Fulton to 28 total yards.

Gabrielino 20, Pasadena Poly 13
Bell Gardens 35, San Marino 23
Duarte 52, Basset 6
Paraclete 86, Marshall 0
St. Monica 33, Blair 7

Coveritlive with Mike “The Cousin” from Mtown for Monrovia-South Hills

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  • 4Bagger

    Happy Birthday Miguel! Thanks for all of your hard work covering our sports.

  • Bob Anon

    Happy Birthday!

  • Anonymous

    YO HAPPY B-DAY MIGUEL…. hate to ruin your b-day wishes but that Muir Arcadia game is going down to the wire that d-coordinator is one heck of a coach and believe me this might be Legace toughest game i see Arcadia going into desperation mode and putting Legace at RB before the night is over. I got Muir winning this by at least 2td’s.

  • Mtownclown

    Miguel is such a Monrovia band wagoner when we lose u have noo faith lol….he will be back once m town wins these nxt 7 games go cats!

  • i believe Arcadia will beat Muir, because Muir is too undiciplined to beat a good team , and tonight i think tonight is the Hernandez, Cananda, Hart breaking out party breaking out party, if the SH defense can tackle!!

  • 6power


    After writing of tonights contests I imagine you will wind up front row at the Spearmint Rhino. The cover charge is pretty steep but after 5 shots of Patron and 3 Negro Modelo chasers, you will forget about it.

    If you have seen the Rams play, I understand why you have them as losers tonight against South El Monte. TC has 118 pts scored against them in 3 games while SEM has under 30 or something like that. BUT and it is a big BUTT – TC opponents are a combined 9-2. SEM has not faced anybody with the O line we have, and that O line is getting better every week. Our defense is tired of getting it’s ass kicked and tonight will tighten up. If our play calling emphasizes what we do best then here is the outcome –

    Win the field possesion war, prevent the long ball, we win. Look for a kickoff return TD by the Rams – our wedge is lookin good!

  • Relentless D

    Let’s go South Hills!

  • Relentless D

    Let’s go South Hills!

  • muirfan

    This is a terrible Muir team. 12 flags in the 1st half. The qb for is by far the worst Muir qb in the last 10years. The coaches have no control . Kevin Seymour and owned didn’t touch the ball enough on offensive.this Muir is depressing to watch.

  • Anonymous

    by far probably the worst Muir QB in Muir history and what are the coaches thinking this is 4 weeks in a row that kevon Seymour isn’t touching the ball if i was the coach out of every 4 downs he’s going to touch it at least twice with tairen owens getting it once and who ever the fourth play if we went for it on fourth down. these muir coaches suck Muir needs change and they need it fast, fire everyone on the staff and go find some coaches from another state that don’t know anything about the tradition and watch Muir become back dominate.

  • khash

    south pasadena vs alhambra: 6-5 south pasadena wins:0

  • Maranatha Fan

    Maranatha wins 41-10

  • bigfatfan

    6Power, South Pas has arrived. stiffling defense, a last minute interception stops an alhambra drive, and two field goals is enough for SP to defeat Alhambra for the first time in recent memory 6-5!! I never thought a defensive struggle could be so exciting. Go Tigers.

  • needisaymoors?

    The Alhambra game should have been a blowout, six times inside the red zone and the Moors can’t score. Can’t take teams lightly boys.

  • bigfatfan

    Tigers stuff Moors in redzone time after time, twice inside the five yard line. Defense, defense, defense.

  • SGV

    Terrible play calling, AHS in the Red Zone many times-the QB wedge picks up 10 yards (but since it works dont do it again). This one is on the coaches-that wing T is not a fit for a QB that can throw 50+ yards. AHS starts throwing with 1:50 left in the game and they spread the offence (COACHING).


  • Captain Obvious

    College coaches, take notice: Myles Carr is for real. Big time QB with multiple TD passes a game, pocket passer with great escapability, strong arm… Good to see a great kid with great talents having a great season so far.

  • Witness

    A few weeks ago somebody on this blog mentioned that the CIF officiating for many San Gabriel Valley games has been absolutely horrid this season. That said, I understand that there is a shortage of referees this season which has caused for some games to be moved from their originally scheduled dates and times. I have also heard from parents and coaches that many of these officials are new. I also completely understand that most CIF officials have regular jobs during the week and officiate for the love of the game or to make a few extra dollars. That said, as long as the human element is involved officials will occasionally fail to make a call because they did not see the infracton. One thing that is absolutely unacceptable is a referee not knowing the rules.


    Team A punts the ball to team B. The punt returner from Team B signals for a legal fair catch and is immediately hammered by a Team A defender. The referee throws a flag for interference on the Team A defender. Rather than assessing a 15 yard penalty for the infraction, the referee rules that team B has two options. Team B could take the ball at the spot of the foul (favorable field position) or Team A could re-punt the ball. Meanwhile the kid who was absolutely creamed has to leave the game due to his injuries sustained on the play.

    It is my understanding that the primary reason for the fair catch rule is to protect the receiver. A receiver directs his attention toward the incoming punt and cannot focus on the defenders running towards him, which leaves him quite vulnerable to injury.

    Did this rule change overnight or something?

    If it did, why have the rule in place? Why not just “blow up” the receiver on every fair catch if the only penalty is the other teams takes possession of the football at the spot of the foul.

    The referees are the only people on the field who have the power to enforce the rules to ensure the safety of these kids. Ignorance of the rule book not only jeapordizes the health and well being of these kids but the integrity of the game.

    The CIF must do a better job at ensuring their officials do their homework!

  • realTALK

    wow ARCADIA is the real deal… shutting out the Muir Mustangs and scoring at will on their defense. myles carr looked amazing goin to 3 different receivers on touchdowns last week he found 4 different receivers this kid is the best QB in the valley hands down. so much for the doubters… southeast division watch out. west covina vs arcadia in the finals would be AWESOME!!

  • 6power


    I think it is great that SP has a changed look and is playing good football. AHS has some speed in the backfield and apparently you contained it. As I said earlier the Moors are surprisingly small up front, and their line is not smashmouth by any means. It is a good win for the Tigers.

    As far as TC, it is tough to say much of anything positive. The 1st half was the worst prep football I have seen in ten years. Snap over the punters head, give SEM the ball on your 20. Quickly go down by 7 -what do you do? Immediately trash an intelligent running game plan and start lobbing deep throws to covered receivers as though it is a 2 minute panic drill late in the 4th quarter. Throw on 1st down thinking this will surprise someone. Surprise first requires showing you CAN RUN THE FOOTBALL and intend to do it. It is way past the time where the TC coaches need to back their words and play the football they have talked about for months.
    South El Monte made the 1st quarter last a lifetime because they can’t run motion without 15 illegal procedure penalties or missing the snap count and doing the infamous “false start” again and again. The TC offense may have had two touches in the 1st quarter. In the 2nd from their own 45 on 4th down they go for it an fail to get the first down. No offensive rhythem, and play sets that just don’t make any sense. But when punting means possible turnover or worse, why not go for it.
    Just 3 years ago this was a proud football program that lost to eventual Mid Valley champion Paraclete in the CIF semi-finals amid a crazy packed house at North Field. 3 years and 10.000 light years away. Seeing the AD and principal smiling big and milling around the 50 yard line shaking hands, makes me nauseated. They are still in the dark as to what their actions triggered in the “new direction” era of decline….and despite them, hopefully a rebuild of Temple City football. Myself and others said 5 years and it could be that or more.

    Congratulation to the kids for fighting back and hanging tough and to SEM for outlasting and getting the win. Special congrats to our fullback and other who played banged up.

  • LMB

    I have a GREAT pre – season matchup for next season. Muir vs. Monrovia. hahaha

    Anonymous –
    Arcadia would have beat Muir last night without Lagace in the game. There is no reason to put him at Rb. Thats silly. All these Muir fans thinking they know something about football. smh. Dont worry Muir, theres always next year.

  • Realist

    Ok.. Arcadia absolutly dominated the whole game. Muir could have had Vince Lombardi on the sidelines and the score would have been the same. Muir did not score a single touchdown on offense. Arcadia is faster as a team, stronger, and tougher than Muir. Myles shredded up the defense all game. He made it look like he was playing against a scout defense. Arcadia is for real, lookout south east!!

  • Good Football Fan

    I was impressed with Maranatha last night. They are strong in all three facets of the game. Offense – Elfers hit 6 different receivers for 200+ yds and 3 TDs. Younger pounds out yards. Mcgee had 4 TDs. Defense – It was flat out smothering allowing less than 70 yds (only TD and most yards were against reserves in the 4th). DT Olson had a strong game. Special Teams – Rasmussen returns a punt for a TD and Mcgee returns another kickoff for a TD. Coaches obviously know what they are doing. Maybe Channel 4 has it right 🙂 It appears La Canada isn’t ready for Channel 4 yet, tho 🙁

  • Hoopla

    Congrats to SP on the tough win! Time to prepare yourselves for Maranatha, one of the Mid-Valley’s strongest teams. It will be interesting to see how SP will fare against them. Good luck to both teams! Coach Konrad – If the ground game is non-existent, its time to let the sophomore quarterback show us if he is for real.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    Congrats SP best of luck next week against Maranatha.

    6power what were the issues on defense your team faced this week giving up 41 pts!!! It sounds like your team abandoned their game plan on O but i would be a bit concerned about D. From what it sounds like SEM werent the most disciplined team on offense. Rosemead should be a lot better in that deparment.

    SM hung tough again against a very good physical bell gardens team. Another opportunity to go down the field mid way through the 4th and take a late lead but the offense stalled around the 40. Bell scored a late touchdown to put the game on ice but again wasnt decided till the end of the game. We need to learn how to finish a game but were right there and our playing well

  • What

    La Salle Moms! NO CLASS. Waiting one hour after the game for referees to come out of the locker room, cursing, yelling in front of little kids. If thats not enough they chased the older ref to his car and were screaming at him for calls that were clear. Maybe you should talk to your players and coaches before you try to blame the refs for the last two years. The refs were telling your coaches that your guys were lined up offsides and the coach said nothing so he threw the flag. Lots of calls made on both teams, the only difference was that our boys did not react to the calls like your guys did. Some of your guys starting getting frustraited and playing dirty.

    GO TIGERS!!!

  • Someone who knows

    @ Scenario

    The NFHS Kick Catching Interference Rule (6-4-6 Pen) is not quite what you posted. First my question is that what was the result of the play? Did Team R (NFHS uses K and R for kicks) retain possession? Was the contact before the Team R player, who signaled for the fair catch touched the ball?

    The penalty for Kick Catching interference is that team R may take the result of the play, and awarded fair catch at the spot of the foul, OR team K rekicks 15 yards from the previous spot.

    Now if contact was after R’s player caught the ball is should have been a dead ball personal foul which would move the ball 15 yards from the spot of the fair catch and team R retains all the privileges of a fair catch including the chance to free kick for field goal.

    NFHS did at one time allow team R a choice to tack on the 15 yards, but that was changed some 15 years ago when the foul was changed to “kick catching interference” from “fair catch interference.”

    Scenario, please check before you lambaste the officials about not knowing the rules when you yourself do fully know Friday rules (NFHS)as opposed to Saturday (NCAA) or Sunday rules (NFL).

  • Witness

    Someone who knows,

    The punt returner clearly and legally called for a fair catch. He caught the ball and was immediately crushed by the kicking team defender.

    Therefore, you are correct in your statement “Now if contact was after R’s player caught the ball it should have been a dead ball personal foul which would move the ball 15 yards from the spot of the fair catch and team R retains all the privileges of a fair catch including the chance to free kick for field goal.”

    This did not happen. They should have called a dead ball personal foul penalty and 15 yards should have been walked off.

    I stand by my statement; the referee did not know the rule and blew the call. The kid gets injured (which I clearly understand is part of the game)and the team gets nothing out of it except the ball at the spot of the penalty.

    If this were the right call; every high school coach in the country would tell their punt team to “light up the punt returner on a fair catch after he catches the ball and try and force a fumble. Worse case scenario they take possession of the ball at the point of contact.”

    If this were the case, why have the rule?