Love it or hate it? Temple City and Alhambra’s new look.

There was a time when Alhambra’s uniform consisted of solid gold helmets. When I went there, the idea was that the uniforms would resemble Notre Dame’s uniforms, except instead of the iconic “ND” on the sleeve we had a solid “A” for Alhambra. It’s also the reason why our fight song was Notre Dame’s Victory March. The home jersey was dark/navy blue with gold pants and the road uniforms were white. Last year, Alhambra added what to me looks like a generic-looking scriptive Moors. Personally, I would have perferred for them to remain solid gold, but if they were going to make a change why not embrace the unique mascot and go with this logo:

It’s the same logo Alhambra’s baseball team uses on its baseball hats. I remember a while back when I was in high school reading an issue of Sports Illustrated, and on it featured a small section devoted to the most unique high school mascots. Alhambra made the list, and I was proud that our mascot had an actual meaning and it wasn’t just some generic mascot like the Bears or Tigers. (If you didn’t know, The Alhambra — a palace and fortress complex located in the Province of Granada, Spain — was constructed during the mid-14th century by the Moorish rulers of the Emirate of Granada in al-Andalus. I remember one time as a freshman our marching band took part in a parade in San Diego and someone asked, “You guys are from Alhambra?” and we said, yes. Then they asked, “You guys came all the way over here from Spain?” Hilarious.)

Anyway, from what I heard the helmets went from gold to blue this season in an effort to save money from having to add a coat of gold paint on the base helmet, which is the blue helmet you see this season. So that’s that.

There was a time when Temple City would look forward to its first win of the season, because if I’m correct that meant adding horns to the helmet. There was some controversy a few years ago when Anthony White, then the head coach, added the horns right right away, straying from tradition.

As you can see, this year’s helmets have “TC” on them, which I think actually looks pretty cool, and I really like the old school-looking jerseys with numbers on the sleeves. I think old school TC fans can live with the jersey, but I’m not so sure about the helmets since they probably grew up with the horns. So have at it and vote.


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Top 10 Rankings: St. Francis back to familiar territory.

8337-Football St. Francis.jpg

Well, that didn’t take long. Because for the first time there’s a significant shuffle in the Star-News Top 10 rankings, I’ve decided to post them here and explain why, although I think at this point they’re pretty self explanatory. Here we go..

1. ST. FRANCIS (2-0) — This is a no-brainer. After blanking Crescenta Valley in Week 2, coupled by a Monrovia loss, the Golden Knights move to the No. 1 spot. A real road test comes Friday at Venice, and we will have a reporter there so expect a story in the paper. We all know about St. Francis’ weapons, but its defense shined last week, and as coaches like to say, defense wins games.

2. ARCADIA (1-1) — Huge statement win over Monrovia last week. From the outside looking in I wonder why the Apaches continue giving up leads. Arcadia led 20-6 before Taylor Lagace came to the rescue in the waning minutes. Arcadia proved it’s a true Southeast Division contender.

3. MONROVIA (1-1) — I’ll finally get to see what’s going on with the Wildcats, who got some bad news Monday that Ellis McCarthy won’t play Friday against Mid-Valley Division rival San Dimas. Also not playing is starting linebacker Justin Jones, who left early in the game against Arcadia with a separated shoulder. Overcoming adversity is part of the sport. Here’s a chance for the Wildcats to show what they’re made of.

4. MARANATHA (3-0) — Slow start against Azusa, but the Minutemen blitzed past the visiting Aztecs in the second half. I don’t think we’ve yet to see Maranatha play a complete game, and when that finally happens, watch out.

5. MUIR (2-1) — Penalties, penalties, penalties. Thirteen, to be exact against Rancho Cucamonga. The Mustangs actually gave Rancho Cucamonga a game, but turnovers and penalties stymied Muir and there was no way to claw back in the second half. Muir looked gassed heading into the fourth quarter. Nevertheless, this was against an Inland Division team. Imagine what the Mustangs can do if they play mistake-free football? They could go far, but that’s all assuming injuries doesn’t plague Muir. Teams that make deep runs always have substantial depth, and that’s something as we all know by now Muir has lacked over the last decade.

6. ALHAMBRA (3-0) — Quarterback Josh Mendoza is a super star, simply put. The junior continues to take considerable steps forward with each game. The only concern is a slow start, because against a more disciplined and senior-heavy team the Moors could be in some trouble. I don’t see this happening, and if Alhambra heads into the Almont League unbeaten look for the Moors to be the Mid-Valley Division’s darkhorse.

7. SAN GABRIEL (1-2) – Don’t be surprised if a search and rescue team is out scavaging the area looking for the Matadors offense. San Gabriel mustered just six points against San Dimas. It’s not the team I expected. After watching San Gabriel against Muir and reading about the Matadors against South Pasadena, I would have thought they’d be pumped and ready for a step-up game.

8. ROSEMEAD (0-2) — Two quality losses, if you wanna call them that because I know Matt Koffler doesn’t see any loss as quality. A loss is a loss, but for the sake of argument, the Panthers have faced tough competition and my guess is they’ll finally get in the win column Friday.

9. PASADENA POLY (3-0) – The Panthers need to perfect their schemes while it has the luxury of tweaking during nonleague play, because let’s face it, they won’t face real competition until they meet Rio Hondo Prep, and then the playoffs.

10. RIO HONDO PREP (2-1) — The Kares dropped 40+ points against Kilpatrick. But it’s Kilpatrick so there’s not much telling there. Rio Hondo Prep will get a true test on the road at Boron.

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UPDATE: McCarthy will not undergo MRI as planned.

Above: Ellis McCarthy (18) tackles Arcadia’s Alex McElwee in last week’s game.

UPDATE: As if losing in devastating fashion last week against Arcadia wasn’t enough, Monrovia fans have to deal with another loss heading into Friday’s game against Mid-Valley Divisional rival San Dimas.

Five-star recruit Ellis McCarthy, a 6-foot-5, 305-pound defensive tackle ranked fourth nationally at his position, will miss the game because of a right knee injury suffered late in the fourth quarter last week in the Wildcats’ 30-22 loss to Arcadia.

It’s a double whammy for the Wildcats, who also lost Justin Jones, a junior starting linebacker who separated his right shoulder against Arcadia.

Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox said McCarthy will sit out after taking a helmet to the knee. Maddox also said McCarthy “wasn’t walking tremendously well” the following day.

When reached by phone Tuesday while undergoing therapy, McCarthy said the knee is starting to feel better.

“I know I didn’t break anything,” he said. “The X-rays said it was fine. I just have a sleeve on it.”

McCarthy said he’s going to try to practice today after he sees how he feels. His father, Ed McCarthy, confirmed his son will not undergo an MRI as initially planned.

McCarthy, asked if he would play should the knee heal in time for Friday’s game, wasn’t so sure.

“I don’t think I’m playing,” he said, “but I’m going to try to work it out and get better for next week.”

“If coach Maddox said he’s not going to play,” his father said,

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La Salle’s Israel Lacy excels in athletics, performing arts

By Keith Lair, Staff Writer

PASADENA – Israel Lacy cannot get enough of the spotlights.

It might be on the dance floor, behind the piano or drums, in front of the cameras, the basketball court or the football field. The La Salle High School junior running back is a teenager with many talents.

“He’s blessed,” La Salle football coach Antoine Peterson said. “There is nothing he can’t do if he keeps his mind on it. He’s just blessed.”

Lacy comes from a performing family. His mother, Candace, is a piano teacher. Lacy began playing the drums when he was 1. He can play six instruments, sing, dance and act.

But right now, he has put all that theatrical showmanship on the sidelines to concentrate on his athletic showmanship.

“I missed the adrenaline; the rush you get when you’re under the lights or when you see that big crowd and everyone is here watching it,” Lacy said. “I missed the whole environment of it. I missed not playing sports at all.”

Lacy first enrolled at Los Angeles High School of the Arts to hone his musical and theatrical talents.

But after one year, he transferred to La Salle. He has always played basketball, but the 5-foot-7, 170-pound Pasadena resident wanted to play football, too.

Continue reading

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CIF-SS: Maranatha new No. 1 team in Mid-Valley Division

Above: They’re cheering at Maranatha…

1. Maranatha (Olympic) 30 Won Azusa 4728

2. Arroyo (Mission Valley) 30 Won Montebello 2922
3. Monrovia (Rio Hondo) 11 Lost Arcadia 2230
4. Covina (Valle Vista) 21 Won El Monte 5210
5. Village Christian (Olympic) 21 Lost Sierra Canyon 1358
6. San Dimas (Valle Vista) 21 Won San Gabriel 596
7. La Puente (Montview) 20 Won Northview 4334
8. Montebello (Almont) 21 Lost Arroyo 2229
9. Whittier Christian (Olympic) 12 Lost Kern Valley 2128
10. Pomona (Valle Vista) 21 Lost Bloomington 2225
Other Alhambra (Almont) 30 Won Temple City 3314
Other South Pasadena (Rio Hondo) 11 Won Hoover 396


1. West Covina (Hacienda) 21 Won South Hills 3533
2. La Serna (Del Rio) 30 Won Bonita 2120
3. Arcadia (Pacific) 11 Won Monrovia 3022
4. Los Altos (Hacienda) 30 Won Wilson/H.H. 326
5. Bonita (Hacienda) 12 Lost La Serna 2021
6. Muir (Pacific) 21 Lost Rancho Cucamonga 635
7. Mayfair (Suburban) 12 Lost Lakewood 2942
8. Rowland (Hacienda) 21 Won Rosemead 2019
9. El Rancho (Del Rio) 21 Won Bell Gardens 2726
10. Santa Fe (Del Rio) 12 Lost St. John Bosco 051


1. Chaminade (Mission) 20 Won Valencia/Valencia 1410
2. St. Paul (Mission) 20 Won Norwalk 486
3. Arroyo Grande (PAC7) 21 Won Templeton 4517
4. Serra (Mission) 21 Won Mira Costa 330
5. St. Francis (Mission) 20 Won Crescenta Valley 350
6. St. Joseph/Santa Maria (PAC7) 11 Lost Palma (CCS) 1014
7. Culver City (Ocean) 20 Won Peninsula 427
8. Dominguez (San Gabriel Valley) 12 Won Compton 2114
9. Atascadero (PAC7) 21 Won Independence (CS) 346
10. Ventura (Channel) 30 Won Rio Mesa 4413


1. Desert Christian/L. (Desert Mountain) 30 Won Frazier Mountain 4924
2. Salesian (Santa Fe) 30 Won Pioneer 287
3. Bishop Union (High Desert) 11 Won Chadwick 4427
4. Boron (Desert Mountain) 21 Won Desert 4612
5. Rio Hondo Prep (Prep) 21 Won Kilpatrick 480
6. Vasquez (Desert Mountain) 12 Won Santa Clarita Christian 446
7. Chadwick (Prep) 11 Lost Bishop Union 2744
8. Pasadena Poly (Prep) 30 Won Marshall 346
9. Mojave (Desert Mountain) 20 Won Sage Hill 360
10. Desert (High Desert) 12 Lost Boron 1246


1. Lompoc (Los Padres) 30 Won Santa Barbara 3614
2. South Torrance (Pioneer) 20 Won Burbank 3221
3. Cabrillo/Lompoc (Los Padres) 30 Won Dos Pueblos 287
4. Carpinteria (TriValley) 20 Won Nipomo 2413
5. Centennial/Compton (Pioneer) 30 Won Lynwood 1412
6. Santa Ynez (Los Padres) 11 Lost Paso Robles 727
7. Templeton (Los Padres) 21 Lost Arroyo Grande 1745
8. St. Bernard (Del Rey) 30 Won Valley Christian/C. 3027
9. Fillmore (TriValley) 21 Won Morro Bay 2415
10. Verbum Dei (Del Rey) 21 Lost Christian (SDS) 1234
Other: Bosco Tech (Del Rey) 30 Won Gladstone 5127

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Cross Country: San Gabriel Valley boys and girls leaders, and race updates from assistant coach Bob Ramsey.

Cross country coach and contributor Bob Ramsey runs the best cross country site in the San Gabriel Valley, with updates from over the weekend from the Rosemead, Woodbridge and Mt. Carmel Invitational. Check it out.

San Gabriel Valley and Whittier all-encompassing Top 15
Please Note: It is notoriously difficult to compare XC performances. The athletes list below ran different and possibly inaccurately measured distances, in different weather, over different running surfaces and terrain. The list below tries to account for those differences by converting times to a norm of a flat, 3-mile course. Your mileage may vary.

1. 14:27 Ryan Vargas, Sr – Arcadia – Woodbridge
2. 14:38 Sergio Gonzalez, Sr – Arcadia – Woodbridge

3. 14:40 Aaron Mora, Sr – Whittier – Rosemead
4. 14:41 Estevan De La Rosa, So – Arcadia – Woodbridge
5. 14:44 Josue Gonzalez, So – Arcadia – Woodbridge
6. 15:16 Daniel De La Torre, Jr – La Salle – Mt. Carmel (converted, 14:46)
7. 14:55 Charlie Shen, Sr – Arcadia – Woodbridge

8. 14:57 Henry Rodriguez, Sr – El Rancho – Woodbridge
9. 14:59 Francis Lee, Sr – Arcadia – Woodbridge
10. 15:00 Bobby Villagomez, Sr – Los Altos – Rosemead
11. 15:01 Tom Ebiner, Sr – Damien – Woodbridge
12. 15;07 Jair Juarez, Sr – Los Altos – Rosemead
13. 15:08 Alexander Tranquada, Sr – South Pasadena – Woodbridge
14. 15:09 Paul Messana, Jr – South Pasadena – Woodbridge

1. 17:17 Veronica Yamane, So – Arcadia – Woodbridge
2. 17:17 Alejandra Quintero, Sr – Arcadia – Woodbridge

3. 17:25 Marissa Scott, Jr – Bonita – Woodbridge
4. 17:26 Kelli Hunt, Sr – Whittier Christian – Woodbridge
5. 17:29 Laura Guidolin, Fr – Arcadia – Woodbridge
6. 17:45 Bailee Henry, Jr – El Rancho – Woodbridge
7. 17:58 Anna Barcelo, Sr – Nogales – Woodbridge
8. 17:59 Marilu Pulido, Sr – Whittier – Rosemead
9. 18:06 Megan Renken, So – Claremont – Woodbridge
10. 18:07 Merin Artf, So – Claremont – Woodbridge
11. 18:10 Melanie Deciga, So – Walnut – Rosemead
12. 18:13 Alyssa Rivas, So – Mayfield – Rosemead
13. 18:14 Anahi Betart, Fr – Walnut – Rosemead
14. 18:20 Kailyn Scott, Fr – Bonita – Woodbridge
15. 18:20 Coley Mozillo, Sr – Mayfield – Rosemead

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