Thursday Night Aftermath: St. Francis, San Marino make defensive stands in impressive wins.

San Marino 38, Golden Valley 20: For the record, it’s 11:14 p.m. as I’m writing this, finally back here at the Star-News office from Canyon Country where I saw one of the most impressive performances. San Marino beat Golden Valley 38-20, but it was the way the Titans went about beating them, the epitome of teamwork leading the way. Matt Wofford is a warrior. Dude got up from getting sacked five times, including four times from one player alone. Wofford also recorded two interceptions and finished with about 190 yards passing and a 26-yard touchdown pass to Andrew Cordova. Here are some other guys who were just impressive: Matt Vargas, Kwame Do, Nick Gott, Garrett Glazier, Paul Myint, Ryan Blasher and Ryan Hill. Wofford scored 26 of the Titans’ 38 points. He kicked a 39-yard field goal, passed for a touchdown, ran for two and kicked all of the PATs. Yup, a warrior. Golden Valley’s Earl Johnson 371 yards and three touchdowns on 23 carries, but the Titans came up big when it mattered and roared back to take a 24-20 lead, preserved it and sealed it with an impressive drive that saw four first downs capped by a Gott touchdown run.

St. Francis 9, Paso Robles 3: St. Francis made a strong stand, keeping Paso Robles to midfield almost the entire game. The closest Paso Robles got to the end zone was to the 20-yard line. St. Francis improves to 5-0.

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  • bigfatfan

    excuse me for being a South Pas homer, but how in the heck can the San Marino v. Golden Valley be a spotlight game this week for the Star News. Considering SP (3-1) is taking on Maranatha (4-0). two local teams going at it…locally. the SM/Golden Valley game is in Santa Clarita. that doesnt make sense.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Big Fat Fan:

    Please, please read the title. It’s “Thursday Night Countdown” … This threat is for the Thursday night games, so, yes, St. Francis and San Marino take the spotlight.

    For “Friday Night Countdown”, the Maranatha-South Pasadena game will be our game of the week.

    No apologies necessary.

  • Pete Eckhart

    Any reason why you guys did not update the online score board tonight….?

  • Kentera

    Why have a scoreboard(thursday) if you are not going to post the score or update them live?

  • Bronco5

    9 3 St. Francis over Psao Robles. St. Francis QB is way over rated they are going to be in trouble when they hit league. Good thing Serra is down this year or they might not make the play offs.

  • Kentera

    St. Francis 9
    Paso Robles 3

  • sgvballer

    SM 38—GV 20

    Marantha vs. SP wont even be a game not sure if that should be on the spotlight.

  • 6power


    Your story notes the Golden Valley ballcarrier had 371 yards on 23 carries….damn that is almost 17 yards a carry.
    Looks like the Titans and South Pas have got it together this year and are getting better game by game. The clock is ticking on whether TC can be competitive at all this year.
    It may be too early to say(because of soft schedules) but SM and SP are looking real good as far as RHL destiny and La Canada and TC are struggling for sure.

    When your D gives up 40 a game, chances are you will riding home on a silent bus

  • bigfatfan

    my bad

  • titan sports fan

    Titans great win last night! Unfortunately was unable to make the drive out but from what i have read you were able to close out the game and execute down the stretch which had been are problem the last two weeks. Getting better every week and hopefully will be hitting our stride next week when league opens up. Keep working hard and pushing yourself and you can achieve great things! On another note all the players Miguel mentioned are juniors besides Kwame! I’m sure our other seniors deserve shout outs as well so great game boys!

  • Titan Sports Fan

    i stand corrected garret glazier is a senior as well from SM