Friday Night Aftermath: Maranatha runs away in the second half, 35-14, but South Pasadena is impressive; Monrovia rallies to beat Paramount, 40-36; Pasadena wins while Muir and Arcadia lose; Temple City falls to 0-5 for the first time in nearly 50 years.

Updates from South Pasadena-Maranatha …


My record today: 8-2

Maranatha 35, South Pasadena 14 — There was an impressive showing from both teams. South Pasadena pounded the ball in the first half that resulted in 33 plays, 13 first downs and 232 total yards. The game was tied 14-14 at the half, but Maranatha scored 21 consecutive points in the second half to run away. Darien McGee opened the second half with a 94 yard kickoff return and in less than two minutes scored again on an Elffers 2-yard run fueled by a 40-yard pass to McGee on the first play that put the ball to the South Pasadena 2. South Pasadena’s first drive chewed up a lot of clock and its 13-play, 77-yard drive was capped by a Nathan Lee 5-yard touchdown run. Maranatha answered back in all of 1 minute, 12 seconds as Andrew Elffers connected on a 51-yard touchdown pass to Robert Flewelling.

Crescenta Valley 27, Muir 20 — Kevon Seymour had four catches for 111 yards and a touchdown, an 85-yard strike from Josh Washington. Seymour also recorded an interception and Tairen Owens had 4 catches for 88 yards that included a 66-yard touchdown catch. Muir, however, couldn’t contain Marro Lee, who ran for 126 yards on 23 carries and ran the clock down on CV’s final possession. Muir had a chance to tie or win the game with 10 seconds left on CV’s 20-yard line, but Washington was intercepted by Jack Lutynski to seal the fate.

Monrovia 40, Paramount 36 — The Wildcats trailed 23-7 and stormed back on the road and pulled within three at 36-33 with 2:44 left in the game. Monrovia then from its 13 yard line and with 25 seconds, Blake Heyworth connected on a 37-yard touchdown pass to Mason Bryant to seal the comeback.

Burroughs 41, Arcadia 29 — It was the Zander Anding show at Arcadia. The senior running back rushed for 303 yards and five touchdowns on 33 carries. He scored three touchdowns in a 2 minute, 35 second period in the second half. Burroughs led 14-7 at the half. Arcadia scored 19 straight points in the fourth quarter, but Anding’s fifth touchdown ended the Apaches’ comeback with less than a minute to go. Taylor Lagace finished with 16 catches for 170 yards. So in the end it looks like the Apaches just couldn’t stop the run and had trouble fielding short kickoffs. So much for Arcadia in the Pacific League driver’s seat.

Rosemead 35, Temple City 9 — Rosemead did three things right tonight: executed its balanced attack, eliminated penalties substantially and the Panthers didn’t play down to their level of competition. Matt Eddy rushed for 112 yards on 23 carries and two touchdowns. Quarterback Adan Guillen went 9 of 14 for 220 yards and two touchdowns. Temple City’s Jamie Dea had 121 yards on 25 carries and a touchdown in the losing effort. It’s Rosemead’s third straight win while the Rams fall to 0-5 for the first time in some 50 years.

Pasadena 47, Glendale 46 — There were 93 points scored tonight. Wow. Pasadena’s Brandon Cox once again was the man. He had the go-ahead score on a 15-yard run with 17 seconds left and had the game-sealing interception in the end zone. He passed for 334 yards and three touchdowns. He was Michael Vick-like with 91 yards and three touchdowns. Ryan Simpson had 211 yards receiving on nine catches and grabbed all three touchdowns from Cox. Glendale’s Evan Norton was 24 of 39 for 440 yards and three touchdowns. Alex Yoon had 101 yards rushing and three touchdowns and 119 yards receiving in the losing effort. Pasadena, though, couldn’t stop Michael Davis, who had 12 catches and 248 yards and two touchdowns.

Arroyo 23, La Canada 21 — The Spartans were up 21-7 in the second quarter, but went away with what was working. Grant Owens started at quarterback instead Matt Jones. Owens rushed for 116 yards on 12 carries and scored on a 64 and 12-yard run. Andy Painter also added an 18-yard run. Arroyo’s Steven Rivera went 17 of 30 for 237 yards and two touchdowns, and he must have had at least 12 passes dropped. He intercepted a pass at the end of the first half and also recovered a fumble that sealed the win for the Knights. Arroyo’s Peter Alholoka finished with 155 yards rushing.

St. Bernard 49, La Salle 17
Pasadena Poly 28, Sage Hill 0
Duarte 21, Ganesha 0

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  • Realist

    I heard that Burroughs is running their mouths. Well I got news for all Burroughs fans. BRING IT!!!! Arcadia WILL be ready. And you better believe that they will be fired up beyond belief. Its going to be a long, quiet bus ride home for the Indians. And one more thing for the Burroughs fans, good luck slowing down the d-line of Arcadia. This one should be fun to watch. I can’t wait. Lets go Apaches! Burroughs doesn’t want it!!!!


  • good luck to So. Pasadena, but i dont see it happening, Maranatha is not Alhambra!!

  • David

    I don’t think that South Pasadena will be able to overcome Maranatha, but for them it will just be about proving that they can stay competitive. If they can put up a good fight and stay with Maranatha throughout the game, I think it will show they can be competitive, especially when the Rio Hondo League season starts. Maranatha definitely has the most to lose.

  • bigfatfan

    Paul, that’s what the Moors thought last week. that’s why we play the games. pressure is on the Minutemen tonight, they are riding the No. 1 ranking and the 5-0 mark right now. if SP can slow down Elfers, then its gonna be a ballgame. just like last week when the Tigers stifled the Moors running game. at any rate, it will be a good match-up and I am pleased to see that SP is now scheduling some quality preseason opponents.

  • schalupa

    South Pas definitely has a coach that can come up with a solid game plan as shown against Alhambra. On paper, South Pas doesn’t stand a chance but as BFF says we must play the game. To remain No.1, Marinatha will need their A game.

  • BFF, im just saying that So. Pas is having a great year so far, but Maranatha is way better than alhambra, i dont think they will stop the passing game, So.Pas got beat by SG passing game and maranatha is better, but as you say that why they play the game


    Alhambra beat themselves not South Pasadena, on paper South Pasadena didn’t have a chance. Alhambra is a way better team than South Pasadena, but when you don’t run a an offense that you should be running “it’s all over”.

    Alhambra starting passing and spreaded the offense with 2:00 minutes left-DONT KNOW WHY BUT THEY DID !!! Marantha has one offense (PASS) and will do what they do best all day-SPREAD IT OUT and it will be all over. 42-14 final.

    Alhambra is small upfront and decided to run all day-makes no sense, good luck but South Pasadena you do not have a great offense. You scored two field goals- 1 second was given to you. Alhambra beat themselves, averaging 28 points a game in a passing game-but wanted to run and they paid the price. S.P. receive the “W” from Alhambra-it was taken.

  • MonroVian

    From Twitter : Monrovia scores with 25 seconds left and take the lead over paramount 40-36. Great game..

  • fyi

    Poly 28 Sage Hill 0 final

  • Bronco5

    How can you say So Pas is impressive, 35 14 is a butt kicking, you don’t gain anything on a loss. Oh I know the coach will say this will get us ready for league Bull S***. Arcadia losing to Burroughs,Temple City and La Salle which one will go 0-10? What has happened to the SGV

  • PurdueAlum05

    Were you at the South Pas game tonight???? South Pas lost the game because of special teams. They gave up punt and kickoff returns for touchdowns. South Pas was actually winning before these meltdowns happened. I give it to Maranatha because they came back from being down and showed no mercey. They have a great system that they run and execute it well. South Pas will be a dangerous team if they can learn to pass the ball.

  • Bronco5

    All I’m saying is you don’t use the word impressive when you lose 35-14. If So. Pas can put everything together then you can say they are dangerous. You have to play 48 minutes. Playing great for 24 minutes and saying you made mistakes is a weak excuse. The RHL is up for grabs this year. Whoever plays the next 5 games for a full 48 minutes with all parts of their game working wins the league.

  • PurdueAlum05

    I am not making an excuse for losing. You were the one attacking Miguel’s headline about South Pas being impressive. I was just defending him. He was at the game and saw the same game that I did. As for yourself, you obviously weren’t there. I gave Maranatha its props and I stated where South Pas needs to improve on. I never said South Pas should have won like Alhambra fans have been crying after the South Pas game. You need to stop hating with the Moor fans.

  • PurdueAlum05

    I read your article on the South Pas vs. Maranatha game and all I can say is well put. Nice work!

  • Hoopla

    Good game South Pas. As I said before, if you’re down in the game or the running game isn’t working, it is time to let us see what the sophomore quarterback can do. I watched the game against San Gabriel, he has a pretty decent arm. He will be a good one for sure in the coming years.

  • #1 Indian Fan

    Mr. Realist,

    How did you like that smash mouth football?

    I guess the Apaches had the same mind set of the game being won before it was played.

    Good luck next year.

    GO INDIANS!!!!!!

  • ana
  • Captain Obvious

    Good teams play full games. South Pas could hang with Maranatha for a half, but no more than that. It’s tough, both mentally and physically, to go hard for a full game.

    Who was President the last time you heard a coach say, “this loss was on me, I got my ascot handed to me in coaching tonight”? We should’ve heard it after the Arcadia game. Giving 300+ yards on the ground? Getting caught with your pants down on special teams – TWICE? Blame the players all you want (we didn’t play our best…), but these are things you can prepare for, and adjust to (or not) with coaching.

  • bigfatfan

    Bronco, you are an idiot. were you at the game? I see a team that has turned the corner and is about to make a big splash in RHL league play. I love it that SP’s emergence as a contender in the valley is getting folks riled up. take for instance REALLY who is still pissed off about the Moors loss to the Tigers last week. Tiger D dominated Moors, no doubt.

    as for last night, the Tigers went blow for blow with Maranatha for the one half, then fell apart when special teams failed to execute. we were down four seniors on defense last night due to a variety of reasons, and it showed as SP was unable to keep the Maranatha runners contained. Tiger O-line dominated Maranatha

    I was impressed with Maranatha’s speed. i’ve never seen them play before, but they have some speed. I think the QB may be overrated. Only once did he throw downfield. the rest of the time he relied on short screens to his running backs. Yeah, his stats may look impressive, but he does not make any tough throws.

  • the pacific

    I can’t be the only one to think this but its so far over for Muir them coaches over there SUCK how do you lose to Crescenta Valley LOL CV…..ARE U SERIOUS i say they should fire the coaches before the season is over make an example out of them. And then Arcadia the almighty Arcadia you go and lose to Burrough after all that smack talking about how great your team is and blah blah blah (Realist) show up and post something Lady good game Burroughs way to run it down their throats. Pasadena you struggled against Glendale a game winning td with 15 seconds left, “WHAT” even though Muir sucks they still will beat Pasadena in the turkey tussel this year, because Pasadena SUCKS even more. This year the Pacific League is terrible im ashamed to be a fan of it those WC, Bonita, DRanch and other teams of the Southeast look like they are going to tear a new hole in any team that come out of the Pacific league this year, you watch and see my prediction no team in the Pacific League will make it out of the first round.

  • Tom S

    You guys played tough the first half. Controlled the ball on offense and ate up the clock. As MM said in the paper this morning, SP first score was a massive clock-chewing 13 play, 77 yd drive. Maranatha responded with a 4 play, 65 yd td. At half-time we were talking about 4 or 5 or your players were playing both O and D and bet you would tire out the 2nd half and you did.
    Sorry, you werent impressed by Drew but as you said youve only seen him one game. Ill tell you this kid is the entire package.
    Hey, good luck to you guys in league. If you can put together a full 48 minutes of football you might just make a statement this year

  • Tom S

    You guys played tough the first half. Controlled the ball on offense and ate up the clock. As MM said in the paper this morning, SP first score was a massive clock-chewing 13 play, 77 yd drive. Maranatha responded with a 4 play, 65 yd td. At half-time we were talking about 4 or 5 or your players were playing both O and D and bet you would tire out the 2nd half and you did.
    Sorry, you werent impressed by Drew but as you said youve only seen him one game. Ill tell you this kid is the entire package.
    Hey, good luck to you guys in league. If you can put together a full 48 minutes of football you might just make a statement this year

  • objective fan

    To fyi Yes, Poly did win 28-0 but it was against a team that is obviously struggling to put a program together this year. The panthers are now 4-1 only losing to Gabrielino last week (a game they should have won) When they meet league rival Rio Hondo Prep, Poly will get a serious wake up call and realize they have’nt played anyone up until this point. Good luck with the Kares, you’ll need it.

  • GrimReaper

    RHL Prediction:
    Put it in the bank:

    Monrovia: 5-0
    Yeah I know we are all sick of them winning everything over and over now. They are the TC of the early 70’s now. Despite showing cracks in the preseason, and that McCarthy is not necessarily the next Warren Sap. struggles to a perfect record in league, with maybe a scare or two along the way.

    4-1 to 3-2 gang with maybe a tie thrown in to make it more interesting fight for the second CIF spot.
    San Marino, South Pasadena
    People seem to forget that the current Junior crop at SM was at the top of the league in Fosh and soph levels. The SM SP rivalry game will be a barn-burning game of the week if not the year. Will the other teams figure out the SP defense or will an undersized SP D be able to tough it out. Who knows 2 and 3 are a toss up right now pending injuries. Or is SM true to form, weak preseason raises hopes to be dashed on the feet of Monrovia, SP and or potentially LC? You pick it all I know is you had better show up early on 11-4 to get a seat you can see the field from at SP.

    La Canada:
    2-3 looking on the outside hoping to sneak a win and be a spoiler. Could it happen, likely not.

    Change in uniforms removed more than their horns. Beat the Vikings, Beat the Vikings will be the chant, as once proud boosters pray and thank god for Blair
    TC upside, beats LC for 5th place. The coaches need escort off field if they lose to Blair.
    Faithful alumni fans like Golden Arm burn their lettermen jackets at the 50 yd line and are arrested for an open fire without a permit, in protest, if they lose to Blair.


    Competes for love of the sport– sorry–0-5–1971 was a long time ago.

  • natha11

    bigfatfan… really? as you said, youve only seen one game.. ONE game that drew played.. just because he only threw downfield once doesnt mean anything.. it was part of the gameplan and it turns out he didnt need to in order to beat you guys. watch any other game tape and youll eat your words. the kid threw 587 yards in a game last year as a sophomore.. how can you call him overrated..?

  • bigfatfan

    Grim: nice assessment. spot on.

  • Tom S

    Hey Fan:
    Forgot to ask, where was the SP crowd? Look like the Maranatha side might have had more there than the home team. Did SP have something else going on last night?
    Just wondering

  • rhp

    Rio Hondo Prep 31, Village Christian 13 final

  • objective fan

    To rhp, Yes, a great game between two good teams. Too bad #27 didnt score on the kickoff return to start the 2nd half but i’m sure he will remember that moment for a good long while. #28 on V.C. was very good (hard hitter) but was no match for the chemistry between #12 and #9 on R.H.P. Encouraging to see #8 kick a field goal from 40 plus yards out and make it. Hats off to the Kares for being a well coached, disciplined football team.

  • PurdueAlum05

    natha11 and Tom S,
    I am a South Pas Alum and I was impressed with the Maranatha qb. There was one play where we should of have sacked him for a 10 yard loss and he showed pretty good speed to escape two or three SP defenders and turn the play into a positive gain. He also has a good arm, so I can’t say he isn’t a good player. Your team speed amazed me; #1 and #5 are fast. You guys showed that you are the better team. Good luck the rest of the way! As for my Tigers, we need to figure out our passing game. There are issues with it, otherwise our coach would pass more when we’re down by 2 tds. Our qb goes to #85 way too much. He needs to look at other receivers down field. I understand he is a sophmore, so he should learn with experience.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Miguel,
    Just wondering how much you are predicting the Pasadena Poly team will beat Rio Hondo Prep by since you seem to think they are going to win???? REALLY???

  • objective fan

    To Anonymous I have seen both Poly and Rio Hondo Prep play and cant imagine poly coming out on top. Poly hasn’t played anybody close to the caliber of Rio Hondo Prep and as I said in a previous post, poly will get a serious wake up call when they play the Kares. Perhaps if Poly would schedule a few tough pre- league games they could eventually rise to the occasion of playing a team like R.H.P., but when they play teams like Sage Hill and Brethren Christian the team never gets a real test. Rio’s quarterback has improved GREATLY over last year and is a force on both offense and defense and seems to connect with his receivers quite well so far. All I can say to Poly is when your game against Rio Hondo Prep comes up, better get a good night’s sleep and eat your wheaties for breakfast

  • PurdueAlum05

    It really doesn’t matter what you do on JV because your best players should be playing Varsity. When I was in school, LC finished in last place (0-10) for JV and they won league when they got to Varsity. The reason for this is that they had 5 Sophmores playing Varsity. So to your comment about San Marino winning league for their JV and Freshmen teams, let’s see them do it at the Varsity level because I don’t see it happening.

  • rhlfan


    San Marino had 7 sophomores playing varsity under Mooney last year, and their JV team still managed to win league. While i’m not saying that JV level translates to Varsity level, San Marino has talent, young talent at that, they have another 6 or 7 sophomores this year playing varsity again.

  • 6power


    There was a cold wind blowing into the visitor stands at Rosemead, and it became clear pretty quick our defense was once again unable to stop any drive at any time – by anyone.
    28-3 at half, with the Mead being thrown 6 balls to intercept right directly in their hands, of which they caught 3. Turnovers just can’t happen with this frequency if you expect to win. Our first series opened with 3 straight passes – but all night we put our QB into positions where he had to improvise, and we paid the price.
    TC supporters outnumbered the Rosemead crowd, but had little to cheer about. We have no hitters on defense and no real impact players on offense. Had TC not suffered the flight of Brandon Cox, Andrew Gibson, Carlos Mota etc – along with players out of uniform like the Coppings, Starling and others, it might be different. It would be different. The TC campus is not flooded with great athletes so those that are there – need to be in uniform. A single player at TC can make a huge difference. We have the best QB in the RHL on campus, but he is not on the squad. He is committed 100% to baseball. After the crappy sophomore experience he had I can see why.
    Yes, the Rams could go winless. And anyone who has been a committed fan and gone through that knows what it feels like. It sucks…. as a senior it worse than sucks.
    We talked about being a running team, but are anything but a running team. One bright spot is our O line, but you would not know it. Our big center is getting better every game, Bassete is moving people into the next zip code….but it matters little without a dedicated game plan to push the running game. No team fears our run attack…and that may be a FIRST IN 50 YEARS.
    At this point improvement should be our goal. TC supporters will not abandon these kids or this season and look forward to getting our first win wherever we can.
    Go Rams

  • 6power

    Nowadays schools are interchanging JV and varsity rosters in a way that blurs the distinction of what team you actually are a part of. Combined JV/Varsity practices are also common nowadays – where in the past the teams almost always practiced separately.

    Frosh and JV should be a training ground for Friday night lights and be under the overall umbrella and system of the varsity head coach – in at least some degree…assuring techniques and mindset are right to fit the Varsity offense and defense schemes as the kid matures and moves up the line.
    I know some will disagree, but with most perennial high school powers this is the foundation. It used to extend all th way down into the root of Pop Warner/Junior All American football.

  • bigfatfan

    Tom, unfortunately, SP fans like to sit on their hands. what can I say. maybe that’s why the football program has sucked for so many years under the previous coaching regime. fan base generally lacks desire, very passive.

  • 6power

    Grim Reaper,

    I may have to exchange my sign on for yours this season, as things are truly GRIM in the hornless land of green and gold.
    Our kids are down and I have never seen a TC crowd so flat and lifeless.
    Their is no precision and no intensity and both will be needed to give So Pas a decent challenge.
    Change is afoot in the RHL.

  • Tom S

    Fan: Sorry to hear. What’s going on with public schools?
    La Canada brought a very small crowd to Maranatha last week. I expected a large SP crowd with it being a home game for you.
    Come on it’s Friday Night Lights in the SGV. Bring the crowds.

  • GloucesterCoach


    “maybe that’s why the football program has sucked for so many years under the previous coaching regime”????

    Are you serious? In saying that you have ripped all the coaches and players that have played for South Pas for the last 15 plus years. Me included. SP went to CIF 2 out of the 3 years when I played in the early 2000s.

    Don’t make blatant statements without knowing your history.

    I played for Coach Smith and learned a lot from him. I’m glad to see Coach Conrad have success and it’s great to see the Tiger’s succeed, but he will face the problem that all South Pas teams have, which is depth.

  • bigfatfan

    Coach Smith was mailing it in for the last 5+ years of his tenure as head coach. I dont know what he and his staff were like 10+ years ago, but the recent program history was pathetic. Many of the issues SP deals with are similar to those faced by SM and LC, yet they seemed to be largely competitive, while SP languished. so I dont see the “depth” issue as an excuse for mediocity. Many of the coaching staff were nice guys, but nice guys dont get it done when there is a leadership vacuum. I dont want to embarrass the school but I now this program was stagnant and was going nowhere. Football was a recreational endeavor at SPHS. and the local community tolerated it. We are hopeful that is changing now.

  • GloucesterCoach

    Big Fat,
    Depth obviously was an issue on Friday against Maranatha. What do you define as success for LC and SM? TC and Monrovia have always been the top 2 dogs in the RHL.

    Did you play under Coach Smith? If not, I don’t see how you could assess if he was “mailing it in” for the last 5 years or not.

  • Bronco5

    Bigfatfan: you called me an idiot well let me say this. I’m a SPHS alum and there are two reasons why the athletic teams at the school have been mediocre for decades. #1 the top tier athletes in the city go to private schools. You can ask any coach in the RHL and they would agree that SP would be at the top of the league year in and year out if those players stayed in the city. #2 parents get in the way and want to run coaches out of town when their kids aren’t on the field or they’re not winning. It’s been this way for 40 years and continues. Imagine what parents would do if the top athletes were there, their kids wouldn’t even be on a team. It is what it is and a lot of people in the town know it so just deal with it.

  • 6power

    Last year TC lost to So Pas and a few years before beat them only because Williams Do was one helluva kickoff return man….late in the 4th quarter to boot.
    The only team in the RHL that can boast of “depth” is Monrovia.
    TC’s strong suit was its coaching, philosophy and work ethic that was instilled at the freshman level and preached and praised relentlesly until grade 12. Being a player who achieved the “hardcore for 4” status – playing all 4 years – meant alot at Temple City.
    Much has changed – and the thought of football becoming “recreational” or carrying the weight of some intramural activity is sickening. I can’t see Coach McFarland letting that happen at TC. Given time and solid effort I truly hope to see Ram football reborn at some point.

    The lack of depth can become a death nail come playoff time. It is great to see the Tigers competing and winning football games – and great for the RHL as well.

  • Philly B.

    Congrats to Monrovia on a comeback win against paramount. And congrats to South Pas, they may have lost last friday, But I hope they can make the playoffs this year with their defense leading the way.

  • objective fan

    To anonymous My apologies to any Pasadena Poly fans out there. It seems the game I saw vs. Sage Hill had a number of 2nd string panthers in play so I’ve been told including the Q.B. Cant wait to see the game between Poly and R.H.P. apparently, it should be a good one. Also, I’m curious to find out what Mr. Melendez thinks of this prep league match up. there was some talk earlier of Poly beating Rio, but I haven’t heard much about it lately. Hopefully both teams bring it on game day and give us a great day of football to watch.

  • objective fan

    To anonymous My apologies to any Pasadena Poly fans out there. It seems the game I saw vs. Sage Hill had a number of 2nd string panthers in play so I’ve been told including the Q.B. Cant wait to see the game between Poly and R.H.P. apparently, it should be a good one. Also, I’m curious to find out what Mr. Melendez thinks of this prep league match up. there was some talk earlier of Poly beating Rio, but I haven’t heard much about it lately. Hopefully both teams bring it on game day and give us a great day of football to watch.

  • Pressure

    Tom S. my kids go to Natha – Football has been the King for a long time coming – they do anything for the sport there – who they hire – who they fire – where the $$ goes – and that’s the program the parents must want – but other schools may have a different flavor and thats why the crowds are down.

  • bigfatfan

    Bronco, and why do you think kids/parents that live in SP have their kids go to private school? cuz they know that SP is not serious about building competitive sports teams on a year in, year out basis. you may hit the jackpot one year, or maybe two out of shear luck, but there is no plan to excel at athletics, its just happenstance if success occurs.

  • 6power


    Apparently no one told Conrad it was OK to suck.

    Looks like he and the So Pas kids are taking the field with the intention to win football games.

    Parents are parents – and whether your kid plays for Amat or South Pas, you need to get your ass in the grandstands and support him or her. No excuses.

    The school in turn, should do their part to encourage attendance by way of rallies or visual aids posted throughout the campus. Of course, winning is contagious and maybe SP will get that infection this year.

  • bigfatfan

    We are hopeful that Coach Konrad along with what we feel is newfound support from school administrators and parents and the local community will result in a competitive program that strives for excellence, as opposed to mediocrity, regardless of the depth of talent or individual skillsets that wind their way through the program on a year-in year-out basis. Please note, Coach Konrad, in his first few months on the job, was instrumental in getting a new weightroom at the school (the old one was ridiculous, half the equipment did not work), football specific fundraisers (a novel idea but not done under previous regime), and individual accountability for all the kids (another novel idea, but lacking under previous regime). we have ways to go, but change is in the wind.

  • What I witnessed Friday night at the Arcadia game was a sight for sore eyes. All this talk about the big play reciever Lagace, QB Myles with his supposed cannon of an arm. Well waited the entire game only to be let down like a strip show at The Other Ball– Wait that is too old school for most you readers. Arcadia is a very average football team at best. Temple City indeed has seen its better days too. Nosebleed is done. What has happened is the bands have gotten alot better. Huge Asian influx in the area has finally met its maker. Good Ole Days are gone— Taco Lita ready to turn in to Sushi to Go folks— Hope we can at least keep the race track running for the horses or should we start looking for rickshaws?

  • whipped

    @Long Time Apache Fan. Arcadia lost its first league game and you’re acting like they are 0-7 in league, stop overreacting over one bad game. It’s still high school football, I’m sure when/if you played you would understand that there are bad games. And Arcadia’s influx of Asians have made the band better but hey hasn’t Arcadia Baseball won league the past 3 years? (the last 2 undefeated) The football team won league last year, coming off a terrible season before. The track and field/cross country/golf/tenis have been dominating for years. But i guess its still not good enough for your ‘good ole days’. Get your facts straight, Arcadia athletics isn’t going down the drain you idiot. Just because theres an increasing number of asians at Arcadia, there are also an increasing number of black people. Theres a hopeful fact for you, you racist old man.