Star Picks: Almont, Rio Hondo, Mission open play.

Thursday’s game
Monrovia at La Canada, 7 p.m. — Monrovia
Duarte vs. Azusa at Citrus College, 7 p.m. — Azusa

Friday’s games
Rio Hondo Prep at Viewpoint, 3:30 p.m. — Rio Hondo Prep
Harvard-Westlake at St. Francis, 7:30 p.m. — St. Francis
Burbank at Arcadia, 7 p.m. — Arcadia
Blair vs. San Marino at Muir, 7 p.m. — San Marino
South Pasadena at Temple City, 7 p.m. — South Pasadena
Crescenta Valley at Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Pasadena
Muir vs. Hoover at Glendale, 7 p.m. — Muir
Montebello at San Gabriel, 7 p.m. — Montebello
South El Monte at Gabrielino, 7 p.m. — South El Monte
Rosemead at El Monte, 7 p.m. — Rosemead
Alhambra vs. Keppel at Moor Field, 7 p.m. — Alhambra
Marshall vs. Sierra Canyon at Pierce College, 7 p.m. — Sierra Canyon

Saturday’s games
St. Bernard vs. Bosco Tech, 1:30 p.m. — Bosco Tech
Pasadena Poly at Chadwick, 2 p.m. — Pasadena Poly

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  • 6power

    and so it begins.
    I’ll be going to South Pas and hoping not to experience any flashbacks of the hideous CIF tie breaker, 2 games in one night fiasco from a couple years back. Possibly a Tiger Dog with extra chili and a warm gatorade will burn the memory away.

    TC has got to be a 21 point point underdog, because anyone and everyone puts up 40 or so points on us. So Pas is now the clock management controller, not the Rams. Obviously we need a victory to come out of the black hole of misery we now lie in.
    Anything is possible on that field.
    Go Rams.

  • What

    Hey Guys, Bosco Tech and St Benards play on Saturday at 1:30pm not Saturday.

  • What

    Bosco plays on Saturday not Friday

  • What

    Bosco Tech plays on Saturday not Friday

  • ck

    Really? Pasadena over Crescenta Valley, you know thats a bais pick. Pasadena gives on average about 40 points a game not to mention Crescenta Valley just stoped a “Undeterred” Muir offence. When you can pick games with no bais then i’ll take your picks for the week into consideration!

  • Jay Tua

    I’m with CK. . .

    CV vs Pasadena. CV 42-0
    Arcadia vs Burbank. Burbank 27-21

  • johnny be good

    Rio hondo plays on Friday and the JV plays on Saturday

  • MonroVian

    Great come back by MonroVia, great job Blake! That a way to fire that pig skin!!!!! Keep it up fellas!
    Below is a YouTube link, Paramount vs. Monrovia

  • 6power

    Monrovia down by 3 scores and comes back to win against Paramount.
    La Canada up 21-7 in the 2nd and loses to Arroyo 23-21.

    Coach Yoder keeps proving he can do alot with whatever he has, and the kids believe in him. He was a very good JV coach and continues to get better on the Varsity level. La Canada is the wild card in the RHL this year.

    Arroyo is a pretty good football team. Temple City’s big Oline pushed them around, but the Knights short pass game killed the Rams ( who hasn’t killed the Rams thus far?)Do the Spartans have a prair against Monrovia? If the M-town defense plays as it is capable, LC should be shut out at half.

    In the 6 team RHL, things go fast. One loss and suddenly you are not the front runner and are jammed into a train car called the “Coin Toss Express”, with all your friends who have similar records and are hoping for a playoff berth. Somebody always draws the short straw and gets the shaft and somebody else gets a seat in the VIP car that rides into 1st round CIF action.
    Worse yet, you find yourself in the CIF tie-breaker, about the worse scenario imaginable. Some Ahole decides it is ok to play the tie breaker IMMEDIATELY after your Friday night game – starting at 10pm or so. The announcement is made on the spot, no warning. Kids and parents know nothing…because the normal method is a Saturday early morning tie breaker. The kids are led to a waiting bus, totally down because they just lost and now must regroup and play again. All this squeezed into a time frame to coincide with the CIF bracket seeding extravanganza of that same Saturday morning.
    Do yourself a favor and win games. Don’t back in.

  • bigfatfan

    6Power: see you at the game Friday? hopefully the Tigers have Lamb (Ram) Stew for dinner to go along with you Tiger Dog. šŸ˜‰

  • Bob Anon


    LC is going to be 1-5 after this Thursday. Will the kids still believe? I hope so, but I doubt it.

    Yoder is doing the best he can with what he has. I hope the kids play hard for him in all five league games–this first one might as well be written off though.

  • Pete Eckhart

    6 Power you still seem a little bitter from a few years ago…… I love it!

  • bigfatfan

    6Power, I hear you on the tie-breaker situation in the RHL. while the actual “playoff” that took place at SP two years ago was imperfect, it was better than the coin-flip tie breaker that was used last year. Perfect world: RHL ADs agree to look at head-to-head stats or some other tangible competition-based tie-breaker in the future, and do not leave it up to flip of the coin, at least not for the first tie-breaker.

  • 6power

    Pete E

    not so much bitter as just anti-tie breaker, anti abbreviated contest with funky rules being used as a substitute for a real football game.

    I understand the necessity, and maybe it is the better of some other evil (like the coin toss)but still for a long year and hard work to boil down to this being the go or no go just ain’t right. And I would say that and have said that being on both the losing and winning end.

    And finally Pete,referring to La Canada, and since you went there, I have the come from behind Tim Loya called two point conversion tie game for CIF playoff berth to get me through any possible bitterness I might have.
    Yoder and the Spartans deserved the tie breaker victory – they earned it.

  • SVG Fan

    Prediction for Thursdays game….

    Monrovia 21
    La Canada 28

    M-cats are hurting on defense!

  • MonroVian

    SGV Hater, (Fan)
    I will admit that Monrovia’s D needs some polishing, but in no way shape or form, will the score be that close! I know you hate Monrovia but come on now, you took it too far there buddy!!!!
    Lets show LC how we really play D MonroVia!
    Good luck to both teams…

  • SGV fan

    Cmon littleBuddy, I’m not hating, just predicting. You gotta learn to chill!

  • MonroVian

    SGV Fairy,
    Oh Fairy, Im as chill as they come little buddy! Cant wait to see a good game from both teams… Good Luck Cats!

  • Grim Reaper

    Hey SGV Fan:

    Not that I like seeing Monrovia march to the sea like Sherman’s Army, but I will take that beat. La Canada 28 Monrovia 21, in fact I will give you a bettor (ha ha get it) deal.

    I will bet you straight up no point spread.

    Loser has to go to Knight High School in Palmdale and watch a CIF playoff game in a t shirt (no coat). Remember I will be watching.

  • Bob Anon

    SGV Fan must be a San Dimas or South Hills fan….

  • WildKitty

    I do love me some Cats but I think Ellis McCarthy has checked out of the MHS Football program and is only thinking of college programs now.

    I mean who wants to risk getting hurt playing Blair like the Sanchez kid did last year, when you have a full-ride scholarship waiting for you somewhere?

    But kinda tacky — the Wildcat Program is all over the place – Ellis-this and Ellis-that – I think next year will be better when it’s the “Wildcats” again — and not the team Ellis McCarthy plays for….or doesn’t – he won’t be playing this vs LC or next against Blair.

    Go Wildcats – with or without Ellis.

  • Mtownclown

    just too let u haters know McCARTHY IS PLAYING 2MORROW! family member soo i know what im talking about

  • SGV fan


    WHO CARES!! Have you seen his stats lately, maybe next year!

  • MonroVian

    Glad to hear the Big Guy will play! Lets turn it around fellas, stay on that winning train, we all know what you guys are capable of! And hey, they cant win unless they score right… Lets shut out the Rio Hondo boys. Good luck Cats!

  • anonymous

    Hey SGV Fan aka Archie Bunker, apparently you care because you always open your big mouth every time the word Monrovia hits the blog, You are a complete MORON.

  • Mtownclown

    SGV fan is just a piece of trash…that hates on kids playing football i dont think that ellis really cares about stats this year the key is too stay healthy because hes on too BIGGER and BETTER things stop hating and show some respect u MORON!

  • Bob Anon

    If Ellis plays tonight, then he better also play against the four other RHL teams…. typical that a star player comes back just in time for LC…. and Ellis, I hope to see you in C&G next year.