Thursday Night Aftermath: Touchdown, Monrovia X 7 = Wildcats rolling past La Caada 47-2 in league opener.

By Keith Lair, Staff Writer

LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE – Monrovia High School was missing its two marquee defensive players, but the Wildcats did not miss a beat in their Rio Hondo League opener Thursday night.

Highly recruited defensive lineman Ellis McCarthy and junior middle linebacker George Frazier V were suited up but did not play in the visiting Wildcats’ 47-2 victory over La Caada.

“The kids that were in really, really stepped up,” Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox said. “We have some people beat up, but we were lucky and fortunate we did not need them. We have to get healthy and better each week.”

The Wildcats defense held the Spartans to 80 rushing yards and 94 total yards. The Spartans’ two points were scored when the ball was snapped over the head of Monrovia punter Brandon Wingenbach and out of the end zone in the third quarter.

“We knew they were going to try and stop the run,” La Caada coach Dan Yoder said. “We felt like if we got to that first level, we would be OK. A few times we did. We just never were able to bust one.

“We couldn’t string a bunch of them together.”


The Wildcats won their 18th consecutive league game dating back to the 2007 season.

Quarterback Blake Heyworth had his way with the Spartans’ defense in completing 15 of 22 passes for 246 yards and two touchdowns with one interception. He threw only three passes in the second half.

“We knew it was going to be there, and it was there,” the junior said of the open field. “We were just making the plays. It felt good to get into league and get a good win like that. The line stepped up, giving me time. It was a good team game.”

Seven of those pass completions were to Anthony Craft across the middle for 78 yards.

“He had an incredible game,” Maddox said of Heyworth. “He’s got poise. He’s a great young quarterback. He does something exceptional with the ball and puts it were it needs to be. It’s a great weapon.”

After the Wildcats got their passing game established, they got the running game going. Marquise Bias, starting the running game with draw plays, ran for 154 yards and three touchdowns on 12 carries.

“The draws were helping out a lot,” he said. “They were kind of hesitating to come back down to me. The line opened up holes for me.”

Monrovia had 392 total yards in the first half en route to a 27-0 lead. The Wildcats, 3-3, finished with 549 total yards.

Maddox contributed a 31-14 loss to San Dimas in the third game of the season with the emergence of a much better team.

“San Dimas was kind of the turning point,” he said. “They shipped off the whole CIF championship game from last year. They kind of walked in expecting to be able to show up and play and they realized we haven’t done anything yet. Since that time, practice has been excellent and they’re doing what is needed.”

La Canada, 1-5, had the ball in Monrovia territory only once, off a Kevin Paynter interception.

“You have to take advantage of the opportunities and we didn’t,” Yoder said.

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  • 6power

    It is surprsing that Heyworth threw 36 times against Paramount…where is the success of the M-town run game? I understand that being down 24-7 at half would account for an increase in pass attempts, but with a kid talented as Ramirez to carry the rock, The Cats should be able to get excellent ypc on the ground.

    Either way this game boils down to defense…specifically if La Canada can get physical up front and possibly create a turnover or two.

    I am going to try and make the game and look forward to seeing this Monrovia team in comparison to last year’s M-town team. Defense was what brought the Mid Valley championship home last year.

  • MonroVian

    46-2 Monrovia 4th qtr, where you at SGV Fairy! (Fan)!!!!!

  • GrimReaper

    6 Power,

    SGV Fan will be attending a CIF Playoff game in November in a t-shirt at Knight HS in Palmdale. BBBBRRRRRRRRR! That was the bet, SGV Fan it will soon be time to pay up. Remember I am always watching.

    That said, it looks like another scorched earth march to the sea (playoffs) for Monrovia.

    Looked like, based on the end time of the game at just after 9, that it was a running clock situation. Either LC is just not that good, or God help the rest of the league.

  • GrimReaper

    More Analysis.

    Monrovia has a dream league schedule.
    Next week they play Blair, so they essentially have an extra week to get ready for SM.
    Then they play TC, so they have an extra week to get ready for their last conference game with SP.
    So if they show up less then ready for either SM or SP it will be on them.

    SP will have a leg up as they play Blair the week before they play SM in their rivalry game that should be for 2nd place and possibly the final playoff slot for the RHL.

    meanwhile SM plays Monrovia the week before the SP game, so will they be beat up and spent when they play SP.

    Or will they phone in the Monrovia Game and play for 2nd. The next few weeks will tell if the Monrovia LC game was just a fluke or that Monrovia is just too good for the league anymore.

    Note, I would like to see Monrovia go into decline as much as anyone, but you must give them their due, they may just be too good for the RHL anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the story?….. Miguel wake up. Let us know the details.

  • 6power

    Grim Reaper

    The talent pool at M-town is deeper than Lake Tahoe and “decline” does not apply. They just needed some time to figure out how to live in a Buenoless world and apparently Heyworth is confortable at QB and Maddox is showing him some love there.
    This all spells doom for the rest of the RHL of course, as you pretty much predict. M-town, after a bust ass preleague, now has 5 games to work on execution and polish up and prep their depth charts in anticipation of CIF play.

    What is significant about this win is LC could not get into Monrovia territory. DEFENSE.

    Back in 09 San Marino should have beat Monrovia, but lost 12-10, after Josh Lowden busted up a play near the goal line causing a SM fumble. M-town play calling was some of the worst that night…it almost looked like they wanted to lose. I think the Cats have come a long way since then and won’t likely go back to being vulnerable in the RHL…unless teams in the RHL raise their level of play.
    I don’t have an explanation for TC’s horrid 0-5 start. We could lose 42-7 tonight. We could inexplicably wake up, become aggressive and play Ram football. It used to be we lived for the opener. If we continue to allow a 2 yard pass to become a 80 yard TD, it could be a long night. Good luck to South Pasadena tonight as well.
    Go Rams.

  • WildKitty

    Looks like “Mtownclown” doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does – family? Whatever – or is this same angry dad that blasted softball coach and is now running for school board?

    Highly recruited defensive lineman Ellis McCarthy and junior middle linebacker George Frazier V were suited up but did not play in the visiting Wildcats’ 47-2 victory over La Caada.

    Ellis didn’t play — and I would be he won’t against Blair either to get well or not injure himself anymore and be all ready for college.

    Why this team needs to fall behind one kid to idolize – like Bueno last year – or Ellis this year – why can’t the whole team be the star attraction?

    Great work Wildcats

  • PurdueAlum05

    LC is having a down year this year, so I wasn’t expecting anything less from Monrovia but to come out with a dominating victory. I still think the top teams in the Rio Hondo League are Monrovia, SP and SM. We’ll see what happens tonight.

  • Dan

    Here’s my take,
    No drama or suspense here, Rio Hondo league might as well just line up and call in the games,[just kidding]
    but I’m pretty sure Monrovia will now turn back into the Rio Hondo jaugernaught and roll through league and first round or two in playoffs, then come late November things will get interesting again with either Covina or San Dimas lurking, waiting, ready to pounce.
    Wildcats will be on a roll by then and running on all cylinders, Looks like Hayworth will give them the stability they need at QB so that this team can finally get in sync. Should be some great semi final and finals match ups too close to pick a winner but my guess as of now is Covina will be the last one standing in this Mid Valley war pile. We’ll know more after next week when they play San Dimas.

  • mtownclown

    @wildkitty……u don’t know me soo shut ur mouth… my nephew was supposed too play but not start but after monrovia was killing LC already there was no need too play him just gave him rest for his trip too oregon in which i was there when his car and driver showed up too take him too the airport …there won’t be a need too play him this week either monrovia will score 60 plus points on blair while my nephew #18 will suit up but will have a headset on too coach lol….go wildcats

  • Mtownclown

    WildKitty ……your kid must ride the bench …im sorry……dont hate we are on the same team …..u will see me on tv in texas at the all american game with my sister and nephew ellis ill be sure too have a shirt on that says Mtownclown lol

  • WildKitty

    Yikes — someone touched a nerve…

    Dont have kids and all my brothers started at Muir — so guess you got THAT wrong too….but hey, you’re on a roll with getting things wrong so what’s one more thing.

    And who says people won’t be happy for the kid for being a success — good for him — but then you got that wrong too – my point was there are a lot of kids on the team and when you focus on one you come apart — so don’t get your panties in a bunch Uncle Mtownclown and wish your nephew well — and I don’t think I will be shutting my mouth. If a loud mouth like you can make noise – we all can. That’s the American Way šŸ™‚

  • Philly B.

    @wildkitty- LOL, that was funny. but you have a point. But Maddox is a good coach and I think that will NEVER happen where his team will fall apart because of one player. Maybe in Garrisons reign that could of been a possibility, but not maddox