Friday Night Aftermath: Billy McCreary hits 37-yard field goal with 2 seconds, lifts St. Francis to 23-20 win over Harvard-Westlake; Pasadena pulls the upset over Crescenta Valley, 53-42; Arcadia bounces back, 38-7; Muir wins big, 42-0; S. Pasadena rolls.

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Tonight’s games with predictions

St. Francis 23, Harvard-Westlake 20 — Billy McCreary hits three field goals, none more important than his 37-yard field goal with two seconds left to give the Golden Knights a come-from-behind win. St. Francis trailed 20-10 in the third quarter and stormed back with an impressive defensive stand late in the third quarter, then again late in the fourth quarter to force Harvard Westlake to punt. Jared Lebowitz was impressive once again, and Travis Talianko, Austin De Los Santos and Christian Hess made huge plays to keep important drives alive in the second half.

Arcadia 38, Burbank 7 — Myles Carr had 158 yards passing, 151 yards of which were in the first half. He finished with three touchdowns. Taylor Lagace had 91 yards total offense, including a 57-yard touchdown catch. Arcadia’s Jake Medel came up big with 161 yards rushing. Arcadia’s Zan Williams had a 75-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. The Apaches also recorded two safeties.

San Marino 55, Blair 0 — San Marino had an easy time scoring 48 points in the first half. Their second and third strong played the whole second half. Kwame Do ran for 137 yards on 10 carries and touchdowns of 9, 3, 26 in the first half. Nick Gott had 49 yards on 4 carries and scores of 14 and 28 yards. Blair was held to 78 yards of total offense and did not make it across their own 50. They had 4 fumbled, 2 recovered by the defense and three 4 interceptions, the first was returned 27 yards for a touchdown by San Marino’s Kieran Ryan.

South Pasadena 28, Temple City 6 — South Pasadena took advantage of the fact Temple City did not have starting quarterback Mikal Quintanilla, who was in street clothes. According to sources, Quintanilla was out with a concussion possibly suffered in last week’s game. South Pasadena’s Bertin Ngnibogha returned a fumble 25 yards for a touchdown and also had an interception.

Pasadena 53, Crescenta Valley 42 — Brandon Cox passed for 273 yards and three touchdowns. He also ran for two touchdowns to pull the upset over the Falcons. Riian Simpson caught five passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns. Crescneta Valley was up 28-27 at the half. In the third quarter, Pasadena shut out Crescenta Valley, 14-0. Told you guys the upset was coming. You heard it here first.

Muir 42, Hoover 0 — The Mustangs defense dominated Hoover, limiting them to 94 total offensive yards. Kevon Seymour recorded an interception in the first half before going out with an injury early in the second half. Injury doesn’t seem to be too serious (according to interim coach Dave Mitchell). The Mustangs scored on the very first drive of the game with a Joshua Muema-Washington 18-yard pass to Darick Holmes. Joshua Muema-Washington was 11 of 18 for 151 yards and 3 TDs. Travonta Herod rushed for 97 yards on 10 carries with 2 TDs. Lamarr McDaniels played big for the defense recording two sacks. The Mustangs improve to 3-3, 1-2 and Hoover falls to 0-6, 0-3.

San Gabriel 48, Montebello 17 — Andy Guerrero had an awesome game, completing 19 of 22 passes for 204 yards, three touchdowns and one rushing touchdown and 100 yards on 16 carries. Defensively, the Matadors had three sacks, an interception, forced four fumbles (recovered three) and one fumble returned for a touchdown by Hunter Garcia for 63 yards. San Gabriel’s Chris Valdez recorded the interception.

Rio Hondo Prep 50, Viewpoint 14
El Monte 31, Rosemead 28
Alhambra 32, Keppel 7
Sierra Canyon 49, Marshall 16
South El Monte 13, Gabrielino 10


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  • Dan

    It won’t even be close, St. Francis wins easy.

  • PurdueAlum05

    My picks.

    Rio Hondo Prep at Viewpoint, 3:30 p.m. — Rio Hondo Prep
    Harvard-Westlake at St. Francis, 7:30 p.m. — St. Francis
    Burbank at Arcadia, 7 p.m. — Arcadia
    Blair vs. San Marino at Muir, 7 p.m. — San Marino
    South Pasadena at Temple City, 7 p.m. — South Pasadena
    Crescenta Valley at Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Crescenta Valley
    Muir vs. Hoover at Glendale, 7 p.m. — Muir
    Montebello at San Gabriel, 7 p.m. — Montebello
    South El Monte at Gabrielino, 7 p.m. — South El Monte
    Rosemead at El Monte, 7 p.m. — Rosemead
    Alhambra vs. Keppel at Moor Field, 7 p.m. — Alhambra
    Marshall vs. Sierra Canyon at Pierce College, 7 p.m. — Sierra Canyon

  • GrimReaper

    TC SP

    TC returns to the SP haunted house of horrors to play an improved SP team that may just get into the CIF playoffs. Look for SP to hand out Halloween tricks, not treats to a horn-less (in more than one way) TC (yes TC on the hat) team.

    For those of you with interest in history, TC lost twice in one night to vanish (like the invisible man) from CIF playoff contention. First losing to SM and then losing to LC in a California tie breaker. But in case you forgot, I take the opportunity to kick the TC Rams while they are down, with this news recap.

    It is Friday night… lets get ready to rummmmble.

    The catch was, the tiebreaker would not happen the following morning but immediately.

    So Temple City, sweaty, dirty and still reeling from a 19-14 loss at San Marino, boarded a bus and led a posse to South Pasadena High, where LaCanada was waiting for them to conduct the tiebreaker.

    “There was no PA announcement. One of our assistant coaches, Johnny May, has a loud voice, and he just told everyone on our side of the stands to stick around,” Yoder said. “We waited a few minutes, and Temple City showed up in force. At that point, I don’t think anyone charged admission again.”

    In a California tiebreaker, each team is given four downs to score from the 25-yard line in a series of overtime periods until one emerges victorious.

    By the third overtime, the teams were tied 7-7 and it was getting close to 11 p.m. Temple City scored a touchdown and converted the extra point, and La Canada answered with a touchdown but this time decided to go for a two-point conversion for the win.

    “I knew we could do it,” Yoder said. “I huddled the team and asked them if they wanted to go for two, and everyone’s eyes told me that’s what they wanted to do.”

    Rocky Moore passed to Michael Arkfield for the winning two-point conversion, and La Canada exploded in a cardinal and gold celebration.

    Conducting the tiebreaker at the end of the night instead of the following morning was Yoder’s idea.

  • 6power


    Game time arrangement may have been Yoder’s idea – but someone at TC had to agree – otherwise only one team would have been there.

    I could add 77 points to the story, but it is stinky water under the bridge at this point – and that whole season could be a case study of why you don’t oust a coaching staff and seek new direction – immediately after that same staff took you to a CIF semi-finals appearance. Looking forward is the only option for a sane man at this point.

    Reaper – GAME IS AT TC NOT SOUTH PAS – we have a new parking lot, same announcer (but selling more insurance than usual this year) same snack bar where Hitchcock ate hot dogs, different helmet decals, coaches you won’t recognize but music you will. It is a little bit of TC and a little bit of something else that no one has figured out yet.
    Hopefully a good turnout of support tonight – they need the fan energy to lift them.

  • GrimReaper

    6 power

    Thanks for the proper location I would not have wanted anyone to get lost and attacked by Zombies at the dark and deserted SP haunted house.

    Good luck, to green and gold, I think you need it, but anything can happen in High School football.

  • fastandfirmdg

    Kares score final
    Viewpoint: 14

  • 6power

    21-0 with 1 minute left and TC on the 3yard line.
    Did we get 6?

    So Pas scored on a beautiful long pass, perfectly thrown and caught. We handed them another 6 with a fumbled toss, one of at leat 8 mishandled and dropped balls by in the TC backfield. Our QB was in street clothes.
    The score may not indicate it, but it was BY FAR our best game of the year. We had opportunities to win the game in fact, but we just don’t seem to know how to capitalize or attack.
    To the TC kids – great effort tonight…don’t hang your heads.
    So Pas is the biggest the Tigers have been since 2007.
    Good overall size. They really could become a good team. Unfortunately they were plagued by a relentless desire to hold and countless procedure penalties, moving prior to the snap. Their coaches and fans were booing the penalties and refs…but you can’t blame the refs for illegal procedure calls….that is a black and white, easy call to make. They ran nice power sweeps and TC tackled poorly when they did penetrate. The other Tiger score came on a 1 yard pass and 50 yard run…again poor tackling and too much cushion to begin with.
    WE CAN RUN THE FOOTBALL. Without a QB, we had to, and this is what we should have been doing from the start of the season. Dea played his best game and ran strong…at 5’2 he is extremely small, but the kid has huevos. So Pas D line was firing out low and chopping our O line, particularly Basette, at times it worked, other times we ran directly over the bodies flattened on the ground. Chris Reed, very nice effort filling in at QB.
    Congrats to So Pas and coach Konrad.

  • GrimReaper

    6 Power, as you oberserved you have a nice new parking lot.

    And the half time fireworks were fun.

    On the field well it was predictable, run left strong side, #22 runs laterally down the parallel with the line and hopes to find a hole. Occaisionally the QB throws a 5 yrd slant pass.

    I agree SP was their own worst enemy last night. 28-6 final. They have a good running back, but too are predictable.

  • Hoopla

    Congrats to South Pas! Bring it against La Canada next week, remember what happened last season. Miguel, would it be possible to give us a couple more stat lines on the game?

  • Matt

    My RHL prediction. Monrovia wins league and Blair does not. The other 4 teams are in a dog fight for one playoff spot. LC @ SP next Friday will go a long way towards answering who is #2. SP is solid. LC has played a tough schedule. Non league schedule went 20-7 and then they open with Monrovia. San Marino’s non-league was 7-19 and they open with Blair. TC was game but where was the QB?

  • 6power

    Hey Matt,

    QB got a concussion against the Mead. Hard to believe, but last night was our best game thus far this year. We made some stops and we drove he ball well – but then gagged repeatedly in the red zone. We are in a world of hurt, but as usual when things go like this, you have some kids who are putting out 120% regardless.

    So Pas played a semi-horrible game, they are obviously capable of much better. If TC had the slightest ability to score…this would have been a game. It was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter, a quarter in which TC had one possesion.
    Good luck to the Spartans next week.

  • Matt

    I was at the game. I wanted to see SP and to see a hornless TC. Also went to the new boat(prefer the old).

    6power, any relation to Goldenarm?

  • bigfatfan

    6Power, I feel your pain. without a QB, TC was a mess. I hope you guys get your QB back, or it will be a long painful season.

    As for SP being predictable, I guess the question is, can the defense stop our offense. I’d say that TC could not do that. the only thing that stopped SP from putting about 40 points on the board last night were all the SP penalties. they killed more drive than the TC defense.

    on the subject of penalties, the refs were absurd. 10 or so holding penalties against SP, come on… word from the SP players after the game is that the refs were cursing at the SP players, calling some of them Dumb A$$es. that is ridiculous.

    TC does have a nice new parking lot. but I dont remember them charging to park in that lot in the past. and the fire works were nice too. Now its on the LC. lets kick some Spartan A$$.

  • bigfatfan

    Hoopla, the reason SP lost to LC last year was due to crappy play calling by the former head coach. I doubt Coach Konrad will make those mistakes. on top of that, our defense this year can smother people. we did not have the skill set nor coaching for that level of defensive play last year. good luck to SP next week.

  • fan

    And why is Blair in RHL for football, really???

  • Hoopla

    Do not remind me of that game.1st and Goal. Pound it with Martin, touchdown, false start. 2nd and Goal. Bootleg with Bednarski. 3rd and goal. Sweep with our smallest player. 4th and goal. You know the story.
    After the false start penalty, it would’ve taken one or two more power plays to punch it in. But instead we do the opposite. Run it with our smallest player on a sweep, bootleg, and a predictable pass play.
    Last year’s SP team could’ve made it into the playoffs, easily and finished with a 4-1league record.
    I agree with you, Coach Konrad seems like a good coach. He utilizes his players well and puts them in the right position. He probably will not make the same mistake. The way things are going as of now, SP will smother LC. As I said, good luck to the Tigers next week.

  • MoneyTalks

    You heard it first.

    Pasadena will be Muir in the tussle. I am calling it earlier. Pasadena is getting scary.

  • MoneyTalks


  • 6power

    had to go with a different log on – password problem on the site.

    yeah the penaties were over the top, but some were just bad decision making and lazy holds and also you have a couple players who seem to be looking for opponents standing around daydreaming near the pile…just to come in a lay a cheap lick on someone at the end of a play. Happened 3 times…which means it is no coincidence…refs called it twice.
    On the good side of that, is the Tigers are being aggressive defensively and your safetys in particular move well on thrown balls.
    Like I said the procedure calls you have to step up and own those…and their were a zillion of them. I am sure Konrad will be all over that in practice.
    As far as 40 points being possible….I would not brag on that…everybody is scoring 40 on us.

    Like I’ve said 20 times, we have the best QB in the RHL on the TC campus, but he has “baseball only” written in black marker across the top of his jock. Here is my plea for him to join the team and help salvage what games are left.

  • Anonymous

    6power, I would have to disagree to having the best QB in the RHL, that Monrovia QB is way better than any QB in the RHL. Given that he has really only had 3 full games and three partial games and has already recorded 1175 yards passing and 13 touchdowns to 2 interceptions. I would say that those numbers will probably triple by seasons end. But I do know how you feel about having a great athlete walking around campus while your team is in need of those kind of players on the football squad.

  • Someone who knows

    @Grim Reaper

    The “California Tie Breaker” is no longer used to settle tie games in California since 1975. The California Tie Breaker was putting the ball on the 50 yardline and each team was given 4 plays and whatever side the ball was on (from midfield)the other team was awarded a point and the victory.

    In California, we have used the NFHS tiebreaker, in some form or another since 1977 from the 10 yardline and in the Southern Section, the 25 yardline for the last decade or so. State Bowl games and the City Section still use the 10 yardline. I believe it was once called the Florida Tie Breaker, and is frankly, superior to the California Tie Breaker.

  • bigfatfan

    6power: yeah, I heard the D is picking up some swagger this season, I guess the penalties will follow. for an SP fan, its nice to see some hitting on D for a change, the last three years were horrible for us on D. I have to confess the visitor stands at TC are really bad, even from the top row, you are barely above field level, so I missed of those hits.

  • GrimReaper

    To Someone who knows

    I was just cutting and pasting a news article that was written the following day after TC lost twice in one night. I was at both games, So Fla or Ca tiebreaker, it was a sweet night.

    This is what I pasted, I didnt write it.
    the reporter uses the term Ca tiebreaker, I guess the reporter was wrong too.

    The catch was, the tiebreaker would not happen the following morning but immediately……

    In a California tiebreaker, each team is given four downs to score from the 25-yard line in a series of overtime periods until one emerges victorious.

    By the third overtime, …..

  • TC Fan

    Matt; get off that kids’ sack. Football and Baseball are two entirely different games. I’m sure if this kid had any interest, he would have tried out like the rest of the boys. The RAMS will bring it together real soon. If your green is starting to fade then stay home sir.

  • rhlfan

    the visitor stands at TC are the worst in the RHL…

  • bigfatfan

    to the best of my knowledge, the California tie-breaker is NOT used any longer in the Rio Hondo League. instead, a coin flip is used. you gotta love that. last year, a three way coin flip was used to determine second place in RHL football between SP, LC and TC. all that hard work by the boys comes down to a coin flip as the first tie-breaker.

  • Cat Fan

    I heard a crazy rumor? RHL swapping teams with the Pacific… SM SP Monrovia for Glendale Hoover and Pasadena.

  • Anonymous

    Cat Fan
    that would be a stupid swap i can see Monrovia and SM but SP terrible and why would they want Pasadena to leave the Pacific they actually causes problems every year for teams in the Pacific SM nor SP would do any better i think they should just swap Glendale and Hoover for SM and Monrovia.

    What would happen to the turkey tussel if PHS was to leave the Pacific?

  • FootballGuy

    The only RHL team that could handle the Pacific is Monrovia. I have heard Blair is leaving the RHL. If Monrovia moved up then the RHL could absorb Hoover and Glendale. If SP and SM went to they Pacific they would replace Hoover and Glendale in the football standings.

    6power, I took over Matt’s body and mind.

    TCFan, never said anything about a TC qb other than wondering where the qb was last Friday.

  • Cat Fan


    I hope it happens. The Wildcats would dominate that league.

  • Philly B.

    Heres a rumor Id like to hear. Monrovia and the winner of the sp-sm game goes to the pacific league for Hoover and Glendale. Leave Pasadena in the pacific for the turkey tussle against muir. The Monrovia-T.C. rivalry is dead! When’s the last time T.C. beat monrovia….04??? 05???? It would make the pacific Leage much better in my opinion.

    Shout out to the bulldogs pulling the upset against CV. Finally playing to their potential that they always had.

  • Philly B.

    Miguel, do you think if you can find out if the rumors of some team trades in the Pacific and RHL are true to any degree???

  • Bob Anon

    How interesting that football is the only sport everyone is thinking about…. Monrovia and LC are the best overall athletic programs in the RHL. The only team that could get bumped out of the RHL in my opinion is Monrovia. I’d hate to lose them, but I’d especially hate to lose SM and SP. I don’t get why SM and SP are being considered… again, only Monrovia should be considered.

  • 6power

    Philly B,

    Just for the record, the last competitive fball game for TC/Monrovia was the year Marquis Williams was at tailback (2008) and the Cats hung on to win 13-7 at M-town. In the 1st half the Rams pounded 13 first downs, and held Nick Bueno to one completed pass for the entire game and very minimal rush yards. That was the last year I felt the rivalry still existed. The game was physical and hard fought, especially at the line of scrimmage. There was mutual respect between the teams, despite wanting to kick the other’s ass. You are right, despite a tremendous history of football between the two schools, the rivalry and tradition of it has faded entirely. While M-town has upped their program, Temple City has staggered and stumbled in the post-Mooney/Backus era.

    South Pas has lost it’s mind, if folks there think they are ready for the Pac League. Neither SM or SP would see a playoff game berth for years in the Pacific league. Monrovia would be the only intelligent RHL team to move to the Pac, but I would hate to see them go.
    Who knows what the answer is for Glendale, Hoover, or Blair, but I hope the RHL does not get further diluted by purposefully shuffling in underachieving teams. Alhambra would be a better fit to return to the Pacific league, where they once played anyway, along with Montebello, El Rancho, Muir, Pasadena, San Gabriel and Arcadia.

    Last weeks lost to South Pas was a homecoming game and plenty of Alum players were on hand. These kids still hold a high level of pride to have played at TC. The current caliber of play needs to be taken seriously and I hope that whatever McFarland asks for, the Admin is willing to give and give now. TC Football needs a serious self review and plan to address where they are at where they want to go. TC can win with the kids they have, if those kids are exposed to quality fundamentals and top notch coaching at the frosh and JV level prior to Friday night football.

  • FootballGuy

    Well said 6power. You are much smarter than the guy Goldenarm.

  • Anonymous

    Cat Fan
    what would drive you to think of something so stupid as to say the Cats would dominate that division? The pacific league is a tough game night in and out except the two door mats, but with the burbank schools burroughs and burbank, muir, pasadena, arcadia and CV Monrovia wouldn’t be able to take a break off any friday like they do in the RHL get real, besides Monrovia and arcadia has been trading off whooping on each other and arcadia is just one of the couple of teams in the pacific that holds down the top of the chain with Muir, Burroughs and sometimes CV they all exchange whoopings because in the Pacific there is no guarantee win. Not to mention then you have an always talented Pasadena team that throws in their upset here and there but never a push over game, get real cat fan this isn’t the RHL you gotta come correct every night.

    think about looking at your schedule and you see Muir then Arcadia then Burroughs then Burbank now your coach and team is looking for a break so you get hoover or glendale then you turn around and gotta play Pasadena then CV, man the cats have never seen a league schedule
    like that. believe me it would be fun to have Monrovia come in and take out one of the door mats that way it would only be one week of rest instead of two. it would def make the pacific a stronger division and i personally would love for monrovia to be in the pacific but with only a one team swap instead of two sp or sm would become the doormats i wish the doormat teams wouldn’t be allowed in the pacific at all throw in alhamba and Monrovia that way every night would be crazy.

  • Philly B.

    I Like your idea of bringing in Alhambra along with monrovia. But who would replace alhambra in the almont league??? Glendale???? Hmmm i dont know. Yeah Monrovia would be a great addition to the pacific league. It would be like the SEC conference. Theres favorites, but you can be upset on any given friday night. Every game for monrovia with the exception of Hoover would be a great game. Arcadia is one of the top teams in the pacific league and we give them a game and like you said swap butt whoopins by the year. Your prob right, if sm or sp were to jump to the pacific league too….probably wouldnt be THAT competitive.

    I hope temple city can get it together in the right direction. I still loved to hate them, but thats what a respective rivalry is all about. But if monrovia goes 5-0 in league again, thats 4years in a row, and winning the RHL title 6years. Its time for monrovia to move on up, to the pacific League

  • bigfatfan

    league realignment rumors are just that, rumors. Heck, if the RHL cant dump Blair out of the league, how the heck do you think Monrovia is going to jump ship.

  • just askin’

    when talking about realignment, while football may be seen as most important, you have to look at all sports. could Monrovia compete in other sports?

  • Philly B.

    How can Monrovia jump ship….5year RHL champs going on 6, and soon to be 4undefeated in league! Its time for monrovia to bounce out of the RHL. Blair needs a league they can be more competitive as well

    Just askin,
    Im sure monrovia can compete in all sports, whether they’re as dominant as they are in football is yet to be questioned. But Look at Glendale and Hoover…are they competitive in any other sports???

  • Cat Fan

    Monrovia would definitely be better off if it jump to the Pacific. The program can finally get recognize by competing with better teams. Take a look at the Burbank schools, they were once the doormats of the Foothill league and look at them now, they have only been in the Pacific since 2006. So to say that the Wildcats can’t dominate is stupid… Besides the Apaches need a better rival. So Pac fans don’t fear the idea welcome it.

  • Someone who knows

    To Grim Reaper:

    Yeah that reporter was wrong. I did see Roger Murray call it that, incorrectly, in an article a couple of years ago. Just because it is printed in a newspaper doesn’t mean it is correct.