Football: Monrovia is hurting … No, really. Hurting bad.

If you watched our 2-minute drill previewing Whittier Christian-Maranatha you noticed Aram asking me who would I take right now if Maranatha and Monrovia played. I adamantly picked Maranatha, and here’s why.

Monrovia is hurting, plain and simple.

For starters, Ellis McCarthy has been held out since the South Hills game, and in that game he wasn’t nowhere near 100 percent since taking a helmet to the knee against Arcadia, the second game of the season.

McCarthy, a 6-foot-5, 311-pound defensive tackle who was just named a U.S. Army All-American, suited up against La Canada last week but he didn’t play. The simple answer? Monrovia didn’t really need him. Either way, he had missed practice all last week, which contributed to him not playing, too. McCarthy said he would try to get back out to practice, and assuming he did practice this week, who’s to say McCarthy will be needed against Blair on Friday night? Monrovia won’t need McCarthy, but the problem is he needs to get back to game speed, according to Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox.

“This week I’m not going to speak about our needs for him, but he needs to start getting into game shape,” Maddox said. “If he’s not practicing then he won’t play. If he’s practicing this week and it feels good we might get him some limited reps on Friday and get him going. But he needs to get himself back into game shape. He played against South Hills but I don’t know that he was at full strength. It’s been since game 2 (vs. Arcadia) since he was at full speed and full strength.”

Monrovia’s woes don’t end there.

George Frazier, who also suited up last week but did not play, likely will sit out Friday’s game, too. The same goes for Brandon Wingenbach. DeShawn Ramirez took a shot to the hip and is bruised. He’s also questionable for Friday’s game.

Then there’s quarterback Blake Heyworth. The junior took a shot to the shoulder last week against La Canada. He finished the game, but in actually what other choice did the Wildcats have?

“Blake finished the game after the shoulder injury because we didn’t really have anybody,” Maddox explained. “We suited George just in case something happened to Blake, and if it was a close game we would at least have someone to go to.”

Heyworth is questionable for Friday’s game. The new backup QB? De’Shawn Potts, a 5-foot-9 sophomore. As if things couldn’t get any worse for the Wildcats, how’s this for the cherry on top: Potts, the younger brother of former Monrovia QB David Potts, has sat out the last four weeks after suffering a broken toe from a 45 pound plate dropped on his toe in the weight room.

“So we’ll see how he’s running and how he’s reacting,” Maddox said. “It’ll be a contingency plan this week at quarterback.”

Which is why, right now, I have no qualms picking Maranatha over Monrovia.

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  • bigfatfan

    sounds like the Cats might be ripe for an upset, except for the fact that they are playing Blair this week. In that case, i am sure the Cats could field their JV team and still beat Blair handily.

  • Orphans

    hear Monrvia basketball team is in even more trouble than usual too. Have been without a coach for a month this late in he game. Is there one in sight any time soon?

  • Philly B.

    DAMN!The cats will win League, but if the starters dont get healthy and healthy quick….itll be an early exit!

  • Cat fan

    Dang, does that mean we aint goin to the state championship??

    Morovian, Progress, Observantcat, Mtownclown…. HELP!!!!!!

    No worries, were still the best team in southern cal, win or lose, we have the best players!

  • Tyler

    Maybe a Rio Hondo League upset is in the brew?

  • SGVballer


    I heard the same thing that the coach just split on the basketball team which isnt good since bball is around the corner. They didnt do to well in league in bball so dont think it matters much. Monrovia just needs to stick to football……havent heard if they have a new coach but Blair coach also took off and they lost the top 2 scorers from last year to PHS.

  • Forget D1

    Ellis McCarthy’s status reports as of late accoting to coach Madfox….seem to hurt his polish as a D1er right outta HS for 2012 season n right now it looks like Ellis may have to take JC route ala a mt sac pcc elac or citrus, etc….d3 cal-lu not a bad choice either

  • GrimReaper

    Sounds like Miguel wants to take Monrovia and give up the points, nothing like a little bad news to tighten up the point spread.

    I predict a running clock for the entire game. That you can bet the house on.

    But this week will tell a lot about 2nd place for the RHL handicap. SM will play TC. That will give us an idea of the relative merits of SM and SP, as we will now have a common opponent in TC to make predictions from.

    Will TC be able to score on SM, thus showing SP defense to be good as advertised? Or will SM demonstrate offensive punch needed to beat SP. That is if SMs QB is back from injury that held him out of the Blair game. Could TC ride that fact to a huge upset? Probably not, but it is in the mix.

    And if Monrovia is really hurting will they continue to hurt enough to give SP a leg up when they meet. Eventhough those collective legs do not have the foot speed to compete with Monrovia.

    I still say the game of the season for the RHL will be the SM v SP rivalry game. Better get there early to get a seat.

  • 6power

    On Monrovia’s schedule There is no better week to be banged up than this week. Speedy recovery to the M-town kids.

    Temple City’s game tonight is the season. A win would erase 6 weeks of agonizing football and unbelieveably put the Rams immediately in the hunt for an RHL playoff spot. Thereafter, It might take some “perfect storm” scenario’s – but it is possible.. The other option is to notch another loss and head for the 1956 Rams 0-8-1 record. Not exactly the crown McFarland had his sights set on.
    I truly hope TC can build on a few things they did better last week…one being the fact when forced to – they can begin to play physical football. At the core of all the losses this season is the underlying “soft” play, a tag no team wants to wear. Each Ram needs to beat the man across from him and the rest will fall into place. If you can’t beat him every down, keep beating anyway, and don’t relent untill they blow the whistle.
    My prediction is a close game, not a blowout. With or without a quarterback, TC’s chances for a victory rest on the defensive side of the football.

  • M-Twon Fan

    If Deshawn Potts is anything like his older brother I don’t see Monrovia having any problems tonight. let the kid sling it around the yard and lets see what we got here.

  • Observantcat

    These are the kind of Injuries that make a team grow closer as they see that it takes the entire team to win a game, League, and perhaps CIF. Last season monrovia was fortunate not to have as many injuries and went on to waltz their way into the finals. This season I still the Monrovia will be the team to beat because they can only get better in the next month or so. Monrovia fans really haven’t seen the best of their team as of yet, but It wouldn’t surprise me if there is a repeat of last season’s heroics.

  • Mtownclown

    @Forget D1 where are u getting ur false info? learn to spell then talk theres nothing wrong with my nephew ellis u sound like a hater he is just sitting out because Rio Hondo League is a JOKE! BUT he will play tonight and blair will get killed by 60 points!

  • Mtownclown

    @Forget D1.. and i can show u the 50 plus letters he’s gotten from D1 schools in the last 2weeks…THEY WANT HIM BAD!JC? yeah maybe for your kid lol

  • 6power


    Take the high road and don’t get pulled into the trash pile. Some people will always find reason to curse someone’s success, hard work or good fortune, whatever it is.

    McCarthy has come a long way since his first year at Mtown and hopefully we will all be able to watch him aspire to even greater things.

  • Colt74

    I agree with 6power. NOTHING anyone here on these blogs can can say to tarnish or diminish Ellis’s talents, accomplishments, or future.

  • 411

    To Really?

    Have a clue when you write articles. McCarthy looked like a beast tonight. I now he had a sack, my Grandmother could of sacked Blair’s QB tonight though. Get the facts straight before you run your mouth looking for a story late in the week. Nice Maranantha call. Better start worrying about gettin in the playoffs let alone playing the defending Champs. Don’t fall for that this is a diffrent team B.S. There are a lot of Championship caliber players returning on that team. They haven’t even played their Best game yet.