Friday Night Aftermath: Maranatha loses its cool, loses to Whittier Christian, 24-21; Pasadena shocks Burbank, 27-21; Arcadia, Muir win big; South Pasadena and San Marino remain unbeaten in Rio Hondo League; St. Francis loses to Serra; Duarte wins in OT.



Whittier Christian 24, Maranatha 21 — Maranatha lost its composure in the final minute of play that saw two penalties against the Minutemen followed by two Maranatha players slamming their helmets on the ground as they came off the field. Maranatha trailed 24-14 late in the fourth quarter before their comeback fell short. Whittier Christian’s Grant Escobar and Cody Bronkar led the way for the Heralds. Escobar scored on runs of 70 and 9 yards to finish with eight carries and 91 yards. Bronkar had 111 yards on seven catches and scored on a recovered fumble in the end zone. Maranatha’s Andrew Elffers completed 11 of 19 passes for 199 yards but was sacked five times. Omar Younger scored on runs of 72 and 3 yards and Clifton Martin connected for a 53-yard touchdown pass from Elffers.

Muir 49, Glendale 10 — Tairen Owens had a four-yard touchdown run but he had a 62 and 55-yard punt returns called back for clipping. Quarterback Mark Samuels threw for a touchdown and ran for another. Darick Holmes broke a 52 yard touchdown run for the Mustangs. Charles Clayton recovered a blocked punt in the end zone for a touchdown. We knew Muir would win big, right?

Pasadena 27, Burbank 21 — Brandon Cox had four total touchdowns (two air, two ground) despite playing with an injured back. Pasadena took a commanding lead 27-7 in the third quarter. Marcus Green had seven catches for 148 yards and a touchdown. Looks like Pasadena is making waves.

Arcadia 49, Hoover 7 — Arcadia scored on the first play with a 73-yard touchdown pass from Myles Carr to Alex McElwee. Carr finished with 159 yards and three touchdowns on 8 of 15 passing. The starters were pulled in the first half. Running back Jake Madel had eight carries for 90 yards and a touchdown. Rodney Arnett finished with 100 yards on six carries and a touchdown. Arcadia finished with 427 total yards and held Hoover to 136 total yards.

Monrovia 48, Blair 0 — Don’t really have to get into this one after Blair suited only 18 kids. Ouch.

South Pasadena 21, La Canada 6 — Sean Magill rushed for 86 yards on 11 carries and scored two touchdowns. Also, Telanto Harvey had two interceptions and recorded a 40-yard touchdown reception from Conor Bednarski. La Canada’s Matt Jones went 16 of 26 with 176 yards and ran for the Spartans’ lone score from 4 yards out.

San Marino 24, Temple City 13 — San Mario’s Kwame Do had 14 carries for 101 yards and two receptions for 56 yards, including a 50-yard touchdown catch from QB Matt Wofford, who completed 6 of 12 passes for 156 yards. He also rushed for a touchdown. Nick Gott had two sacks, a forced fumble and a blocked field goal and Garrett Glazier returned a blocked kick for a 75-yard touchdown score. Temple City’s Anthony Valencia completed 8 of 14 for 162 yards but with two interceptions. Jaime Dea ran for 51 yards and a touchdown. Dareece Spratt had three receptions for 90 yards, including a 56-yard reception from Valencia.

Rosemead 24, Gabrielino 6
Duarte 31, Workman 28, OT
San Gabriel 34, Keppel 16
Bishop Montgomery 24, Bosco Tech 0
Serra 44, St. Francis 30

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  • GrimReaper

    Just as I thought!

    Miguel posted the “sky is falling” thread,

    “Football: Monrovia is hurting … No, really. Hurting bad.”

    But look above, Miguel is picking Monrovia to beat Blair. Do you think Miguel should have the courage of his convictions? Should he have picked Blair? Demonstrating that he has forgotten more than all of us ever knew. An upset of epic proportions! Miguel would be a lock as the smartest guy in the SG valley!

    But as Golden Arm…errr check that… 6 Power demonstrates–Hope spring eternal. Anything can happen……but it usually doesn’t.

    See you at the TC SM game for MY observations from the sideline.

  • Mtownclown

    goodluck too Maranatha in its first test of the season

  • 6power

    congratulations to the TC kids, who played good enough to win but did not.

    we at least made the spinchters of San Marino pinch and tighten with the thought they may indeed lose to 0-6 temple city. 14 -13 SM at half. Down 4 points -we had a shot to go ahead with 533 in the 4th…but we inexplicably got conservative and tried a field goal….rather than shooting for a TD and all the marbles. When we struggle just to make a PAT, it seems even stranger we would want to try a 3 and then onsides or hope to stop SM and get the football back.
    There is football logic in the coaches decision I guess…but on this night it all backfired as the kick was blocked and a stunned Titan found the ball in his hands…and he trucked it 85 or so yards to the house for score…effectively cutting the hearts out of the Ram players.
    Regardless – 0-7 or not call me disturbed – but it was good night to be a Ram fan. Good job TC kids – it has got to hurt sucking down another loss – but a great effort tonight. Despite my disagreement with the field goal call- an outstanding job of game preparation by the TC staff.
    Good win Titans.


    Here come the BULLDOGS!!!!!

  • Colt74

    Good Job Whittier Christian!

  • Bronco5

    Serra beats SFHS 44 30, no big surprise there

  • Grim Reaper

    TC SM

    TC showed better offense than against SP, running straight ahead, mainly off tackle using their size advantage on the O line. Rather than 22 running parallel to the line looking for a hole. TC QB play was far better, but still passes over 10 yds downfield require either their tall split end to jump ball for a floating duck or else a completely uncovered receiver. Clearly the way to beat TC is put men in the box and force the pass.

    SM clearly made adjustments at half and were much better against the run, forcing TC many times to pass to take advantage of the over play of the run.

    SM showed ability to run the ball and many drives were lost due to interceptions and a fumble. For the most part the passing game was off.

    So is it as 6 power Golden Arm describes, Not really, TC big line started to fade in the second half and the run was not as effective. But then both teams were not as effective in the second half.

    TC is still a 1 or 2 win team at best.

    But now with the TC common opponent, the SM squad seems like it might have trouble on its hands with SP. (although SP is not as big as TC on the line) Clearly the SP D is for real based on its squelching the TC O last week. So for SM to beat SP they will need to play far better on Defense and offense that they did against TC. The comparison is in SP favor right now.

    The only thing I can say is the TC coach had better learn to stay in the box and off the field of play, he is lucky not to have gotten multiple sideline infractions on his adventures outside the box and on the field of play. If not it will come to hurt the team at the wrong moment.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    congrats titans on a solid win!! Rams fought hard and should hold their heads up high improving every week!

    Here are some thoughts from the game

    TC offense certainly showed the potential to grind out a game. An impressive first drive that took 9 minutes off the clock converting two fourth downs to keep the drive alive eventually resulting in a touchdown. This to an extent was your best defense cause it kept our offense off the field for prolong periods of time. Did not display that you had quick strike ability for a score so the decision to kick a field goal that late down four pts baffled me. As mentioned by others 2nd and/or 3rd and long is not the desired situation for this offense or trying to move down the field in catch up mode.

    SM’s offense as well seemed content to try and grind out the game. Very patient with the run the game dictating the flow. TC’s defense was stout tough and opportunistic when we failed to execute creating turnovers! Certainly an area that SM needs to fix if it wants to achieve its goals.

    SM pulled out what i thought was a trap game against a hungry team that will give its remaining schedule a handful as they continue to improve. When it came down to it TC had a real shot at this one but SM made a handful more plays when they needed too!

    Good Luck to the Rams the rest of this season!!!

  • views


  • Titan Sports Fan

    Would also like 6 powers thought on common opponent SM/SP since he’s seen both teams the last two weeks? Agreed based on scores SP would have the edge but little intricacies can make a huge difference… should make for a great game in a few weeks

  • Tyler

    Titan Sports Fan:

    I agree, it looks like the game between SP and SM in two weeks will be the decider for 2nd in the RHL. I think SP has the slight edge currently, however, it will be interesting to see how SM does against Monrovia next week (SP has an easy week against Blair).

    SP/SM in two weeks is gonna be one hell of a showdown for not only the CIF playoff spot, but also for the always contentious cross-town rivalry winner bragging rights.

    Who knows, maybe SP or SM can pull an upset win over Monrovia, especially with their series of injuries.

  • say hey

    Keep winning Monrovia…top four seed.

  • Manup

    In the Maranatha Article the coach blames the kids, yes’ they made mistakes – but it starts with the coach….”there will be disciplinary actions” – if you know the real deal coach – if you wanted discipline should some of them been out there?

    The teams were even, you are young coach – no big deal – just man up and admit outcoached.

  • observer

    Been very quiet this year? Finally figuered out TC is a joke!

  • bigfatfan

    The SP/SM match-up in two weeks will be great. glad to see the rivalry will be heated and will be meaningful this year. SP played slow and sloppy for first half last night. then as turned it on in the second half and stiffled the Spartans. Telling comment from Coach Konrad in the paper today “we made adjustments at half time”. this folks is what makes SP a different animal this year than in previous years. we actually have a coaching staff that knows how to coach, unlike the past regime. The talent pool at SP is largely the same as in previous years, and I’d argue that the SP talent last year was much better than this years squad. it comes down to the coaching staff and we have a great crew now. in last season’s debacle against LC, coaching LOST the game for us, this year, coachin WON the game for us.

  • Mtownclown

    RIO HONDO League is a JOKE!!

  • Sore Losers

    Having played Maranatha the last couple of years I have to say that there is nothing Christian like about their football team. If your beating them they are a bunch of spoiled whinie littlepunk babies.

  • bigfatfan

    Goldenarm is now 6Power.

  • schalupa

    BFF…U R correct about coaching change for this year. The second half Tigers were the difference. They pin LC inside the 20, force 3 n out and score on their first possession. It was an entertaining half.



    Who said anything about PHS beating Muir? It’s too early to start the Tussle talk. PHS needs to stay focused and take it one game at a time…

    Hopefully HS can make this years Tussle a bit more interesting. And yes it has been a “shameful” 13 years, BUT every dog has it’s day:).

  • GrimReaper

    ANGRY DENA DOG said….

    Whether @view is looking too far ahead or not, as fans (not coaches or players) we have that “feet up on the recliner” right as arm chair quarterbacks.

    It is looking like the Turkey Tussle will be one of the games of the year in the SG Valley. Whether early or not, it looks as if it is going to be a hell of a game.

    I have no DOG in the fight for either side, but enjoy a good game. The Tussle has all the makings of that and potentially more…could be one that will be talked about for many years by Pasadena, and or Muir or both side’s fans.

  • GrimReaper

    to Titan Sports Fan re TC and SP.

    I went to both TC SP and TC SM games.

    Here is my view.
    TC was able to run straight at SM especially in the first half and had many 5-8 yd pick ups on first down. The offtackle run plays TC had success with demonstrated that SM D line had problems with the larger TC line.

    TC could not run (for the most part) straight ahead on SP. Most of its running plays were #22 attempting to run parallel to the line prospecting for a hole to run into. Their first down success was much poorer.

    What you didnt see intricacies: TC was much more one dimensional against SP and their passing game was horrible. This was due to injury to their starting QB. That gave SP a full game advantage to play and stuff the running game. SM in the first half played it more straight up, that is when TC scored all their points..espcially in the first possession 9:00 drive. At half SM made adjustments and was much more effective on D.

    SP has an effective running back and enough passing attack to make SM need to play it straight up. Not a great offensive scheme but good enough. If SM continues to commit offensive turnovers, SP will be hard to beat as their defense is for real.

    The LC-SP game tapes will be required watching for both SP and SM. SP will need to address what problems led to a LC first 1/2 6-0 lead. SM will need to see what the LC coach saw that allowed them to gain such a lead, even though it is likely LC is just not as good a team.

    And dont forget, SM plays SP after a tough Monrovia game the week before. SP plays Blair and can devote 2 full weeks in preparation and injury recovery for dinged up players. SM could easily come in dinged up from a match with a superior Monrovia squad. That might turn out to be your one key to the game that might count for a lot.

  • Desert Rat

    I said it before and I will say it again…Natha isn’t all that.

  • PacFan

    As always the crazy Pac League title still up for grabs. With 3 games left it looks like Arcadia could still win out at 6-1. Pasadena is on the rise, and if they win the “Tussel” they can easily go 5-2 at end. Burroughs has struggled against the Stangs and in the “Big Game” with Burbank, so the Indians could end up at 5-2. Muir’s going out with a vengeance and if they hold off the Dogs they could finish up 5-2. Cv could be the toss up for the last spot in the playoffs, but if they upset Arcadia, the Falcons could be back at 5-2. Whatever happens it should be a fun and interesting last 3 games for the league. Anything goes when you play in the Pacific. . .

  • views

    @angry dena dog…I think its not to far ahead because the pacific league is so tossed up right now that anyone has a shot at anything so it might come down to the last game of league to see who gets what maybe burbank loses to burroughs and phs makes it or maybe the tussle determines the last spot like previous years??? either way this has to be the most exciting year in the pacific league in a while there is no standout leader especially since arcadia didnt run the tables lets see how this plays out

  • To Pac Fan

    I think you mean Arcadia has a lock for a possible tie or second place, they are actually 5-2 with a loss to St. Francis and to league contender Burroughs. Muir is having a tough year on the defensive side of the ball and thats not good playing a team like Burroughs this season.

  • Hoopla

    Congrats to South Pas on the win! Great game, but do not slack off against Blair. Use that game to fine tune your game for San Marino. Good job Coach Konrad. I have a feeling that once Joey Harmon starts to mature as a player, the game will slow down for him and he will be a good one.
    Bigfatfan: Agreed on the fact that there was a higher level of talent on last year’s squad. With the likes of Bednarski, Nelson, and Martin and the skilled positions. And two 3 year varsity starters in Figueroa and Lind. Lots of role players as well. This year’s squad is much better coached. I’ll be there at the SM game, go tigers!

  • PacFan

    Arcadia is 3-1 in league with Glendale PHS and Cv left on their schedule, if they win out they could go 6-1 in league. Burroughs is too one dimensional and if Muir can keep up in points they should win out. Besides Burroughs is due for an upset and who better else to give them one but cross rivals Burbank, so that leaves them at 5-2. So that said: Arcadia wins league with Pasadena 2nd, Burroughs 3rd and Muir 4th going into playoffs. I’m just saying. . .

    I agree!

  • Mid Valley Analysis

    Mid Valley Analysis said:
    Covina-Congrats to Covina, they played great. They have a swagger. The offense played great, and that defense fly’s to the ball. Covina should be #1 in the mid-valley. As stout as Covina’s Run defense is, they still have to work on their pass defense. I’d get #2 involved on defense as a FS or Corner. Down the road, their are a few teams with big WRs, and throw more…overall, Covina is looking really good…can they keep this up in playoffs? In the past cif has given covina a horrible draw despite having a 9-1 record, and VVL Champs. That has proven to give them a tough 2nd round game which they did not win last year… Key word is last year…however they still have something to prove…and that is they can get to Finals and win. Their draw is going to crucial. There are still teams out there who can beat the Colts…hmm, umm Whittier Christian….
    San Dimas-I have one question for coach z? Why did he not allow Kennedy to throw More? No Disrespect to the Covina DB’s, but they had just as much of a hard time covering, as San Dimas’s DB’s did. They had a drop that changed the game, but they still should have thrown more. I can’t believe he did not line up brown one side and #8 on another, and try to create some mismatches. It was there. San Dimas can’t sulk now, they have pomona still. The fact they beat injured Monrovia handily in preseason shows they got what it takes. But that was preseason, and this poor showing in the league title game has put some doubt in peoples mind regarding this team and their ability to get back to finals. Regardless of what happens in VVL San dimas has proven they know how to turn it around. I expect them to be ready come playoff time…
    Maranatha-The Olympic league is arguably the toughest league in the Midvalley. Maybe their soft preseason schedule, is coming back to haunt them. Maranatha has put themselves in a tough spot. As a 2nd place team, they will not be top 4 seed now. That means they could be playing a San Dimas or Pomona, early in 2nd round of playoffs., and that could prove to be problems for the minutemen. They are going to have to win out, and hope WC losses. But it looks like WC will win that league, and tough 2nd Round game for them.
    Arroyo-has one of the best players in the Division, and they are winning games. Since Maranatha is going to come in 2nd place, this opens up the door for them to Be a top four seed. If they finish 9-1 they deserve it. However with San Dimas, Pomona, Maranatha, all finishing in 2nd-3rd, I don’t think Arroyo will pas the Quarters. These teams are better than La Canada who Arroyo struggled with.
    Alhambra-they are the front runner in the almont league, however with a lost to south pas, the “human Factor” in the CIF selection committee will not give them a top four seed. They will be a tough out for the top tier teams in the Midvalley, but I still think there are better teams out there.
    Whittier Christian-What a big win for them against Maranatha. They have now taken the inside track to the Olympic title. I think the tough preseason experience has paid off for them and they Once again will Possibly be a top four seed come playoff time. They have had success in the playoffs reaching the semis and Finals in the past two years…The question is can that match up with the “speed” teams in the Midvalley? We will see.
    La puente- The Warriors are 7-0, what a start, However, they have not played a tough schedule up to date. With Duarte and Azusa still on the schedule, Things are far from settled in the Montview. If they win Out, they will be 10-0, and could possibly be a top four seed. I think the “human” factor down at the CIF office will keep them from being a top 4 seed. However I still think Azusa is the best team in that league, and the Warriors will go into the playoffs at 9-1.
    Azusa-Everyone has ask azusa to step up preseason schedule and they did. They took a few losses early, But I think that experience is going to help them in the Championship game vs La puente. Azusa will repeat as Montview champs…However the playoffs will be similar to their preseason schedule….tough. I am not sure they can get past the 2nd Round.

    Monrovia-Last But not least, the cats got off to a shaky start. The cats have played one toughest preseason schedules in the Division. Losing big to San Dimas has created a lot of doubt as whether the cats are a top team this year. Well it turns out the Paramount win was a quality win being that Paramount is 2-0 in league, in Div 4. Lately the cats have been on tear avg 40 pts per game, and this trend will continue. They will repeat as RHL champs, and will be a top four seed come playoffs. The cats have the luxury of resting starters, and getting healthy in league, which other Midvalley teams do not have that luxury. They will be fresh come playoff time. I still believe that Monrovia, Covina, San Dimas and Whittier Christian, and Pomona, make up the top 5 in the Division. The Cats have the talent, to beat anyone in the division and should find themselves back in the Semis or better…but can they put it all together?
    Since Majority of Midvalley teams don’t play tough preseasons and their is only two tough leagues, Its hard to gauge who the best teams are. Teams who do play tough preseaons get reward even if they have “Quality losses”(oxymoron) lol. But I do think lower division teams who play up in lose still get more value out of those games vs playing Midvalley sub .500 teams early…Wink Wink… those who win the tough leagues get reward… Sometimes good teams, get left out of top 4. Also, league titles and history, play a role in the seedings as well.
    Going into the playoffs, supposing the leagues go as i’ve stated, My top four seeds and Seeding would be… Some may disagree, but this year is playing out very similar to last year. I anticipate similar seedings. Please make corrections if you think I messed up….
    1. Covina 9-1 VVL Champs(No one is playing better, 18 returners)
    2. Whittier Christian 7-3 Olympic Champs (Win Over #1 and league title make them #2)
    3. Monrovia 7-3 RHL champs (people may disagree, but defending champ and RHL title gives them the nod, they have proven over the years they deserve this spot with deep runs)
    4. Arroyo 9-1 MVL(Close game with La Canada means mtown is alot better than them)
    5.San Dimas 8-2 2nd in VVL(They are top four good, but 2nd place in VVL is 2nd place)
    6. Maranatha 9-1(the hype is over, 2nd place in league..San Dimas is better)
    7. Alhambra 9-1(lost to So Pas hurt them and the Almount, Mtown is going to rout So pas)
    8. Pomona 6-4 3rd in VVL(They are in the toughest league, they are still dangerous, if they beat San Dimas, they could shoot to #6)
    9. Azusa 7-4 Montview Champs,(tough preseason, could pay off big for the Aztecs)
    10. La Puente 2nd in montview 9-1(Soft preseaon, plus 2nd place, in Montview hurts their rankings. If they go 10-0 they go to Number 9 and Azusa is out the rankings with So Pas at #10)

  • bigfatfan

    Grim: good analysis of the SP/SM match-up. my only comment is that SP has more than just one decent running back. we rotate in four guys, depending on who gets hot. Lee was the main ball carrier against TC, while Magill got a lot of good carries against LC. Combined this season through 6 games, our running game has netted nearly 1,500 yards, again, spread across a bevy of backs. so its going to be tough job for any opponent when four fresh backs are continually rotating into the game. the best of my knowledge, SM relies pretty much on Do.

    Miguel, in your recap of the SP/LC game, you should change out Conor Bednarski’s name with Joey Harmon. Conor graduated last year and is not the starting QB at Fullerton College.

  • 6power

    I would be cautious putting too much emphasis on TC as a common opponent when judging anything about the SM/SP game.

  • natha11

    sore losers – watch it… last year when we went to your place and lost, we did absolutely nothing unsportsmanlike or “unchristian.”
    the only reason we got 2 or 3 personal fouls at the end of the game yesterday was because the refs blew a clear onside kick recovery. i’m pretty sure if the same thing happened to you at your homecoming,your guys would be pretty pissed too.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    when it comes down to it reading too much into a common opponent especially concerning a rivalry game is naive. Both teams are going to bring their A game because for the first time in awhile there will be something on the line for both squads besides bragging rights the INSIDE TRACK TO THE PLAYOFFS. Just curious of what other bloggers thoughts are since they have seen both teams. Naturally i’m a bit biased but totally respect what SP is building this season and think its great for the league as a whole. when for the first time in awhile.

    And yes primarily SM relies on Do but he is a work horse who is capable of carrying the load. We also havent had the benefit of having Ryan Wood who replaced the Do last season in the starting line up when he was hurt in week 2. Yet to see if Ryan will return this season but if he does only gives us another weapon out of the backfield since he showed last season he was capable of carrying a large portion of the offense as a sophmore

  • Craziness

    PAC fan you’re crazy and dont make sense.

    1. Burroughs 7-0
    2. Arcadia 6-1

    After that, who knows. There’s a buncha scenarios but this is how I see it.

    Muir will lose to Burroughs and beat Burbank and Pasadena and finish 4-3. CV will beat Glendale and Burbank and lose to Arcadia and finish 4-3. Pasadena will beat Hoover and lose to Arcadia and Muir and finish 4-3. Then u got 3 teams with the same record and the “triangle” problem where Pasadena beat CV, CV beat Muir, and Muir beat Pasadena.

    Then you have 3 teams for 2 playoff spots, and wth do they do next? Coin flips? Points? Play for it on Saturday in an overtime format like the RHL did a few yrs ago? It’s gonna be crazy that’s all I know!

  • Mo Town

    Miguel, I thought the headline for Maranathas game, and your approach to the coverage, was irresponsible. That was a close, hard hitting, rivalry game. Yet, you chose to focus on something that had NO impact on the game, and made it sound like it did. The two flags and emotions followed a controversial call on a fumbled onside kick that had about 15 players scrambling for the ball. When a Maranatha player surfaced with the ball, but the ref gave possession to WC, the game was effectively over, and emotions flowed from both teams, and flags thrown. I know it is fun to take potshots like that at Maranatha, but is that really the story of the football game? Would you have made this the headline, or even mentioned it, with any other team in the SGV? Were there any sportsmanship penalties while the game was actually being contested? The answer is No. Please dont throw kids under the bus in a sports column over things that were irrelevant to the results of the game.

  • 6power

    SM has a strong legged kicker who find the end zone on kick offs and blasts PAT’s into the backward pool of neighboring mansions.
    I liked their fullback ultra slow motion and wing t-like angles on handoffs sliced back against the grain…holes were there but generally TC did a good job closing them, usually after a 5 yd gain however. Do broke a ton of arm tackles, so you need to square up on him if you can. SM runs nice pass routes. Surprising they did not throw to #87, who looks like a stud in the inside slot. Their O-tackles are pretty much Sasquatch in size, D line much smaller.
    Kwame caught two important passes out of the backfield, and we should have spied him better. Good athlete.
    Yes, the TC Oline was less effective in the 2nd half, and McFarland could be seen doing some serious verbal reaming in the 3rd quarter on the sideline attempting to fire them up. They played well and deserve to hear no bs about their trench work.
    So Pas versus SM should be a great game. The Tigers backers will need to fill and tackle well and SM will have to throw better than they did against us. It should be a tight game.

  • Hs football fan

    Come on Miguel. Are you really bringing up stuff that didn’t affect the outcome of the game? You are throwing high school KIDS under the bus because they lost control of themselves. Players on any team would have reacted in a somewhat similar fashion if they came up with the ball after an onside kick at the end of the game and was not given possession by the refs. Whether the refs missed the call or not is irrelevant. The fact is they lost their cool because they are kids and not grown men. What they did was classless and as you and aram would say “not very Christian like” but guess what they are kids and don’t have control of their emotions. I’m sorry a helmet got close to you but that’s no reason to bring this up. This was a classless shot at the maranatha players.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Bigfatfan, hoopla, and Grimreeper,
    I agree with you guys that the SP coaching staff is doing an amazing job. I like the second half adjustments that we made in the LC; even other coaches are taking notice. I like the td pass that Talento Harvey had. That was a great call! The previous coaching regime hurt us a lot. A right 34 power pass being your main pass play is pretty bad.

    Bigfatfan, I also disagree with your comment about Magill getting the ball more than Lee. Magill had to two tds, but I felt like Lee got the ball more in the LC game. I like the way he runs for a little guy. I think Harmon id coming along at qb. He has made strides since the SG game.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Bigfatfan, hoopla, and Grimreeper,
    I agree with you guys that the SP coaching staff is doing an amazing job. I like the second half adjustments that we made in the LC game; even other coaches are taking notice. I like the td pass that Talento Harvey had. That was a great call! The previous coaching regime hurt us a lot. A right 34 power pass being your main pass play is pretty bad.

    Bigfatfan, I also disagree with your comment about Magill getting the ball more than Lee. Magill had to two tds, but I felt like Lee got the ball more in the LC game. I like the way he runs for a little guy. I think Harmon is coming along at qb. He has made strides since the SG game.

  • Eagle

    I really don’t see all the fuss being made about Miguel’s reporting. No where in his articles written does he slam Maranatha for being “Un-Christian Like.”

    Bottom Line: Those players did lose their cool, and Miguel simply reported what happened, it’s not like he made up random things happening. And regardless of who does it, unsportsman-like conduct, which is due to emotion or not, is always something to try and avoid, regardless of what school you go to. Maranatha’s own coach even touched base on it himself as seen by his quote in the article.

    For Maranatha fans to attack Miguel for being “un-classy,” is just plain excessive and over the top.

  • Hs football fan


    first off i apologize the “not christian like” comment was more directed towards aram and not miguel from the video and i should have made that clear. but what i am upset about is not entirely the fact that it was reported but that it is the first thing in the article when it had not affect on the outcome. the penalties came after the ball was given to whittier so all they did was move the ball down the field. again i am not defending what the players did but it is upsetting that this was the first thing in the article. that is the part that is unclassy.

  • SamoanPride

    @ Eagle:

    Thank you for your comments. For years, Maranantha fans have complained for more coverage of their team. This year, they have received plenty of coverage. Part of that coverage is to report the good AND the bad (in whatever order the writer sees fit). To try to make Miguel the bad guy in this…is beyond ridiculous .

  • PacFan


    Now there’s too much coverage…Thanks!

  • GrimReaper

    One last admonition.

    Rivalries are fun, but some degree of care must be taken by adults to see that proper sportsmanship is exhibited both on and off the field. It is fun for us as armchair quarterbacks to discuss and handicap. However we must stress the importance of sportsmanship as an equal part of competition.

    Rivalries do not need more fuel to stoke the competitive fire. With the looming Turkey Tussle, SM-SP game, and others having potentially more importance than “normal”, sportsmanship should be stressed to players and fans alike.

    A couple of years ago, One of the Principals of a local high school, to remain nameless, was interviewed by the Star News prior to the rivalry game. She indicated that it would be a disaster if their team were to lose the game. A disaster is a tsunami, an earthquake, a fire, not a high school football game. That year during the game numerous personal fouls for unsportsmanlike behavior were called, especially late in the game after the outcome was essentially decided. This included an ejection resulting from a very late hit. Note: Game officials, umpires, and refs try to do their best and are not out there to take away victories from one team and give it to another.

    So for the benefit of administrators, fans, and coaches, I would stress playing hard, leaving it all on the field, and sportsmanship. That way win or lose, you can take pride in your effort and respect of the game, and both teams can hold heads high when shaking hands after the game.

  • football fan

    I love that all the coverage that miguel invested in maranatha paid off. They played a soft preseason and surprise they get beat by a proven program like WC. I thought miguel was smarter than that. look to the teams that played tuff teams in preseason not lollipops.

  • PacFan

    Hey Miguel
    Why don’t you write about the Pacific League? Aside from the Pasadena schools you pretty much leave everybody else out.

  • GloucesterCoach

    Purdue Alum:

    Your comment about “Right 34 Power Pass” made me laugh. That was the only stinking play-actoin play we had. As much as I loved Coach Smith he did have pretty predictable play calling.

  • PurdueAlum05

    That was the only play action pass that we ran (sad, I know). The bootleg worked for us; we used it more as a run play though. It’s good to see that coaching is now winning us games instead of losing them. We definitely don’t have more talent now than we did before but the kids are buying into the coaching. Hopefully, SP will stop losing as many kids to Loyola and St. Francis as we have in the past.

  • TeamPlayer

    Yeah I agree with PacFan. WHERE IS THE PACIFIC LEAGUE IN ALL OF THIS??!! I think the Pac League is the most exciting above the rest because anything can happen. Burroughs, Arcadia and Pasadena are all fighting for that title I cant wait to see how it ends so it is worth writing.

  • PacFan

    Note to Miguel:

    Zander Anding from Burroughs has over 1800 yards rushing and 19 TDS with 3 games left. Who does that!

  • PurdueAlum05

    Note to PacFan:
    Go to your own area if you want coverage on Burbank. No one from this area cares about Zoolander. I bet Muir will be bear Burroughs, watch.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Note to PacFan:
    Go to your own area if you want coverage on Burbank. No one from this area cares about Zoolander. I bet Muir will be beat Burroughs, watch.