CIF Polls: Arcadia moves to No. 3 in Southeast Division; Maranatha drops from top spot to No. 6 in Mid-Valley Division, Monrovia is No. 4; St. Francis at No. 6.

1. Covina (Valle Vista) 7-1 Won San Dimas 39-21
2. Arroyo (Mission Valley) 6-1 Won South El Monte 28-7
3. La Puente (Montview) 7-0 Won Sierra Vista 36-16
4. Monrovia (Rio Hondo) 4-3 Won Blair 48-0
5. Whittier Christian (Olympic) 5-3 Won Maranatha 24-21
6. Maranatha (Olympic) 6-1 Lost Whittier Christian 21-24
7. San Dimas (Valle Vista) 5-2 Lost Covina 21-39
8. Pomona (Valle Vista) 5-3 Won Nogales 43-15
9. Alhambra (Almont) 6-1 Won Schurr 18-8
10. El Monte (Mission Valley) 5-2 Won Mountain View 50-14

1. West Covina (Hacienda) 6-1 Bye Bye Bye
2. La Serna (Del Rio) 6-1 Won El Rancho 31-28
3. Arcadia (Pacific) 5-2 Won Hoover 49-7
4. Mayfair (Suburban) 5-2 Won Glenn 60-23
5. Bellflower (Suburban) 6-2 Won Artesia 54-20
6. Santa Fe (Del Rio) 3-4 Won California 31-10
7. California (Del Rio) 5-2 Lost Santa Fe 10-31
8. Los Altos (Hacienda) 6-2 Lost Bonita 28-35
9. Burroughs/Burbank (Pacific) 4-3 Won Crescenta Valley 35-22
10. Diamond Ranch (Hacienda) 4-4 Won Rowland 20-0

1. Chaminade (Mission) 6-1 Won Harvard-Westlake 55-0
2. Arroyo Grande (PAC-7) 7-1 Won Righetti 28-7
3 Serra (Mission) 5-2 Won St. Francis 44-30
4 St. Paul (Mission) 6-1 Won Cathedral 38-0
5 Ventura (Channel) 8-0 Won Buena 20-6
6 St. Francis (Mission) 6-1 Lost Serra 30-44
7 Dominguez (San Gabriel Valley) 5-2 Won Warren 54-7
8 Santa Monica (Ocean) 6-1 Won Beverly Hills 36-14
9. Culver City (Ocean) 5-2 Lost Inglewood 10-30
10. Atascadero (PAC-7) 5-2 Won St. Joseph/S.M. 48-43

1. Bishop Union (High Desert) 6-1 Won Frazier Mountain 42-0
2. Rio Hondo Prep (Prep) 6-1 Won Poly/Pasadena 32-0
3. Boron (Desert Mountain) 6-2 Won Lucerne Valley 2-0 (Forfeit)
4. Mojave (Desert Mountain) 7-0* Won Mammoth 46-6
5. Salesian (Santa Fe) 6-2 Won St. Genevieve 28-27
6. Desert Christian/L. (Desert Mountain) 6-1 Bye Bye Bye
7. Chadwick (Prep) 4-3 Won Webb 34-14
8. Kern Valley (High Desert) 6-1 Lost California City 31-38
9. St. Genevieve (Santa Fe) 5-2 Lost Salesian 27-28
10. Desert (High Desert) 5-2 Won Rosamond 53-14

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  • Midvalley Analysis

    My Post from oct 22 regarding end of season rankings…

    1.Covina 9-1 VVL Champs(No one is playing better, 18 returners)
    2. Whittier Christian 7-3 Olympic Champs (Win Over #1 and league title make them #2)
    3. Monrovia 7-3 RHL champs (people may disagree, but defending champ and RHL title gives them the nod, they have proven over the years they deserve this spot with deep runs)
    4. Arroyo 9-1 MVL(Close game with La Canada means mtown is alot better than them)
    5.San Dimas 8-2 2nd in VVL(They are top four good, but 2nd place in VVL is 2nd place)
    6. Maranatha 9-1(the hype is over, 2nd place in league..San Dimas is better)
    7. Alhambra 9-1(lost to So Pas hurt them and the Almount, Mtown is going to rout So pas)
    8. Pomona 6-4 3rd in VVL(They are in the toughest league, they are still dangerous, if they beat San Dimas, they could shoot to #6)
    9. Azusa 7-4 Montview Champs,(tough preseason, could pay off big for the Aztecs)
    10. La Puente 2nd in montview 9-1(Soft preseaon, plus 2nd place, in Montview hurts their rankings. If they go 10-0 they go to Number 9 and Azusa is out the rankings with So Pas at #10)”

    It is starting to line up like i’m predicting. I still think La puente will fall and Whittier Christian and Monrovia will leap frog Arroyo…Lol Colt 74 watch and learn how to break down a division….I think Cif and I are on the same wave length. While you sling mud, and have no clue.

  • bigfatfan

    I guess someone at SP must have pissed off CIF. maybe that’s why the CIF refs in the SP/TC game were cursing at our players. SP nowhere on the latest rankings despite having beaten No. 9 alhambra, and having far better records than Azusa, Valley Christian and Village Christian.

  • Reality

    Maranatha’s coaches were not listening to the players, they told them what had to be done and changes were not made till late in the 4th – no big deal – we are a #2 team and got beat fair and square but the kids did not create the hype – the press, parents and coaches did that, including the big helmet and fog….just play the game – ignore the hype should be the lesson.

    “Wonderkid” will hopefully learn and the team will improve, he has Elfers for another year and thats a treasure!

    Good win WC – you deserved it.

    MHS Parent

  • coltfan97

    How can Monrovia be ranked higher than San Dimas? This Cif Poll is a joke!!!! S.D smashed on Monrovia 31-14!!!!

  • Rooster Man

    These CIF ratings are nothing but political maneuverings. They are a joke.

  • Anonymous

    I GOTTA AGREE WITH YOU.Sd smashed Morovia, Burroghs smashed Arcadia but in both polls they have both of those schools ranked higher. these rankings are a JOKE……

  • coltfan97

    Mid Valley Analysis,

    I agree with you about Arroyo, but why is Monrovia ahead of S.D. in your poll? S.D made some deep runs in the playoffs too. Not only, S.D. smashed Monrovia this year! Just wanted to know your reasoning!!!!

  • coltfan97

    Mid Valley Analysis,

    I agree with you about Arroyo, but why is Monrovia ahead of S.D. in your poll? S.D made some deep runs in the playoffs too. Not only, S.D. smashed Monrovia this year! Just wanted to know your reasoning!!!!

  • MyOpticCat

    This has to be the biggest pile of horse dung to ever come out of the C.lowns I.nterpolitic Federation.

    Maranatha loses and drops from 1st to 6th.
    San Dimas loses and drops to 3rd to 7th
    Whittier Christian beats Maranatha ( Number 1 ) and goes from 7th to 5th
    Monrovia beats 18 man Blair and jumps from 6th to 4th

    Thanks for the laugh CIF and hurry up and cash that check from Monrovia before they stop payment.
    What’s next giving them a bye into the finals?

  • PurdueAlum05

    The CIF rankings are a joke! How is South Pas not ranked? South Pas should at least be #9.

  • the defender

    People still don’t know the difference between, Preseason, League, and Playoffs. After Monrovia, loss to San Dimas last year, was Cif wrong for ranking Monrovia higher than them then? Preseason does not hold a lot of weight. It’s “Pre” meaning(Preparatory; preliminary) “Season”. The Wing z is always strong early in the year, but it takes it’s toll on your backs and QB, when you run it for 10 weeks. When San dimas won it in 2010, they had some big backs, and they had several of them. San Dimas did not look as fresh in the Covina game as they were vs Monrovia. I am not taking anything away from the Covina D…They shut them down. San Dimas got blasted in the league title game. They were supposed to play their best game. They wasted that against Monrovia. The Pomona game is real! 3rd place is a reality for the saints. CIF is made of real people, who know San Dimas played Monrovia without 4 key playmakers 3 starters, in Ellis McCarthy DL, Justin Jones LB, Brandon Wingenbach DB/WR, and Mike Harris S/RB, all Seniors and was breaking in a new QB. Maddox plays everyone in preseaon. Sophmores, jv’s, etc.. No one played in the game against blair. Monrovia started a soph…San Dimas and Maranatha lost big games…and lost league… No matter how strong the league is 2nd place is 2nd place. When it’s all said and done, Monrovia will have a league title and only 1 less loss than San Dimas… Thus, Monrovia top 4 seed as of today, and they won’t be going down. Monrovia might end up #2 behind covina….which would mean no Covina game until finals… šŸ™ Before you question Monrovia, question why Arroyo and La Puente are in top four….Arroyo Struggled with La Canada, who Monrovia destoyed! La Puente hasn’t played one good team… and Azusa is going to beat them. Alhambra lost to South pas and El Monte…well..All I know is Monrovia seems to be fresh come playoff time. I like their Chances!

  • Colt74

    the defender,
    Are you SERIOUSLY saying that CIF does its rankings on WHO PLAYED what week for what team? Seriously????
    Like that joke about how many F’s are in WAY… NO F in way!
    And Monrovia beating Blair is a better win than Whittier Christians win over Maranatha?

    Who are you trying to convince us or yourself?

  • coltfan97

    To Defender,

    You made my point thats why these polls are a joke!!!!! Preseason or not they still lost to S.D. you cant argue that!!!! By the way every team has injuries and new players to break in thats not an excuse!!!!

  • the defender

    Once again, if you go 5-0 in preseason and 0-5 in don’t go to playoffs. If you are 0-5 and preseason, and 5-0 in league you do. Preseason has nothing to do with leauge and playoffs, and sometimes rankings. So you say that being 2nd place in league, should not effect your polls…? Cif probably wants San dimas and Monrovia to play again. Monrovia is a league champ, def champ, they should be number 4. maybe San dimas Should be #3 not La Puente…Well pissing and moaning is not going to change anything….Call CIF and complain…This is how it should be…Now you happy lol..Whether we are #10, we are still going to talk our talk, and do our playoff walk….haha…We are crazy over here at Monrovia….we don’t care…We just play…

    2.Whittier Christian
    4.San Dimas
    5.La Puente
    10.South Pas

  • coltfan97

    To Defender,

    I am not saying Monrovia is a bad team!!!! In fact, I think they will be there at the end with Covina!!!! I was just using Monrovia as an example thats it nothing else!!!!! My point was that these polls are a joke nothing more than that!!!!! This goes for other divisions as well!!!!

  • Colt74

    “Cif probably wants San dimas and Monrovia to play again.”

    CIF has no business and no right manipulating polls for their own personal amusement or their viewing pleasure.
    That’s what these kids are out there busting their a$$es for?
    CIF can screw up what ever polls they want in preseason and during the season but when it comes down to playing for a championship they need to pull their heads out of their a$$es and do what is right. Not what amuses them.
    That poll does not affect Covina one bit but it’s a slap in the face to Whittier Christian. And it rewards Monrovia for… nothing!
    You can make all the excuses in the world to justify or downplay your losses…but at the end of the day a loss is a loss and it should be treated and counted as such.
    And what any team did last year shouldn’t have the weight of a bumble bees pimple on this years rankings.
    I know Monrovia fans think because they won the championship last year it gives them some special entitlement this year….But I guess the rest of the teams have have to earn what ever they get. Enjoy your gift. Obviously someone paid for it. No other explanation.
    Bottom line San Dimas whipped you and should be rated above you. Whittier Christian should be too.

    Would love to hear an actual logical justification why they are not.

  • GrimReaper

    According to Cal Preps team and rating
    Covina 37.7
    Covina 28
    Arcadia 21.7
    San Dimas 18.1
    Maranantha 16.7
    pomona 15.4
    Monrovia 14.6
    Whittier Christian 12.9
    Arroyo 10.6
    La Puente 9.1
    El Monte 6.7
    Alhambra .7

    For the SP fans who want a ranking in the top ten they are ranked .9 (note SM is .7..Will the SM SP game be a pick’em barnburner… Cal Preps thinks so.

    For 6 power, eerrr Golden Arm
    Look!! Cal preps is predicting a TC win over LC!!!
    Wait to burn that letterman jacket!!

    RHL This weeks Cal Prep predictions
    Monrovia 31-SM 20
    SP 41-Blair 0
    TC 24-LC 22

  • MonroVian

    Dude you guys all sound like a bunch of crying titty babys! I hope Monrovia goes deep into the playoffs, if they dont better luck next year. Waaaa waaaa why is Monrovia above SD, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Lets see what nasty things you guys have to say about MonroVia now… Bring it, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you haters!
    Aram, Freddy, Miguelito keep up the good work..
    You Dont Want No Green And White!

  • coltfan97

    Thank you Colt74 couldn’t have said it better!!!!!!

  • 6power

    So Pas Fans

    The Tigers would give Arroyo or La Puente a good game, if not take the victory home. Don’t sweat the ranking because being under the radar IS FAR BETTER than being ranked.
    When TC played 9-2 La Puente in 07 the fans at LP snickered and laughed when they announced our unimpressive won-loss record. TC defense smothered and denied their offense – and we won the football game.
    Tiger fans should direct 100% of their mojo toward beating San Marino.

    Either the Titans did not play well against Temple City or the Titans are not a very good football team. I have to believe it is a combination of TC having a good game and San Marino being off their game on this particular Friday night. San Marino is again well coached as usual and they have weapons other than Do, that either TC locked down or they kept under wraps and out of the play calling loop. This Friday will be a crucial game for many different reasons. Good luck to both teams.

    Grim Reaper
    Calpreps has a near impossible job – and sometimes experiments with 1960 era hallucinogenics when making their predictions. LC / TC has Arroyo as a common opponent, but the take away for prediction purposes is meaningless. The game could be 3 -0, 28-2, 41-38, or end 24-22 as Calpreps suggests.
    LC will stack the box and TC will run anyway, as they should. The Rams will gain ground yardage. LC in turn will throw the pass everyone is killing us with, capitalizing on a 12-15 yd cushion between receiver and db….and it will work. Yoder is a fine coach and the Spartans will come hungry…

    TC does not know what a win feels like and Blair does…not even Calpreps on Acid could have predicted that. NEW DIRECTION will be successful – once it finds the road going the same direction as the old direction was headed.

  • Response to “Reality”

    “Reality”…I just wanted to say you hit the nail on the head with that one. I’ve been reading the “daily” press on the “Dream Team” Minutemen and thought it was just getting way over inflated. I’m a WC Parent and can clearly see that Maranatha has great talent. You clearly have the ability to win League and Division and I too think it’s a shame what has been done to the kids. I wish you only the best. If you go on to the finals and beat WC in the process, then I’ll be rooting for you. Your coach is young and needs a lesson in humility. He was the same at WC. Your running backs are extremely dangerous and Effers talent goes without saying…again.

    WC Parent

  • the defender

    I’ve heard it all now…Monrovia has CIF in their back pocket. Especially when last year Monrovia had to play Schurr in the Second round and San Dimas for a second time after they beat us in the finals the year before and during the preseason…I’d say CIF gave Monrovia the toughest road. Maybe CIF believes Monrovia is better than they were earlier in the year…Could that be true? Either way, it is what it is…keep winning and Covina will have a chance to prove on the field that they are the best when it counts. If so then we will bow down…until then we are the defending champs, top four seeded team…and that is not going to change!

  • Hs football fan

    man it makes my head hurt reading all the non sense that gets on hear. including the stupid stuff i have put haha

  • Mo Town

    Hahaha. Reality needs a dose of reality. A 6 – 0 start, and one loss by a couple of points to a good team they’ve only beaten once in the last decade, and out come the darts. And Reality’s advice: Maranatha coaches need to let the players come up with game strategy. Oh yeah, and get rid of the big helmet. Really?! “Reality” is that there are more people in the stands than there have ever been. Players love playing for Coach K and his staff. And most people actually like the big helmet, and 40 page program and all of the other things that Coach K has done to bring new energy to the football program. The team has been pretty successful so far. Players feel blessed for any coverage they have received, and don’t view it as hype, just coverage. “Reality” is that things are really good at Maranatha, and Coach K and his staff are doing just fine in their first year.

  • Mo Yawn

    There is a lack of discipline growing at Maranatha……if you are there – you know what I mean….as for Mo Town….

    How does a big helmet do anything other than add more hype factor? Does it build humility or breed arrogance?

    Does a Fog Machine sound more chest thumping or does it create focus?

    Does a 40 page program inflate an ego? Does it make one love looking at their own photo’s more than playing the game?

    Some of players LOVE the hype and it will influence some freshmen to play (and that is the point) – but others – Seniors – cannot wait for this season to be over already.

    MHS Alum

  • natha11

    mo yawn – i’m sorry, but you’re wrong. i too am an alum and i played with these kids last year. i guarantee you they have the most heart and character out of any team in the area. as for the unsportsman-like stuff, we all lose our cool once in a while, but i can assure you that that is not who they are. to assert that the seniors are ready for it to be over is absurd. ever since we got blown out by san dimas last year, they’ve had their eyes set on the finals, and with a coach leading them (who i agree needs to humble himself a little) whose defense got torn up by monrovia last year in the finals, they are as hungry as ever.