• titan sports fan

    In regards of the junior class at sm they have only loss one player i believe that transfered …. they are staring at least 7 or 8 juniors/sophmores on either side of the ball ….very young team with lots of talent who should only get better as season progresses

  • rhl fan

    to the best of my knowledge, no one has transferred out of sm, and one person has transferred in, junior wide reciever Andrew Cordova

  • Titan Sports Fan

    SM loss one player to transfer … Ole Woods left the district when his father took a position at Beverly Hills Unified School district as Super Intendant. I’m sure our team would love to have him in the fold considering he’s second on the team for tackles at BHHS playing line backer.

  • Andrew

    I count only three Seniors on offense for SM (Do, Knauss, Swanton) and two Sophomores playing significant time in Yau, Winston, & Bayle.

    Defensively, there are more Seniors starting (Azer, Barth, Hill, & Glazier) but some other sophomores getting significant time especially on the DL. Defensively they might find it difficult to replace the DL next year.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the program progresses under coach Hobbie. I think he brings a different level of expectations and expertise. The kids are lifting year round now and watching a lot more film. I think they’ll be pretty solid next year especially if they get the extra practices that come from making the playoffs.

  • bigfatfan

    Andrew: then changes you are seeing at SM are very similar to the progress being made at SP under new coach Konrad.

  • Tyler

    The only team in the RHL right now that could look to upset Monrovia right now is South Pasadena. With Blair on their schedule this week, South Pas should already be preparing to take out SM for the 2nd place CIF RHL spot next Friday, and focusing all their energy, then on Monrovia for the RHL 1st place showdown. I just don’t see San Marino being strong enough to beat Monrovia.

  • Anything is Possible

    While 99% of the Occupy the sidelines make the safe bet and pick Monrovia, it is a bunch of kids and it is high school football, and sometimes the unexpected can happen.

    For instance, my SM team in 1972, we were not a good team. We ended up 3-6, but on the night we played TC who would tie the longest winning streak in CIF history the night we played them, we were picked to lose by a ton.

    At the end of the first half TC had around 100 yds of negative total offense. But as expected we lost 14-3 having given up two long pass plays and nothing else. having missed 6 field goals and fumbled twice as our running back was going across the goal line to score.

    We were a bad team, and we physically dominated a far far far better TC team. TC did not celebrate their win and record, they were quite subdued.

    So no matter how much you think Monrovia is the unbeatable juggernaut, they will lose eventually to a RHL team. And just as TC struggles now, someday Monrovia will be a win-less bad team.

    So enjoy it while you got it. Monrovia will likely be undefeated in league, but anything is possible, that is why they play the game.

  • the M

    Whenever Monrovia plays san marino at san marino, that game is going to be tough and close. However, Monrovia won’t be in the rio hondo, by time someone beats them in league.