Top 10 Rankings: Pasadena gets its due credit at No. 10

1. St. Francis (6-1)

Meat of schedule up next

2. Arcadia (5-2)
Way to bounce back strong

3. Maranatha (6-1)
Relying on big plays

4. Monrovia (4-3)
Win over Blair proved little

5. South Pasadena (5-2)
Most improved team so far

6. Muir (4-3)
Big test coming up Friday

7. Rio Hondo Prep (6-1)
Big second half fuels Kares

8. Rosemead (4-3)
Bounced back vs. Gabrielino

9. Alhambra (6-1)
Team to beat in Almont?

10. Pasadena (4-3)
Impressed with offense, wins

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    No Arroyo?

  • 6power

    A good share of credit should go to mike mckay for the PHS offensive upswing. A lot accomplished in a short time.
    Where is the Huck?

  • Miguel Melendez


    Arroyo is not in our coverage area. Check that with the Tribune.

  • DS

    SP has always had good kids and some great players with inferior Head coaching.
    Now they have a team that has won League at the JV level against the same seniors they will be playing in the next 3 weeks. That includes MCcarthy and co. They know what it is to win they know what it is to have expectations and with a great bend but don’t break defense with SHettleroe,Magill, Han, Harvey,Farnsworth and crew this SP team is up for the task.

  • RHL is Monrovia’s

    South Pas has lost to Monrovia on the Varsity level for the last ten years…JV is jv…the good sophomores are on varsity…Monrovia will win the rio hondo.

  • PurdueAlum05

    You’re wrong! SP beat Monrovia in 2003, but other than that we have been owned by the Wildcats.

  • PurdueAlum05

    We also tied Monrovia back in 2000, when they were suppose to beat us by 5 tds plus. So saying that Monrovia will win by just showing up is not a given. We’ll see how it plays out. Props to my Tigers for playing hard and buying into the coaching staff.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Where is Huck? I was wondering the same thing Goldenarm…I mean 6power.

  • 411

    Dear Miguel;
    Let me get this right. Arroyo is not in your area, but Rio Hondo Prep is. HA! There next door to each other. Figure it out. So, no Arroyo.

  • Miguel Melendez


    Rio Hondo Prep is in Arcadia which is in our circulation area while Arroyo is in El Monte, not our circulation area.

  • Mtownclown

    Monrovia will stomp south pasadena MONROVIA OWNS RIO HONDO!! but sp can fight for second but my bet is SM takes second Sp brags about looking good vs. maranatha but they arnt as good as their record….but in rio hondo and every league “if you aint first your last” ricky bobby voice lol

  • bigfatfan

    Hey Clown, how ’bout crawling back under your circus tent and go away. No one on this board from SP is banging on Monrovia. the fact that you are even mentioning SP when our game with you is two weeks away shows that even your dimwitted brain has taken notice of the changes taking place down on Freemont.

  • Mtownclown

    @BigfatLOSERfan we will see! but everyone knows Rio Hondo League is a JOKE!!!

  • FootballGuy

    This year teams can switch leagues. Great chance for Monrovia to move up and see how they do.

  • PacFan

    Muir 6? Pasadena gets its due?
    Pasadena and Muir would smoke any of these teams who doesnt play in the SouthEast.

    1. St. Francis
    2. Arcadia
    3. Muir
    4. Pasadena
    5-10 Who gives a CRAP they all suck!

    Monrovia should move up – we need a new doormat to kick around.

  • Tyler

    I think Mtownclown is really a San Marino fan.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Don’t worry, you’re about to get what’s coming to you for talking all the trash that you’re doing. Monrovia lost to San Dimas, which will probably finish second or third in their league, so that says enough about you guys. Your name says it all, all you are is big JOKE!

  • PurdueAlum05

    Have a team from your league win a CIF title and then we will talk.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Don’t worry, you’re about to get what’s coming to you for talking all the trash that you’re doing. Monrovia lost to San Dimas, which will probably finish second or third in their league, so that says enough about you guys. Your name says it all, all you are is big a JOKE!

  • Schalupa

    Hey, give Mclown a break she’s been down in the dumps since Chas got the boot from Dancing With the Stars. What a difference a year makes, ey Mclown. I have yet to see any postings about how your team is too strong for RHL. That’s all I saw last year from your crowd last year. If it wasn’t for RHL this year, you’d be wandering around looking for .500.

  • anon

    mtownclown is not a Monrovia fan, you dummies!!!

  • PurdueAlum05

    Shows how much of a low life you are to talk trash on a blog, and to top it off you did it with an anonymous user name. Grow some balls!!!

  • New York

    Monrovia wouldn’t be anyone’s doormat in the Southeast. Let’s get that straight. Some bloggers might jump onto a bandwagon and misrepresent, but if you want to really talk Monrovia football then I’m ready anytime. A senior dominated Arcadia team beat us basically on the last play…a big play by their two biggest play makers.

    Saying Muir and Pasadena would dominate Monrovia puts PacFan in the same bubble as some of those bloggers who misrepresented Monrovia.

    Yes, Monrovia is too strong for the RHL. Any team who can phone it in and win a league regularly should be moved into a league that puts them to the test. Making the playoffs should be an accomplishment, not a given.

    The Pacific League would be a nice fit for Monrovia. Some years we might not make the playoffs (if they get to a point where only the top 2 or 3 make it)…that’s fine. Take it back to the old days when only the league champ would make the playoffs…hence a major accomplishment.

  • Philly B.

    mtownclown, Im sorry but that was funny, “If your not first your last” So true…in a sense. but you dont need to talk trash to any fans of south pas or anyone else. Yes Monrovia needs out of the rio hondo league and into the pacific league. Yes Monrovia will just SHOW UP and win league. lets be real about it. San marino will put up a fight in the 1st half, south pas will do the same. Respect for both of those teams this year. But I do not worry about them pulling off an upset. its NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!! Yeah Purdue, monrovia lost to san dimas. But who in the rio hondo league could give the saints a game honestly? San dimas is a good team that spanked a good team in monrovia. SM,SP,TC plays against the saints its the long kiss goodnight and Im not talking about the drink.

    Footballguy- How sure are you that this year teams can switch leagues???? Because if so, Maddox needs to get in gear and push for monrovia to go to the pacific league. Send Hoover and LA Salle to the RHL. And bring Maranantha and Monrovia to the Pacific!!!!

    NewYork-good to see your blogs again

  • PurdueAlum05

    Philly B and New York,
    I disagree with you guys about Monrovia switching leagues. I think it would be a huge mistake to other sports other than football. Let’s not kid ourselves, besides football, they’re not so dominant in other sports. I am not saying that they’re a cupcake but I don’t think they compete in the Pacific League like they can in the Rio Hondo League. But hey, if you guys want to leave then leave. I’m not going to stop you guys. Good luck!

  • All day


    Arcadia has 22 juniors coming back. So, they will be senior heavy again next season. No QB though.

  • New York

    I beleive Bill Walsh said that QB is the most important position. Having a 3-year starter there is huge for Arcadia this year, as it was for Monrovia last year. Arcadia’s seniors this year have been its leaders the past few years. That’s the difference. They are not just regular seniors, know what I mean? 22 coming back can not possibly all be starters.

  • New York

    I acknowledge your point, but I have also seen Monrovia’s performance rise and fall to the level of competition over many years. So, I think our other sports would catch up to the level of competition once they were placed into a league that demanded a more focused off-season as well as daily preparation during the season.

    To parlay your point, I think it is a huge disservice to the players who comprise the football program to not put them into an environment where they are forced to push themselves to reach their full potential. The Rio Hondo League does not provide an adequate measuring stick to gauge whether or not our kids are reaching their potential. Blowouts don’t prove anything.