Friday Night Aftermath: La Salle snaps 17-game losing streak with big win; Monrovia blows past San Marino; Muir beats Burroughs; Alhambra, San Gabriel remain unbeaten in league; Maranatha, St. Francis lose again.

Above: Told ya!


Friday’s results
Monrovia 43, San Marino 7 — De’Shawn Ramirez and Marquise Bias each scored two touchdowns and Blake Heyworth threw for two scores, connecting with Ramirez and Anthony Craft. Mason Bryant scored on an interception return as the Wildcats overwhelmed the Titans with their speed and size. San Marino scored midway through the fourth quarter on a Kwame Do 28-yard run for the Titans’ lone touchdown.

La Salle 49, Mary Star 20 — Josh Hall had two touchdowns and Israel Lacy, Austin Wallis, Mark Tappan, Bryce Harvey and Stephen Wright each scored a touchdown to help the Lancers snap a 17-game losing streak. Not gonna say that I called it …

Muir 28, Burroughs 0 — Mustangs totally dominated, giving up 6 rushing in the second half, 88 for the entire game. Zander Anding, however, did not play due to a collar bone injury he sustained last week, so that obviously was a huge difference. Freshman Darick Holmes Jr. came off the bench at quarterback and led the Mustangs to a nice 50-yard drive capped by a 7-yard touchdown pass to Kevon Seymour. Muir rushed for 170 yards on the ground.

La Canada 44, Temple City 27 — Franklin Cervenka had six carries for 52 yards and two receptions for 99 yards, the longest a 60-yard touchdown pass from Matt Jones, who finished 7 of 11 passing for 166 yards and a throwing touchdown. Jones finished with 74 yards on 13 carries and two touchdowns. Temple City’s Anthony Valencia was 3 of 7 for 42 yards and struggled for most of the game. He rushed for a touchdown. Roger Tsung had 20 carries for 128 yards and a touchdown for the Rams.

Alhambra 7, Montebello 6 — The Moors scored with less than 30 seconds lef tin the game in the fourth quarter to pull away from the Oilers on the road. Alhambra’s win gives it a 3-0 record heading into next week’s game at San Gabriel, which also is 3-0 after a gritty win over Bell Gardens.

Arcadia 44, Glendale 0 — The Apaches record their first shutout of the season. Alex McElwee and Joe Wong each recorded an interception and Clarence Irvin helped Arcadia record a safety. Myles Carr was 7 of 9 for 120 yards and two touchdowns. He had 34 yards on the ground with a touchdown. Jake Medel had 143 yards on 11 carries with a touchdown. Rodney Arnett had 85 yards and a touchdown on nine carries. The win sets up a huge game against Pasadena, which is also 4-1 in the Pacific League.

Arroyo 28, Rosemead 21
Rio Hondo Prep 49, Flintridge Prep 0
Schurr 27, Keppel 7
Pasadena Poly 26, Webb 21
El Monte 48, El Monte 28
Duarte 17, Gladstone 14
Valley Christian 26, Maranatha 18
San Gabriel 37, Bell Gardens 31
Chaminade 31, St. Francis 13

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  • Realist

    hahahahahahah .. wow. Its no wonder La Salle is horrible. Look at the picture.. I’ve seen 8th grade flag football teams that look bigger than them.

  • Mountain

    Realist, seriously? Are you 12?

  • Realist2

    Well, there ain’t no Mountains in that picture – he kinda has a point, good luck tho – I miss the days when La Salle had a real team.

  • Fb fan

    La Salle 49 Mary Star 20

  • Realist


    In a football game being small shouldnt matter. Bum my goodness. They are so tiny. Its like they don’t have a weight room at La Salle.

  • Mtownclown

    Maranatha is who we thought they were “not as good as the hype” lol …..#18 for Monrovia is getting healthy uhhhhohhhhh …go CATS

  • Anonymous

    The Maranatha Athletes should call their own plays, especially on the defensive side! They would be better off than a predictable DC/Headcoach! He is the reason for the set back! Ttat is one superb and athletic team that works well together!
    That Head Coach was HANDED a splendid program only to use his child like ego to destroy it! It’s “his way or no way” approach, really? I don’t know what his assistant coaches say, but it looks to me like he doesn’t listen to them and definitely refuses to make adjustments defensively!
    When offenses are putting up easy points on you, you better change something. Offensively, when something is working.. WHY get away from that and try something different? WOW!!!!
    Get a new D.C./ Head Coach
    Wasn’t he being called “The Wonderboy” or something like that? How about Wonder-bra, cause he’s barely holding them up!

    Poor Elffers, that kid is truly a blessing and fun to watch, but your receivers are not helping you. I’m pretty sure you grunted and dragged at least 4 defenders about 12 yards,with everything you had just to try to get that first down and yet the rest of your team (receivers mainly) just stood there and watched!

  • Really?


    Come on now…6-2 with 2 losses to good teams by a total of 11 points and the program is “destroyed”? Sounds like you have some personal issues with the head coach and maybe you need to bring that to him instead of hating on the blogs under an anonymous tag. If you care about the kids so much, how does your last post help them? How does that make the program better? It sounds like you are rooting for MHS to fail and I do not know why? Where were you when they were 6-0?

    And when you start talking about defense, do you remember how many points MHS used to give up? Compare these numbers…

    Valley 2010: 70; Valley 2011: 26
    WC 2010: 31; WC 2011: 24
    Big Bear 2010: 27 (L) Big Bear 2011: 12 (W)
    LC 2010: 21 LC 2011: 10

    Maybe you should grab a whistle and help them out man! You seem to know everything.

  • big mike

    i know Monrovia fans is not back on the blogs bragging. didnt your team get there a$$es handed to them when they played outside the RHL please stop it you embarrassed Monrovia all year long.

  • Hey Big Mike

    Hey Big Mike, you may want to stand in line and get your big ass handed back to you. I dont see Monrovia fans bragging about anything, I just see you trying to suppress the disappointment in the team you must be rooting for.

  • BigCat

    The ‘Cats are beginning to get healthy and put it together. If they stay healthy and keep focused, away we go!

  • 6power

    La Canada looked alot better than a 2-6 team last night while TC looked like an 0-8 team. About the only positive thing a long time Ram fan can say is the TC parents, supporters, coaches and especially players, have not given up.
    Their was strong support from the grandstand last night, despite TC quickly going down by 3 scores in the 1st quarter. Turnovers kill good teams and bad teams alike.
    The Rams actually played much better against San Marino. LC QB has got a good gun, the Spartans should be a more efficient passing team, but did not need to be last night.
    Mtown – SM was predictable and the Cats come to North Field this Friday where there will be one interesting match up – IF ELLIS MC CARTHY SUITS UP.
    When EM lines up across from TC tackle Michael Bassette, this will be one of the all time strongest two kids ever to match up against one another in the San Gabriel Valley. Basette is 6 3 and 315 legit, can squat the team bus and benches well over 400. EM and Basette will probably be one/two in RHL shot put standings later this year, if Ellis competes.
    Of course, speed and quickness are owned entirely by EM, which is why he is highly touted. This advantage puts all the edges in his corner. Nonetheless, Ellis will not face anyone this season who can come close in a sheer match of strength – and Bassette can.

  • Mid Valley Fan


    You have the MO of a disgruntled ex Maranatha coach that didn’t get re-hired….straight-up. Have the balls to just admit that instead snipping at 1:30 in the morning. Nah, it’s easier to snipe right?

    Jus sayin…

  • MHS Parent

    There is plenty of criticism to go around at Maranatha – a lack of discipline on and off the field, to a new Head Coach who is getting a reality check (much deserved and some not) but yea’ it’ll take a great Head Coach to turn this around – let’s face it – we HAVE to win the next ones and if we don’t we may as well boot the coach – he said himself he had as much support as any coach could ask for – a D-1 QB and fantastic facilities – with all that and a job people want results……

    Going in as the #3 seed will be interesting….lets hope he learns from this…..

  • mtown is rolling

    Mtown is rolling…I like their chances to win it all.

  • 2Really


    You have the MO of a coach trying to defend himself – from the stats to the language.

    Maybe Anon is an ex coach but he has some points.

  • Maranatha= 1-3

    i just think its funny that all you maranatha fans think youve still gotta a chance at playoffs. Valley beat village by the skin of there teeth with literally 10 seconds to go. and from what i read about the maranatha vs valley game. The score was 24 to 3 almost the entire game with most of your points coming in the 4th quarter by andrew elfers pulling a couple of miracles. And well your defense… if they had a hard time with Grant Escobar and Jaylen Raye… then lets see how well they handle the Lebanese Tank aka Amjed Aboul-hosen…

  • coltfan97

    To all Mid Valley Lovers,

    This is about the Olympic League!!!!! Will Maranatha make the playoffs if they lose too Village Christian? They would end up fourth place in their league with a record of 7-3!!!! Just wondering!!!!! It’s hard to predict the wildcard teams in the Mid Valley!!!!!!

  • natha11

    maranatha 1-3: we lost to wc and vc last year in consecutive weeks and beat village on the road 34-20. just saying…

  • football fan

    Maranatha is who we thought they were. A bunch of spoiled kids.Who the first time have to dig deep and show chracter in a tuff game,unravel and disrespect the game and officials.Stop excuses and own that you are not a top team.The top teams earned it. san dimas,monrovia,covina,w.christian,arroyo,azusa. Those teams are always in the qrts,semis,finals. And they beat higher div. teams in preseason.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    At football fan

    Whittier Ch. lost to Kern Valley (not a ranked team at the time) ….and Maranatha beat Azusa, convincingly. So get your facts straight.

    Chill out…Maranatha loses to 2 top 10 Mid Valley teams by a total of 11 pts and all of a sudden the haters come from no where. The Olympic league is tough and has been for several years, period. How about we wait until the regular season is over before we make any judgements.

  • SamoanPride

    @ Mid Valley Fan

    One small note: At 3-5, Valley Christian was not ranked in the Mid-Valley Top 10 last week when they played Maranatha. However, they were listed in the “Others” category (along with Azusa & Village Christian).

  • Mid Valley Fan


    Point taken…

    The bigger issue is the Olympic league is quality and has been. Teams in the semis and finals the last two years. So for Maranatha to lose by a combined 11pts in their last two games isn’t as bad as people/haters make it out to be.

  • football fan

    Do you get the reason for my post? Maranatha will not be there in the end. So why so much talk about them?They will be lucky to make the playoffs. I think that villiage christian has a good chance of beating maranatha. The olympic league is a good league, but not because of maranatha. If you had beat wc and vc in the last 2 weeks then i think you would have some room to talk about maranatha.Until you can start beating the good teams shut up. If you are going to talk please let it be about san dimas,morovia,covina,wchristian the contenders not the pretenders maranatha.