PrepXtra Rewind: Big Bob sounds off on Monrovia, Duarte, Muir and the Mid-Valley Division. Plus, the boys from Alhambra and San Gabriel discuss their Friday showdown …

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  • big mike

    Aye i thought Andreece went to Muir, you stated that he was going to be with Pasadena did he transfer back to Pasadena?

  • big mike

    Tell big Bob get out the past. this year Monrovia isnt living up to all the hype they came in with. What happen the Arcadia game they had Big Ellis and Legace (who M-town fans bragged about locking down all last year) did his thang this year against them whats the excuse for losing that game. Oh they didnt have their offense together LOL excuses, excuses dont forget the Lakers lost this past year pretty bad in the playoffs so it sort of fits Monrovia and Covina would probably destroy M-town this year im NO m-town hater i like M-town but all the talk and hype their fans did coming in this year is what makes me kind of root against them, but when they enter the pacific league all that high flying junk their doing in the rio will not fly, and give CO a break Scoby chose the right place to play forget Crutchfield, Tip Sanders is rebuilding that program give him respect big Bob your a bias person not once did you give any other team props when Monrovia fall which im not hoping they do but im not hoping they dont either your going to come with an outrageous excuse of why they fell shoot you might even say it happened because the “DUARTE” players left and didnt attend Monrovia. (keep in mind im writing this as im listening to you) Now you wanna give a few teams some respect your a joke big Bob and then you claim there isnt any gang stuff LOL we all know Duarte and Monrovia is full of gangs it even starts at their pop warner level lets re-visit why the Pasadena panthers and Duarte hawks wasnt allowed to play against each other and they’re in the same league (Gang fights during the game). If Muir had tip Muir would be dominate not with Crutchfield, Tip actually took some terrible teams and made them GOOD (Marshall and Blair). Also that gang fight with Muir was not way back try 1999 not the 80’s i was there Big Bob stop the lying. Big bob honesty is the key it’ll make you look better. Bob obviously dont know anything about the pacific Brandon Cox will be the top Qb in the SGV next year he’s ridiculous 6’3 runs a low 4.5 40 and has a cannon for an arm, he’s dangerous. Man bob you make more excuses for monrovia then any obnoxious fan Aram and Miguel please dont have this dude on your show again unless its titled excuses for Monrovia. All those leagues you claimed is baby ball what about Monrovia and the rio damn bob you love Monrovia a little too much and BA would still beat Monrovia without Rio, CO would destroy Monrovia Covina WC, those teams will have a complete high light film against Monrovia this year. Big bob please reconsider LOL

  • PacFan

    Thanks Aram and Miguel for bringing in Big Bob and having him repesent Monrovia. I totally get it now! Now I have a mental picture of who these Monrovia fans are.

    And do us a favor, no more talk about them going to the Pacific, that not going to happen. They need to stay in tne Midvalley, why ruin a good thing there.

  • New York

    I thought you knew your stuff on the West Side…Tony Crutchfield as indeed a star linebacker at Muir and he was also Co-Head coach at Muir starting in the mid-90’s.

    The reason Monrovia and Duarte have not played the past two years is because the scores got out of control and Maddox realized the game was not doing anything to further develop Monrovia. San Dimas is the only MidValley school on our preseason. Remember, the gang stuff really came to a head BEFORE the M-D Classic was branded as such.

    Big Mike and PacFan,
    It looks like Big Bob was not that far off. Arcadia did blow out Pasadena just like he called it. Is 2009 the only season that Coach D lost to Pasadena? It’s been a long stretch since Towns and McCalister graduated, and Coach D was not even Arcadia’s head coach that season. Monrovia is 3-3 against Arcadia since we renewed the rivalry in 2006. Maddox and Coach Dimalante are now 2-2. Monrovia beat Arcadia the past two years and lost by 8 points this year. How did the two Pasadena schools do against Arcadia this year?

    And unfortunately, Big Bob is also correct about the violence he mentioned in the 1980’s. Specifically, October 3, 1986 when PHS was playing at Monrovia. This is why the two schools have not been allowed to play eachother ever since. The 1999 altercation with Muir was just a reminder of why Blair is the only Pasadena school that Monrovia administrators allow us to play, and that is because Blair is in the same league.