Two-Minute Drills: Alhambra-San Gabriel on Friday and San Marino-South Pasadena, will Aram and I get it right?

Coming Wednesday, St. Francis-St. Paul and Pasadena-Arcadia



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  • playoffs

    This is a good indicator of how Mtown is creeping back into playoff form… San Marino was totally over matched…South Pas seems to be a little better, but mtown will rout them…That makes the almont champ look pretty bad especially if Alhambra wins….then we move on to the MVL Champ….who struggle with the bottom feeders of the midvalley….All that is pending is a Azusa win over La Puente…that would be enough to get a top four seed. Which Mtown will get. Another game to watch is the Pomona vs San Dimas game…nevertheless…The Cats are getting better. Can’t wait til playoffs…

  • PurdueAlum05

    You’re a joke! Some of your comments are unprofessional. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • bigfatfan

    Purdue, that is why Aram does not list south pas on his Top 25 list. we throttled Alhambra, they are No. 16 on his list, and we are nowhere to be seen.

  • GrimReaper

    Calpreps says:
    Division rank SP 13 SM 15

    Projection Score
    SP 21 SM 19

    Not exactly over whelming.

    Miguel and Aram point to the SP Alhambra game as important. Alhambra is clearly better than SM based on the stats, but the two left the #10 Mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnals porch too long in the sun, they forgot the SP LC game where in the 1st half SP was down in that game and did not look to be the world beater.
    A three touchdown loss to Maranantha who is having trouble of late in the holy war that is the Olympic League. That may not be the be all end all of football existence. But that is all so much water under the bridge and over the spillway.

    In what is essentially a “pick-em” game, three things may well decide the margin of victory for one team, Home Field advantage-Coaching-

    Home field SP good for 3-5 points.
    Coaching- Two first year coaches battle ? pick it
    (note SP had essentially a bye last week had two weeks to get ready)
    Turnovers-penalties-injuries, Ah the hidden factor, a bunch of knucklehead kids pumped up by a bunch of equally knuckle headed adults like us. Who knows?

    One thing is sure:
    it is going to be a ground and pound UFC cage match, with very little passing. SM learned its lesson against Monrovia to give the ball to Do and get out of the way. This will be on SP’s part the 8 headed backfield monster of interchangeable running backs. There are going to be more players in the box, than the boxes of day old’s at a bad donut store.

  • Tony mkoian

    Throttle ?? bigfatfan ?? really you won by One point against alhambra, and you got one of those field goals as a GIFT from the refs. One second left really ??? You know the play im talking about if you were there at the game.
    As far as predictions, im glad those guys picked sg to win tonight , that is what we want, all season alhambra has been overlooked. And remember this is a junior laden team WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR LIGHTS OUT !!!!