Ryan Maddox on Petros and Money, saying USC is at the top of Ellis McCarthy’s wish list

Listen to Petros and Money butter-up Maddox, talking about schedules, Monrovia’s title and of course, big-time recruit Ellis McCarthy, whom Maddox is hoping goes to USC. In fact, Maddox sort of broke some news, saying USC is at the top of McCarthy’s list, followed by California and Oregon … That doesn’t sound good for UCLA. Maddox explained Monrovia’s slow start (losses to Arcadia, South Hills and San Dimas), saying it was because of a, “CIF championship hangover,” and goes on to say the San Dimas loss “fired them up.” … I don’t if that’s the case, there’s probably nothing like the Rio Hondo league to get the confidence going again, right?

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  • sdbob

    Ellis to USC…oh Yeah! Hope it happens!

  • GrimReaper

    Just dont be like Reggie Bush, and tell your dad to stay away from the boosters.

  • I’m sorry, is this news? Petros and Money Show? Try PrepXtra Live a full 18 hours earlier when Big Bob told you Ellis is likely headed to USC. Brutal.

  • BigCat

    What’s really needed here is for Monrovia run the board, win their second CIF championship and then Ellis can deal with the recruiters from any school that he wants to go to. GO ‘CATS!