Two-Minute Drills: Pasadena at Arcadia on Friday night at 7; St. Francis at St. Paul, 7:30 p.m. on Friday.



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  • Realist


    When selecting all league players do you take into account the amount of plays per game each player has? For example, if Myles Carr played as much as Cox has played I think Carr would have far better numbers than Cox. But on paper it doesn’t look like that because Cox plays more downs. There has been about 3 games this year where Carr has been benched for the whole second half because of the score. So if he had played the full game he would have some insane numbers. But if that isn’t the case, I believe Cox deserves the all league bid. But the best quarterback in the area is Carr. He can do it all. Pass from the pocket, pass on the run, and run the football. But the numbers dont reflect that because Carr doesn’t play all game every game. I was just wondering if that comes into account when you select your all league players.

  • anonymous


    You can say that about the entire 1st team defense and offense. The defense would have minimum 5 shutouts.