Friday Night Aftermath: Arcadia wins big, 48-14; San Gabriel blows past Alhambra, 69-14; San Marino surprises S. Pasadena, 28-7; Maranatha prevails, 34-17; Burbank overcomes 31-21 deficit, stuns Muir, 35-34.


Arcadia 48, Pasadena 14 — Myles Carr finished with 205 yards on 9 of 12 passing and three touchdowns when he connected with Robbie Haines, Alex McElwee and Joey Willm. Jake Medel went nuts, rushing for 137 yards and four touchdowns on 20 carries. Pasadena’s Brandon Cox finished with 185 yards passing, one TD, one INT and 135 yards rushing on 18 carries. Pasadena had one bad drive early in the game that paved the way for the loss.

San Gabriel 69, Alhambra 14 — San Gabriel’s Andy Guerrero was 6 of 19 for 430 yards and seven touchdowns and an interception. Guerrero also added 100 yards on the ground on 12 carries. Alex Villalobos caught 7 passes for 225 yards and five touchdowns. Joey Villalobos caught three passes for 138 yards and two touchdowns.

Maranatha 34, Village Christian 17 — Andrew Elffers completed 20 of 26 passes for 221 yards and three touchdowns and rushed for two scores. The Minutemen led 21-10 at the half.

Burbank 35, Muir 34 — The Mustangs led 31-21 with 10:36 minutes left in the fourth quarter. They gave up runs of 61 and 21 to Herman Castro, who finished with 138 yards. The big question was, why did Tairen Owens have only one carry in the whole game? He had a 52 yard punt return in the first quarter. The highlight of the game was Darick Holmes Jr., who came off the bench to complete 7 of 9 for 170 yards. Seymour had four catches for 124 yards, including an 86-yard screen pass. Holmes also rushed for 80 yards on 10 carries.

San Marino 28, South Pasadena 7 — Kwame Do had 224 yards on 345 carries and scored three of the Titans’ four touchdowns. San Marino repeatedly gashed the Tigers defense for big plays and led 21-0 at the half.

Bell Gardens 50, Keppel 0
Bishop Montgomery 35, La Salle 20
St. Francis 28, St. Paul 2
Arroyo 49, Gabrielino 3
Rosemead 32, Mountain View 0
La Puente 49, Duarte 7
Pasadena Poly 20, Flintridge Prep 0
Rio Hondo Prep 43, Chadwick 26
La Canada 28, Blair 0
Monrovia 45, Temple City 0

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  • big mike



  • objective fan

    Miguel, what about the Rio Hondo Prep vs. Chadwick game tonight at Kare Field?. Why isn’t this game getting any of your attention?. Both teams are undefeated in league play and the winner will most likely determine the prep league champion. It’s no secret that RHP is a good team but Chadwick has a very good Q.B. and good receivers as well. RHP has struggled with the type of offense that Chadwick will bring tonight, so to say that this is just another RHP win is a big mistake. Miguel, I am a lover of high school football and enjoy reading these posts for the most part, but I am getting a bit discouraged with the lack of attention the prep league is getting. Selling newspapers is primary for you and your staff, I’m sure, perhaps that’s why you cover the big school’s the way you do, that’s completely understandable but give RHP some attention once in a while, they’re a good team and they deserve it. Remember,… we buy newspapers too.

  • Finchamp

    Observant fan–

    I hear you. Accept the lack of attention graciously. RHP continues to do what it does so well that it is almost expected. It only becomes “exciting” when there is a LOCAL team that has a remote shot at the Kares. Chadwick crumbles at the Black Hole time and time again–nevertheless this does represent the defense’s best challenge within league. Final 27-14 RHP.

    Across town Maranatha struggles to get a league win and have a remote shot at the playoffs. Miguel continues his high regard for the Minutemen as witnessed by his weekly local rankings–placing them 3 slots ahead of the Kares, go figure. MHS needs to prove it can win against tough defenses that pressure Elffers, Elffers needs to excel in these circumstances to get a serious college bid and RHP would just like to have another shot at this worthy cross-town rival.

  • realTALK

    Big mike is smokin that bob marley… With out anding Burroughs isn’t the best team in the pacific it’s muir n Arcadia. But let’s get right to it. Arcadia wins big tonight. Yes cox is good but Arcadia will exploit him for what he really is. Just a great athlete not an elite quarterback YET. I mean yet cuz I believe he will be. To say Arcadia would do fine with our Myles Carr Is plain dumb Arcadia would be a good team but Carr makes that team what they are they wouldn’t be a contenter but I still have faith in the pacific and I do believe the pacific will have the last team standing in cif. Muir or Arcadia

  • views

    ONE MAN TEAM = PHS last year muir rattled cox EARLY…(CONCUSSION 3RD QUARTER BY ALL AMERICAN KEVON SEYMOUR) i know arcadias great coaching staff is going to shut cox down especially with legace roaming deep if cox breaks loose i got my money on legace PHS is one dimensional…GTFO i agree with real talk muir and arcadia top 2 teams especially muirs DEFENSE shut out against burroughs is big i get they didnt have their RB but burroughs is always solid all the way around. Denzel talifero needs more shine along with Lamarr mcdaniels crazy good DE and that little guy in the middle 51? he had 3 straight sacks against burroughs miguel your slipping come take care of the home talent and give them some shine to. Muir tonight by 21 Arcadia by 17

  • GoingTribal

    Arcadia and Muir? Muir defeats a beat up Burroughs team and now all of a sudden Muir’s the team to beat? C’mon now they won’t even make the playoffs, they should worry more about that coin toss, I know Cv is.

  • big mike

    Obviously you dont know anything about the pacific league and he clearly stated that Arcadia and Muir is the team to beat in the pacific. Muir beat Burroughs 28-0 they didnt even have a total of 100 yards on offense even with Anding Muir was going to stop the run and then they were going to throw and just like what happen it was going to be picked to the house. lets not forget Burroughs didnt stop Muir offense so would had anding been the saviour on the defense to. get real you need to really think about what you say before you say it.

    i hear you i just think that pasadena has finally found some identity of what kind of team they are and no longer trying to impress certain players parents its about winning and Pasadena has found a way to win. UPSET ALERT IN AFFECT. but i do agree its still a Muir Arcadia pacific league even if Pasadena pulls off the upset Muir is going to destroy them in the tussel, so regardless it’ll just be swapping wins and loses like every year. Man i cant wait until Monrovia get a taste of this pacific league.

  • big mike

    then you say a coin toss come on Arcadia is going to destroy CV in the season finale and muir is going to win out so what coin toss are you talking about Muir will finish league 5-2 Arcadia i think not for sure but 5-2 or 6-1, Burroughs 6-1 CV 4-3 Burbank 2-5 top four teams advance. No need for a coin toss

  • big mike

    i forgot Pasadena either 5-2 or 4-3 with Pasadena with the advance because they beat CV head to head.

  • 6power

    I hope the equipment man at M-town has plenty of laundry detergent bacause their ain’t no turf and little grass left in the middle of the field at TC…in other words mud bowl tonight…don’t bring last years worn out cleats unless you plan on running in place.
    It will be the DeShawn-a thon I think, Mtown looking to run and rest up the crew for things to come.

    TC needs to play without a single turnover and get at least 3 turnovers from Monrovia and keep the combined score under 40. The Rams must open and end with urgency, be unpredicable when necessary – and defensively, they must tackle the ballcarier, not slap him and pray the next dude makes the tackle.

    A win would be an upset of semi-nuclear impact. It would make for a happy Saturday morning breakfast at the house of McFarland.

    Go Rams!

  • bigfatfan

    6Power: here’s SP rooting for a TC upset tonight!! we plan to take care of business with the Titans on our home turf (no mud for us tonight). no coin flip for the Tigers this year.

  • titan sports fan

    SM up 21-0 at half ….. no answer for Kwame Do thus far

  • mtownclown

    Lmao @Alhambra where’s my moors fans lmao getting whooped

  • Bronco5

    How about an update on the scoreboard PSN. Every week it gets worse. It can’t be that hard.

  • Bronco5

    Seems like SPHS will be on the outside looking in for the playoffs again. Maybe a miracle happens next week.

  • Realist

    After tonight, I dont think there is any question who the best qb in the Pacific league is. His name is Myles Carr. Cox certainly was not “surgical on the run” as Miguel so elegantly put it. You want surgical on the run? I have it for you, he wears number 8 in the cardinal and gold. If you think Cox is a better qb than Carr you simply don’t know what you are talking about. Bottom line.

  • Mtownclown

    Alhambra got whoooooooopped smh good team? Nott ready to play with the big boys

  • PurdueAlum05

    Props to San Marino. You took it my Tigers tonight and we had no answers for you guys. You clearly were the better team. Good luck the rest of the season.

  • Bronco5

    St.Francis 28 St.Paul 22 final. Must win next week for St. Francis in order to make the playoffs. Nice job tonight Arcadia.

  • GrimReaper

    Looks like the vaunted SP defense was not quite up to its billing. The two headed monster that is Miguel and Aram and the conventional wisdom crowd got this one way wrong.

    Either Monrovia is that good or SM had a bad night last week. But I would not want to be SP next week, if they are truly a 3 touchdown dog to SM, having to play a Monrovia team that destroyed SM by 37 points with a running clock in the 4th quarter. A Monrovia team that was laughing as they asked who wanted to play what, like a backyard flag football game with the elementary school kids down the block.

    SP it is going to get ugly, as it probably got ugly with TC tonight. Good luck SP, you’re going to need it.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Props to San Marino. You took it to my Tigers tonight and we had no answers for you guys. You clearly were the better team. Good luck the rest of the season.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Next week is going to be bad if we play like we did tonight. I hope my Tigers come to play. We need to get better. San Marino took it to us. I think SM playing Monrovia last week helped them a lot. They were ready for us and brought it all night long.

  • GoingTribal

    Big Mike. . .

    Go with Heads!

  • Bronco5

    Who’s the worst team in the West San Gabriel Valley? Right now it’s a three way tie between Blair, La Salle and Temple City. Boy how things have changed in this valley. I feel for these boys because I know it’s not from a lack of effort, but it sure makes for a long season and an exit by the seniors that they don’t want to be remembered for.

  • Class2002

    SG 69 AHS 12?
    Is that a mis print? LMAO
    Then again i’m not too surprised.
    That program will never be the same after coach rudy’s
    retirement. MOORPRIDE is long long gone.
    Congrats to SG
    I never lost 2 ya’ll though ha ha! JOKE
    Had to be them ugly as hell new uni’s! SAD

  • SamoanPride

    Kwame Do had 345 carries? Holy cow…. hope he gets some rest. LOL

  • Titan Sports Fan

    Great Win titans!!! Great team effort all around! Way to bounce back from getting hit in the mouth last week by monrovia!

    #87 had his coming out party tonight. I remember you mentioning him as an impressive looking athlete and he made a few huge plays tonight. When we played TC i believe it was his first week back from injury so he was catching back up to ge in the flow of things! The kid is a sophmore so we get to enjoy his presence for the next few years!

    SP fought hard scrappy bunch of kids but size advantage was overstated but play tough and run hard. Some good looking athletes on the outside playing WR need to try and get them in space more to be fully utilize. the young QB throws a pretty deep ball good arm and moves well out of the pocket. needs to work on progression reads but that will come with experience.

    SP i feel will bounce back with a strong game against monrovia whether or not its enough for a win though will be a tall order. They did a lot of things well this week that they need to continue to do to have a chance. Open up the full playbook and throw everything u have at them and let your qb throw the rock around. understand that you are playing for your playoff lives and play with a chip on your shoulder like my titans this week!! Good Luck

  • realTALK

    So it’s like I said ARCADIA BLEW OUT DENA! Cox like I said is an amazing athlete but not the best qb! Wow Arcadia looked so good jake Medel looked unstoppable n could have scored 8 tds if not for the coaches of Arcadia being sportsmen and not putting up 70 points on dena. Best team in the pacific n best qb hands down

  • GG

    Weeks ago in the MidValleyBlog I predicated the Titans would be victorious after So. Pas. beat the TC Rams.

    SM took the battle to SP at the start of the game. Titans never let up and kept the pressure on the SP Tigers in all 4 quarters. Oline blocked well for the TItans RB#5 and SM receivers caught the ball on big 3rd downs. SM had less penalities. Nice work tonight TItans.

    Looked like SP should have had thrown more and set up the run game. Future looks bright for SP qb. SP should have used #4 & #8 more in passing game. They can play.
    Tigers MUST have more fire next week against M-Town or else.

  • GrimReaper

    SM SP

    key to the game, SM O line dominated from start to finish. The over 7 minute drive that straddled the late third quarter into the fourth quarter was the nail in the coffin (a Reaperism. Get it? Oh never mind…). It will be interesting to see the stats for total offense. SP was billed as one of the best defenses around, and much credence was given to the Alhambra game, but it appears at least against SM the Defense was afraid of the rain.

    The obvious
    SP self destructed with key penalties called on two drives that could have led to scores. Several holding penalties and an obvious offensive pass interference penalty on SP really hurt.

    Tip to Monrovia, like you need it:
    Run a counter trap to your left, SP defense right, between the 3 and 5 hole. It will be there all night, forcing 23 to stay at home. That will open up the straight ahead and keep 23 off the backside.

    The rain took the home field advantage away completely. The stands were close to empty, at the openning whistle.

    The fireworks were nice.

  • New York

    Putting Monrovia into the Pacific League would allow the Monrovia-Arcadia rivalry to mean even more. The two schools are 3-3 since renewing the rivalry 6 years ago. The two coaches are 2-2 against each other. This year’s game was a one touchdown contest. It looks like Arcadia is the class of the Pacific and had a down night against Burroughs. The Pacific would be a good fit for Monrovia. We would be the second smallest school and would be challenged to win league and make the playoffs every year, and that is how it should be. Athletes need to be challenged in order to reach their full potential and be prepared for the playoffs.

    Big Mike and PacFan,
    Arcadia/Coach Dimalante owns PHS. Has Coach D lost to PHS other than 2009? His first season was 1995. You sit here and bash Monrovia (I admit that we have some distasteful bloggers affiliated with Monrovia), but look at Monrovia’s record the last few years against Arcadia, including this year when we really did not have a QB.

  • PK

    Can someone teach you guys about on-line videos….you take up the best real estate on the page with a video of three guys sitting around talking to a squak box that you can barely understand and then you guys are on your cell phones…..completely uninteresting. There are volumes written on how to grab interest in on-line videos. Read some.

  • Kentera

    St. Francis is in the playoffs, win or lose, next week.

  • 6power

    Titan Sports Fan,

    congrats to san marino on a decisive win. goes to show the value of a “common opponent” comparison…is sometimes no value at all.
    Using tc/so pas and tc/sm games as any kind of barometer to judge this games outcome was worthless
    thanks for remembering and mentioning the comments on #87 and surprised to hear he is just a sophomore….

    tc obviously played their best football game of the year against san marino…

    So Pas will need to rally with their kids to face last year’s Mid Valley champions…who may be jelling just when you need to….nobody will remember much about the Mtown preseason in December

    I got a chance to see La Mirada decimate Mayfair at Bellflower High School…3 way tie for 1st in the Suburban League. LM is a well coached football team with a relentless ground attack….damn that sounds familiar.

  • Apache Joe

    New York,

    Coach D only has 1 loss vs. Pasadena in his entire career at Arcadia. With the talent at PHS, that is quite a feat.

    Monrovia and Arcadia is a great rivalry that I hope is continued to be played throughout the coming years.

  • bigfatfan

    as many bloggers have already stated: props to SM, your o-line took it to SP last night, and when you needed a defensive stop, you got it. SP did not show the same level of desire as SM had last night, and got it handed to them…

  • GrimReaper

    To Titan Sports Fan

    #87 is Chris Bayle who had been out with a torn MCL and had just returned to action recently.

    TO PK re quality of production values

    You are right, but consider that this is a vast improvement over the past couple of years when they would use the break room as a sound stage. White walls, florescent lighting and the sound echoing off the walls..gave the videos the feeling that they were shot in a jail holding cell.

    Moving to the conference room and putting some black fabric up in back was a major improvement.

    They really need to hire someone to come in to set up a system and give them a couple of lessons in television reporting and production. But then it will still be what it is.

  • big mike

    New York
    All im hearing coming from you is one BIG EXCUSE as to why Arcadia beat you. im not a Pasadena fan im a Pacific league fan. Monrovia would come in and make it a bit tougher to make playoffs but to say that they will make playoffs every year is a joke. Burroughs and Burbank is tough schools just ask Muir and Arcadia every year Arcadia and Muir seems to lose to one of those schools. Sometimes even CV gets in a hay maker and knock off one of those two schools. Believe me this is nothing like the RHL every night is a challenge and just because Monrovia is now familiar with Arcadia style of play which is not the same style that Muir has Burrough burbank Cv or Pasadena. truthfully i think Monrovia first year in the pacific they would probably get the 4th and final seed into the playoffs due to a coin toss and it will be like that almost every year, with Monrovia possibly winning the pacific down the line but it willbe a share of the pacific they will not go undefeated in the pacific EVER. Monrovia is a good program they are just like Muir every year with awsoe athletes but thenyou got Arcadia who has some talent with great coaching same goes for Cv and Burroughs and Burbank then you have Pasadena who have great athletes but terrible coaching that can on any given night upset the best. Thats how cluttered this Pacific league is no one team dominates the league if they did then they would win league out right without a shared titled because a shared title obviously means you lost one in league or two.

  • New York

    Big Mike,
    Read what I wrote. I said Monrovia would be CHALLENGED to make the playoffs every year! I agree that Monrovia would be challenged in the Pacific. THAT’s THE POINT. We want to be challenged so we can develop and become better. I completely disagree that we are just like Muir.

    I suppose I am making a bit an excuse for Monrovia losing to Arcadia this year. The fact is Arcadia won and they will likely win a lot more games this season. They BLEW OUT the two Pasadena schools this year. I assume Muir and Pasadena and the other teams in the Pacific are even more “familiar with Arcadia’s style of play” as you say.

  • big mike

    New York
    What Burbank runs a wing “T” type of offense Arcadia doesn’t nor does Burroughs, Burroughs runs a more spread run/power offense nothing like Arcadia that rolls the pocket a lot and use play action really good. those styles of offense are WAY different. And what do you mean your not like Muir, I have been to a few Monrovia games and i see nothing different then when i go to a muir game, besides the discipline your style of play is similar you both rely solely on your athletes (which is not bad) but if your athlete are covered well then you’ll have problems. unlike Muir you guys actually know how to use your athletes your coaching is a bit better Muir athletes are a bit better but im giving the edge to Monrovia. Yes Arcadia has been whacking the two pasadena schools no doubt but thats a giving year in and out switching up on the whacking excluding Pasadena, but Arcadia has taken their share of whacks from Muir. CV runs a more similar style to Burbank with the misdirection but out of the shotgun which also gives their share of whacking to Arcadia and Muir. If you just look at the last 11 years youll see that Muir Arcadia and Burroughs been sharing the title on and off. Yes i know Burroughs haven’t been in the league for 11 years but since they have been its been those three schools unlike the RHL where it has been just Monrovia mainly. Maybe i mis-read what you said but i see the direction your trying to go in and that is comparing your wins over Arcadia to compare yourself to the Pacific well ask yourself this has Arcadia went undefeated in the pacific lately or better yet whenis the last time a team went undefeated in the pacific league ill help you it was 2007 and 2008 and guess who it was thats right Muir. Arcadia Muir and Burroughs is the top dogs of the pacific so dont go off your one game a year against Arcadia you still have 4 more teams that switch off beating on each other every year.

  • GoingTribal

    You guys can argue all you want on whos who in the Pacific, but everybody knows if you can’t get through Burbank you won’t get anywhere. Arcadia has never beaten Burroughs and Muir hasn’t defeated Burbank since 2008, but still year in and year out the Burbank schools are written off.

    Big MIke.
    We do agree Muir’s defeat of Burroughs was a fluke, right? Last night Burbank’s Castro had 140 yards to 10 carries with 3 TD’s, what do you think Anding would have done. . .

    New York.
    Monrovia? In the Pacific? Yes I agree with Big MIke. Arcadia has not ben a good team since last year and that team is leaving. The Burbank schools have been competitive at all levels, the freshman and Jv teams are all undefeated at both schools. Yes it would make the league better and make it more crazy than it already is. But can Monrovia compete at other sports, just because Hoover and Glendale can’t compete in football doesn’t mean they don’t excel at other sports.

    What would happen if Cv, Muir, and Burbank wins next week?
    Pacific Standings:

    Arcadia (5-1)
    Burroughs (5-1)
    Pasadena (4-2)
    Cv (4-2)
    Muir (3-3)
    Burbank (3-3)

  • big mike

    FLUKE!!!!NEVER Burroughs didnt even have 100 yards of total offense and Burroughs style of offense isnt like Burbank. Burroughs had Anding last year and lost then to i dont think back to back years is a fluke besides 28-0 come on dude get real. Burbank offense style is like WC and we all know WC offense is difficult to stop Burroughs is use to playing against that offense thats why Burroughs dominate Burbank, as well as CV and Arcadia. the Burbank schools are good competition in the Pacific league no doubt as well as CV, Arcadia, Muir and Pasadena. Pasadena actually beat Burbank this year and Muir is going to destroy Pasadena its just like that in the pacific league no one over looks the Burbank schools, but whats funny is your comment ” if you cant get through Burbank you cant get anywhere” lets not forget Arcadia owns Burbank, Muir owns Burroughs, Burroughs owns Burbank.

    head to head matchups against burbank schools since they been in the pacific league.

    Muir over Burroughs 4-2 Muir and Burbank tied 3-3
    Muir 7-5 against the Burbank schools
    Burroughs over Arcadia 6-0 and Burbank and Arcadia 3-3
    Arcadia 3-9 against the Burbank schools
    Both burbank schools are 4-2 against CV
    CV 4-8 against the Burbank schools
    Burroughs over pasadena 5-1 Pasadena burbank tied 3-3
    since the burbank schools entered here’s how muir fared against CV, arcadia and pasadena
    Muir is 4-2 over CV and Arcadia and is 5-0 against pasadena with one game to play
    since the teams entered they own everyone besides Muir
    According to this Muir is still the school to go through. Muir has a winning record against every school in the pacific league besides Burbank but they’re dead locked. I am not a Muir fan but facts are facts.

  • big mike

    And in other sports i agree with you Monrovia would be a no show in any other sport.
    When it comes to basket ball its Pasadena
    when it comes to baseball its a toss up between Arcadia and CV
    when it comes to track well if you go off of scoring instead of individual events then i would say Arcadia
    when it comes to soccer idk truthfully i dont keep up with soccer
    when it comes to women sports Muir holds that down in basketball
    when it comes to volley ball well idk but i do remember Pasadena winning it i think just a few years ago
    when it comes to tennis again idk
    when it comes to water polo im guessing its Cv or one of the burbank schools
    but in all aspects Monrovia would be a bottom feeder in other sports and possibly in the running in football.
    i cant wait until they enter the Pacific league they alone will make the pacific league even more exciting every friday night.

  • Shut up big MIKE

    You sound very stupid and uniformed about Monrovia, stay put where you are and leave the Monrovia analysis alone. You have not made one accurate point since you laid eyes on Big Bob. Step off and take a break from the hatin.

  • big mike

    to the dumb blogger below big bob is bias who cant see that and im not hating on Monrovia at all im just speaking facts now look below and show me one time where i spoke on anything thats false. you cant so relax little man behind the screen i know the truth hurts but dang dont show that it hurt you just keep yo mouth shut. like i said i cant wait until monrovia enter the pacific league its going to make every friday night exciting, where is the hating at in that no where now shut up and stay out of grown folks business. i know your mom taught you better than that.

  • New York

    Big Mike,

    1) You proved my earlier point recently when you laid out some significant contrasts between Monrovia and Muir.
    2) I sent you message below on the Big Bob section. Again, you had your facts messed up and Bob was actually correct, unlike you.
    3) I readily accept that the Pacific if more challenging than the RHL, and that is why many of us want to join it.
    4) Dont worry about other sports…I dont! Just kidding. I think most of Monrovia’s other sports would consistently finish in the middle of the pack. That contrasts to most schools in the Pacific who are great in one sport and a no-show in others. How well does Muir do in baseball for instance? How is PHS outside of Basketball? Not every school is good in everything. I think Monrovia would consistently make the playoffs and compete for football championships. Baseball would be interesting every year. Softball would usually be competitive. Basketball would struggle until we have more of a commitment. Track is up and coming.

    Anyway, let’s focus on football.

  • big mike

    New York
    Please stop using big bob if we listen to big bob Monrovia should never lose and when they do its Monrovia fault that they lost not that the other team was better. But you say what how is Pasadena outside of Basketball well if you look they are right now in 2nd place in the pacific league Muir basketball team actually went to the championship last year and beat Monrovia earlier in the year. Pasadena baseball team is descent and either finishes 3rd or 4th every year and their girls basketball team is also pretty good.

    Lets check some facts out Monrovia baseball finished 11-14-1 their basketball finished 11-17 now i know you dont care about other sports but you have to. in baseball Monrovia would had finished either 4th or 5th not bad but thats only according to your record not that you played cv twice or arcadia twice. in basketball they would had finished 7th terrible. i never once said that you guys wouldnt compete in football but i do know for sure you wouldnt be favored in the pacific every year or half the time. Monrovia is a good program but you guys compare yourselves to the rest of the pacific all because you play Arcadia. just check it out Arcadia CV burroughs Muir and Burbank is the top four runners in the league of football which if you look at the stats below clearly shows that Arcadia has had their struggles in the pacific since the merge of the two burbank schools so comparing yourselves through Arcadia can be a little bit of help to where you guys might fit in at but only a little.

    And where was big bob correct at and i was wrong according to his interview (opinion stated). in one of your post you go on to say “Arcadia is the class of the pacific and they had a down night against burroughs” WHAT show me one year where Arcadia beat burroughs since the merge (ill wait) you see that another excuse because Monrovia lost to Arcadia you assume they should beat everyone in the pacific but because they lost to burroughs Arcadia had a down night. When will you monrovia fans give other schools credit like big bob do oh wait he doesnt either. Look all im saying is you cant place yourself above other teams in different leagues because you beat one team in that division Arcadia went through the fire and came out 5-1 so far but ask Arcadia how hard it is to win the pacific league and when was the last time they won it outright not shared. And the other sports talk came in when the other blogger made a lot of sense football is the only sport Monrovia could contend in, in the pacific. finishing below average is not good pacific league is where Monrovia should be then maybe big bob and yourself would give credit to other schools because when you guys do enter you only get 3 non-league games to prepare for the pacific so good luck with that.

  • BigMLover

    big mike….

    Quick correction. Monrovia has scrimmaged CV the last 2 years in the Zero Week. This last Aug, Monrovia beat CV 7 TDs to 0. But I agree, CV is not Burroughs…

  • big mike

    Are you serious. Do you remember when Allen Iverson had the interview on T.V and he kept saying “ARE WE TALKING ABOUT PRACTICE” thats all a scrimmage is but hang on to that, i hear they pass out awards for “PRACTICE ALL AMERICANS NOW”. The best thing about these debates is Monrovia is almost guaranteed to be entering the pacific so only time will tell. Im looking forward to it that way the Southeast playoffs will be even more entertaining.

  • BigMLover


    I’m not sure where your hatred for Monrovia originates… or maybe a general disdain for anything/anyone successful. Why do you feel threatened? When a team outgrows its current position, why not promote it? And the Pacific is a definite promotion (no one has said otherwise). YOU are the unreasonable voice here.

    This thread is about an up-and-comer in Kelly and White wanting a seat at the adult’s table. We may not want everything that being served up, but we’ll put it on our plate and chow down!

    Go Cats!

  • New York

    Big Mike,

    I pointed back to the Big Bob interview because that is another example of you coming on and challenging and just being wrong:

    Big Bob said Arcadia would blowout Pasadena — True
    Big Bob made a statement about certain events transpiring in the 1980’s — True

    You however, shot off and got in over your head with a lack of facts and good analysis. I wasn’t surprised because you have the tendancy to do that. The first posting on this thread is you with your “upset alert”. Well, are you now upset that PHS was not even close? Looks like Bob got it right. If Big Bob was correct about Arcadia blowing out PHS (while you were embarrasingly wrong), then maybe his statement about Mornovia’s improvements could be accurate as well.

    I was impressed that you came around and actually identified some significant differences between Monrovia and Muir. Of course, it came after I challenged your assertion that “Monrovia is just like Muir,” which is the typical spouting off you do any time someone says something positive about Monrovia.

    I sure hope you are correct that Monrovia will be in the Pacific next year. For football I feel good that we will be pushed almost every week depending on what other teams stay. It would provid even more motivation for our guys to stay focused all year.

    I made the statement that Arcadia is the class of the Pacific in reference to this season only.

    Lastly, if you truly are a Pacific League Fan, then you should welcome the addition of Monrovia in place of one of the perennial losers. It will make your league better, and that should make you happy if you are truly what you say you are. However, if you are not happy with the addition for purposes of strengthening the league then you truly are a Monrovia hater, not just a fan of the Pacific.

  • GrimReaper

    To Big Mike, NY and all the others on moving Monrovia to the Pacific league

    You can argue all you want, but numbers and facts dont lie.

    Monrovia would need to become the next John muir to compete in the Pacific league, otherwise they would be condemned to being the San Marino High of the Pacific league. The smallest school that competes well enough but will only win a league title in football every decade. If you move you will learn how one must extract the maximum from the available talent pool

    The enrollment figures dont look good for Monrovia move

    Monrovia 1,732 students
    Burroughs 2,775 students
    Arcadia 3,601 students (grades 6-12)
    Glendale 2,967 students
    Hoover 2,097 students
    PHS 2,188 students
    CV 3,004 students (grades 8-12)
    Burbank 2,785
    Muir 1,157 students how do they do it?

    Monrovia would immediately walk in as the second smallest school in the league. Just based on population, Monrovia would then be behind the snide each and every year to get the most out of their talent, and at risk of an injury putting them out of the running.

    So what do you do, keep them in the RHL and continue to have slap and giggle marches to the championship. Or move to Pacific and fight to be in the top half of the league for most years?

    Be careful what you ask for… you might get it. As for the rest of the RHL we would most likely support your move to the Pacific.

  • big mike

    New York
    I truly think you dont comprehend well at all. I said many of times Monrovia would be an awesome addition to the pacific league it will make every friday exciting. And prediction are just what they are predictions. are you kind of slow because one make a prediction doesn’t mean he knows exactly whats going to happen. Big Bob again is a bias person, i have never heard anyone speak so highly on a school and down talk everyone else. He never proved me wrong neither did you, you never challenged me go down and read them over and all my facts are accurate. Again in my opinion Monrovia would struggle heavily in the pacific league and dont try and change what you said now you didnt say this year Arcadia is the class of the pacific you stated that they were the class of the pacific never indicating a specific time frame. Then you go on to say that Arcadia had an off night when they lost to Burroughs, You sir sound like big bob and really have no clue what you are talking about. Arcadia hasn’t beat Burroughs since the merge the reason why im repeating this to you is because you tend to dance around this admit that you give Monrovia excuses for everything like big bob. Only reason why you Monrovia fans says that is because like big bob if Monrovia loses it Monrovia fault and if a team Monrovia lost to ends up losing to another school then that team had an off night, do you get where im going with this. Stop with the excuses and the Praise of your program you fans were so high on Monrovia coming in, all you did was brag about what you did to Arcadia last year and how you would had won the pacific if you were in it now that you guys were handed your a$$e$ to you all of a sudden you guys didnt have a true QB and now your rolling well your rolling against the RHL the games where you should had been rolling in you didnt and the excuses rolled in. Look little man i hope Monrovia comes in as well as Alhambra and Glendale and hoover can leave that way the pacific would be stronger and more exciting.

    Im done you and big bob have a nice day enjoy the RHL for now because if you guys enter the pacific Monrovia would no longer be dominate in “any sport”.

  • big mike

    New York
    I truly think you dont comprehend well at all. I said many of times Monrovia would be an awesome addition to the pacific league it will make every friday exciting. And prediction are just what they are predictions. are you kind of slow because one make a prediction doesn’t mean he knows exactly whats going to happen. Big Bob again is a bias person, i have never heard anyone speak so highly on a school and down talk everyone else. He never proved me wrong neither did you, you never challenged me go down and read them over and all my facts are accurate. Again in my opinion Monrovia would struggle heavily in the pacific league and dont try and change what you said now you didnt say this year Arcadia is the class of the pacific you stated that they were the class of the pacific never indicating a specific time frame. Then you go on to say that Arcadia had an off night when they lost to Burroughs, You sir sound like big bob and really have no clue what you are talking about. Arcadia hasn’t beat Burroughs since the merge the reason why im repeating this to you is because you tend to dance around this admit that you give Monrovia excuses for everything like big bob. Only reason why you Monrovia fans says that is because like big bob if Monrovia loses it Monrovia fault and if a team Monrovia lost to ends up losing to another school then that team had an off night, do you get where im going with this. Stop with the excuses and the Praise of your program you fans were so high on Monrovia coming in, all you did was brag about what you did to Arcadia last year and how you would had won the pacific if you were in it now that you guys were handed your a$$e$ to you all of a sudden you guys didnt have a true QB and now your rolling well your rolling against the RHL the games where you should had been rolling in you didnt and the excuses rolled in. Look little man i hope Monrovia comes in as well as Alhambra and Glendale and hoover can leave that way the pacific would be stronger and more exciting.

    Im done you and big bob have a nice day enjoy the RHL for now because if you guys enter the pacific Monrovia would no longer be dominate in “any sport”. By the way you and big bob said you were going to beat Arcadia and San dimas and at the time i said you weren’t so who was right then, i was wrong against SH i thought M-town was gone win.

  • Monrovia would be fine

    Grim reaper lol….Hoover and Glendale get beat by the lower half of the RHL….Monrovia needs to replace one of those Schools…Monrovia would be fine.

  • big mike

    No one said Monrovia wouldnt be fine im just saying (and i know you wasnt talking to me) thart Monrovia would make the division more exciting but for sure they would no come in favored at all to win the pacific. But on behalf of the grimreaper i think he means in the term of Monrovia having to compete in all sports and that glendale and hoover is probably more competitive due to their enrollment in other sports.

  • ed lives

    6-4 just like last year. looks likes last year but worst. you cant blame it on smith. new coach looks like the old coach same run O. about 4 run plays and 4 pass plays. run,run and pass on third. the o was better last year with better teams. the D is the same giving up big plays. look at the teams they beat. the best player on the D is turnover this year. alhambra beat themselfs so they should be 5-5. and if LC didn’t have 6 turnovers they would have won too. SM just out coach SP. stopping the predictable O. at least last year smith didn’t call all the plays thats why there O was better. they need to throw more on first down. better yet change the O and come up with just 1 or 2 D and let the kids play. they look lost out there. bye the way sp didnt drop kepple. bigfat fan your wrong.

  • CDawg

    Alright ye re-leaguing debators n bickerors…how ’bout we settle down and give my releaguing/restructuring experiment a try??

    MISSION VALLEY – Gabrielino, South El Monte, El Monte, Mountain View, South Pasadena, San Marino, Blair

    ALMONT – Alhambra, San Gabriel, Keppel, Schurr, Montebello, Bell Gardens, Rosemead

    RIO HONDO – Pasadena, Muir, Monrovia, Arcadia, Arroyo, Temple City

    VERDUGO – Burbank, Burroughs, Glendale, Hoover, La Canada, Crescenta Valley

    BASELINE – Rancho Cucamonga, Los Osos, Alta Loma, Etiwanda, Colony, Upland

    MONTVIEW – Azusa, Gladstone, Duarte, La Puente, Workman, Bassett

    SAN ANTONIO – South Hills, West Covina, Glendora, Charter Oak, Bonita, Claremont

    VALLE VISTA – Baldwin Park, Sierra Vista, Northview, Covina, San Dimas

    CORRIDOR – Ganesha, Pomona, Garey, Ontario, Chaffey, Montclair

    MOUNTAIN – Chino Hills, Ayala, Don Lugo, Diamond Ranch, Chino

    HACIENDA – Wilson, Los Altos, Walnut, Diamond Bar, Rowland, Nogales

    C Dawg
    Pasadena HS Mens Basketball Publicity Director
    Public Address Announcer – Northview HS Football
    Public Address Announcer – Rancho Cucamonga HS/Arcadia HS/Northview HS baseball
    Occasionally PA announce basketball games
    Operations assistant, South Hills HS Football 2006-present

    Alumni, Gabrielino HS (2006) baseball announcer/stats/scoreboard/music/game operations 2005-2010

  • New York

    Big Mike,
    I did not recall you mentioning that Monrovia would be an awesome addition, but that’s cool if you have said that. I agree with you that Monrovia would have to compete and would not come in favored to win the Pacific. I think some years we might be favored. We seem to agree on some stuff (maybe not on your use of the word comprehend, but definitely on some other stuff). And yes, I agree that Big Bob is a total homer. I was just pointing out some specifics of where he is correct, and if you go back and read the actual thread you will see what I said.

    Also, just because Arcadia has not beaten Burroughs yet does not mean that Arcadia did not have an off night. Arcadia has a better team this year than in recent past years. I readily admit that Burroughs has been the most consistent top Pacific team since joining. They have battled with Muir every year. Those two schools seem to have developed a nice rivalry.

    Monrovia does not want to stay in a situation where we are not asked to get the most out of ourselves…no truly competitive person would want that.

    Making the playoffs should be a memorable accomplishment, winning league championships should be respected, going to the semis is a major accomplishment and winning a CIF title should be rare if a team is in the right division.

  • 6power


    Thanks for creating the most bad ass RHL ever. Of course, Temple City would continue on their 1 -7 ways with that realignment. Having to face the team speed of Pasadena, Monrovia and Muir is a far cry from that of San Marino, La Canada and South Pasadena. Depending on your view, you have destined the Rams to either improve – or become the annual league doormat for years to come.
    The future of Temple City football is at best, a question mark.

    Somewhat surprising the negative sentiment toward the possibility of the Wildcats merging into the Pac League. Monrovias talent pool is ever-refreshing year to year and with a defensive tactician like Maddox in charge, the Cats will compete and add parity to the league. Dominate? Absolutely not. They will have a big challenge with the aggressiveness and hitting in the Pac, which is well beyond that of the RHL.
    They will need to up their game…which was basically the gist of New York’s original post.

    Big Mike,
    Agree with most of what you said – but curious how Muir is “just like Monrovia”.

  • big mike

    New York
    In some ways i think were saying the same thing but in different ways. And yeah Arcadia does have a good team this year as well as they did last year when Monrovia beat them lets not forget they will share league this year also once they destroy CV just like last year. And the Muir Burroughs thing is becoming some type of rival but i think its more Muir, Burbank and your right since the merge Burroughs has been the most consistent team in the pacific league, now if Monrovia was to play them then a win against them would be a better measuring stick then a win against Arcadia in the pacific league.


    My reason of saying that is year in and year out Muir and Monrovia has the best athletes. Both schools has somewhat discipline problems Monrovia slightly better they abuse their talented players instead of sharing the rock and coaches like Dimalante, Knoop and Valencia finds ways to make you have to use your role players and thats when Muir falls short just like Monrovia (not all the time though) but thats what i mean by them being similar.

  • bigfatfan

    Ed lives: Pining away for the ‘good old days” under Ed Smith? I’m not. Play calling should have been more creative in first half, no doubt about that after SM showed they could stuff our run game. But from what i’ve seen, Coach K has done a tremendous job with team. the D is sooo much better than last few seasons. as for Kepple, you are right, Kepple dropped SP. Ha Ha, Ed Smith wanted to keep them on the schedule, need I say more!!

  • Bronco5

    Miguel, has TCHS ever gone 0-10 if so when? It might happen this Thursday.

  • bigfatfan

    Ed Lives: oh yeah, just in case you forgot…, since you know so much about the SP football program: over his 16 year coaching tenure at SP, Coach Smith WON 41% of his overall games, and 32% of his Rio Hondo League games. not very impressive. considering SPHs has won 5 CIF titles, a few more than Monrovia, the previous coaching regime allowed the program to rot. by resigning after last season, Coach Smith avoided the idignity of losing 100 games in his career (96 losses in 16 years).

  • Bronco5

    Bigfatfan, when was the last time SPHS won a football title? Has to be in the 60’s or earlier,I don’t recall anything in the 70’s or later.

  • bigfatfan

    Bronco: 1975, SP CIF AAA champs

  • Bronco5

    bigfatfan, ok thanks for letting me know. Have to think that a school this size has to get more than 30 kids on the varsity roster to be able to compete at a higher level in the playoffs. unless there are 30 studs on the team which isn’t the case it will be a struggle year in and year out on whether they make the playoffs.

  • bigfatfan

    Bronco: I completely agree with you. a couple key injuries and/or academic/family issues to a 30 kid roster can be devastating.

  • Bronco5

    So.Pas needs to bring back Pop Warner to the youth of the City. AYSO has killed the football program for over 25 years.

  • ed lives again

    bigfatfan you know your stuff. why dont you go coach. i agree smith should have been gone a long time ago. the people that took forever to get rid of smith also hired this smith clone. Wing T just like smith, very predictable. the d giving up big plays after big plays.
    6-4 just like smith. there not better than last year. the only bright spot is the O line thats young. the running backs are ok. there a good QB that needs to air it out more. i have stop by some of there work outs a lot of guys stanting around. the fresh coach is bad i heard and this is what coach k brought in. and let go a good coach that brought the fresh team to 6 wins last year. bigfatfan you want them to play harder teams i here. there reacord will be worst everyear if they do. its already been bad almost every other year.

  • titan sports fan

    SP should be fine! Give coach conrad a chance to develop a program. Could only imagine offense will expand with the QB gaining experience. They should try to add quality coaching at all levels….. is it the same jv coaches from the last few years? …. SM has done a good job of hiring a quality staff at all levels many from tc in which lower levels are in step to what the varsity team is developing. Its led to sucess for all 3 levels the last few years and i feel give our kids a distinct advantage over other rhl schools!

    In terms of realignment i would love to see TC/SM/SP joined by the likes of alhmabra / san gabriel and rosemead to form a league all local games which could form great rivals for each other…..wont happen but one could dream

  • PacFan

    Early Wk.10 Pacific League Predictions:

    CV over Arcadia: Doubtful
    Burbank over Burroughs: Questionable
    Pasadena over Muir: Probable
    Hoover over Glendale: Out

    Upset Special: Pasadena over Muir

    #1 Burroughs (6-4)
    #2 Arcadia (8-2)
    #3 Pasadena (6-4)
    #4 CV (6-4)

  • Realist

    Muir is going to beat PHS.. The upset of the week is going to be Burbank over Burroughs. Especially if Anding doesn’t play. Which would give the Apaches the league title out right. Arcadia is going to blow out CV just like they have the last couple of years.

  • bigfatfan

    Titan Fan, hats off to the SM squad. you guys dominated the line of scrimmage. and Wofford can run too. he and Bale will be force for the next couple of years. not sure who you have at RB after Do leaves. Our O-line will be back, and we have some juniors returning at RB and receiver. we will be fin.

    I like your league realignment and rationale. all those teams in the same area.

  • 6power

    Bronco 5

    Temple City was 0-8 in 1956….that is the worst my memory can conjur up from somewhere in an old program – don’t have the full record stat sheet nearby to go beyond that

    Monrovia DID have plenty of internal bickering, mayhem and so on some years back…including an infamous fistfight at the postseason banquet….however I don’t think that is the case nowadays….maybe an Mtown insider could shed some light either way

  • Titan Sports Fan

    thanks bff just got to take care of business this week against LC … Wofford will only get better along with Bayle. Our only starting skill position player on offense that is a senior is DO but you dont get to see much of anyone else since he’s such a work horse. Ryan Wood who took the reigns as a sophmore last year when DO went down returned last week from injury in limited action is a junior. We also have a handful of sophmores who will be in the mix next year for carries along with Gott who is a beast. We return about 90% percent of our team next year with another strong class at the jv and freshmen levels to replenish our talent. The key will be how much work these kids put in during the off season and whether they want to be the class remembered for having a lot of potential and failing to realize it or the class remembered for reaching their full potential taking our program where it hasnt been for the better part of two decades. The sky is the limit for them!

    The realignment would have a league that has a lot of parity as well. SM in a recent years has had success in some level against all those programs. TC as well against the mead and alhambra and SP this year. It should be quite balanced.

    A bit undecided if i want SP to pull off the upset if we handle business against LC because the dreaded coin flip scenario which also occurs if SM/SP both get beat this week regardless best of luck to SP!

  • GoingTribal

    Burbank over Burroughs, yeah just like last year. . . And just like last year it looks like Apaches got the second seed which also means no second round for you in the playoffs. Yeah goodluck with Cv. Go Falcons!

  • GrimReaper

    Final Word

    Re Monrovia Move.

    Remember the 1970s when Temple City set the CIF Record for consecutive wins, League and CIF Championship after Championship. They were the best team around. Now look at them.

    One only need to look at Blair, a once proud program that had debate-ably the best football program and team in the nation. Now look at them.

    Point is that things change no matter how much we (if winning) think that they will last forever. One Day sooner or later Monrovia will be 0 and forever. Maybe demographics will catch up with Monrovia and there will be nothing but a bunch of Badminton players.

    So enjoy it while you can, and as I pointed out, having a smaller enrollment than your competitors creates challenges and will surely catch up to you sooner or later, unless you can recruit like many of the parochial schools.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Can anyone tell me the last time Muir lost the Tussle and missed the playoff’s? šŸ™‚ It will happen this year and I’m so happy for their coaching staff to be making history!!!! I’m Back and about to be on one!!!! DOGSHOUSE ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!!

  • bigfatfan

    Titan: our task at hand will be to regroup and put up a credible effort against MTown on Thursday. I am sure the SP boys are disheartened with the SM loss. but a playoff berth is still possible even with a third place finish, but we have to finish strong. SP should be good next year too. we return our entire offensive line, and lots of skill players. the LB corps will be new, as will our CBs and Dline.

  • big mike


  • New York


    Even if your doom and gloom prediction plays out in the long run, Monrovia might as well take advantage of this moment and see how good we can become by playing good competition for 10 weeks rather than just five weeks.

    Regarding enrollments: it will likely be more of a challenge for those sports that CIF does not group by “competitive equity” and still pretty well goes by enrollment.

  • ed lives

    whats pretty good bigfatfan? 6-4?

  • CDawg

    @6power Re: my releaguing plan/TC

    Well it was either that OR throw them into the more reasonable Mission Valley and thus make that an 8 team league. Hmm on second thought that I will just do. One mega league (Pacific 8) gone n dissolved, another created in the form of the 8 team MVL.

    That, with bringing in Rosemead to the RHL backout of da Almont proposal and thus keeping the current Almont intact would really make my RHL “bada$$”.

  • bigfatfan

    Ed: you are definately a persistant negative voice. I’d say back to back 6-4 seasons by new head coach Konrad would be good, for SP. I’m sure that 6Power over at TC would take a 6-4 season right now. I’m not sure what you are so bitter about. It sounds like you would have preferred to carry on with a coach that could only squeeze a 40% winning record out of 16 years at the same school. Most of us parents dont have 16 years invested in a single school. we’d prefer that the program be productive, and striving for excellence while our kids are at the school. I think that Konrad is taking us in that direction.

    Several of the previous coaching staff decided to stay on with Konrad, hats off to them. Others moved on to other schools, good luck to them. I am sure that Konrad will take stock of his staff after the season is over and make adjustments as necessary.

  • ed lives

    bigfatfan like i said before i agree that smith should have been gone a long time ago. i just think a younger smith is not what we need. its the same O. so if 40% or 50% of wins is good with you then coach k is right for the job.

  • 6power

    Regardless of the outcome against m-town, south pas had a strut this season, and that has not been seen in some time. Improvement is the goal of any new coaching staff, and it is tough to argue that So Pas has not improved. Some of that could go to swings in personnel common to all prep sports, but in this case it goes deeper than that.
    Obviously off season lifting intensity and participation appears one factor that cannot be overlooked. Coaching philosophy could be another. Either way it is all good as far as the RHL is concerned.
    Right now I would just like to see TC/Blair be a decent game Thurs night and nobody get hurt. The Rams have stuck together and supported one another and come out every Friday ready to play. Win or lose 99% of Ram fans will be in the stands to back our kids.

  • bigfatfan

    6Power: you nailed it, off-season conditioning! one of the first things that Coach Konrad did when he arrived last spring was drum up support for new weightroom equipment. I wont describe just how bad the previous set of weight gear was… awful. about 1/2 of that new equipment is now in-place and more will be added soon. a strength program will be a core feature of his football program.

  • Schalupa

    BFF: A SoPas team @ 6-4 is a solid result. The team is young with a soph qb and a much different attitude than prior years. Quite frankly, your girl, Mrs. Ed, would have achieved another losing year with these players offering rebuild and youth as the reason. The numbers support this claim through the years. I think a question Mrs. Ed should ponder is “just how far do you think Konrad could’ve taken last year’s 6-4 Tigers and that potent, balanced offense of seniors.” My bet..somewhere well beyond a coin toss.

  • New York

    I am not totally familiar with the state of South Pas football, but let me suggest placing the program into an appropriate context for evaluation. Would comparing the program’s success to that of San Marino over the years be appropriate? How did the two teams perform during Smith’s tenure? During Smith’s tenure at South Pas, San Marino had stints with both Maloney and Mooney at the helm as well as other solid coaches.

  • bigfatfan

    New York, you are correct, SM and SP football programs would be fair comparisons, at least in my mind. I do not have the info on SM’s record over the past 16 years. I would suspect the overall winning percentage is greater than 40%? maybe Titan fan can help out on that one. I know that SM has made the playoffs recently, by contrast, SPs last trip to the playoffs was in 2003. SP’s last playoff win was in 1997. we did make the playoff in 1999, 2001 and 2003, and lost by a combined score of 0-116. 2010 was the first time the tigers had had a winnning record in RHL competition since 2003. Now, for the second year in a row, the Tigers will have a 6-4 overall record and a winning record in league. That’s something to shout about!! I’m just restating the facts.

  • GloucesterCoach

    I don’t know what you’re trying to say, and if you think “Ed Lives” is Ed Smith’s wife trying to defend him, but please don’t make fun of my former coach.
    I agree it was time for a change, but don’t doubt the body of work that Coach Smith had over his long tenure at South Pas. I learned a great deal from him, about football and life. A winning record doesn’t always show the whole story.

    Ed Lives, I don’t know who you are either, but it seems as though you’re not satisfied with the new coaching hire because Coach K runs a similar running style offense. The Wing T is a very effective offense and holds the record for scoring the most points in a High School football game. I think this offense fits SP really well because you can utilize a few skill players and use deception to have an effective running game. Meaning if you can teach all your players to buy into this philosophy, you don’t have to have a lot of depth to be successful and DEPTH my friend has always been South Pas’ weakness.

  • ed lives

    what signs do you see that they got better. they are still 6-4 with a bad O and D. instead of losing to lc they loss to sm. instead of beating sg they beat alh. 6-4 maybe coin flip maybe third. the five or six plays in the sm game is not enough for me and shouldn’t be for anybody. its not any better then if smith was there. yes again i agree smith was bad. i do believe there isn’t a mrs smith. and as of last year i think they would of done less with coach k because all he does is run and have 4 or 5 pass plays. sp was balance last year thats why they won and smith finally let someone call more plays then before. as for the the off season we will have to see but i heard it didn’t start so good this past one. days off and a week off. i know dont worry we have a good QB to hand off next year.

  • titan sports fan

    1988 – 1995 sm was dominant having won 6 rhl championships and being a cif finalist 4 years and winning it once! Making bare minimum playoffs each year…. after 95 til present which was the bulk of ed smiths era and the end of maloneys in 95 san marino has been average at best not including this season so 1996-2010 san marino has compiled a record of 70-89-1 making playoffs 7 times most recently 2009 going to quarterfinals…. SM has been far more effective since 08 making playoffs two out of three years …. calling for a mulligan last year with the coaching fiasco and injuries hindering our season! SM certainly on the upswing though!

  • New York

    I thought Maloney’s last year was ’96 with Doud at QB. Then Mooney was at the helm prior to leaving for TC in 1999 or 2000 when DiFiori left TC for Amat. Maloney came back in 2003 and kept Monrovia out of the playoffs.

    I’ve never seen a high school program as well prepared as the Bill Maloney teams. Of course, I’ve never seen De La Salle up close…

  • titan sports fan

    New york you are correct maloneys last year was 96 followed by mooney!