Football: Muir alumni take issue with this photo.

WHEN: Thursday, 7 p.m.
WHERE: Rose Bowl
PRICES: Adult $10; Student without ASB $8; Student with ASB free; Senior citizens $5; Children 5-13 $5; Children under 5 free.

Can anyone guess why? Well, here’s the crux of the situation: Muir alumni didn’t want a PHS player posing with the Victory Bell. Simple as that. According to some Muir alumni, it was OK for a Muir and PHS to pose together for our Turkey Tussle magazine cover, but not a photo that also included the Victory Bell. As you can see from the picture above, we ran with the photo anyway despite a possibility that alumni would disrupt the photo shoot and carry away the bell. This all came word through Muir assistant football coach Darick Holmes, who relayed the message to me once the players were ready to take the photo. Holmes said he was OK with the photo, but that he was relaying information from alumni to me. My response was, I didn’t care much for what alumni thought, whether this photo was OK with them or not. I told Darick this photo is our magazine cover shot, and it’s the shot we wanted and we were going to get it whether Muir’s alumni fan base was OK with it or not. This cover shot also was for the current players on the team RIGHT now, the Muir players looking to extend its 16-game winning streak and the PHS players looking to end the long drought and record its first win since 1995. To not have the Victory Bell in the cover photo is no real argument. Having a player from both schools posing with the Victory Bell made perfect sense given that the schools are looking to reclaim the photo. When I was leaving Muir that day, I heard a Muir fan walk up to Muir coach Dave Mitchell and ask, in a not so polite way, why he let a PHS player pose with the Victory Bell. I was tempted to stop him on his tracks and give him our side of the story, but I wasn’t obligated to do so. And I would have done the same thing had the roles been reversed and we had a Muir player posing with a PHS player at PHS.

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  • bigfatfan

    Adults acting like children. so what that Muir has won it 16 straight years, they dont own it, that streak will eventually end, just like every other winnig streak. nice write-up Miguel.

  • Muir Alum

    You were tempted to but didn’t? Yeah right! You ran away like a scared little girl. I guess for your sake it’s good you didn’t cus I would have embarrassed you in front of everybody.

  • GrimReaper

    I have no dog in this hunt, Bull Dog or Mustang for that matter, but a controversy over a game program cover? Time for an attitude check.

    As I have stated before on this blog, rivalries are fun, it gives everyone something a little extra to talk about. But losing a football game is not some sort of disaster. Winning the bell is nice, but it is not the be all end all, of human existence.

    Dont get me wrong, putting your best effort on the field is important, winning is good that is the point of the game, but equally important is exhibiting good sportsmanship and being a good representative of your school. So fan, administrator, coach and player alike should remember these are you neighbors and fellow citizens, and a Victory Bell should not come between you win or lose.

    So put out your best effort, play with pride and sportsmanship, win or lose you can hold head up and we as fans can salute a good effort.