Thursday Night Aftermath: Muir extends Turkey Tussle win streak to 13 with 14-6 win over rival Pasadena; Villalobos leads San Gabriel to Almont League title with 21-10 win over Schurr; Alhambra clinches second; Temple City wins final game, 56-0.


Thursday’s Results
Muir 14, Pasadena 6 — Josh Washington led the second-half charge, capping a clock-chewing 18-play drive with a 1-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. He then connected with Kevon Seymour on a 44-yard touchdown pass to beat Pasadena and win its 13th straight win in the Turkey Tussle. Riian Simpson returned a punt 57 yards in the first quarter to put the Bulldogs on the scoreboard. But Pasadena could not convert three red zone possessions and had three turnovers in the second half to seal the game.

Monrovia 34, South Pasadena 22 — Marquise Bias had a big night with 118 yards and three touchdowns on 15 carries. Luke Williams had three catches for 103 yards and a touchdown and an interception that set up a Wildcats score. Blake Heyworth went 8 of 18 for 225 yards and a touchdown. South Pasadena had five turnovers, the ball game.

Alhambra 27, Bell Gardens 24 — Moors had a 13-point halftime lead before Bell Gardens scored the next 17. By the end of the third quarter, though, Alhambra had the lead when Josh Mendoza connected on a 38-yard touchdown pass to Ezra Broadus. Moors finish second in Almont League behind San Gabriel.

San Gabriel 21, Schurr 10 — Quarterback Andy Guerrero led a balanced attack, rushing 22 times for 129 yards and a touchdown. He completed 12 of 20 for 206 yards and two touchdowns. Alex Villalobos had five catches for 81 yards and two touchdowns. The San Gabriel defense created five turnovers, and that was key.

San Marino 37, La Canada 13 — Kwame Do had a monster night for the Titans, rushing for 224 yards on 32 carries and four touchdowns. The Titans defense recorded five sacks and recorded a safety. San Marino finishes in second in the Rio Hondo League with a 4-1 record.

Temple City 56, Blair 0 — Rams had a strong running attack, led by Jamie Dea, who had a 116 yards and one touchdown on 12 carries. Roger Tsung had 123 yards and one touchdown on nine carries. Temple City coach Mike McFarland said it was a great way to finish off a rough season, and that next season expect the Rams to be competitive again.

Montebello 39, Keppel 0
Gabrielino 7, Mountain View 6
South El Monte 33, Rosemead 31
Sierra Vista 27, Duarte 21

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  • 6power

    1-9 or 0-10, does not matter a bunch either way. I would expect the TC starters in the 1st quarter, and then hopefully the coaching staff handing off the game to kids who have seen little action all year and let the chips fall where they will. Let an outgoing senior get a sack or at least have his jock knocked loose…either one is a good memory at this stage.

    Go Rams.

  • GrimReaper

    Good Luck 6 power..err..Golden Arm. Better days are sure to come. Stick in there, you are an outstanding supporter of your program.

  • titan sports fan

    Trap game for SM coming off the high of beating sp! LC will give there best effort having a genuine disdain for SM! I think LC much better than record shows! And there fighting for there slim playoff hopes! Hopefully we take care of business tonight! Control our own fate to the best of our ability!!

  • What

    Good luck to San Gabriel this week, if they play half as good as they played last week they will run away with the title.(Good Luck to all Former Rebels)
    Don Bosco Tech playoff bound for the first time since 2002 damn its been to long. GO TIGERS! Tear up Mary Star for that last second debacle from last year.

  • GrimReaper

    From the Match and the Gas Can file.


    Posting footage of the Muir 63-0 2010 drubbing?

    That was the match on the gas can, opening up the old 63-0 wound on gameday. Yikes!

  • reality

    Paterno and other biggies get fired for doing nothing. Muir coach gets fired for doing something. Whats wrong with this picture?



    GET’EM DOGS!!!!!


    DAMN, AGAIN!!!!!!!! 14-6 Muir

  • views

    NOVEMBER BELONGS TO MUIR phs will never get the bell as long as they play in the rosebowl if you want to win hs find a different location lol. KEEP PICKING THEM MIGUEL!

  • Coach Smalley

    Wow those Mustangs had so much poise in the bowl tonight…So proud of you! So much heart! Stangs 4Life!

  • 6power

    Somebody provide details on Monrovia / South Pas. Were the 5 turnovers takeaways or giveaways? The result of pressure D or just the Tigers mental mistakes? Judging by Miguel’s decription this was a winnable game for South Pas??
    Hats off to the Blair supporters who were out in good numbers last night at Muir, cheering every good run or pass made by the Vikings. Seniors were honored in style and the vocal fan support had to be a positive thing for the Blair kids. I counted 18 players, and some of these kids have got to be freshmen..pretty unforgiving way to start playing high school football.
    The TC kids finally had a fun bus ride home….coaches should make 50 copies of the game film and distribute at the banquet.

    Surprised to see the Mead lose to South El Monte.

    What were Cox’s numbers last night?

  • bigfatfan

    SP Tigers made us proud last night. Boys went toe to toe with Mtown and did not back down. lots of hard hitting. we lost our starting QB in first quarter and backup did a great job. Mtown has lots of speed, but we seemed to avoid the big play, for the most part, except for 85 yard punt return for TD. we recovered a fumbled punt and onside kick at end of game but could not cash them in. game was winnable. Mtown lots of personal foul penalties. we were able to run successfully on them all night. Ellis McCarthy was neutralized by tough tiger OLine. but in the end, Mtown speed was too much. Bias is very good. Again, great job Tigers, great job coaches, lets hope the CIF selection committee picks us up as an at large playoff team. we deserve it.

  • bigfatfan

    Miguel, if thats all you have to say about Tigers great effort last night in your summary account, shame on you. four scores against Mtown, three tds and a FG speaks volumes for Tiger effort and you ignore that!!

  • viking_fan


    out of 18 players, about half are freshman. I also was happy to see so many Blair fans in the stands. I wish we’d had that much support for the entire season, but it is what it is. I’m proud of our boys. They didn’t give up at all and played hard up until the last moment of the game.


    Congrats, to JMHS – they’ll really pulled it together. They faced a lot this year, but remained true to their mission. Job well done.

    As for my alma mater (PHS), our failure to make big plays, right plays, and maintain mental focus (not just against teams we know we can beat, but against strong opponents) is not acceptable. Play-off bound we are, but not without some much needed huddle time. Dig deep fellows – do you want to win!

    Laurence Todd

  • Mtownclown

    SPhs triple team was holding Ellis #18 alllllll night and it only got called once….. if they didnt have too hold this game wouldnt have been this close anybody that was at this game shouldnt deny those boys were clearly holding….but o well a win is a win…..C.I.F TIME

  • Lonnie Grim C/O 85

    Mr. Todd. One thing that’s obvious about this streak that Muir has is one thing PRIDE. Anyone who was there can tell you we won the x’s and o’s, but not the pride. going in at halftime we were too busy pattin ourselves on the back, makin alot of noise, and you could see the Muir kids heads down with disbelief. But their coaches did an excellent job of restoring PRIDE to their team. There was no major changes. Same plays being called. But you could see the determination, the togetherness. It was as if two different teams came out. The Tussle has, and will always be about Pride. We’ve always had talent. Being up 6-0 didn’t mean you gottem where you want them. 6-0 means look at your mistakes, we should be up by more. Now it’s time to play with a sense of urgency cause they’re not going to give you the Bell, and willing to do anything to keep it. Without pride this streak will continue. So the questions bulldogs is this. Like gatorade,PRIDE is it in YOU?


    Hey Miguel, first of all aren’t you going to stop going against the grain. You were really hoping John Muir would lose to the Dogs. Don’t you understand that we might bend a LITTLE but we DO NOT BREAK!!! Second of all, for a guy that has been nothing but nice and cordial to you why are you NOT supporting Coach Howard????? For a guy who does SOOOOOO MUCH IN THIS COMMUNITY and has SAVED the LIVES of SOOOOOO many young people in Pasadena, where is the support from our city newspaper? You guys need to quit making this a Black on Hispanic thing. Cause it’s not. Coach Howard loves all kids whether Black, Brown, White, or Pink Pockadots!!!
    Hey Alfredo!!! You are really going to quit HATIN on Coach Howard!!! You are starting to make this thing personal. If you really have problems with Coach Howard….step to the mic. DON’T post it on the blog. MAN UP….STEP TO THE MIC!!!

  • Mtownclown

    Coach of the year needs too Goto Tip sanders coach of duarte after he squad went 0-20 too 6-4 this year well done tip


    No more Bueno, no more nada…
    Next year no more McCarthy…?
    Monrovia is just another team!
    Arcadia is the best team in the area hands down.

  • Anonymous

    Correction from the SP-Mon game re turnovers:
    Monrovia had the 5 turnovers, SP had 2.

    SP threw 2 ints with no fumbles. Monrovia threw 2 Int,(one pick was caused by the ball hitting a ref in the endzone and was caught by SP defender – better lucky than good I guess). Monrovia fumbled in the 4th that was recovered by SP and on special teams, SP recovered a muffed punt and an onside kick. That’s 5 turnovers for Monrovia. SP won the turnover battle with +3. Monrovia still won the game though. That says a lot…

  • bigfatfan

    Anonymous: thanks for the clarifications, too bad the star news did not get the story right the first time.

    MtownClown: I am sure if SP was triple teaming and holding Ellis, the refs would call it. they called holding on SP in several crucial ocassions last night. Ellis did not look too motivated.

    Miguel: I’m disappointed with the Star News story on the Monrovia/SP game. why? it sounds like a story that was written for the Monrovia Weekly Newspaper. completely slanted in one direction. Maybe that approach would be ok if it was actually written for the MTown hometown paper, but the Star News is a regional paper. todays story will look great in Monrovia’s game program next week, but your paper should be striving to do better. And franklyh SP deserved some solid props for playing a great game against one of the best teams in the area. but from reading the story, it sounding like SP was a bunch of fumbling idiots. come on….


    Well put, Mr. Grim. I’m hoping that the PRIDE you speak of (of which we both know and live)is more than the privilege of putting on the red/white and having the honor to play in the Rose Bowl, but…..actually, I won’t describe it….they’ll have to figure it out, obviously.

    Come on, bulldogs!!!

    Laurence Todd

  • I Don’t Know

    The Rams will be competitive again next year? I don’t expect Coach McFarland to say anything different, but realistically TC is losing its entire offensive line along with their top two running backs. They also aren’t getting much coming up from their lower levels. I’m pretty sure both Freshmen and JV were bottom of the pack in the RHL. It looks like this kind of season is gonna be the norm for the Rams at least for a couple of years.

  • Mtownclown

    SP played a good game last night theres no doubt that they are on the rise they beat alhambra and played mtown and maranatha good….they deserve a playoff spot as does san marino