South Pasadena is not one of four at-large teams; Maranatha at San Gabriel is an intriguing matchup; Alhambra-La Puente, too; Muir earns Southeast Division at-large; Arcadia goes from No. 2 to not being seeded.

Hear sportswriter and coaches reactions to the CIF-Southern Section playoff pairing on PrepXtra Live!!! Playoff Pairings Show at 11 a.m.

When: Sunday, 11 a.m.
Where: Any of the SGVN prep sports blogs
Who: Coaches and sportswriters react to the playoff pairings.

Top Half
South El Monte (MVL at-large) at No. 1 Covina (VVL 1)
Alhambra (Almont 2) at La Puente (Montview 2)
El Monte (MVL 2) at Whittier Christian (Olympic 1)
Pomona (VVL) at No. 4 Monrovia (RHL 1)
Bottom Half
San Marino (RHL 2) at No. 3 San Dimas (VVL 2)
Cerritos Valley Christian (Olympic 2) at Azusa (Montview 1)
Maranatha (Olympic at-large) at San Gabriel (Almont 1)
Sierra Vista (Mont at-large) at No. 2 Arroyo (MVL 1)

Top Half
Norwalk (3-7) at #1 West Covina (9-1)
Pasadena (5-5) at California (7-3)
Bonita (6-4) at Arcadia (8-2)
Crescenta Valley (6-4) at #4 La Mirada (6-4)
Bottom Half
Los Altos (7-3) at #3 Burbank Burroughs (6-4)
La Serna (7-3) at Mayfair (7-3)
Bellflower (7-3) at Diamond Ranch (5-5)
Muir (6-4) at #2 Santa Fe (6-4)

Top Half
Culver City (Ocean at large) at Serra (Mission 1)
Downey (San Gab. Valley 2) at Righetti (Pac 7 2)
Channel Islands (Pacific View 2) at Santa Monica (Ocean 1)
Dominguez (San Gab. Valley at large) at Ventura (Channel 1)
Bottom Half
Chaminade (Mission 2) at Inglewood (Ocean 2)
San Luis Obispo (Pac 7 at large) at Adolfo Camarillo (Pacific View 1)
St. Francis (Mission at large) at Paramount (San Gab. Valley 1)
Dos Pueblos (Channel 2) at Arroyo Grande Pac 7 1)

Top Half
Viewpoint (Prep at large) at Bishop (High Desert 1)
Desert Christian/L (Desert Mtn at large) at Calif. Military Inst. (Arrowhead 1)
Chadwick (Prep 2) at Mojave (Desert Mtn 2)
Santa Clarita Christian (San Joaquin 2) at Salesian (Santa Fe 1)
Bottom Half
St. Genevieve (Santa Fe at large) at Boron (Desert Mt. 1)
Kern Valley (High Desert At large) at Saddleback Valley Chr. (San Joaquin 1)
St. Monica Catholic (Santa Fe 2) at California City (High Desert at large)
Hamilton (Arrowhead 2) at Rio Hondo Prep (Prep 1)

Top Half
Verbum Dei (Del Rey at large) at Lompoc (Los Padres 1)
Centennial/Compton (Pioneer 3) at Bishop Montgomery (Del Rey 2)
Santa Ynez (Los Padres 4) at Torrance (Pioneer 1)
Bosco Tech (Del Rey 4) at Nordhoff (Tri-Valley 1)
Bottom Half
Oak Park (Tri Valley 3) at Cabrillo/Lompoc (Los Padres 2)
Cantwell Sacred Heart (Del Rey 3) at El Segundo (Pioneer 2)
Templeton (Los Padres 3) at Carpinteria (Tri-Valley 2)
South Torrance (Pioneer at large) at St. Bernard (Del Rey 1)

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  • Tom S

    Maranatha plays San Gabriel 1st round Mid Valley!

  • Tom S

    To all you Mtown fans. How about Monrovia vs Whittier Christian 2nd round!

  • Mtownclown

    Tom.S that would be a good one! the Rematch! lol

  • la

    OCVarsity, has 4 Divisions up:

    Upper bracket

    South El Monte at Covina

    Alhambra at La Puente

    El Monte at Whittier Christian (likely Whittier College)

    Pomona at Monrovia

    Lower bracket

    San Marino at San Dimas

    Valley Christian of Cerritos at Azusa

    Maranatha at San Gabriel

    Sierra Vista at Arroyo

  • FootballGuy

    South pasadena got screwed. SP played in non league, San Gabriel, Alhambra & Maranatha. Sierra Vista got killed by Salesian, lost to Mountain View(an awful team) and beat Keppel. They also play in a terrible league. I do not understand any logic in that choice. Who came up with the at large teams.

  • RHL Fan

    Why is San Dimas seeded and playing a second place San Marino team instead of an at-large team?

  • bigfatfan

    yep, SP got screwed big time… but we should have taken business against SM, and we didnt.

  • Coach

    RHL Fan,
    Because they did not win their league. Just because a team is seeded is not a garunatee they will play an atlarge. Atlarges go to a league champ

  • Mtownclown

    SP did get screwed!! and cif makes it tough for Monrovia having too go threw pomona WC and covina too get too the finals….but they make it EASY for SD

  • Mtownclown


  • SaintsR4real

    Maybe I’m wrong, I’m thinking Sierra vista has 8 teams in their league (montview) and S. Pasadena has only 6 (rio hondo).
    It’s been done in the past.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    Tough Draw for us. wouldnt have guessed that SD would be a first round draw…. boys certainly got work to do !!! Lets get after it SM! SP should be in having beat a playoff bound alhambra should have put them over Sierra Vista ….did sierra vista beat anybody of substance?

  • GrimReaper

    Unless CIF did some monkey business here is the real – invisible seedings

    1 Covina VVL 1
    2 Arroyo MVL 1
    3 San Dimas VVL 2
    4 Monrovia RHL 1
    5 Whittier Christian O #1
    6 Azusa M # 1
    7 San Gabriel A #1
    8 La Puente M #2
    9 Alhambra A #2
    10 Mananantha O at large
    11 Cerritos Christian O #2
    12 El Monte MVL #2
    13 Pomona VVL 3
    14 San marino RHL 2
    15 Sierra Vista ML at large
    16 S El Monte MVL at large

    1 Covina 26.1
    2 San Dimas 20.9
    3 Monrovia 16.9
    4 Maranantha 15.4
    5 Arroyo 13.1
    6 Pomona 11.1
    7 Whittier Christian 10.5
    8 La Puente 4.6
    9 San Marino 4.5
    10 Azusa 4.4
    11 Valley Christian Cerritos 4.1
    12 El Monte 3.8
    13 San Gabriel 2.3
    14 Alhambra 0
    15 S El Monte -.6
    16 Sierra Vista -13.4

    Last CIF Poll
    1. Covina (Valle Vista) 81 Bye Bye Bye
    2. Arroyo (Mission Valley) 81 Won Gabrielino 493
    3. La Puente (Montview) 90 Won Duarte 497
    4. San Dimas (Valle Vista) 72 Won Northview 346
    5. Monrovia (Rio Hondo) 63 Won Temple City 450
    6. Whittier Christian (Olympic) 63 Won Valley Christian/C. 4123
    7. Pomona (Valle Vista) 63 Won Wilson/H.H. 3521
    8. El Monte (Mission Valley) 72 Won South El Monte 2013
    9. Azusa (Montview) 63 Won Gladstone 417
    10. Alhambra (Almont) 72 Lost San Gabriel 1469
    Other Maranatha (Olympic) 72 Won Village Christian 3417
    Other San Gabriel (Almont) 54 Won Alhambra 6914
    Other Valley Christian/Cerritos (Olympic) 46 Lost Whittier Christian 2341

  • GrimReaper

    To Titan Sports Fan
    To answer your question about Sierra Vista
    No they didnt beat any team that had a positive Cal Preps rating, They got spanked by all the positive rated teams they played.
    Sierra Vista’s Cal Preps rating was -13.4

    At least SP played a decent game against Monrovia and played Alhambra hard — Sierra Vista would have been beat into the stone age by either team.

    So SP fans have an argument, but if they won, they would play a top two seeded team, either arroyo, Covina or San Dimas in the first round.. other than the honor of making it… it would have been ugly with a long bus ride home.

  • GrimReaper

    Now everyone can argue about Cal Preps and whether their computer model is wrong, but the point is that where there are great deviations from CIF to Cal Preps, it indicates that there may have been something more in the background.

    The Rio Hondo League gets hosed on a three way

    Monrovia properly seeded must start out with Pomona who Cal Preps says is a 6 seed not a 13 seed like CIF says. Then must play Whittier Christian (Assuming they win) and then Covina the one seed (assuming they win) Can you the toughest road to the championship?

    San Marino a Cal Prep #9 seed–CIF 14 seed gets to play San Dimas the CIF 3 seed, and Cal Prep #2 seed. CIF condemned them and there won’t be a last minute call of reprieve from the Governor. Losses to Rosemead and Bell Gardens hurt their seeding.

    So Pas with a -.9 cal prep rating, has to see Sierra Vista -13.8 rating, who beat no one go as an at large from a weak league. Obviously some one in the CIF office had a reason to lobby in Sierra Vista, but it smells bad here.

    Other notable deviations
    The Almont League for some reason is a lot higher ranked by CIF than it should be. I know everyone walks around (including Miguel Alhambra alum) talking up SG and Alhambra, but they are clearly in the bottom and should disappear fast.

    Also posed for a quick exit is Azusa and the rest of the Montview league.

    From what I see Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure out of the Valle Vista League and the holy war that is the Olympic League will rise to the top. Arroyo and Monrovia are knocking at the door, but must break it down to get in.

  • reality

    Prediction: Pomona 31 Monrovia 17.

  • Coach

    1. CIF does not seed 1-16 they only SEED the top 4 teams on the bracket
    2. South Pas lost out to SV due to at-large criteria, as they explained in the beginning of the video.
    3. CIF did not pick the at-larges the Committee did.

  • GrimReaper

    Any fan with even rudimentary skills can bust the seeds out of the CIF brackets and pairings. With any bracket one can determine the seeds with virtual certainty from the 4 seeds announced you get 1-4 and 13-16. The rest can easily be determined from the polls and the placement in brackets with the exception of La Puente and over rated Alhambra.

    That said here is my views-Feel free to criticize-As it makes it more fun. And best of all MY Reaper Game of the Week, below.

    First round games tend to be lopsided.
    Train Wrecks: Save your money unless you are an alum or your kid is playing.

    Arroyo over SV
    Covina over S El Monte
    Whitter Christian over El Monte
    San Dimas over San Marino

    Comfortable wins
    Maranantha over SG (double coverage on Alex Villalobos is a certainty.. you can bet the farm on that one)
    La Puente over Alhambra

    Competitive games
    Maranantha over SG (double coverage on Alex Villalobos is a certainty.. you can bet the farm on that one)
    Will be a high scoring affair, lots of fun to watch.

    Monrovia over Pomona (tougher than you think and gets tougher each week in the top bracket)(Note blue chip Ellis McCarthy is still nicked up and limps a lot)

    Valley Christian over Azusa (Reaper game of the week)
    Can the Azusa offense make up for their obvious defensive shortcomings? Or will a lesser Crusader from the Olympic holy war defense rise up to smote the Azusa offense. Who knows but it will be the most compelling match up in week one.

  • GrimReaper

    At Large picked by committee.

    1. CIF picked the members of the committe


    Becuase CIF got sick of being criticized and passed the buck to the committee, who did like all committees do, designed a new form of a horse..

    And in this case the new form of a horse is a camel and Sierra Vista is that camel.

    a camel is a horse designed by a committee

    An expression critical of committeesor by analogy, group decision-makingby emphasizing the ineffectiveness of incorporating too many conflicting opinions into a single project. In this figure of speech, the distinguishing features of a camel, such as its humps and poor temperament, are taken to be the deformities that resulted from its poor design. [quotations ]
    1952, Proceedings Regular Meeting, Ohio Valley Transportation Advisory Board, Pacific Northwest Advisory Board, pg. 24:

  • bigfatfan

    SP got the short end of the stick, no doubt about it. maybe a preseason schedule with wins over weak Hoover and Glendale, who knows, CIF kingdom is hard to phathom.

  • A bigger reality

    Bonita 38- Arcadia 7

  • PurdueAlum05

    What a bunch of bs. I can’t believe CIF.

    1 Covina 26.1
    2 San Dimas 20.9
    3 Monrovia 16.9
    4 Maranantha 15.4
    5 Arroyo 13.1
    6 Pomona 11.1
    7 Whittier Christian 10.5
    8 La Puente 4.6 (San Marino is better than them.)
    9 San Marino 4.5
    10 Azusa 4.4 (San Gabriel could be seeded here)
    11 Valley Christian Cerritos 4.1
    12 El Monte 3.8 (Alhambra is better than El Monte)
    13 San Gabriel 2.3
    14 Alhambra 0
    15 S El Monte -.6 (South Pas should have been seeded here)
    16 Sierra Vista -13.4 (South El Monte should be here)

    Just my thinking, but what do I know. I thought SP was in for sure.

  • Mtownclown

    Ellis McCarthy will be the key in this game on offense and defense…..This 1st round match up with pomona just might be tougher than a second round would be with el monte or WC…..either way good luck too Monrovia and too Pomona should be a good one see you fri….

  • Tom S

    I don’t get your post
    You say SP should go in place of S. El Monte with a CalPreps ranking of -.6 but SP has a -.9 ranking.
    I really don’t care because I’m more interested in Maranatha – San Gabriel game

  • Hoopla

    SP – Two years in a row, it is very disheartening to see this. Seniors, great job on your season. Juniors and sophomores, the road to the playoffs began already. Hit the weightroom, run, get bigger, stronger, faster, and be ready for next season. Go tigers!

  • RHL Fan

    Fred, any reason why the SD/SM game is on a Thursday?!

  • Fred Robledo

    San Dimas’ field is being renovated, and most of their home games were at Citrus, and with Azusa already playing there Friday, they had to play Thursday or find an alternate school. I guess San Marino agreed.

  • RHL Fan

    If SPHS wanted to make the playoffs then they have to take care of their business. You can’t lose the second place game to SM (by three scores!!) when they lost to Rosemead (4th place Mission Valley) and Bell Gardens (5th place in Almont). Neither of those teams finished in the top three of their leagues and were not close to making the playoffs. That’s why SM ended up the 14 seed overall. SP can’t lose to bad teams and expect to make the playoffs when they can’t get second in a weak RHL. I don’t want to hear it.

    On an editorial level, I think SP was the 4th best team in the RHL and should’ve lost to LC. If LC had not turned the ball over numerous times in the RZ, SP would’ve had no chance at a at-large.

    At the end of the day, you have to take care of your business in the league.

  • PacFan

    Congrats to the Pacific League in getting in 5 teams in the playoffs. Hopefully you guys are healthy enough to go deep in the brackets and represent Pac Football. Good Luck fellas!


    WCHS BULLDOGS will once again be the CIF Southeast Division champs!

  • Settled on the Field

    South Pas and San Marino settled it on the field. Both teams had 1st year coaches and one outcoached the other. San Marino got better as the year progressed… more so than did South Pas. When they met it was clear who the better staff is.

    South Pas and their coaching staff did an average job and it showed so plainly against a REAL turnaround story at San Marino.

    The Glendale and Hoover wins for South Pas didn’t even count. If SP wants to be taken seriously they need to play better teams pre-season.

    I think South Pas location hurts them They have Football Kyptonite over at La Salle and it’s somehow affecting South Pas because it’s so strong.

  • Realist

    If Arcadia plays the way they have all year they should win this game by double digits. They are the most motivated group of kids I’ve seen in a while. I can’t wait to see this game Friday. It should be a good one.

  • RHPrep

    Thanks Miguel for recognizing coach Ken Drain on his 100th win at Rio Hondo Prep. I know we are a small school and we as parents/players appreciate you taking the time to give him the recognition he deserves.

  • 6power

    Purdue Alum,

    You nailed it, South Pas should be where So. El Monte is. The Tigers are 3 TD’s better

  • bigfatfan

    RHL Fan, I agreed with you up to the point you said SP was the fourth best team in the league. We pummeled LC, no doubt about it. and coaching was the difference in that game,we dominated second half. tho you dont give SP coaching much credit for the rest of the season. were you at any SP games, oh, maybe the SM game. no wonder. the heart of the SP team, and the merits of the new coachin staff were on display last friday in Monrovia. were you at that game Fan? i didnt think so. previous Smith-led teams would have been beaten by 50.

    I’ve been pontificating for several years that SP needs to ramp up its preseason schedule. Hoover and Glendale are pretty darn bad. but SP can do something about that. we are stuck with Blair, unless the powers to be see the need to get the Vikings the heck out of the RHL, at least for football. that program is a joke, and drags down the rest of the RHL.

  • 6power

    For me, this ranks as the fastest come and go of football season I can recall.
    It got here, we sucked and it is over. I guess in TC’s case it may be classified as mercy…but amid all the Fridays where expectations lived and quickly died…our kids seem to have come through better for it.
    Such is the greatness of the game of football, which departs its lessons despite an unfavorable won-loss record.

    Best of luck to all our area representatives this playoff season. Step up, play hard and when your number gets called let it fly.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Tom S,
    What I am saying is that the Maxpreps rankings don’t mean much. The Montview League is not that good. I think San Marino would run away with the league title. San Gabriel is going to beat Marantha. Watch and see. Marantha won’t be able to stop their offense.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Tom S,
    Just in case you forgot, NO ONE CARES ABOUT MARANTHA.

  • No Stake in the FN GAME

    I have this way:

    ROUND 1

    ROUND 2

    ROUND 3


    ROUND 1

    ROUND 2

    ROUND 3



  • Tom S

    Alum: Oh some of us care.
    Hey, why dont the two of us meet up here Sat morn and discuss the game. Look if we lose to San Gabriel Ill go on record and say we dont play anyone and dont deserve going to the playoffs. If we win I really dont care what you think because Ill be looking at the second round game against Arroyo who should win easily over Sierra Vista.

  • BigCat

    The thing that worries me about Monrovia’s first round game is that Pomona sounds like a disease.

  • natha11

    purdue: i’m pretty sure most players would prefer not to be cared about if it means being good and leaving no doubt that they belong in the playoffs rather than have some big talkers care and hide behind a keyboard and make a futile case for their futile team. take care of your business and then you can talk. play maranatha’s schedule, and you’d go 4-6 instead of your 6-4. if we played your schedule, we’d be 9-1 with the only debatable loss being to monrovia.

  • Gordon Gekko

    Who cares about the Rio and Olympic
    The games are boring and the teams are overrated

    Go Cubs !

  • Philly B

    Wow! Monrovia got an interesting draw, but whatever we play who we gotta play. Pomona is no Gladstone, so I take them as a serious team in the first round. As far as South Pas goes, Sucks because I thought they were gonna make the playoffs this year, but hanging with some teams and actually beating them are two different things. Can you argue that you should of got the at large over sierra vista…Of course, but it is what it is and hopefully its motivation to the tigers for next season.

    No Stake- You got san marino going wayyy to far in the playoffs…When is the last time the titans got past the first round???? I sure dont remember.

    My predictions; Covina wins big, Alhambra in an upset, whittier christian wins easily over El Monte, and I got Monrovia over Pomona in a nail biter(better win Cats) I know aram goes on the whole theory of; “Well this team played san dimas well and monrovia loss big so the other team can easily beat monrovia, but you cant compare two teams like that based on how they played another team. Gotta think of schemes and matchups. San Dimas beats one dimensional San Marino. Valley over Azusa( aztecs gotta beef up that pre-league schedule or their just another san marino…to me) San Gabriel over Maranantha in I guess would be an upset??? You heard it here first MATADORS BEAT MINUTEMEN, AND arroyo wins big against sierra vista.

  • RHL Fan

    Two years ago SM lost in the 2nd round to Azusa in a game they should’ve won.

  • beat SM your in.

    South pas does not desire to be in they only beat one team with a winning record. and they should of loss that game. alhambra beat themselfs. and in the lc game. lc had 5 turnovers 4 inside the 20 after long drives where sp look bad. BFF wants them to play harder teams they can only beat one team with a winning record. stick with hoover and glen at lease you no you might win those ones.

  • Philly B.

    RHL Fan-Exactly my point they lost to an azusa team that plays in a league worse than the RHL, I rest my case!!